Flesh Of My Flesh


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Date: 2011.04.15
Location: EW - Headwoman's Quarters
Synopsis: Max seeks his mother’s help with regards to his daughter which results in Indira sitting down to finally write to Keane.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Indira

Still somewhat hung-over from the night before, Max was nevertheless up and dressed before dawn had begun to warm the night sky with its gentle glow, his bootfalls sounding loud in the quietened passageways of the Weyr as he made his way toward the Headwoman’s quarters.

A nod was sent to Doran standing guard outside in the hallway and then without so much as a knock, the young crimelord opened the door, passed through the office that lay in darkness and tapped softly at the door to Indira’s private quarters. “Ma, you up?”

The question was rhetorical really for Indira was usually always awake and preparing for the day ahead long in advance of Rukbat’s appearance. This day however, she appeared to be a little slow in following her usual routine for while the tousled blonde is indeed awake, she was still sitting cross-legged with a pillow hugged close to her chest. “Aye,” the Headwoman’s voice came huskily through the slumbering quiet that enveloped the Weyr.

Pushing the door open, Max paused in the doorway, a light frown etching briefly into place as he took in the Headwoman. “You okay, Ma?”

A small smile graced Indira’s lips and she nodded as a hand unfolded from its wrap about the pillow and slid the letter she’d been reading, under a fold of the bed’s quilt. And then it was her turn to show concern for her son’s unexpected pre-dawn visit, though no frown creased her brow, “What’s wrong?” Immediately falling to suspicion that there must be trouble afoot to have brought him to her quarters at such a time.

A quick colourless smile flickered and then waned as Max moved further into the room saying nothing until the big double bed dipped with his weight as he sat on its edge, gaze holding to his mother, “It’s time.” He stated simply.

“Time?” Indira’s head tipped curiously to one side and then the solemnity of the young crimelord’s expression and tone of voice sank in and sloe eyes flared briefly her mouth forming a silent ‘Oh’, in response. “Today? You’re going up there today?” small reproof slipped into her husky tone for not having been given a heads up sooner.

Eyes matching in colour slid away and dropped to the chaise lounge on the opposite side of the room as Max nodded. “Aye, need to be up there a day or so before it goes down to go over everything with Kelarad and the others again. We can’t afford any mistakes with this.” His gaze, a blend of anxiety and grim determination, returned to the tousled blonde. “I need your help, Ma.”

Indira gave a mute nod of understanding her eyes locking with her son’s when his regard turned back to her and lips pressed into a thin line for what it was he must now do and the dangers involved. It being exceedingly rare that the headstrong young man would ever admit to needing help, let alone asking outright for it, she was quick to give agreement, “Of course, love, whatever you need.”

Again, that empty smile flickered in and out, though this time it was edged with a hint of gratitude and then Max made known his request. “I need you to find somewhere safe for a few days to lay low,” before Indira could interject he lifted his hand to stall any words, “Don’t…tell me where,” just in case the plan went horribly wrong and he ended up locked in the Hold cells or worse, “You can tell K’rik so that he’ll know where to take Elia and Little Bit and I’ll…join you as soon as its over.”

Indira was quiet for a long time as she worked hard on pushing down the maternal instinct to protect her only child and protest his words to not tell him where she’d be, aware that such a thing wouldn’t go down well with the young crimelord. She nodded her silent agreement to the request and looked away, studying the lace that edged her nightgown and then she lifted her head, “Will Ahnika and Jhath be joining us?” Hoping to find out if the two had settled their differences since the disastrous events of their Turndays and using the need to know what sort of arrangements would need to be made when it came to choosing a location.

“No,” Max’s response was curter than he’d intended it to be and his lips pressed into a thin line before adding, “They’re to be kept outta this.” With his jaw set, dark eyes pinned a hard look onto Indira, “And no, I don’t wanna talk about it.” Just in case she was thinking of trying her version of the Spanish Inquisition on him.

A dark blonde brow arched upward at her son’s vehemence and Indira reached to try and cover one of his hands with hers, “She has a right to know, love. This isn’t something you should keep her in the dark about. It’s going to impact her life as much as yours.” Calling on reason to reach through to Max and then frowning as he jerked his hand away from hers.

“It ain’t going to have fuck all effect on her life,” Max gave in a low growl of warning, the wounded beast still lurking within. And then he stood and set his mother with an unreadable look, “I’ll see you in a day or so.” Calling the ‘meeting’ to a close before she pushed him down a path he refused to go down.

That was all she needed to hear to confirm her suspicions that had been aroused by reports received from various quarters of the young crimelord’s demeanour of late. “You should have gone after her,” Indira noted quietly on the events that had unfolded a few months back.

Pausing in his path, Max’s voice came in grating tone, “I did. Twice.” And then he turned his head over his shoulder and set his mother with a long look, “Just leave it be, Ma. I know where I’m not wanted.” Dark eyes were hollow from out of a grim expression and then he turned to make his exit, his voice coming low, “Thank you.” For agreeing to help him ensure his daughter’s safety while the storm blows over and for caring enough to have tried to badger him over affairs of the heart. And then he’s gone as quietly as he came.

Indira couldn’t hide the regret that shadowed the dark pools of her eyes, her voice coming soft and filled with genuine concern of a mother whose heart ached for her child, “I’m sorry, my boy.” Sorry that things hadn’t worked out between him and the greenrider but mostly because she knew this was a pain she couldn’t take away or make better, a pain that had he’d have to work through on his own. Features softened for the thanks given and then as the door to her private quarters clicked shut she let out a soft sigh, staring at where her son had exited for a moment before slipping out of bed to go in search of stylus and paper.

The letter she wrote, although long overdue, helped ease the knot in her stomach.

Dearest Keane,

I have been sorely remiss in writing to you and for this I promise to make recompense when next we meet. From almost the moment you left, life seems to have become a threadstorm of things demanding of my attention. Or perhaps it merely feels as such after having had you with me for that seven. Memories of the time spent at the cove with you and the thought of being able to visit you soon are all that keeps me going.

Olira was delivered of a healthy baby boy on day fourteen of month ten and both mother and son are doing well. He is such a sweet and good baby that one can hardly believe the identity of his sire.

Jaya is well and still seems as besotted as ever with her bodyguard, the two having proven in the past few months that they work well together and look to be a formidable team.

I know that what I’m about to say you took as tease without foundation the last we met, and I let you believe as much due to the sensitivity of the matter for there are very few that know the truth of it all, I myself only having recently been made aware of the details.

Suffice it to say that within the next day, I depart to places unknown where I shall finally be united with my granddaughter. The thought fills me both with anticipation and a deep sense of trepidation that it might not be the joyous reunion her father may envision it to be. Does he understand that the child does not know him and is likely to shrink away from him at first? I worry for what this might do to him given recent events in his life that might further strengthen a sense of rejection. I wish you could join us for I have a feeling that he highly respects and values your opinion. More so than mine.

I miss you more than I can say and ask that you keep us in your heart and thoughts as we negotiate the tricky tides of change.



The letter folded and secured in a message pouch, Indira then set about making plans to depart for the secluded cove the next day, leaving her assistant steward Warin, in place during her absence.

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