Fresh Meat Part Two


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Date: 8/27/10 (The second hatching)
Location: EW: Upper Hatching Galleries and Sands
Synopsis: Three days after Rauzath's clutch hatch, Kaseth's clutch begins to break shell in the middle of the night and the candidates find their lifemates here, or find they need to make a decision about their future. Meanwhile, in the galleries, the crowd looks on.
Rating: PG
Logger: Ahnika

Eastern Weyr: Upper Hatching Galleries

The galleries appear to be rather typical for type. Long rows of benches surround the warm sands, giving the guests a clear view of the place where it all happens. Six tiers of five benches each provide plenty of room for anyone to come in and sit during Hatchings or other times. The natural warmth of the Sands wafts up into the room, making it a more popular place in wintertime, especially for those reared under the hot Southern sun. A bar runs its course around the edge of the dais, protecting one and all from a fall, or worse yet, an angry gold dragon.

Announcement: [Kali]: It's not far past the stroke of midnight, three full days past the hubub of Rauzath's clutch. Eastern has just settled in for another seven's wait when Kaseth lifts her head and starts the music, her hum resonating against the walls of the cavern as others pick up her song. Hatchlings are coming!

From the Sands, Randi - in the middle of trying to make heads or tails of a star chart to deal with insomnia - looks up when her gold does and when she understands, she smiles. Instructions are given through dragon and rider to ready the meat and wake the Candidates. Her children are coming tonight.

From the Sands, Voldrath is one of the dragons to receive and relay word. His rider wasn't yet in bed, so he pulls on his clothing hurriedly and hops on, letting his mate know what's up. Then he's in the weyrling barracks, opening the baskets. "Rise'n'shine! Time t'meet y'r future, candidates," he calls out, continueing to flip open more glows. "Get y'r robes on hit an'hit th'sands. Is Rocio back from her rounds?"

<Weyr> Enceth 's voice burbles sleepily, redwort streaked with the tang of blood scenting the air. « I was sleeping. What's the matter? »

An infrequent visitor to the Weyr at best, the Masterstarsmith was already in the stands, his face rather stony as both dragon and rider look up. He sends his blue firelizard out across the cavern to collect something that belongs to him to get it out of the way. While other dignitaries gathering for the hatching might be grumping and kvetching about the lateness of the hour, Donal's gaze is shamefully alert and keen as he watches people begin assembling, nodding greetings where appropriate.

From the Sands, The candidates begin filtering in, their robes hastily donned and some of them with suspiciously tousled hair. Once they get on the sands, though, they straighten up, some combing fingers through their hair, and as a group they bow to Kaseth and Randi.

From the Sands, THIS time, Rocio was already awake. And likely covered in sh—- Unpleasantness, which she hasn't exactly the time to wash off, as she races from the makeshift glow cavern to the Weyrling barracks, to find her white shift and do her best to … Anyway. She's maybe a bit behind schedule… And possibly behind the other Candidates, on her second -real- trek to the Sands. Rocio does, given her… Current odor, yet linger farther away from the others. She is thoughtful that way, at least.

<Weyr> Twylaeth says, "More young, they come."

Mohria shows up in the galleries in hastily pulled on clothes, looking rather grumpy.

From the Sands, Andi is amongst the candidates that enter, the young woman looking barely awake as she shuffles onto the Sands, stiffling a yawn behind a daintily lifted hand. At least her robe is on correctly, her hair has been controlled, and she's upright - albeit without the same support system that she had for the previous attempt, given the young man already has a bronze dragonet attached to him. After the polite bow, she's slipping into the group of candidates and setting her back to the galleries, she takes a slow breath, eyes squeezing shut as she murmurs to herself, before finally the eggs are regarded with a look of curiousity. Here we go again.

