Fresh Meat Part One


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Rauzath, Enceth, Tuorth, Suosith, Jhath, and Uallath

NPC Pairs = V'tol and Brown Wreth, A'kon and Green Ranuth, P'ret and Blue Kidath

Date: Aug 27, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Lower Hatching Sands
Synopsis: Rauzath's Clutch Impresses! Yay!
Rating: PG
Logger: Alara

It begins as a soft hum. Everyone at Eastern can hear it though. Rauzath starts the music, and the bronzes join. Soon, then other dragons join. It is time for the Hatching. It is time for the eggs to join the world. The sound gets louder.

Luckily, the morning is rain-free. However, it is fairly early in the morning, so the thrumming comming from her gold's hide wakes Alara up. "Huh?" So eloquent. She sits up, rubs her eyes, and then listens. Really listens. "Oh, dear. It's time. Oh, darling…." She gives the gold a long squeeze, and then looks down at herself. "Well, it could be worse, really." She rolls her eyes at her own state. "I could have just gotten to sleep." She snickers, and sets about seeing to what needs done on the sands-side to be ready for candidates.

After a lot of scrambling and panic in the vast cavern that is the Weyrling Barracks, the candidates were finally ready for the sands. Even as they shuffled their way there, candidates found friends to gravitate towards. Belts were tightened, robes tugged and scratched at. Once on the Sands proper, there was a moment in which all seemed to hold their breath. Terror and excitement caught up as one. I took a smaller lad, keeping his head in the face of it all, to start the bow and soon they all followed suit. Paying their respects to the parents of the clutch, but especially the dam. Friends linked hands, compatriots stuck together, but all began to spread out in that wavering line of white to face the eggs.

Rushing out of her own sandy cavern, Randi sprints across both bowls and finally slides to a stop on the edge of the more open grounds. Alara gets a hug and Rauzath an affectionate rub of her headknobs, and then the younger of the weyrwomen settles in between two friends to see the outcome of their momentous first clutch.

As Ahnika is ushered onto the sands with the others, managing to maneuver on the way to be beside Ciara, Ahni's toes flex within her sandals with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. She remains wide-eyed alert, both for the queen here and her eggs, and for her fellow candidates out of concern and interest. After the collective bow, she straightens and spreads out along the line, looking for other familiar faces along the fringe of white, though careful not to trample any one or trip over herself along the way until finally all motion is stopped and she finds herself in position, facing those beautifully colored eggs. She turns to Ciara and flashes a brilliant smile.

Ciara is taking deep breaths as she steps onto the sands, and she doesn't stop until after everyone's bowed and they've formed a line. She follows after Ahnika, trying not to stumble as they find a place to stand. Ahni's smile is returned with a nervous grin of her own. "This is different to what I was expecting…the noise." She emphasises that point by lifting a hand to her ear, before looking over at the eggs, curiously.

Merendezen branches away from the group along with Andi, holding her hand tightly and offering the comfort of his presence. Or something like that. His attention is focusing on the eggs entirely, occasionally glancing at the other candidates, just to be sure.

White robes. After paying respects to the clutch parents she turned to march with others, some she was close with others she was not, out on to the headed granuals. For a moment Vanielle scanned the sands, and then moved her gaze up towards the galleries. She turned her head back towards the sands immediately. She didn't want to miss action. She was shaking a little bit, the sands were hot, but the sandles sort of kept her feet from being roasted. She hadn't expect the cacophony of sounds and from the bowl to reflect it all but she stood firm. she looked at the other girls she'd stood by… "This is it…"

Of the gaggle of candidates, one seems wearily serene as she's bustled onto the sands with the others. With a firelizard to soothe despite his excitement, Isilna follows through the same motions as the others, although by the time they get to the hatching grounds, the bronze is directed rather firmly to wait in the galleries with the rest. The former Lady Holder's bow is more of a graceful curtsey as she then takes her place with the others, slightly to one end of the line by herself, although she trades a little smile with anyone whose robes she worked on in her spare time and folds her hands in front of her, waiting silently, and seemingly patiently.

Eternal Flame Contained Egg flickers. And wiggles. It begins to crack at the very top, and then falls still.

"Iardani." Alara breathes as she's hugged. "Come and — " Yes. Sit. She's done so already, so Alara just gives a quiet laugh, and gazes out across the legion of candidates. "So many, aren't there? True they're for both of us, but …" She smiles. "I like them having a bit of choice."

Heeba jeeba jeeba. Teallan is quivering. It's that gesture she makes — that those who know her are likely familiar with — when too excited to contain it, but she tries to nonetheless. It's almost a vibration. "The /humming/," she says in a breathless gasp to Uveline as they all fan out, remaining near to the other candidate. Dark eyes roam and catch glimpses of the others, fascinated. As the eggs wiggle, her attention is largely drawn to Eternal Flame; her favorite of those she'd gotten to touch.

Uveline's brave words during the course of candidacy prove themselves as she stands straight (though never tall) after bowing. She walks quickly across the sands to join the semicircle that forms around the eggs, placing herself near to Teallan as her closest friend among her fellow candidates. She winces as the heat of the sands penetrates through her thick sandals to warm her feet, shifting uneasily from foot to foot at her point in the arc, murmuring to Teallan, "Well, they do say dragons make the best chorus line!"

"I know!" Ahnika says in agreement to Ciara, still smiling though. "I wasn't right sure what it was at first. One of the cooks had to scream at me to get back to the barracks and quick for my robe!" She chuckles, and then returns her attention to the eggs, before looking over her nearby Candidates once more, smiling and nodding to Zen as she spots him, and then another for Andi. Looking back at the eggs, Ahni brightens at seeing one of them start to wiggle and crack. She gasps with wonder and excitement written all over her features, then quickly scans the crowd in the galleries, looking for someone or perhaps more than one, and whether she finds the person or not seated there, her attention returns quickly back to the eggs.

"Choice is good, I suppose." Randi's posture is relaxed, but her gaze is sharp. "I've got two of the girls I've been working with ready in the Infirmary, just in case." This one is spoken lower, meant more for Alara's ears alone. "Someone's seeing to the chopped meat?"

The shimmering celebration that is the Confetti by the Handful Egg, inspired perhaps by the activity around it, starts to move. A series of rocks, shivers and rolls later, the egg falls still. Not time to crack yet, it would seem.

Merendezen's attention flickers over to the Eternal Flame egg as it moves, curious. Then attention flickers back to Ahnika and he offers a wave with his free hand. The next moving egg draws his attention as well.

Ciara wriggles from foot to foot. "Me neither, but I guessed it was something big. But good big, not like the eggs…." She trails off, shivering at the morbid thought during what should be a happy, exciting time. Her eyes are very focused on the clutch, now. "Oh, they're moving now! I didn't touch that one…is it important that you touch all the eggs?" She looks faintly worried now, shooting Ahni a quick look before the next shaking egg catches her attention.

