Forgiveness Starts With Sorry


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Date: 2010.08.20
Location: Lake Hopeless
Synopsis: Out for an evening stroll with a scrawny weyr mutt and pockets of herdbeast rolls, Leron is found by Jaya. She hands him his robes, mended of the botched attempt he'd made with them, and he in turns hands over his Leron styled philosophies on life and forgiveness.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Leron

One would think after having spent the better part of the day down in the mud and grime of the lake bed that Leron, now freshly bathed and munching on a herdbeast roll would be anywhere but here. But here he is strolling along the boundary line with just the light of the two moons to guide him and a scrawny looking Weyr mutt at his heels.

One would also think that the outside of the Weyr did not exist for certain denizens that only spend their days (and nights) lurking down tunnels and running bars - and yet, this night must be a full moon indeed. Jaya is here huddled under a red and gold quilt as she strolls towards the boundary line and towards Leron with the light of the moons touching the dark hair that spills over one shoulder. Her dark eyes are scanning the area as if in search for someone, trying her best to look inconspicuous despite the fact that her quilt practically gives her away. When she spots the candidate strolling along ahead of her with the mutt, she quickens her long steps and sidles close enough where she doesn't have to raise her voice in the one-word greeting: "Leron."

The hand holding the herdbeast roll halts midway to Leron’s mouth, his steps halting as he blinks down at the mutt, as if it were he that had spoken his name, in turn the animal puts a hungry look up to the food on open display. Only after he’s torn a piece off and is holding it out to his scrawny four-legged companion does he turn to the true source of the greeting a grin forming in return, “Hey Jaya.” If he finds her quilt to be of strange buffer against the cool evening air, he’s not commenting on it.

"Hey…" the bar owner's hesitating, like she was actually trying on the greeting for size. Her eyes meeting Leron's, she falls into step with him now glances down and over at the mutt with mild curiosity. "Causing trouble tonite?" she asks, sending the candidate the glimmers of a lopsided grin despite her serious-sounding words.

Licking its lips for the morsel given the mutt bounds ahead of Leron and then spends a good half minute chasing its own tail which draws laughter from the candidate. That amusement at the animal’s antics still lingering he sends a goofy grin to Jaya, “Nope. Unless pocketing herdbeast rolls is trouble?” And by the slight bulge to each pocket of the jacket he wears, its quite safe to assume that’s exactly what he has in them. “What you doing out here in the cold?” with a nod to the quilt, “you fetching to get sick or something?”

While Leron's laughing at the mutt's antics, Jaya merely blinks. The pocket now getting her attention with a soft snort, "And here I thought your middle name was 'trouble', shuga," she drawls her amusement, shaking her head. With his nod to her quilt, she stops her steps and shifts under said quilt then. "Was looking for you," she admits, eyes seeking his out before they drop as she flips back one side of the quilt to reveal the fact that she was holding a folded bundle of white fabric. Stepping forward towards him, there's a little shrug before she thrusts the fabric out with both hands. Meeting his gaze again, "So….here. I fixed it," she explains the candidate robe, the thick cross-stitching seen in the moonlight. "You should try it to make sure it fits, though. I made it big enough…" she pauses, perhaps realizing she was babbling, her mouth closing. Clearing her throat and assuming more of her stoic pose and calm, her chin lifts and she holds it out more for Leron to take. "Just try not to tear it before it's needed, shuga," she drawls, her words just a little slurred enough to suggest that the dark-haired woman has been drinking a bit earlier.

Catching Jaya’s glance to his pocket, Leron inserts a hand and pulls out a herdbeast roll wrapped in a serviette, “You hungry?” this as he offers it over, “You can have this one. Me and Scrappy,” the mutt, “will share the other ones.” He’s got more than one stashed away on his person? Brows tip upward as she says she’d been expressly seeking him out and then his eyes widen a little when the robe is presented. Suddenly stuck with what to do with a herdbeast roll in each hand, he thrusts both into his pockets and then quickly sucking the fingers clean of the hand that had had the half eaten one in it, reaches to take the folded bundle of white fabric. “Jays, thanks Jaya,” his grin turned warm and a little wondrous for the fine work done as he shake the item out to better eyeball it. Glancing about the area when she suggests he try it on, a chuckle rounds out, “It’s a bit cold out tonight,” as if the idea was to do so then and there. If he catches the slurring of her words, the only indication is a slight lessening of his usual grin and a casually put, “You okay?”