<Weyr> Escaeth chimes softly, « New hatchlings. »

<Weyr> Rauzath projects, her glee deepening. « Ooooh, goodee. » She giggles softly. « Let me wake up Alara. »"

From the Sands, Being shuffled out onto the sands within less than a sevenday, Vanielle's motions are slow and a little sleepy. Awake just after midnight but she could hear the humming and thrummming- the call of the dragons. Eggs were hatching- the second clutch. The dark skinned candidate rubbed her head and let the humming energizse her. She followed the others. Slipping by the sleeping weyrlings.. and back on the chance at her destiny.

<Weyr> Enceth is slightly more alert this time, the metallic tang softening and a hint of flowers emerging. « Oh, so it will be more noisy and crowded in here? Perfect. Do I have to do anything, or can I got back to sleep? »

From the Sands, Leron's awake. Well sorta, kinda. His eyes are open, and his robe is on (thank goodness for that), hair sleep smooshed off to the one side. But hey, he's here! And with that goofy grin to boot. Hands automatically slide to pockets and finding none, take to beat a rhythm against his sides as he eyes first the gold, then her rider and then the eggs.

From the Sands, Nenienne was having trouble sleeping anyway, as has been usual for her throughout candidacy. She is one of those who is in better shape, the robe on and her hair brushed.

<Weyr> Riordanth « BABIES! »

L'han comes into the gallerie when the humming starts, his green having very pointedly woken him up and he moves to sit near the Masterstarsmith, nodding to him. "Evening, Master Donal." His gaze goes out across the sands, watching the candidates with interest.

From the Sands, Oh how she wishes she could wear sandals. The walk from the barracks to the hatching grounds is not pleasant. Teallan has soft, sensitive feet! She looks around expectantly, but ah- Uveline Impressed and is with her lifemate, she wouldn't be here. The girl is much more contained this time, perhaps almost frightened after a sense. The two people she'd quickest go to for support are with their new lifemates. The young woman bows with the rest, looking swiftly about the hatching caverns. It's foreign to her. Foreign to them all. The Harper-candidate slowly fingercombs her hair, spreading out with the rest in an almost listless fashion.

<Weyr> Voldrath snorts. « No, that's what you're rider is having. These are hatchlings. No wonder she gets confused. »

<Weyr> Twylaeth chuckles softly, breathing mist towards Enceth. « You may sleep. »

<Weyr> Riordanth « No, my rider has a hatchling. She says so. These are babies. » NOD.

From the Sands, As a familiar little blue firelizard wings down onto the sands, Randi's arm raises to give it a place to perch. That might be surprising to many, considering how little she tolerates the beasts. The starchart is rolled and attached primly to his leg. A gentle rub of fingers between his wings and then she releases him to make his delivery.

From the Sands, With a most unladylike yawn, Isilna hauls herself out of bed, goes through the motions of dressing in the robe and carries her bronze with her. As before, she diverts once she gets on the sands to leave the bronze with the folks watching from the galleries, this time instructing him to settle on a rail or something, not some weyrbrat's shoulder. And with another yawn, she taps the sides of her face to shock some wakefulness into herself as she takes her place in the smaller group of candidates.

<Weyr> Rauzath nuzzles her daughter a little. « No, little one, you can go back to sleep, if you like. » She gives a soft lullaby in the background.

<Weyr> Escaeth swats Voldrath. « Oh hush you big grump. It's rather exciting. Even you should be happy to see all this. »

From the Sands, Nothing like being woken up in the middle of the night to your blood flowing. Of course, between chores and classes he's been brushing up on his stories and lore regarding the dragons and hatchings. So it wasn't all unexpected. Along with the others, he makes his way onto the sands, still trying to clear the sleepiness from his eyes.

<Weyr> Enceth flicks a mist of flower-scent toward Twylaeth and Rauzath, pleased by this response. « Good. Sleep helps me grow, and I must grow. Welcome the others for me, please. » The green withdraws, the scent of redwort fading out with her

<Weyr> Voldrath « Who said I wasn't happy? You assume, greenie. »

<Weyr> Riordanth goes to sleep, lulled by Rauzath's lullaby.