Vanielle watching the eggs wobble and rock, it seems Vanielle can't keep her attention on a single egg. "Do you think we should just stand here… I mean should we spread out a little, if we're this clumped…. we're going to be… hounded." she says looking at the eggs. Her eyes are focused too, large eggs, and new life. She picks an egg, though it has not started to move, the Juicy Fruit Egg is in her sights.

"Yes, There are a couple of drudges chopping as we speak, and riders will bring them in when they're needed. I figured fresh was best. I know Rauzath could get a little picky, and you never know if some of her get may be as well." The mock-hurt whuff that sounds above their heads only makes Alara snicker. "Well, you were, luv. Completely and utterly a snob. At least for the first bit. Then, you realized it all tasted the same, and that was the end of that." She grins.

"Oh, if you Impress," Teallan says to Uveline, keeping her voice pitched low. It's difficult and some words rise in sharp scales. "I hope it is a dragon who enjoys to sing." She reaches out swiftly to try to take one of Uvvy's hands, seeking to share the excitement further. While some are fearful and some are stoic, Tea is in that group who are merely excited. "I wonder which will hatch first," she offers forth, gaze darting from egg to egg, trying to keep them all within view.

Uveline's eyes skip from egg to egg across the clutch, pausing here and there as a flicker of movement catches her attention. "Oh! Did you see that? They're moving!" she says, her normally soft contralto raised with excitement. "Which I suppose is the whole point, but still, it's a bit startling to see them move after all this time," Uveline rambles on, the most clear evidence of her nerves. Teallan's comment gets a grin from the older harper and she nods. "That would be great," she agrees, squeezing Tea's hand briefly and shuffling her feet. "I'm thinking that one that wiggled first will probably hatch first, too, what about you?"

While the eggs around the Smooth As Glass Egg are wiggling and wobbling, there will be no nonsense from this one. It does wobble a couple times quietly to test something. Apparently the results are equivocal. It falls silent again, waiting until more favorable conditions.

Andi could be described as nervous, sure. In fact, she could probably be described as downright terrified. Standing there, shiftng from foot to foot with an iron grip on poor Zen's hand, the Boll Holder's eyes seem to be spending more time closed than opened, and even when they're opened, they seem to be merely slits through which she looks at those moving eggs - eggs which were intimidating enough when they were perfectly still. "Zen.." She whispers softly under her breath, though there's a wave from Ahni, and she offers a tentative wave back, a little attempt at a smile, before she's back to her nervous, worried shuffle.

Vanielle grins. "I think we will all sleep well tonight. Impressed or not." she chirps to Teallan and Uvelline. "This excitement…" she holds a hand to her chest, as if she were some high strung girl. "ITs'…" she falls silent as spots a wiggle from the Smooth as Glass Egg.

Isilna keeps her attention on the clutch, since one never knows when an egg might suddenly burst open and a wayward dragonet might run you over. She gives a soft gasp of inhaled breath as the eggs start moving on their own. Her weight shifts as her bare feet become increasingly uncomfortable, she being one of the few candidates that chose to toughen themselves in preparations for Kaseth's hatching later on.

Jaret stands there, feeling that he looks foolish in this robe, which is too much like a 'dress' to him. But it's what candidates have always worn, so he contents himself with that. He grumbles something under his breath about cooking his feet, and then falls silent again, just waiting.

Ahni's toes flex a little again, and she doesn't seem to know what to do with her hands, sometimes at her hips, sometimes fussing with her bun, sometimes crossed. The fidgetor nods to Ciara, though her attention remains on all the wiggling and moving eggs, "Some say so, Ci, but I dunno. They also say you shouldn't bet on yourself, and some people still do that so … I think in the end … the important thing is that everyone is … safe and sound, bonded or not." Though there is a wistful expression to her grey eyes that suggests some of that may be an effort to convince herself, should she not be among those who Impress.

The Ancient Canyon Treasures Egg seems to simply dissolve like so much sand, leaving a wet brown dragonet to stumble around and get quite dirty before bumping into a dark-haired lad from Bitra.

Merendezen chuckles and looks down to Andi, "'s'okay." A grin is given to the woman clutching onto his hand before attention returns to the eggs. "See those?" He offers, nodding to the eggs and trying to turn her attention there, to those moving.

Starting from the very top of the Eternal Flame Contained Egg, tiny cracks appear and shell begins to fall away. A large red-tinged bronze hatchling peeks out from his shell. Two good strong kicks, and the Fierce and Free Painted Bronze Hatchling is now free. He gives a wild bugle, tosses his head and flutters his wings, and then strides purposefully toward the candidates.

Fierce and Free Painted Bronze Hatchling

Reds, yellows and dark browns color this large bronze hatchling's hide in an odd pattern that could best be seen on a weaver's loom. Overall, his hide is a reddish bronze, shaded like his dam's, but the thin lines of yellow and dark brown are almost venial in appearance, though too straight to be ichor vessels. The darker lines are as thick as a rider's finger and the yellow lines are much thinner, reminiscent of a tanner's thinnest strips of leather. The two colors seem to variegate with the bronze, especially in places where the muscles naturally recess. His limbs are well-muscled, and his wings are wide. His head is a little smaller than might be properly proportional.

Teallan squeaks as two eggs hatch in fairly rapid succession. The brown is watched with wide eyes, but only briefly, before the Eternal Flame hatches and she shakes Uveline's arm a bit. Maybe too much. She realizes and scales back, hopping from foot to foot. "He's /gorgeous/!"

Uveline smiles briefly to Vanielle, nodding. "If nothing else, we'll certainly be exhausted from the heat!" she replies ruefully - it's much warmer than the last time she was out to touch eggs. And then the first egg hatches, a brown, who Impresses so fast Uveline is left with her jaw hanging open in surprise. And right after the first comes a second, a vibrant bronze, who draws an 'oh!' of surprise from the harper-candidate. "Well, that was sudden!" she exclaims, taking a step back reflexively as the first hatchlings cross the sands, not noticing Teallan's abuse of her arm - there are /dragons/ out there!

Vanielle squeeaks. "He's so handsome…" she manages to get out as the Eternal flame, crackles to life and reveals a bronze. She bitses her lip. "He's… big…." she manages to murmur. She bitran boy who'd been chosen by the brown is noticed. "THis is favorable- an omen right… the earliest hatchling a bronze…" She smiles at Uveline.

Is it time now? Shaking and rolling in a complete three-hundred and sixty degree turn, the Confetti by the Handful Egg wibbles and wobbles in its new place, but nothing falls down just yet.

Ciara is less fidgety than Ahnika, amazingly. One would think the she'd be all over the place at a time like this, with excitement. "It'll be fine. Nobody'll get hurt. Right?" She sounds like she's trying to convince herself of that, but they've had the lessons about safety on the sands…. Then two eggs have hatched, and one dragonet Impressed already. "Oh gosh, oh. Oh. Wow." She's wide-eyed now.