"I….no," Jaya lifts up a hand to wave away the herdbeast roll. "But, you like it?" The robe. "I mean, not that…well. Good." There's a firm nod to his thanks, her words jumbling together before him. Once the robe is taken, the bar owner wraps her arms around herself and lets two fingers hold onto the side of the quilt that still remains over one shoulder. His mention of the cold gets a roll of her eyes, shaking her head as she answers, "That it is. Try it on when you retire for the night, or once you're inside, Leron." It's given soberly, perhaps to the fact of his latter question, which has her turning away and forcing out a chuckle as she starts up walking again. "Lost a battle to a whiskey bottle," she drawls over one shoulder, perhaps expecting him to walk with her since she doesn't stop. "Tryin' to drown away bad memories. Not working." It's probably the most she's ever mentioned to him about her, the words genuine and bare with none of those inflections of bravado and mockery.

Leron considers the roll in his hand before he pockets and nods enthusiastically, “Yup, best food on…Oh,” he blinks and grins sheepishly at Jaya when he works out she’d meant the robe. And then nodding furiously, “I do! It’s right grand! My dragon’s gonna like it too!” still so confident of the outcome despite the fact he’s more than likely to have his hopes dashed to pieces like the shells when they finally crack open. A grins quirks out and he nods again to trying the robe on once indoors again. The mutt having grown impatient for more food has bounded back and jumped up against the candidate trying to shove its nose down into one of his pockets. That has him stopped for a moment and turning the semblance of a frown out to the bar owner’s departing back as he catches her words. Pushing the animal gently away from himself he digs into a pocket and tosses the half eaten herdbeast roll a fair distance away for the mutt to chase after and then lengthens his stride to catch up with the dark haired woman. Hand setting to trouser pockets he steals a sidelong glance over to her and then asks quietly, “What bad memories?” still as direct as ever.

"Your 'dragon'-" or, the way Jaya's emphasizing it and pinning one bleary look onto Leron, she's probably meaning more him than any dragon "-will have it torn to shreds. I've even made it trip-proof, though…." It's Leron, her gaze seems to say for her, though there's no malice in it. She seems pretty content in the knowledge that Leron's a klutz. Then she's moving on, her steps slow and easy to catch up to, so the guarded look that she slides over his way meets his eyes squarely. Leron, so direct. Jaya, not so much. There's a crease of a frown on her features, the guards that normally fortify her are on shaky ground this night. Perhaps because of the whiskey. "Bitra," is her answer there, that one word spoken so heavily as if all the weight of her thoughts were on that one place. Then, just as quietly as she walks, "Tell me something," she says, her eyes moving to paths ahead of them. "Anything. Distract me." There's a touch of sadness here, flickering in an out. Her words almost sound pleading.

Lips pull back and display his teeth in a wide grin, "My dragon won't shred it," full of confidence there, "And I won't trip neither because dragonriders don't trip." Because dragonriders are cool like that (at least in his mind) and he fully intends being one. In all honesty, the stablehand-candidate's not too sure what to do with heaviness and sadness coming off of Jaya so he simply strolls along beside her for a bit, hand automatically reaching to stroke idly over the mutt's head as it comes loping back. "I've got a little sister and a younger brother?" sneaking a glance sideways to see if this suffices as something to distract the woman with, "Leona and Royen," a short shrug, "I guess I miss them sometimes. Leona especially. She's sweet. Royen's too big for his britches." That last given with a light wrinkle of nose. Silence unfolds again and a soft sigh spills from the usually upbeat teen as he questions carefully, "Why does Bitra make you sad?"

"Uh-huh," is all Jaya says on Leron's confident words, shaking her head despite the bare amusement of what he said. "You're crazy if you think you aren't going to trip over yourself on the sands, darlin'." The talk of his siblings draw her into silence, walking beside him with her gaze straight ahead. It almost seems as if she doesn't hear him, though there's a slight lift of the corner of her mouth at his assessment of his brother Royan. "I…miss Beddie and Nacor, too," she admits quietly on this safer subject, stealing a long look Leron's way. "Beddie's the complete -opposite- of me, and Nacor?" There's a snort, though it's wistful. "Little Nac's a troublemaker in the making, last time I saw him." She lets the silence unfold at his direct question, though, looking away. "Bitra's home," she answers him, a roll of one exposed shoulder sudden. "I can't go back. He's-" she stops, her mouth closing up before she begins again. "You ever done something so bad, so fucking stupid that….?" the words trail, thoughtful as she doesn't finish the question.