<Weyr> Tuorth stirs, voice rather bored and uninterested. « We will have to see when they arrive. » His voice fades, lulled and drifts to silence once more.

From the Sands, Alara, awakened again, this time in the middle of the night, runs into the caverns. "Oh, Iardani. Congratulations, Luv. Where do you want me?" She's resigned herself to the fact that her place is not with the babies, so she comes to offer moral support to her friend. "Kaseth." She dips her head in a proper greeting to the queen.

<Weyr> Kaseth threads her excitement through the links, her excitement pressing on minds without her meaning to.

Donal collects his firelizard and starchart and sets one on his shoulder, the other in his satchel. "L'han," he greets the dragonrider tersely, but then, he greets most of them that way.

From the Sands, There is a hesitation of all Candidates, for the final moment, and then, contrary to the first bow being led by a small boy, a tall girl steps up, looks at the remaining queen and weyrwoman, and leads the second bow to all. This, before any of them step fully onto the Sands.

Yawning and among the last to arrive, Ahnika stumbles a little as she makes her way into the galleries, unusally sedate and quiet as she finds one of the first seats available near where she entered. Her movements are strictly those of necessity and purpose, efficient. Not fidgeting. But it could be that she was woken up by the stir in the weyrling barracks and waited until all the excited candidates got their robes on and shuffled out before she, herself, came here to lend her support and encouragement.

From the Sands, The Cotton Candy Rock Egg shivers. It even shakes a little. Scrabbling sounds can be heard from the inside. It's frantic for a moment, then settles.

From the Sands, Vanielle quietly offered adeep bow to the clutch's mother, as if to offer good wishes as well she turns to follow out onto the sands, with the others, wincing at the heat.

M'zen steps up into the galleries sent on some royal message to be there. Or something or another. Or, just coming for support of the others. There are dark circles under his eyes, sleep coming hard with the presence of another mind in his head. He settles beside Ahnika, gently nudging her. "Hey…" The man yawns and focuses his attention forward. "Hope it goes as smoothly as the other did…"

Jaya, for her part, is one of those that slips in from the back and finds a little corner that is out of the way. Despite the sleep in her eyes, she leans against the wall from where she stands and wordlessly watches the candidates spill out onto the sand with a mild interest.

From the Sands, One of the candidates was smart. He stole the klah pot. Neythan's one of the last candidates onto the sands this time, because he was far too busy chugging from the barely lukewarm pot. And shockingly, his hair is visible. There's no time to put his hairfalls in again, same as last time, and sadly, the kilt has also been left behind. However, he's one of the few guys present who moves easily once he gets his candidate robes on, since he's used to no trousers to begin with. And, he also waited until Rocio was ready, ignoring the smell of her chosen task and gallantly offers his arm, escorting her to the sands just in time… barely.

From the Sands, The Hunter's Diamond Egg gives a quick rock, in impatience, once, twice, then falls still again, its facets seeming to weave and warp like watching a gem through water.

From the Sands, And they're moving. Leron off in some or other dream world again, is slow to move and gets bumped from behind which almost has him stumbling into the girl in front of him. His reaction is a blink and a snicker turned to the lad behind him, "Hey now, you'll get your turn Janshu." And then he's moving on and settling into his position in relaxed pose despite the enormity of the moment. Oh look an egg's moving, "Cool," he breathes out.

From the Sands, As the eggs begin to move, Andi's hands fold lightly infront of her as she tries to remain calm, the young woman sparing the briefest of glances over her shoulder to the galleries before her eyes are on those moving ovoids, and those moving ovoids alone. "Keep it together.." She whispers softly to herself, even as she spares nervous glances at the others of the much diminished candidate group gathered on the Sands, judging reactions.

From the Sands, Rocio toes off her sandals, leaning down to pick them up and, with a glance toward the gallery, and one toward the door, just nudges them over to the side of the cavern. Her regard snaps up to Neythan, before she'll straighten and, with a quirked brow, take the wild-haired man's arm lightly. A nod, that he should precede, that she will accompany him, and her steps hearken back to a lifetime of habit. Small quick steps, instead of loping ground-eating ones. "Good luck, Neythan." Then she's attending the eggs. Again. Take two.