"I -know-.. They are hard to miss.." She whispers, a little whimpering escaping her as the eggs turn into dragons, and as the brown is bumping into someone, the bronze is eyed suspicously. "Shards." The single word is entirely and totally unladylike, and if she realizes it later, she'll likely regret it, but for now, Andi is shifting a little to try and stand just slightly behind Zen - You know, just in case.

Pushing off from where she'd been leaning on Rauzath, Randi tosses a wink Alara's way and moves to shuffle the new brown pair off the sands where they can get out of the way and a nice bucket of meat.

Isilna hears a carolling cry of welcome from her own bronze lad at the hatching of the fine bronze now on the sands, almost missing the Bitran impressing the brown over yonder. She remains on the balls of her feet, ready to move aside if anything comes her way that ought not to. "A fine fellow," she agrees with Mellon's enthusiasm. "Both of them."

Fierce and Free Painted Bronze Hatchling has indeed found his freedom. He tosses his head again, flicks his wings once or twice, extremely careful not to hit anyone or anything with the egg goo on them. That just wouldn't be right. Having made his preparations, he begins to move along the line of candidates as though inspecting troops. Except at a fairly brisk pace.

Uveline shakes her head slightly to Vani, murmuring, "The brown hatched first. But it is a good omen when a bronze does. Not sure why, exactly, but it is. I think any of them hatching would be a good thing, since we need them so badly," she reasons aloud. As Randi leads the brown hatchling and his boy off she focuses on the other eggs, though she glances frequently at the bronze to measure his progress toward his partner. "I wonder which will hatch next?"

Merendezen blinks as the bronze comes from the Eternal Fire Egg, nodding his approval for the bronze. "Just pay attention…" He reminds, chuckling softly and attempting to keep her from behind him. "Not safe. Just stay right next to me." His orders are given and he keeps attention forward.

Given the circumstances and the data from the initial polls, now would seem like a good time to be out. The Convex Geode Surprise Egg takes three taps from the inside and falls into precision pieces around a very scholarly looking blue. When finally he stumbles into his lifemate, Peretol is now P'ret, and he joyfully names his blue to the world as, "Kidath! Yes, yes, we'll get you something to eat. I promise to tell you all about where it comes from."

"Oh it's really happening now, isn't it?" Teallan says to Uveline, casting a glance towards the woman. Then the bronze is in their midst, as well as the blue. The latter is swift to Impress, but the bronze seems to be taking his time. It enables her to get a closer look. "Even… so small, they look so mighty."

Vanielle exhales and answers Teallan. "Yes its happening." she breaths. "This actually happening. I thought my family might come.. but…" she bites her lip glancing to the sands. "Maybe not. As a blue hatches she smiles. "Oh, that was surprisng."

"Oooh, Good thought." Alara grins at her friend, and settles in again, gazing at the brown and then the bronze. "Lovely job, my dear. They are gorgeous." That's all she has to say at the moment, though another exclamation escapes as the smart little egg erupts into a blue.

Ahnika gasps and goes completely still as the first and then second hatchlings arrive, which for her right now is a feat, especially as Fierce and Free Painted Bronze makes his triumphant entrance to the world. She is lost in just how glorious the little dragons look. Distractedly, she nods again, and then with more conviction says, without taking her gaze from the eggs, "No one will be badly hurt. Maybe bumped or something. And the Healers are likely prepared. Max said so." As if that makes it a certainty, which for Ahnika it pretty much does. Beads of perspiration begin to form on the young redhead's forehead from the heat of the Sands and her overall excitement as she watches yet more eggs crack and reveal their former occupants.

Jaret watches the dragons break from their shells, and his hands automatically reach … wait. Nothing there. He tenses up and turns his attention to his fellow candidates, some of which are Impressing before his eyes. However, no word of congratulation is expressed, merely a return to watching the eggs.

Uveline makes herself stay put as the bronze passes by, fighting her instinctive reaction to step away. "Yes, it is indeed happening," she agrees with a grin to her friend. "I wouldn't say mighty just yet - they look a little awkward, with their wings so big on such small bodies - but you can certainly see the potential there," she adds, watching the blue hatch out and make another fast Impression. "All males so far. I wonder how many will be greens."

There's a moment of protest, as Andi's finger's tighten on Zen's arm and she seems to contemplate digging her heals into the sand, keeping herself from being moved. But then, the tone of his voice sinks in and Andromeda is guiltily shifting back to his side, fingers still clutching to his hand, biting her lip as she leans forward just enough to peek down the row and keep an eye on those wily dragonets.

Conditions are somewhat better, so the Smooth As Glass Egg gives another quiet test. This one is partially successful, as a long crack appears in the top of the egg. However, there is more work, more study trials to be done before this egg is ready to give up.

Fierce and Free Painted Bronze Hatchling is content with the state of things, as he sees it, and the young dragon begins to step in one direction with a purpose. Long strides, carefully positioned so as to walk past the huddle of girls in the middle, draw him closer to his target.

You better believe it's time now! There's one, two, three furious 'pops' and suddenly the shimmering egg explodes into a rain of multi-colored confetti. From the broken remains, a small rose-tinted gold peeks up over one particularly large piece with a rather guilty expression on her feminine face. Creeping out of the base of the shell with an almost palpable air of 'Did I do that?' she takes only a moment to collect herself and strike a perfectly planned 'adorable' pose.

Pretty in Pink Gold Hatchling

Dipped in the warm, soft tones of coppery rose-gold, this hatchling embodies the essence of feminine grace. The spitting image of her mother's shape in miniature, she differs only in that she is rose where her dam is fire. Brushes of stronger pink accent her curves, as if spring roses have permanently stained her hide. Darker, richer rose colors her wingsails, while a pale hint of pink brushes over her eyes and muzzle. Only in her talons does her hue match her dam's - deepest burnt reds cover them all.

Ciara looks a little startled about the injuries thing. "Healers…they must be expecting…some sort of injury, then. Oh, my." And more eggs are beginning to rock, one hatching to reveal that blue that goes to Impress Peretol. "I hope somebody's keeping track, because I can't," Ci says, hands twisting into the sides of her robe in a display of anxiety.

Isilna dips a chin to the bronze as he makes his way down the line, taking a half-step back to ensure she's not in the way. Reaching up, she wipes a streak of sweat off the side of her face from where it was tickling her nose. Her gaze darts over to the blue and his swift impression, nodding once to herself. And then the queen hatches, and she can't help exclaim, "Oh well done! A queen is a good sign indeed!"

Vanielle pauses. "PRobably quuite a few" she her voices as a the broze passes by. She eyes as another egg pops. "Oh my…" she breaths when her eyes catch sight of the Queen. "By the First eggg."

"She's adorable!" Teallan exclaims, giggling gleefully at the beavhior of the just-hatched queen. She looks from the eggs, seeking out Rauzath and Alara, beaming at them. "Good job, Rau," she calls, before pulling attention back to seek out also where that bronze has gone.

