For The Fish



Also starring Lenia & blue Orralth (Played by Bast)

Date: July 28, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Lakeside
Synopsis: Vanielle sits beside the empty lake. Lenia and Orralth arrive, and make a trade.
Rating: PG
Logger: Bast

Day #: 03 Month #: 08 Turn #: 1
It is the wet season, on a warm and stormy morning.

The lake shore- finally even though there is no water in the lake, the young drudge seems to be relaxing, just sitting out in the bowl, looking at the clouds. She's got a few buckets of water around her, and the small splash of fish- can be heard… from the the buckets.
Lenia and blue Orralth swoop down, and eye the lake, again. The rain has paused for a moment, so she chooses this particular time to visit the lakeside and see the progress. She sees Vanielle sitting beside the empty ditch (at this point) and sighs. "Still haven't gotten that bit of rock yet?" She frowns. "I wonder. Would you be willing to help? What've you got in those buckets?"

Vanielle laughs as she turns. "Fish,my lady. Fish." she says softly. "I was going to put them in the lake if there was one, but it seems they've not layered it with stone, and so the water will just seep through." she inhales. "And to be honest, I guess now they're going for the evening meal."

Lenia hmmms again. "I heard it wasn't the stone lining, but the fact they couldn't get some of the harder stone out. Oh, well, either way." She gives Vanielle a good look. "Where are you from? I just transferred over recently from Southern. It's nicer here." There is an air about Southern that makes her uneasy.

Vanielle thinks. "Kerron, Lady." she says turning to face the rider fully, this time. "Was that it? Harder rock than they were anticipating? I suppose that could pose just as biga problem."

"Eh, cut it with the Lady stuff. Save that for the shiny ones." Lenia grins to ease her sharp words and gruff tones. "Just call me Lenia. And this is Orralth. He's a bit odd." She moves forward to give a nod of greeting, and is knocked down by a blue dragon nudging her from behind. The quiet whuffs that Orralth gives make it clear he finds this funny. "Orry! Will you stop it!" She pushes herself up to a sitting position, and wipes the dirt off her hands. "That was not funny."

Vanielle watches this. "Orrralth…" she says as if examining the dragon's name with some curiousity."How's he odd? Doesn't everyone-dragons included- have little quirks?" she asks the blue rider. "You can call me Vanielle-, Van'll do. It's nice to meet you Lenia."

"He likes fish, for one." Lenia rolls his eyes as Orrath notices the buckets of fish. "No, Orry. Those are for the people. Not you." She draws her knees up to her chest, and snorts at something he's said to her. "Would you mind if he ate one? He says… " She gazes over at the blue, and then back toward the young woman. "He says he'll trade you."

Vanielle says, "Trade?" she asks looking at the dragons with some curiousity. "Trade… ok.. I mean if he's offering— I can't say no.. though what do I get? I mean there are only four fish- and the kitchens are gonna need more than I could catch for dinner if we were really having fish…""

"Give her what thing, Orralth? You're not making any sense." She sighs, and looks toward the young woman. "Sorry, he's being obtuse again. Shellin' fool." She says the last indulgently, like it's something she has said a lot about the blue. "Oh. Well, that makes more sense." She reaches into her pocket. "This, I think. So what do you think? Fair trade?" She doesn't open her hand just yet. "Sight unseen." A smirk crosses her face.

Vanielle stares at the rider's closed hand. "Look…" and she looks back to the blue and then back to the rider's closed hand. Back to the dragon, then to the fish. Eyes closed in thought. "I don't have any reason to say no- I need get rid of these, fish and they can fill a dragon's belly— well they'll have survived their life-purpose- food for something." she says. "It better not be air in that hand of yours…Leina." she says cheerfully, though her tone's unsure about this trade. "I spent most of the afternoon catching and pailing these four.”

"S'not air. I can promise you that. Rider's honor." That assurance does come with a snort, as though that may or may not be something to swear by. But Lenia's face remains impassive for the most part. "Orrath is mighty grateful for the fish, Van, and in return, he'd like to give you…." What's behind door number one? "This." She opens her hand, and out comes a white knot. "It was his idea. He says you should Stand for the clutches on the sands." A wide smile crosses her face, and she holds out the white knot for the woman.

Vanielle looks somewhere between shattered, startled and mused… "T-h…." she takes the white knot. "Thanks…" she says slowly.

Vanielle looks dow at the knot, as if she perhaps were afraid to touch it. She extends her hand andtakes it after a long silence. "Both of you." she says quickly. "His idea?"

Lenia nods. "Yup. I wouldn't have offered it. He's a pretty good Search dragon, and knows what he's talking about." She realizes how her words could have been taken. "Don't mean to say I wouldn't have picked you or some such rot. No, just that I wouldn't have known who to pick. Now, Orry here, he's got a nose for such things. One poor lad, he sniffed at him. Was kind of odd. He's got an interesting name, too. Can't remember it, though." And Orralth, having the limited dragon memory, doesn't remember either. Said blue moves over toward a spot. "Yes, Orry. That's where he was standing when you did it. Now, c'mere, and we'll give you these fish." Quick as a firelizard hopping between, the blue moves over to her side for his treat.

Vanielle laughs. "Odd? Interesting, though now I wanna know how this blue is odd?"

"Well, he picks my friends for me, for one." Lenia says, with a smile. "I have a horrible habit of picking the worst kind of people for my friends. Since I Impressed, and let him start choosing who we spend time with, I haven't had that problem as much." She reaches over to pat the blue, then reaches into the bucket to get a fish.

Vanielle laughs. "He picks your friends." she says cheerily. "So cute.. so what was it like?"

"What was what like? Chasing the last green? Him eating this fish? Flying down to see you? Be more specific girl!" Lenia has an idea of what she's asking, but the vague question seems to annoy her.

Vanielle laughs. "Sorry. I was just curious about— well it all the time as a candidate-if you don't mind me asking."

"Candidate. Let me see. Chores, more chores. Sacking firestone. More chores. Pranks. More chores." Lenia grins. "Though there were enough of us that we had several groups of us that became good friends. Some of the only ones that Orralth let me keep… so to speak. Although it wasn't like he demanded. Just persistent suggestions." Orralth moves, chomping on his fish, dripping bits of guts onto the ground. He scoots so that Lenia can lean back up against him. "Thanks, darlin'," the woman winks up at her blue.

Vanielle laughs., "So drudge work."

"Basically," Lenia replies, leaning back so that the offal doesn't fall into her hair.

Vanielle laughs. "Well that's ok." she laughs. "I've been doing that since day one." She stretches. "Thank you." she repeats softly.

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