Scrappy, the mutt, can still smell the other herdbeast roll Leron has in his pocket and bumps his hip with his head causing the candidate to stumble a step sideways and almost into the bar owner. However, rather than react in anger or irritation he fishes the wrapped roll out of his pocket and stops, crouching in front of the animal as he breaks a piece off and…hands it up to Jaya, “Here, you can feed him. He’ll let you scritch his ear if you do.” Yes, because just everyone wants to feed and pet a scrawny weyr mutt. Brown eyes consider the names she gives him and has him asking with interest, “Beddie’s a girl?” having already being given that Nacor is male, “They older or younger than you?” He’s about to ask more but the question drops away and he frowns lightly as if thought, “I didn’t tell my ma and da where I was going when I took off?” Not sure if that amounts to bad or stupid as she seems to view things. He chews on that for a moment and then still crouching shifts a curious look up to her, “Nothing is so bad that you can’t say sorry for it, Jaya.” Not wanting to probe on something that appears to be a difficult subject for the dark haired woman.

When Leron nearly bumps into Jaya and the two stop, she hesitates in taking the herdbeast roll piece offered to her. When she does take it, a dubious look is sent to the scrawny weyr mutt before she finally bends down and clasp the quilt with one hand while the other is offering the roll over to the mutt. While kneeling with the canine, "Bhedri, actually," she amends on her sister's name, throwing a tame smirk Leron's way. "We just call her Beddie. She's my twin." After a pause, once the mutt takes the roll piece she's brushing her hand against her trouser pants and getting back to her feet. "Both are younger, though, with Beddie being my twin….I'm slightly older than her," she explains, seeming to grow more at ease with talking about her family. "I get to be the older sister - the protector - for them, see." She spies his light frown, his words on his family getting a slow nod of understanding from her. "You took off, just like that?" She's looking him over at that, seeming to reassess him anew with this information. "Life that bad at home, or…?" At his curious look and words, however, that draws her brows together. Her feet shuffling against the dirt, "Sorry ain't gonna cut it for me, shuga," she admits, her tone stiff. "There are folks out there that aren't as forgiving and easy as you are." She actually reaches out to place a hand on his shoulder, her words not meaning to offend him as she squeezes it briefly and lets him go with a genuine smile for him.

A scrawny and sad looking thing the mutt might be, but much like its human companion for the evening, it doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in its body and in fact takes the proffered piece of roll from Jaya with almost delicate grasp of teeth and then moves away to chow down on its morsel, whip thin tail going ten to the dozen. Breaking the roll he still holds into further pieces, Leron tosses them out onto the ground and stands from his crouch dusting his hands together. Brows tweak upward in surprise, “Your twin?” that captures his interest, “Does she look just like you or…different?” His mouth puckers around a light frown that really doesn’t seem to hold any real downheartedness to it and then he shrugs, “It was boring. Same old thing every day. So I left.” Simple as that. He just…forgot to leave a note. A short twitch of a smile unfolds both for the bar owner’s words and the touch to his shoulder and then he’s standing and stretching to his full height. Casting a rarely seen somber look down onto her, he shakes his head, “Sorry is a beginning to making things right. Even if the other person doesn’t want to hear it. You say it, and it’s a start.” He seems quite set on that philosophy. Brown eyes shift over to Lake Hopeless and gestures out over it with a wave of hand, “This here? This is just a hole in the ground right now. Its ugly and its dirty, and its hard work. But one day, it’s going to be full of water and all the dragons will come to bathe. Fish will swim around and nibble toes and we all can play in it,” because playing is something of importance in his life. This either his attempt at analogy of how the light can change the dark if given the work and faith that it can and will do so, or yet another glimpse into the idealist that is Leron.