Uveline continues to shuttle from foot to foot, almost hopping between them as the heat becomes more uncomfortable after a longer exposure. And then the bronze speeds up and she blinks, looking along his path to try and figure out who he's headed for. "I wonder…" she muses, before the exclamations around her draws her gaze back to the clutch and the gold newly-hatched. "Oh! Well, that's good. Another queen will certianly help Eastern, when she's mature," the harper says - apparently, spouting facts is her way of containing herself in the face of so many exciting happenings. "Wonder if she's as much like her dam as she looks?"

"Oh, look, luv. It's a gold!" Alara wears a silly grin, and she leans forward in her seat to look closely at the coloring. "And she's you're coloring, only a pretty pink, instead of your lovely ginger." She reaches up to idly scratch the gold's neck, which gold bugles a soft greeting to her daughter. "Absolutely right, dear one. Welcome to the world, lovely little ones." Alara is happy, and hopeful.

Merendezen grins down at Andi, "thanks. It is safer…" He promises, grinning a bit wider before attention drifts briefly to the bronze as he wanders and then the next egg is Hatching. The gold is eyed, briefly. "Nice." He gives a firm nod of approval and then gives Andi a gentle nudge forward and away from his arm. To be safe.

There is no dallying about this. Fierce and Free Painted Bronze Hatchling does not want to encourage false hopes, nor does he want to make his chosen wait. With purpose and determination, after all of the ladies have passed him, he marches directly to Jaret and lifts his gaze to meet the young man's.

Vanielle nods. "She probably is, she's very attractive." she admits. "But you are right she does look surprised. "The first, female of the clutch and its a gold. This fortuituous." as the bronze passes the others and makes a beline for someone she turns to see who it is. "This is soo… exciting." she's shaking a little bit with excitement.

Jaret, now J'ret, blinks once, twice, and then winces slightly. "Jus' wasn't expectin' that, Uallath. And of course you're hungry. C'mon." He leads the little bronze off the sands over to get some meat.

Andi almost stumbles as Zen gives her that little nudge, looking at him with a look of shock before she's hurriedly recalling exactly -why- she was nudged forward, glancing over, the sighting of the gold causing another little squeak and a half step backwards. "Zen, I'm scared." She whispers over her shoulder, her eyes now open as the number of dragonets on roaming seems to increase consistantly.

Uveline 'huh's as notices the bronze picking Jaret, a shrug rolling her shoulders. "Didn't see that coming. Well, it takes all kinds, and there must be more to him than meets the eyes," she says to herself softly before lifting her voice to call a quick congratulations toward the newly Impressed. Then she's looking back toward the clutch, nudging each of her companions. "You two wanted gold, so step forward a pace. Let her see you!"

"I know," Ahnika says to Ci on losing track, her grey eyes continuing to watch and track as many and as much of it as she can, but she seems unable to and it makes her rub the back of her neck briefly in frustration for not being able to keep it all contained in one view. "Everything seems to be happening so fast …" she lowers her arm to her side and gives up on trying to track everything and just settles for trying to keep track of certain ones at a time, at least until they Impress and are ushered back off the Sands. As the rose-hued gold makes her entrance, Ahnika blinks a little and goes still, "Oh … my, isn't she lovely!" Then she smiles a little fondly and ruefully at what seems to be the hatchling's expression upon breaking shell. "Amazing," she murmurs, her hands remaining still at her sides, but her fingers twitching and twisting a little, as if itching to do something. There is a briefly intrigued look as she spots Jaret, now J'ret walking off the sands with Uallath, before she returns her attention to the rest of the hatchlings, and ultimately, her attention can't help but end up back at the little gold.

"I didn't say I wanted it," Teallan says with a bright peal of nervous laughter. "Just, oh, I don't know!" All this time, her studies and trying to figure out what it is that a dragon finds anyone and it falls to the wayside. She's nervous and so excited she can barely contain it. The nudge sends her stumbling a couple paces and she hugs herself, arms wrapping across her stomach. She does watch J'ret with his lifemate, just as baffled as some of the others it would seem.

Vanielle nods to Uveline. "But there's no glory, in rushing to try…" she breaths. She starts to inch away from the huddle. "Slow and steady." she doesn't take that much of a step. She taps her fingers to the rhythm of her own heart beat on the outside of her dress. She looks to Teallan. "We'll be ok.." she says to Tea. "What will be, will be."

Shaking bits of shell from her dainty head, the Pretty in Pink Gold Hatchling does a joyful little prance, holds her head up high and starts making progress along the gathered Candidates. The boys are disdained altogether, but most of the girls get at least a once-over. She's taking her time here, because people are watching.

Ciara's fists bunch tighter when the gold hatches. Rather than cooing over her like others are doing, Ci is more wary of those deep red claws. "She looks like she's clawed somebody already, look at that." She looks over to see the bronze Impress Jaret. "Hey…there haven't been any greens yet? There must be some." She takes a deep breath and stands straighter, trying to take everything in at once. Difficult, because a lot's going on.

"Oh, that's an interesting pairing. That one always was a funny mix of fire and rain. I hope they get on well." Alara comments on the bronze pairing. "Oh, look at her prance, Rauzath, she's definitely yours." This merits a head dropping and bapping on Alara's head, causing her to snicker and shout. "Hey! Just because it's true!"

Merendezen keeps a fair distance between him and the woman beside him, "I'm here." His hand is settled upon her shoulder for comfort. Then, the bronze is finding J'ret. A nod of congratulations is given to the younger man and a smile is offered. Attention is drawn back to the eggs and the wandering gold with interest. "Just keep watching Andi, nothing bad will happen if you're watching and making sure to get out of the way."

Uveline chuckles at the reply from her companions, shaking her head slightly. "Alright, relax, she probably already knows who she's looking for anyway - the bronze certainly seemed to. I think she just wants everyone to have a chance to appreciate her - she has such lovely coloring. A right miniature of Rauzath, isn't she? Makes it easy to guess what she'll look like when she's grown."

The Juicy Fruit Egg spins on its wider base and whirls until - like a summertime seed-spitting contest - the pieces fly outwards. A sandy brown clambers out of his prison and stumbles drunkenly out towards the line of Candidates. After a moment of indecision - or he could be trying to clear his vision - the brown pairs himself up with a big lad with lovely blonde curls from High Reaches.

It's a fortune that the talk of maiming hasn't reached Teallan's ears, nor has she thought of it. That would perhaps be the only thing that would break her mood, the delicate balance of nervous and excited. It's like stage fright, but in this she feels like she's just waiting in the wings for her cue. She stops hugging herself for her hands come unbidden to clap over her mouth. "She /dances/, oh my." A look to Rauzath and she giggles, apparently thinking much the same as Alara. One will never deny this goldlet's dam. There's a flash of dark eyes towards Uveline and she inhales, "How could anyone relax?!"

Isilna gives the man who impressed the bronze a long look, much like many of the others are doing. But then when another of the candidates nudges two of her fellows forward upon the queen's hatching, a disapproving frown crosses her face. She remains where she is, but keeps her eyes on any dragon roving the sands, just in case.