From the Sands, Teallan grints her toes into the sand, feeling it between them. She inches her way near to Vanielle, offering support… but mostly gleaning it from the other girl. "It's… so much stranger in here," she whispers to the other girl.

<Weyr> Jhath 's voice of glowing embers offers a rich alto that slowly builds to a roaring fire within a hospitable hearth, billowing with the rich scent of spicy incense « More to champion the cause is an auspicious occasion indeed. More to hear the call for triumph! More to flame Thread! »

From the Sands, Uncut Beauty Egg will be strong. Diamonds do not crack. Nosirree. They remain strong. Forever. This egg will what was that? It shakes slightly, then gets itself back under control, falling quiescent again.

From the Sands, As his job to make sure all candidates are on the sand, F'min taps his fingers just a bit impatiently waiting for young Mr. Gallant to offer Rocio his arm. Making sure the barracks are empty, he heads to the sands, pausing to see how the chopping of the meat is coming along. A couple of butchers with more attention on the grounds than they're work are requested to make their chunks smaller, then he's there as the eggs begin to move in earnest, bowing to the queen himself. It never hurts to show respect to a golden dragon. From here, he waits. Glad of his own boots to sheild his feet from the hot sands.

From the Sands, Vanielle smiles. "Eggs, are moving indeed." she says straighting up. "Eggs, are hatching again. "she hums a litttle dity- a cute song.

<Weyr> Kaseth chuckles with indulgent amusement. She is in the best of moods today. « Very true, young one. Very, very true. »

From the Sands, Aladie's eyes flick as another egg moves. All of those, despite having heard the tales, is a new experience for him and he's not going to miss a moment of it. And especially not let himself be distracted by the warm sand beneath his feet. "That…is amazing." he utters quietly, almost to himself. Never in his life did he imagine he'd actually be standing here.

<Weyr> Rauzath cackles at her fervent daughter, and agrees. « Aye. Maybe the little ones'll all be as bright and there as you, Kaseth. » Wide grin comes through the links just fine.

From the Sands, The Pale Blue Starred Egg is taking its time. Time is something it seems to have, though not in abundance. It will wait until the specific time is reached.

From the Sands, Andromeda shifts from foot to foot for a moment, before her upbringing has her remembering to stand still and not fuss over a little thing like hot Sands, the Boll Holder's daughter smoothing an imagined wrinkle from the front of her robe as she sighs a little, trying to keep track of each egg that moves, Andi unwilling to be caught unawares by a hatching dragonet.

From the Sands, The Scattered Spots of Sparkle Egg spins and shatters on its axis, leaving a lanky little bronze to leer at the ladies and swagger on over to a strapping young lad with dark eyes and curly chocolate hair.

Ahnika nudges M'zen back with a wry grin, "It will. It has to." She sounds confident. She's just as tired, looks like, and leans forward with her elbows on her knees and arms crossed loosely as she watches the eggs and the candidates, her attention seeming to divide easily enough. "Any word on Max?" she asks, unable to keep the edge of worry out of her tone. But her attention remains on the sands for the moment.

From the Sands, The heat of the sands is starting to get to Leron and results in an odd side-to-side dance as he tries relieving first one and then the other foot, keeping a weather eye on the wobbling eggs. Passing low comment to the candidate closest to him as he sees Andi doing a similar thing; "Think they call this the Egg Dance? Maybe if they throw rocks into the middle of a Gather everyone could dance around" his words trail off as an egg hatches and pairs up. "Ooooh!" Now -this- is fun!

From the Sands, Neythan wiggles his feet in the hot sands as if he had few worries, having grinned impudently at F'min as he escorts his good friend to the sands. And he murmurs a gentle, "Good luck to you too," to his veiled companion. His eyes shift to the eggs again as they start moving, just like the ones from the other clutch had done. "And there they go! A bronze first, excellent!"