"Just like me," Jaya nods to the account of her sister, to the girl looking like her. "Only…" and a hand lifts, one finger tracing down the scar on the side of her face when she turns it to the moonlight. "Similarities stop there," she continues on, snorting. "She's a little like you, shuga. All….easy-going, optimistic and shit. Use to swear there was a mix-up somewhere, but, she's a lot like our mother." Silence meets that, then, she smiles a bit at Leron's simple explanation for his leaving. "Seems like a lot of folks here come from places deemed 'boring'," she states, emphasizing the last word in deliberate pronunciation. "I've heard that reason about two or three times already. How -is- being here shaping up for you, then? Enough excitement?" It's a light tease, the glimmers of this type of distraction doing its work on the woman where whiskey couldn't. She spies the somber expression and words with a bite to her lower lip. "Leron…" she begins to say, shaking her head. Letting a cold smile settle as she turns to him fully, "Those are all pretty words, but…." she shakes her head, her eyes seeking out Lake Hopeless. "To be honest, if I go back and say any kind of sorry, I'll be getting a knife to the throat in response." She -could- be joking, right? It's said quickly, forcibly non-chalant and she's already moving on from it. "Nibble toes, huh?" she picks out from his philosophical words. "Maybe you should have casted your cards with the Harper hall." Sardonic. A little bit of the familiar Jaya is showing herself.

Instead of taking Jaya’s words about her twin being just like him, as an insult, Leron makes a soft ‘pffft’ sound of disagreement and somehow manages to turn it around and make it about the woman herself instead, “I like you just fine the way you are.” And then his head dips to try and catch a hold of her eyes, “You could smile a little more though. You got a pretty smile.” He’s decided and so therefore it is. His attention then wanders off of her and takes a slow roam about the area. Eventually he shrugs, “I liked it out there,” on the road, “but here’s good too. New people, eggs,” a faint flicker of a frown for the recent events touching that topic, “got to go fishing with Ciara. Think I might do that again. Get to stand on the sands,” nodding as if come to a decision, “here’s good.” The candidate then takes the dark haired woman’s word in quietly as he stares down at the ground, mulling over them in considering silence, his whole frame gone so still she might think him asleep on his feet. Eventually he looks up and reaches to press two fingers against her chest where her heart would be (that is if she doesn’t break them for her), “If you’re sorry in there, then that’s your beginning. Say sorry to Jaya first.” That his response to her not being able to return and make apology to those she claims to have wronged. Aaaand then his easygoing grin is showing up again at the notion of his potentially having thrown his lot in with the Harpers, “Nah, can’t sing,” he quips.

The compliment does catch the bar owner off-guard, not expecting it so she's meeting his eyes with no expression for a long moment. Then, there's a soft snort and Jaya's looking away, the lopsided grin forming while doing so. When she shoots a look back at Leron again, she adds a quiet but familiar two words: "Stop that." Some of her bravado returns at that, though, the shoulders rising up just a little. "Yeah, I know I got a pretty smile," she's lofty in saying head-on, chin lifting as she stares over the lake. "Can't be showing it -all- the time, shuga. I'd never get a break, then." Uh-huh. Say anything to keep the blush from settling on her cheeks. She nods once to his assessment of his stay in the Weyr, seeming to consider those words while studying him. "Something tells me you'd be 'good', no matter where you ended up," she notes, some amusement coloring her husky alot. "All for the adventure, right?" Then he's silent, and Jaya is regarding him curiously until he presses two fingers against her chest. Meeting his gaze with a guarded one, the woman could say nothing in response for a long moment. So simple a solution, and yet so hard to do in the end. There's a whirl of emotions in that, the woman seeming to struggle with it until she finally just gives him a stilted nod that's poor in execution. His easygoing smile is perhaps infectious, however, for she just can't help the lopsided one that returns at his answer on harpering. "That makes the two of us," she relates dryly in quip, shaking her head.

Leron leans his upper body in a slight dip toward her and comments with a chuckle, “Show it more and you’ll sell more drinks.” Truth be told, that’s likely a tease. Shifting the carefully folded bundle of robes under his arm, he shrugs easily at her next, “It works for me,” the Weyr, the current adventure. And then once again he’s going quiet, studying the guarded look Jaya wears for his words on first forgiving herself. Finally a satisfied smile flickers into position for her agreement, no matter how small and stilted it might have been. Taking up his ambling stroll about the lake which now heads him back in the direction of the weyrling barracks, a sharp whistle brings the mutt that had wandered off loping back to tag along at his heels. He likely simply expects the bar owner to follow along too. Laughter rolls out, showing a bit of a deeper tone to it that speaks to his voice being in the process of breaking, “Then we’d make great drunks.” Because drunks in his estimation, are –supposed- to sing loud and bawdy songs in off-key renditions.