The Molten Ball of Starlight Egg seems to lose its luster. Slowly, the brightness drains away as though someone were draining it out of the little thing. Actually, though it is merely preparing to fight. What? Fight? Oh. Right. Crack.

Grinning a little as she sees the Pretty In Pink Gold dance a little before moving along the line of candidates, Ahnika shakes her head, mildly coming to the gold's defense on her talons, "No, they're deeper red than that, I think. She doesn't look like she'd be the sort to want to get herself much gory anyway, does she? She knows how to be a proper lady, methinks." Then a distracted blink as she scans the rest of the sands, "Greens? I don't think so … but I may have missed one." A lot is going on, after all.

Uveline glances at the Juicy Fruit Egg as it moves and then hatches, and another brown is revealed. "Still no greens? That's odd. I would have expected at least one by now," she says in surprose. "The same way you can relax before a performace - concentrate, and breath!" Uveline replies to Teallan, demonstrating by taking a strong singer's breath, diaphram swelling and them slowly constricting as she lets the breath out. "Even if it doesn't calm you much, it's something!" Another egg twitches and she glances at the clutch, but then her eyes are back on the gold - she's jsut so eye-catching!

Nenienne glances at the gold, then over at Isilna and Andi. She murmers softly, "Lucky."

Vanielle shrugs. "I've not see any.." she says to Ahnika. "Not a one." she follows UVeline's advice and breaths. Steadily or at least she tries. She looks around and then back to the gold again, "Soo many eggs." she bites her lip. "But they're all treasures."

Andi takes a shuffling step, trying to sneak herself back next to Zen, even as the hand on her shoulder stills her and sets her frozen in place once more. A loud gulp, and she nods slowly, hands settling for wringing each other since her other distraction was taken away. "I.. I am watching." And that she is.

Ciara watches another brown hatch, then lets herself look at the gold again. "Yeah…you might be right." She looks worried, suddenly, shifting her weight from one foot to the other, and forcing herself to relax her hands. "Maybe we both missed one…oh, this waiting and watching is so weird."

"Aye, that's good advice, Uveline." Alara hears the woman's voice. "Calm and steady, ladies and gents. You're doing splendidly." She smiles brightly and watches the eggs wobble. Then, her attention turns back to the queen, and she grins again. "So cute. I'd forgotten how cute you were at that age, Rauzath, m'dear. She's just so certain…"

A delicate little sneeze rocks the Pretty in Pink Gold Hatchling back on her haunches in a maneuver that's simply too cute to have been completely accidental. She looks around her in surprise and then carefully shakes a bit of sand from her hide. Hunger is starting to take its toll, but will it be enough to make her give up the spotlight?

Finally, when the situation seems near perfect, the Smooth As Glass Egg gives one last test. This is the determining one. Will it be successful? With an audible 'crack', the egg splits down the middle exactly, as though cut with a Healer's implement. Hmmm. The green hatchling inside gazes down at the shell before moving on to find her lifemate.

Lady with the Lamp Green Hatchling

This hatchling weighs in at just the large side of average and her proportions are as proper as a dragonhealer's teaching text. The outermost edges of her hide are hunter's green, dappled with a yellow-lime, giving the effect of light permeating the darkness. This effect continues as both colors lighten in a gradient until the green reaches a shade more like olive in a roughly circular patch on her neck. Inside this patch, there is a smaller patch of hide which is grayed slightly. Her headknobs and wingtips are the darkest green of all.

Isilna catches Nenienne's gaze and gives her a warm and kindly smile. The Benden lady swallows once at the antics of the gold dragon, but she's also keeping an eye out for the other dragons on the sands, having completely missed that brown's Impression to the young man from the Reaches. "Ahh, there's the first green," Isilna points out to whomever was asking about greens.

Right. Brown eyes flare briefly in Uveline's direction and Teallan looks back to the fore, drawing in that deep, swelling breath that all singers are taught. She even stands a bit straighter, shoulders somewhat more squared, as the breath rteleases. It /is/ a performance, even for them. She looks swiftly to the galleries, seeking out her parents there. When she looks back, it's to catch the gold sitting down and unbidden comes another giggle. Bright, carefree. Tea cannot deny who she is and who she is.. is not someone to be constantly composed and full of decorum. She's a creature of emotion.

Merendezen leaves his hand on Andi's shoulder, remaining firm and attempting to be comforting. As long as she doesn't take off running, Zen is remaining calm. Gold is eyed for a moment, watched before he considers the green and a brow lifts. "She's nice too." He offers to anyone within earshot.

The Gold Rush Egg rolls and shivers and shatters under the internal forces pushing at the deceptively fragile shell. Out climbs a swaggering cowboy brown. He peers over the assembled Candidates and finally chooses his own. Vothol becomes V'tol and shepherds his new lifemate into line with the others. "Alright, Wreth, we'll get you something to eat. I don't think they've burnt it, but I can try if you want to smell the smoke…"

"If she were human, I would say she's Harper-trained!" Uveline exclaims with a soft laugh at the gold's clever posing. "She's acting! I didn't know dragons could do that." Of course, there's lots she doesn't know about dragons. Finally a green hatches and Uveline ahs. "There we go. I was beginning to think Rauzath may have laid a clutch with no greens in it - quite a feat. She looks rather interested in her egg, doesn't she?"

Vanielle grins. She laughs." Aww, poor little thing… even though that's so cute!" she says. She turns to look at as the Smooth as glass egg breaks- a green. "There's the greens. I was a little worried that there were not any— which would interesting to say the least. Maybe first in the history of Pern?"

Lady with the Lamp Green Hatchling is indeed interested in her egg. It intrigues her. However, this is neither time nor place for such study. Therefore, she strides placidly over to the row of candidates, inspecting each with a calculating eye. However, it seems she's taking in all sorts of information about each. Mostly from her observations.

After all of that very showy, very flashy deliberation - all of which got all eyes to focus right on her (where they should be!) - the Pretty in Pink Gold Hatchling finally winds her way around the girl with the bob of copper-brown until the girl's legs - or most of her lower body! - can't be seen at all.

Now that there is a second dragon on the sands, Neni focuses her attention on the green, twisting a bit of her robe in her hands.

Andi continues to twist her hands, only years of 'proper' training preventing her from twisting her hands in the short shift of her robe. As each dragonet is eyed, and the gold seems to hesitate further down the line, Andi gives a little relaxed sigh, allowing herself to close her eyes for a moment, before its back to watching the hatchlings with a cautious look, holding her chin up a little as Zen's voice filters to her.

For the first time since the eggs started hatching, Ahnika turns to look at Ciara with her last comment and gives her a reassuring and commiserating smile, then nods, turning back to the eggs just as the gold sneezes and strikes that pose. "Aww," Ahnika says at first, and then chuckles, murmuring, "Clever." When someone mentions a green hatchling, Ahnika's attention turns next onto seeking and finding Lady with the Green Lamp, smiling softly. "There she is. Our first Green," meaning the weyr, of course. Then she turns back to Pretty In Pink, curious as most are to see which of the Lady Holders the gold will likely choose, and seeing her wind around a girl with a bob, Ahnika smiles brightly.

