Former Characters


Cheusia Healer Journeyman (Surgery)
Selene Healer Journeyman (Midwife)
Quiane Weaver Journeyman (Tapestries/Carpets)
Harson Weaver Sr. Apprentice
Bowen Tanner Rank


Name Dragon
Alara gold Rauzath
Randi gold Kaseth
J'cobi bronze Erikath
M'zen bronze Tuorth
E'ro bronze Yzuruth
D'lan brown Wyncrath
T'ryn brown Ockath
F'min brown Voldrath
J'ret bronze Wingrider
Isilna blue Orteith
L'ron blue Balkrith
Atsya blue Zhiyth
K'din blue Jinith
Uveline green Enceth
Andi green Hadath


Name Position
Indira Headwoman
Max Beast Manager
Kaskan Southern Boll Guard on assignment
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