Forever And Beyond


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Date: 11/21/10
Location: Southern Hold
Synopsis: Bowen and Cheusia begin their honeymoon with an exchange of the rings they were supposed to make during the wedding.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Bowen

With the meet and greet and formalities all done, Cheusia has dragged her new husband away from the crowd. After all, there's still a mark in her top. The door is closed swiftly behind them. If there's kissing all the way there, it is all up to the man because otherwise, she'd be dragging him away as swiftly as possible. And if there's no kissing, she'll settle herself on that bed, looking at him with grey eyes that just beckon him to come join her in relaxation.

As much as Bowen loves kissing Cheusia, since she ‘freed’ him of his … problem, he loves doing other things to her more, and the less kissing they do along the way, the faster he can get her to the room they’ve been provided here and the sooner he can rid her of that glorious wedding gown. And so along the way, he is tugged along without any resistance at all, that wistful smile on his face for the impending consummation of their marriage – even though that’s a bit like putting the cart before the runner now – and not a care in the world for the disaster of a wedding they left behind in their wake. Let his father attend to his weeping mother. This was Bowen’s and his wife’s time now. Settling the rudimentary latch in place on the door as he closes it, he turns to face her on the bed, taking in the sight of her with blue eyes that simply adore her, and then he quiet approaches, tugging the cravat loose and off his neck first, as uncomfortable as the sharding thing was. “You. Are. The. Most. Beautiful. Smart. Compassionate. Woman. On. This. Here. World,” he says on approach, carefully and slowly annunciating everything. “I love you more than my life.” Now why couldn’t he have done all that in front of the crowd? Silly man.

Cheusia smiles as she watches him, settling to rest upon her elbows as she leans back. "Bo… I love you too." She whispers, grey eyes seeking his and searching them as a smile forms upon her lips. "I love you more than anything. I really think we made the poor Harper mad." But laughter is in her voice as she shifts to hold a hand out to him, "I'm happy… Mother was there. And my father. And my brother… I didn't think he really cared, my father.. But he remembered my favorite color. And you were wonderful. Perfect." Who needs a flawless wedding when her perfect wedding came true today.

Bowen gets himself out of his brocaded vest next, actually taking the time to fold it over the back of the chair in their room, then the cravat follows on top of it, and finally he starts unbuttoning his shirt with one hand while the other reaches for her outstretched one as he steps up against the bed. He responds in his signature husky voice, “M’glad yer happy, Che.” He smirks faintly at her telling him he was wonderful. He doubted it, but he wasn’t about to start his married life arguing. It’s then that his blue eyes settle on her ringless finger as his hand takes hers and he mutters, “Shells,” looking from her hand to her face, “That shardin’ Harper was so mad he f’rgot ta do th’ rings.” Well, more to the point, they didn’t exactly let the Harper get to that section of the ceremony. But Bo’s going to blame the Harper anyway because that sounded better in his head.

Cheusia smiles as he reaches for her hand, giving his a gentle squeeze. "Are you happy?" She asks curiously, because such things matter to her. There's a glance to her hand before she meets his eyes. "Mm. Well, it'll be better in private, I think. Just us. It's more intimate. Do you have them?" She asks curiously, still smiling and happy. It's likely that the smile isn't going to fade any time soon.

Tugging the shirt out from his dressy slacks and belt with his free hand, Bowen squeezes her hand with his other. He smiles genuinely. Not big or bright, but that’s not Bo’s kind of smile. His smile is a soft, calm, confident, simmering quietly with love and lust, kind of smile. “Couldn’t be happier,” he says in that husky murmur. One day if and when he finds himself holding his newborn child in his arms, he will be eating those words, no doubt. But for now, that is what he claims. Then he looks back at his vest across the chair, back to Che, and then leans over her hand, kissing it sweetly before letting it go and stepping back over to the vest to dig through the pocket. A few moments later, he withdraws the simple gold bands from the little velvet pouch within his vest pocket and closes the distance to her once more. This time, the man climbs up onto the bed with her, standing on his knees, and holds the bands out to her. One ring is decidedly smaller than the other, made for Cheusia’s finger and not Bowen’s. But other than that, they look completely identical. Bowen seems at a loss for words, himself, just holds them out to her and looks at her face, her eyes specifically.

"Good…" Che whispers softly, pleased at his words. When her hand is released, she sits up just a bit straighter in anticipation of him joining her on the bed once more. When he does join her and holds the bands out to her, she smiles with her eyes finding his. His band is taken, and she reaches for his hand while offering hers out to him. "Together?" Is asked softly. Her eyes never leave his. "This is… Forever, Bo…"

Bowen draws in a deep breath as she takes his ring, his eyes briefly glancing down at his hand holding the bands as she does so, and then back up to her face. He smiles a little more and exhales that long breath, knowing the commitment they made today was not as simple and whimsical as the wedding may have appeared to be to those who came in attendance of it. He then curls his hand around the little band left in his hand and works it to his fingertips in silence as he holds out his left hand for her to put his larger band of gold on his finger there while he reaches with his right to slide the gold band meant for her finger upon it. “F’rever, Che,” Bowen whispers, and once he’s sure he has the right finger and slides it up past her knuckles, he looks back to her face once more, “F’rever an’ b’yond… I love you. I’ll always will.” Nothing extravagant or flamboyant. This man is no poet. But it is truly heartfelt and sincere nevertheless.

Indeed, while the wedding did appear whimsical, their promises are far more than whimsy. It doesn't matter that others may not know that while they do. Cheusia smiles and slides the ring on his fingers as he does for her. "Forever and beyond. I love you. Only you. And I always will." She returns softly. And with that, she'll pull him in closer and give him a loving kiss.

Bowen’s breath catches a little with her words, his heart swelling all the more, but there are no tears and no other outward show of emotion other than the warm, tender smile. He leans in to meet her for that kiss, and it is a loving kiss in kind, sweet and soft and undemanding. His hands, cherishing her in their own way, reach up to lightly cup her face between them as he continues that tender kiss against her lips. This was the beginning of something beautiful and he was going to savor it for all his worth.

Cheusia smiles faintly against that kiss, truly happy and content. Husband and wife, through thick and thin, for forever and beyond as promised in their own way. The beginning of many changes to come, but for now… They simply enjoy one another as all newly weds do.

Closing Credit Music: Lady Antebellum - "Our Kind Of Love"

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