"There's a lot more than smiles that sells drinks, shuga," Jaya is easy to return that tease, baring her teeth briefly. She's picking up the stroll, remaining beside him as they approach the barracks. She settles into an easy silence beside Leron, her gaze finding his study and that satisfied smile with a different study of her own. That break in laughter gets a brow raise, "Oh yeah. I still gotta drink you under the table," she reminds herself aloud with a finger lifting up. "Steal your marks, too. Perhaps after the hatching, should you not Impress?" Cuz, what better way to celebrate -not- Impressing than to have a woman drink you under the table and steal your money?

The promised reminder of drinking him under the table brings a wide grin to Leron’s face, however her touching on the possibility of his maybe not impressing…an unusually hurt look from the determined candidate but he says nothing of it and merely smiles. Scrappy, said weyr mutt starts to lag along behind as they near the barracks obviously aware that his scrawny presence is unwelcome within. To those latter words of Jaya’s, the former stablehand stops and turning toward her sets the first probably seen look of iron will onto the woman, “I’ll see your stealing of my marks and raise you paying for my drinks…” his smile edging out and fitting to a smirk, “when I graduate.” Yup, that’s going to be one veeeery disappointed young man in need of a whole shipload of drinks if he doesn’t attain this crazy objective he’s set his sights to.

"You set a high bargain, candidate," Jaya drawls, considering Leron's words while she searches his eyes. Perhaps she doesn't like to see that hurt expression on his face, for her gaze drops in a blink. That iron look from him - the first she's ever seen from him - does cause her pause, however. Thoughtful in her regard to it, "Fine," she decides to agree then, nodding once and firmly. "Deal. Stealing your marks will practically pay the drinks off anyway." Ha, ha. She has a bratty like smile for that, then she lets it fade as she stops in her tracks and touches his arm. "Hey," she says soberly, evenly if she gets him to stop walking. She'll let silence reign for a moment before she looks back at him and finally say quietly, "Thanks, Leron." For the distraction. And if it connects, she steps forward to gently press her lips to his cheek.

Brown eyes are candid under Jaya’s searching gaze and then spark with the chuckle that spills out from him, as he notes, “Never count your hand before the deck’s laid bare, Jaya.” A wink ending tell of Leron likely having played (and cheated at) a great deal of card games along the paths his Grand Adventure had carried him before ending up at the Weyr. The touch to his arm stops the candidate in his tracks and he turns a querying look over to the bar owner in that silence that forms and then a light frown of confusion for the thanks given him, “I didn’t do nothing, you’re the one that fixed this up for me,” a smile forming as he shifts and lifts up the folded robes. Eyes go wide and he’s left with little other reaction other than to stare down at the dark haired woman for the kiss pressed against his cheek, speechless for once. At least this time he doesn’t blush like a girl.

"Guess we'll see then, won't we?" Jaya returns on Leron's words and wink, a brow lifting in interest at it. "Either case, I look forward to it." Once her lips connect to his cheek, it's alittle longer than brief before she pulls away. Her dark eyes falling on the robe indicated briefly, "For getting me through this night," is her reason for the thanks, the words given softly and with an incline of her head. "I don't have to dwell on those things….at least, not tonite." For him, she gives him that quiet, charming smile - there and gone in fade before she nods toward the robe. "Get that inside safe, shuga," she notes to it wryly. "I'm not stitching you another one unless I'm getting paid in full." There's a wink despite the admonishment, and she's rearranging her quilt now over both shoulders as if preparing to depart.

The explanation provided by Jaya draws a contemplative look into place and then he simply nods, a warm smile sketching out as he accepts the thanks given. Pulling the arm with the robe now draped over it in against his chest, Leron nods once again to keeping her handiwork safe and then right as she’s about to depart, he dips his head and in similar fashion to her action just moments before, though with a Leron twist to it, drops a kiss to her nose, “Say sorry to Jaya first,” he reminds and then he turns and enters the barracks in that long loping stride of his.

Kiss to cheek for a kiss to the nose. There's a warming to the action though - alluding to the fact that the bar owner has never dealt with such a one as Leron. "Yeah," is all that Jaya could give on Leron's words, her voice a little hoarse as she watches him enter the barracks. Then the scarred-faced woman's turning towards the Weyr proper, returning back to those dark tunnels and her bar with that out-of-place quilt over her shoulders.

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