From the Sands, Vanielle smiles. "A bronze!" she calls excitedly. "WEll that'sa first!" she says in a half sleepy tone. "But a good omen."

From the Sands, Alara finds a place to stand in the 'Queen's wing' as one of her mentors ably dubbed the area over by the gold. "They're really rocking. It seems like mine took a little longer to get moving." She smiles, and watches with mild amusement as the candidates hop more than they did on her sands.

The Starsmith swivels his gaze over to the others in the galleries with him, his firelizard humming as loud as he can, but the sound of course is nothing compared to the racket made by the adult dragons. At the expressions on the faces of some of the other riders, Donal casts his gaze away, his own face falling into stony silence.

From the Sands, "Ahh! He's a nice looking bronze," Teallan says with a soft giggle. "But a good omen, yes, for Kaseth's clutch. A bronze hatching first is often considered a very good sign." She glances up, thoughtful. Perhaps making notes for her ballad? Either way, like many, she largely seems sleepy.

From the Sands, No doubt every eye turns toward the lanky bronze. Rocio's does as well, prompted by Neythan's exclamation. His height does have the advantage. "Excellent." Heartbeat picks up, and she reaches to again adjust the white veil that now shields her features, before she'll nudge Neythan slightly with her shoulder. "Let's get where it's a little emptier. Short people cannot see as well, with these people…" Be an excuse not to stand still, either.

<Weyr> Voldrath says, "« It's a bronze Riordanth… »"

From the Sands, Randi smiles over at Alara. "I've been living with them, La. This is a feisty, feisty bunch." She looks up at her dragon with true and deep affection. "Not bad for your first set, eh queenlet?"

From the Sands, Aladie's eyes widen as the first hatchling emerges. A little bronze one at that. A smile creeps across the lads face as he watches the proceedings, remaining silent for the moment. Too much to take in to comment.

From the Sands, Let's dance! Rolling about on its wider bottom end, the Cotton Candy Rock Egg swivels and sways like a clumsy ballerina just breaking in her shoes. It ends up rolled onto its side and towards a clump of candidates before getting stuck in a rut and taking a breather.

<Weyr> Riordanth replies sleepily, « We Riordanths are always the first to arrive. »

From the Sands, Nenienne's usual frown is in place as she watches the eggs, then she almost needs to dodge an egg. That seems to pull her out of some sort of reverie, however, and she begins the sands dance as she waits.

<Weyr> Kaseth sees her first and oldest son strike out on his own and shares her burst of maternal pride with the entire Weyr, again without meaning to. Her emotions are just too big to stay in her tiny little body. « Why do they say a bronze first is a good omen, Rauzath? »

From the Sands, Rousing herself at the cheers about a bronze hatching, Isilna opens her eyes widely and stamps her feet a couple of times, any little motion to keep herself alert and wary for any dragons that might come careening over her way. As before, she seems to be a little bit off to the side, a small space betwixt herself and the nearest other candidate, Nenienne. "Careful there," she says in a soft tone of voice, both warning for herself and the other.

From the Sands, Another tremor passes through the Uncut Beauty Egg. Groundshake!! That's the only reasonable explanation. And even then, it isn't going to break. Never! Oh, no. With another shake, a tiny crack appears.

"Yeah… That's true." He'll believe her, but, maybe because he's so tired. He yawns again, lifting a hand to trail through his hair before shaking his head. "Nothin'. Sorry…" Zen offers a sympathetic smile to the young woman. "He'll be back." The bronze is given a nod. "Nice bronze…" And as if the word is still a shock, he shakes his head. "Feels weird. I feel weird…"

<Weyr> Rauzath snorts. « Because we have a tendency to take our sweet time arriving. » We as in Queens. « And since they are our … counterpart in some ways, that means that the humans think it's 'lucky'. You know. Like that betting thing. » That's the older gold's understanding of it, anyway. « The powers of myths, as well. »

From the Sands, Vanielle Watches the eggs dance and shake and rock and sway, she smiles. TRying to find some of the boys.