Teallan watches the gold find her lifemate and grins broadly. There might have been a flicker, but for the most part, she doesn't seem lost about it at all. Instead she claps, brightly, "Oh, congratulations!" Her gaze returns to the sands, seeking out other Impressions. Finding the green in all her propriety. She inches back to Uveline's side. "She's so… /serious/-looking, for a green."

There is no fanfare, no warning here. The Love is Red Egg is simply whole one minute and the next is split up and down like a melon. As the two hemispheres fall each to their own side, a big, burly bronze dragon is revealed

Boisterous and Brassy Bronze Hatchling

Large in size and presence for a dragon so young, the bronze hatchling bears a brassy gleam upon his hide that catches the light and gives him certain brilliance. His belly is a darker tinge, a colour not quite so glittery but still bearing the stuff of jewelry and lifes finer things. A dash of coppery green traces along his muzzle to the tips of his ridges and down along the top of his otherwise-gleaming neck to form what seems like a supercilious leer. His wings stretch to reveal a paler shade of bronze so bright that it threatens to stun the eyes when the light catches it.

Ciara suddenly finds herself surrounded by…gold. The girl's eyes go distant and unfocused, but her head does drop so that she can stare at the dragon that's wound herself around her legs. "Suo-Suo-Suosith?" Ci looks around her now, at the audience, at the other candidates…but it's Suosith that her gaze rests on, finally, and now she reaches down to touch the gold, to make sure she's not dreaming. "Um. Eating? I'm starving?" She sounds somewhat confused now, but does look about, at Ahnika next to her, and then around generally. "Where do we go for food? Ohh…." The full implications of what's happened are becoming apparent to her now.

Isilna with her dark brown hair nods to herself when the newly-hatched gold dragonet has chosen in a rather visible way. She lets out a breath, her expression never wavering as her blue eyes continue shifting across the sands restlessly, and of course, the size of a new bronze is enough to garner attention. "Another handsome one," she decides, quirking a faint smile when her friend seems to agree. "No, you stay there," she says audibly, distracted for just a few moments, then turns back to hear Ciara announce her new lifemate's name. "Congratulations," she says warmly.

The Lady with a Lamp Green Hatchling is stil walking down the line of candidates. Something catches her eye, though, and she stops, considering a pair of candidates for a moment before moving on. No, they were /nearly/ right, but not quite. She continues her search for the proper partner in her endeavors.

Merendezen watches the green and gold still, green eyes focusing entirely on the two. And then the gold is finding her lady and green eyes follow. Ciara is swallowed by the gold and he nods. "Congratulations." The first one called from the man, mainly for the remembered face. The next egg hatching draws his attention to the bronze and his brows lift. "He's a strong one."

Uveline doesn't happen to be looking toward the gold when she finds her partner, but the comments of others leads her in the right direction before long. "Oh, was that Ciara?" she asks, glancing over and nodding. "Good for her. She seems steady. Might balance out the gold's flair for the dramatic," she says with a grin. "Congratulations!" she calls before turning her attention back to the intent green and the remaining eggs - and the newly hatched bronze. "Oh, good, another bronze!"

Grinning like a fool at Christmas, Randi steps up to the shell-shocked Ciara - being sure to give Suosith a bit of space - and gestures towards the exit to the grounds. "How's about we get some food in her belly, Ci. That'a way."

Nenienne glances over to see Ciara surrounded by the gold, and looks stunned, but in a good way. She calls over "Congratulations, Ci!" before turning a puzzled gaze at Andi and Isilna.

Vanielle smiles. "Congratulations!" she calls out cheerfully. She can bearly hear herself over he call of the others who also call out congratulations.

The Boisterous Brassy Bronze Hatchling moves with the imperial grace of a soul born to rule. His haughty gaze falls on one and then another and then another until the choices are narrowing to worrying numbers. He pauses near a small boy from Nerat, but snorts in scorn and moves on. Not that one either, then.

"Suosith, eh? She's even got a prim name. Nice one, though. Definitely yours." Alara nearly tears up, both at the happiness in her own heart and that of her gold's, but at the happy look on her friend's face. She's able to move. "Lovely. Just lovely."

As the gold arrives and chooses Ciara, Ahnika takes a respectful step back, and finds herself blinking back tears of joy for her best friend. She smiles warmly and dips her head toward the new pair, "Oh, how wonderful, Ci!! Congratulations!" Then a look for the gold, "Congratulations for you both!" She looks like she wants to hug Ciara, but knows better not, and simply hugs herself while her friend looks to make her departure to feed her new lifemate.

Andi would probably offer a little clap for the younger woman, apparently pleased by the choice, though she's far too busy wringing her own hands to do that. The appearance of the bronze has Andromeda glancing over her shoulder at Zen, giving a little nod of her head, and awkwardly shuffling away again, suggestively nodding him forward, shifting and moving a little more, even as she catches Nenienne's puzzled look, blushing darkly and hurriedly looking back to the bronze and green in turn.

As it continues to darken, like its namesake dying, all of a sudden, The Molten Ball of Starlight Egg seems to implode. Small pieces of egg shard rain down everywhere. After shaking herself off once, out steps a large, powerful and composed Trial by Fire Green Hatchling who strides out among the group with fierce purpose.

Trial by Fire Green Hatchling

Large for her color, this young green hatchling appears ready for a fight. Stocky and tall, her build speaks more to power than to finesse. Her hide itself is dyed a heavy olive green, broken up only by the streaks of muddy brown across her legs, belly and tail. Dancing along her face and ridges are swathes of smoke, the deadly grey color traipsing down her back. This same hue plumes at her wings, staining all but the very edges of her sails that same smoky grey. Only her talons escape the dirt, the green and the smoke

Ciara manages to focus on Randi, the Weyrwoman's voice a beacon of helpfulness in the midst of the noise all around. "Randi?" Suosith is quite ready to move on, which just leaves Ci to work out how to get her feet moving again. "Oh, that way? Food. Yes. Obviously." One hand stays down to maintain a light contact with Suosith as Randi shows the way to the exit.

Vanielle turns watchingly the new hatched bronze. "Such a regal …." she says to him. "All waya… " the breaking of another egg and the hatching of a second green makes her smile. "Another!" she gestures towards the hatchling.

The Lady with the Lamp Green Hatchling starts to feel an urgency. She realizes she is getting hungry and tired. Therefore, she walks directly down the line, making no more preliminary inquiries. This time, it's serious.

"Ahh, another green," Teallan says with a grin, reaching out to nudge Uveline a little. "She, at least, looks more like I'd imagine a green to be…" A pause, considering the fierceness and she flushes. "Maybe not, but. It is a time of Thread?" She glances towards the bronze, seeking him out. "Strong bronzes for the new queen. That's important, right?" After that deep breathing that Uvvy reminded her of, she's much more grounded now.

Merendezen gives a shake of his head to Andi, grinning at the offer and allowing her to shuffle away. "I'm not moving from here. Promised." He gives her a cheerful smile before his attention is drawn to the newly hatched green and nodding his approval. "She's nice. Lovely."

Uveline nods happily as a second green hatches - that's more like it! "I bet the rest are greens and blues," she says. "Maybe another brown or two, but mostly blues and greens." In her excitement she's forgotten to shuffle her feet as much, and just now notices that they're starting to ache. "Ouch!" she says, restoring her shuffle to action. "Uhm, I don't know how often dragons mate their clutch siblings, so I wouldn't necessarily say they are for her, but I get the idea."

The Boisterous Brassy Bronze Hatchling is doing his damndest to find just the right one. The mind he needs is here, he knows. It's proving to be more illusive than expected. Rearing back on his hind legs, he uses the added height to peer over the assembled, unaware that the new pose adds a fierceness to his bearing.

"Oh, and of course that one'd be a bronze. Seemed like it." Alara nods, pleased by the young bronze currently walking around. "He's a pleasant looking one, as well." She watches happily, and then sees the green burst out. "Oooh, a dramatic entrance. Well, another one. Your girl there made her own, didn't she?" She snickers. Alara has teasing material for a while, now.

Eyeing each candidate she walks past carefully, the Lady With the Lamp Green Hatchling stops when she reaches a cute blonde candidate. She stops in front of her chosen and gives a tentative sniff, tilting her head in curious interest. Then, slowly, deliberately, she lifts her eyes, knowing full well the import of her actions.

Vanielle nods. "Maybe " she says to the comment of dragons mating with their clutch siblings. "Maybe."

Nenienne turns back to the sands, looking at the new green longingly, while following the progress of the earlier one. She glances toward the bronze occasionally, but relaxes each time she sees him far away. Most of her attention is for the greens.

"And another fine green," Isilna observes with the certainty of someone who has not lived in a Weyr all their life. It's a dragon, it hatched, and it seems to be moving, so of course it's 'fine'. "Seems as if the greens are making up for lost time." Surreptitiously, she lifts one scorched sole off the sands for a minute or two, then switches.

Gathering herself together once more, Ahnika watches Ciara move off the Sands with Suosith as if making sure Ci and her new lifemate are okay, and then returns her attention to the Sands, and now the new hatchlings wandering around, first a glance back to Lady with the Lamp Green Hatchling, and then Fire Green Hatchling, before the large bronze captures her attention. Without her best friend there to talk to, however, Ahni seems to fall silent, watching with emotion in her grey eyes.

There's a squeak from Teallan as the green nears. None had come so close and it's a bit more surprising when it happens. But oh, it's her friend that is chosen and Tea steps back, clapping her hands in delight. Her eyes gleam a little, "Oh!" A pause as she tries to find words, "OH!"

Vanielle chuckles. "They’d have to be." she says tries to count the number eggs, and the number of hatchlings, though between the two Harpers, Vanielle simply watches with quiet amazement. "From something the size of a young runner, too…" she turn towards the the older dragons on the sands.

Andi inclines her head briefly to Zen, taking advantage of that move to shuffle backwards a little bit further, not necessarily out of the line of the candidates, but certainly out of the first defenses. As one green stops, she's tilting her head to peek at who it may be, nodding slowly and straightening with a little sigh, eyes shifting from Zen to bronze and back, biting her lip as she does so, her attention clearly away from the other roaming dragonets that may actually affect -her-.

The Sugared Sapphire Egg shakes, rattles and rolls, finally spilling out its blue shell like water when the pitcher tips. Rolling out from the chaos is a roundly maternal apple-grass green hatchling. She deliberates over her choices, but it's obvious that she is dissatisfied. Finally she spies a very young boy in the crowd. Of course someone must look after him, and so she claims him for her own. Arkon becomes A'kon and hugs his new green around the neck. "I'm hungry too, Ranuth. Let's get something to eat, okay? Then I'll have a nap, I promise."

The Trial by Fire Green Hatchling takes a moment to stare at the morning sky above her, eyes sliding closed for a moment of peace before her wings unfold and she steps out onto the field of battle. Rather than pace the lines as her siblings did, she stands at the forefront like a general inspecting her troops.

Merendezen tilts a brief look to the bronze with green eyes, brows lifting. "Strong." He repeats, "that's nice." Stamp of approval there. His arms move to fold across his chest and he watches with full attention there with interest now sparked more intensely.

Alara watches the little one get picked up by a motherly green. "Oh, my. I'm so glad she likes him. They'll do well, I think." She smiles. As to the other green pair, she smiles. "That is an interesting pair, as well. Oh, well done." She nods her congratulations all around, for those that may be able to hear her.

Uveline had lost track of the first green when the second hatched, talking with Vanielle as she was, but Teallan's squeak draws her attention back toward the eggs - just in time to lock gazes with the Lady With the Lamp Green Hatchling. Uveline staggers a step, causing the green to croon encouragingly to her. Blinking her eyes clear, Uvvy reaches out to tenatively touch the circular patch on that angled neck. "Enceth? We will?" she asks, eyes widening as it sinks in. "Oh, right, yes, you're hungry," she says, glacing around frantically to figure out where the food is. "Small pieces? Okay…" And Teallan is given a confused but happy smile as Uveline moves toward where she thought Ciara and the others went to feed their lifemates, Enceth pacing her and examining everything intently.
Ciara takes Suosith.

Moving across the sands in an easy jog, Randi directs Uveline and her new green to where the drudges have buckets of meat ready for the hungry bellies. "I've asked someone to bring chilled tea out as well. Damn hot out here, even this early."

Vanielle watches uveline. "Well Uveline… congratulations!" she says with a happy and enegetic tone. "You gonna shorten that name?" she asks in a cheerfully joking way to the new rider.

As he makes his final pass of those assembled, the Boisterous Brassy Bronze Hatchling turns a critical eye on several of the younger boys before coming to an almost military full-stop in front of a tall young man with dirty blonde curls and a smile that melts hearts. His head cocks to one side in intense regard before he finally headbutts the Candidate. Right in the chest.

Nenienne sees the green select Uveline and calls over her congratulations to them both, before resuming her watch of the other green.

Teallan inches her way in nearer to Vanielle, to fill that gap left by Uveline. She looks after the other Harper, almost in a sad way. Then the heat gets to her and she dances a little, panic in her eyes. "How many left?" she whispers to the girl next to her. But oh, the bronze! She looks out, seeking, trying to see where he's gone. The other green, too.

Isilna murmurs her congratulations to Uveline just as one of the men gets headbutted in the chest, and she flinches, closing one eye. "That will leave a mark," she states quietly before adding her congratulations to the most likely heedless newest bronzerider at the Weyr. Wiping another strand of sweat off her brow, she glances at their dwindling numbers for just a moment, affixing each person's expression in her memory.