From the Sands, F'min smiles to himself as he notices the bronze going first, coughing at something, and looking in the direction of his brown lifemate. He lets the helper near him step forward to lead the pair off the gronds.

From the Sands,
One good thrust pops the shell of the Cotton Candy Rock Egg. The lower half - which is actually the left side when looked at properly - remains intact, but the upper is in pieces. Several of those pieces are stuck to the hide of the Faithful Pixie Dusted Green Hatchling that picks her way daintily from the chaos she'd caused only a moment before.

Faithful Pixie Dusted Green Hatchling

Dainty and delicate, this tiny green hatchling appears to have caught the mischievous glow of the fae in her very bearing. Her hide is a light, leafy green, veined with darker lines of hunter so intricate that they are easily missed. Gold brushes her crest, wingbones and back, a light dusting fine enough to be noticed only in direct sunlight. Her body is long and what baby fat she has is spread so thin that she appears deceivingly frail. Only her wings lack those lean lines

<Weyr> Escaeth yawns. « Why aren't greens considered lucky? » She just had to ask is all.

<Weyr> Twylaeth reaches out slowly with a distant chuckle, like falling rain. « Bronzes are the strength of a fighting wing. I believe it is because a bronze is a sign of a strong clutch."

<Weyr> Riordanth « Greens are lucky for me! »

From the Sands, Neythan allows himself to be nudged out of the spot he had brought Rocio to, nodding once and smiling politely to the shorter candidates the pair leaves to a better view. He's careful not to stray too far from the others, mostly making the grouping a little less like a punched ball of bread dough and more like a happy smile around the eggs. "Oh, look at that lovely green!" he says as another dragon hatches.

From the Sands, A small bead of sweat forms and then trickles slowly down the side of Leron's face which has him lifting a hand to rub at the tickle and puffing out a breath of air, and then laughter comes for the dancing egg. "See? Even it wants to dance!" Brown eyes flickering Andi's way as his mouth twitches into an empathetic line for the clumsy end to the egg's roll and then a broad grin as a the dainty green breaks free. Nope, he's certainly not one of the nervous ones here this night.

From the Sands, Nenienne begins to nod to Isilna when the cotton candy egg breaks. The nod is finished absently as she stares at the newest dragonet. Neni appears to be about to say something, but then she just closes her mouth.

<Weyr> Voldrath snorts.

L'han listens and watches the hatching remarking, "Seems to be quite a good clutch." He smiles when the green breaks shell. His favorite color is quite apparent after all.

From the Sands, As the bronze hatches and impresses, Andi smiles just a little, nodding to herself at the positive omen, before she's straightening up a little more, taking a deep breath. As the egg rolls, and then hatches, however, Andi is subtlely shuffling just a little away from it, just in case, hands settling to discrete fidgeting as she shifts just enough to provide some sort of relief to her soles.

"You'll get used to it," Donal comments in Zen's direction, but he doesn't actually look away from the sands. Or rather, he might be staring at Randi, but he's most definitely not looking at any of the eggs or watching the Impressions, his hands white-knuckled.

<Weyr> Riordanth is a little more alert, for the moment. « All dragons are the strength of the fighting wing, Twylaeth. When we fly Fall I will show you how important blues are. » Despite his usual cheery and bubbly disposition, when he speaks of this there is an uncercurrent of strength to his words.

<Weyr> Twylaeth is distant for a moment, thoughtful. « Yes, but as agile and strong as you and I are, Riordanth, we cannot fly as long and hard as a bronze might. It is why we will never fly a gold. »

From the Sands, Flitting back and forth to escape the remnants of her shell, the Faithful Pixie Dusted Green Hatchling extends her wings and flutters them in the darkness, testing them and drying them all at once. She seems overjoyed to be out of her shell, but the movement of nearby Candidates reminds her that there is a purpose, here. She must start looking.