Uveline smiles brightly to Randi, beginning to regain her composure as she and Enceth cross the sands and claim a bucket of meat. The once-harper, now a weyrling, eyes the pail of meat with a wince but she dips into it, searching for a piece of meat that is acceptably small. The largish green seems satisfied and accepts the meat, and shortly they establish a feeding pace, Uveline feeding bits and scraps one after another to the ravenous green. When she isn't staring at her dragon, Uveline is glancing toward the sands, trying to keep track of what is happening there.

Merendezen watches as the bronze approaches, silent, green eyes following. A loud grunt comes from the man as he stumbles back, eyes clearly unfocused for a good long moment as the reside on the form before him. "M'zen?" The first words spoken with confusion, "we?" The next following and he blinks into focus, brows drawing into a frown that us unreadable. "Tuorth. I suppose we need to eat…" Dazed? More than just a little. He does not reach out to touch his lifemate, only staring at the bronze with a look of shock.

"Oh, Zen.." Andi offers in a soft, breathless tone, words which are quickly bringing a blush to her cheeks that has nothing to do with the heat of the hands, hands lifting to cover her face lightly. "Congratulations.." She whispers, likely unheard even over the short distance, a glance over her shoulder at the galleries - her first of the event - and she's quickly steeling herself, shoulders pushed back, back straightened and chin lifted as she tries to maintain her composure, taking advantage of that moment to scan for the other dragonets.

Ahnika glances over at the green and Uveline and a soft smile forms with a little knowing look and a brief nod toward Uveline, whether the former Harper sees it or not. And then Ahni is back to watching the other eggs hatching and that large bronze and Fire Green hatchling make their selections. Upon seeing the headbutt of the candidate by the bronze, Ahnika's smile broadens into a knowing grin, and another contemplative nod toward Zen.

Alara just continues to watch, tears now streaming down her cheeks in happiness. This always happens, really. She grins happily at the pairs, watching each of them. "Well, then." It's about all she can say at the moment.

"Hey, La! Tap Zen for me, I think he may be in shock." And Randi would do it herself, but she's currenly up to her elbows in bloody muck to help out one of the more squeamish weyrlings.

Teallan claps brightly for Zen, giggling to herself. "He's definitely going to be a lady killer," she says to Vanielle. Not in the literal way, of course, but in the way he's already shaping to be. "I wonder what Lexi thinks about it…" But oh! That other green! Eyes wide, she looks around and seeks out the Trial by Fire, curiousity still.

Now that the troops have been surveyed, there is movement. The Trial by Fire Green Hatchling keeps her steps measured, regimental and precise. She may very well be the last to find her match at this rate, but already it appears she has a purpose.

Nenienne glances over at the bronze and his new Weyrling and calls out a neutral congratulations, then frowningly follows the Trial By Fire green's progress.

Vanielle watches the little green. "She's still looking.." she tells Teallan. "How many eggs?" she asks looking around trying to still count. "This is… exciting."

After weighing her options with the careful consideration such weighty matters deserve, the Trial by Fire Green Hatchling finally stops in front of a girl with hair like flames wreathing her face. Settling into the sand, she lays her head over the girl's shoulder in an almost ceremonial manner.

Shaken out of her reverie by her friend, Alara moves toward the newest bronzerider in the Weyr. "Come along, luv. Let's get your dragon some food." She smiles happily.

Turning her attention from Zen and his new lifemate, Ahnika gazes out upon the sands, tracking the movement briefly before wiping some of the perspiration from her head with the sleeve of her robe. It is when she finds the Fire Green Hatchling on approach that she straightens and sobers even more than she already was. She blinks as she finds a head on her shoulder too suddenly to even do anything about it, and then she moves to lovingly wrap her arms about her as much as possible, so utterly deeply moved, "Oh, oohhhhh, my fierce, strong Jhath. We'll show 'em and how," then chuckles, "but right, just as soon as we eat first." Not that Ahnika plans on sharing in the raw meat, but it's the principle of the thing. She'll be with her to the end.

And there's that fierce green, finding her lifemate in Ahnika. Teallan fair squeals, clapping her hands. So much of that. "Oh, Ahni! Congratulations!"

Nenienne ahs. "A fiery green for a fiery candidate — how appropriate." After calling out her congratulations, Neni looks back at the remaining eggs.

M'zen is shaken out of his shock by Alara, a nod is given in her direction before he gestures to the dragon to follow. "Right… Food." Blink blink. And then they move, out of the way.

Vanielle pauses. "Con…" she watches Ahika's excited response. "Well that's a surprise." she says softly. She looks around. Her eyes closed and a few deep breath taken slowly.

Isilna nods to Nenienne's words as the last green finally chooses her rider. "I agree with you on that. Congratulations, Ahnika!" she calls out, loudly enough to be heard properly this time, showing especial kindness to someone who showed her some while she was adjusting to life in the Weyr.

After the weyrlings all clear off the sands, Alara moves from assisting M'zen, and nods politely to each of the remaining candidates. "Well, ladies and gentlemen, This is a bittersweet moment, for certain. Kaseth's eggs still remain hard, though probably not for long. However, you all were brilliant! And even if your lifemate isn't among my friend's eggs, you have the option to remain among us as a candidate, or for those who craft, as a crafter, to be accepted again when our next gold rises." She smiles, brightly, looking at each of them in turn, though quickly. "If you have any questions, please come see me or Randi, though most probably me." She snickers. "Now, if you'll excuse me, my girlie wants to get some air beneath her wings, and get a real bath and hunt. Thank you again for being so brill." She beams with pride.

Andi watches the last of the hatchlings chose, her eyes trailing after Zen for another moment, lips curling in a little smile, before she inclines her head to Alara as she speaks, offering a little curtsey as she takes that as an excuse to sneak out - and hopefully avoid the Lord looming in the galleries, at least for the time being.

Teallan scratches briefly at her cheek, looking over her shoulder to where Uveline has disappeared with her lifemate. Huh. Wow. Uhm. She glances up towards the galleries, seeking out her family. Perhaps fearful of disappointment, but no, there's her mother and father, looking proud as can be. Relief floods her and she looks to Alara with a grin. "Make sure Rau knows she did wonderful," she says.

Smiling distractedly to those who offer her congratulations, Ahnika is slow to make polite acknowledgements. She is far too wrapped up in her little fiery battle-hatchling and moves off the sands as directed to get the green some much needed nourishment. "Absolutely," she says to Jhath, "nothing will hold us back." Except maybe a rumbly in the tumbly.

Nenienne nods politely to Alara, then begins wandering off the sands, not seeking out any fellow candidates and not looking into the galleries.

Vanielle looks at the others who have been left standing She follows them, as well.

Isilna gives Alara a full curtsey. "Thank you for the honor of allowing me to stand," she says kindly before making her way off the sands, smiling affectionately when her Mellon leaps off the shoulder he was borrowing, collecting the firelizard and giving him a rub on his eyeridges. The firelizard croons quite happily, chittering with news and gossip about what he witnessed.

This is the Sands view of the Hatching of Rauzath's and Erikath's clutch.

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