<Weyr> Rauzath snickers at Riordanth's first comment. And attempts to explain delicately to Escaeth. « Sheer numbers, green. The way Humans think, I think, the rarer something is, the luckier it is. That may be part of it, as well. And Bronzes tend to lead. » She thinks smugly of Yzuruth and Erikath. »

<Weyr> Riordanth replies, « There are many ways to measure strength. »

Ahnika eyes the bronze hatchling curiously, tracking it briefly before the Faithful Pixie Dusted Green captures her attention. She nods, leaning back now, covering another yawn with her mouth. "Aye. Seems to be." The bronze that is. She would normally be watching everyone and everything, but she is just too tired to tear her attention away from the sands themselves, at least visually. Conversationally, mentally, that's a different story. "Yeah," she murmurs, on Max, only enduring any hurt at his departure or the throwback to the abandonment she felt of her parents, because of the strength she draws from her Jhath. "He'll be okay." Pause. "He'll be back." She clasps her hands in front of her, elbows on her thighs now.

From the Sands, Green! That catches Rocio's attention. She'll follow Neythan's regard with long look, studying it, before she observes, "Seems smaller than the ones last time." Low-toned, this, murmured. "Like she was blown glass, compared to the others." The veiled woman checks behind her, then, for dodging space, if need be. Little things can often move very quickly, even if accidentally. Her arm remains looped in Neythan's, casual.

<Weyr> Escaeth chimes to Rauzath and replies, « I see. »

From the Sands, Teallan is beginning to wake up and grins broadly at the little green, tugging gently at Vanielle's robe. "She's so /tiny/," she says with a grin. "Like… oh, like a toy version of a dragon. So pretty."

<Weyr> Jhath rumbles with an approving brush of fire and warmth for Riordanth's words.

<Weyr> Voldrath « A blue cannot fly as long. But a blue can fly faster for short spurts, and a blue can catch things dragons built for endurance cannot. Now, hush and pay attention. »

From the Sands, The Pale Blue Starred Egg has found the time to begin the process, at the least. Small, precise cracks appear on the top of this egg, the slow, steady action presaging something more just around the corner.

From the Sands, Vanielle smiles. "But its that cute green, smallness, that's so appealing. She's deliate, I bet she'll beable to fly and twirl and spin…" she says .

From the Sands, The Fool's Errand Egg cracks open to reveal a deep emerald green. She slinks and slithers around the sands until she finds a ferret-faced young man with pale blonde hair, grey eyes and his nose forever in the air. Some kid whispers that he's from Fort.

From the Sands, Isilna swallows once more as more dragons hatch, some to find their lifemates quickly, others not so much. "It is good that I did not bet on anything," she says to Nenienne. "I would have been wrong about that one." Spying a couple of candidates, arm in arm, heading toward her portion of the sands, she takes a few steps to the side to allow them more space, but still keeping most of her attention on what's important.

From the Sands, Nenienne glances at the emerald dragonet and calls out her neutral congratulations to the Fortian. She quickly returns to watching the first green, though, still too tongue-tied to comment on that dragonet.

From the Sands, As another green joins the sands and quickly pairs off, Andi shifts again, keeping careful watch on the greens, murmuring something to herself, even as she glances at her closest companions, hmming softly as she shifts to take a half step behind them, settling them in the way of any roaming dragonets.

From the Sands, Leron has gone into a trance of some kind, staring off at one of the rocky walls, probably making shapes out of them in his head so he misses the next impression and the one after that until Janshu jabs him hard in the ribs. "Ow, what the…" Oh right, eggs, candidates, the hatching! A little sheepish the grin that forms and his eyes are quickly skipping over hatchlings and gold alike until they settle on that one egg that seems to be having some trouble getting itself going. "Do you think any get stuck sorta half in and half out?" asked of no one in particular.

M'zen blinks and looks to Donal, nodding in thanks. "Hoping so. Thanks." He turns his gaze towards the Sands, staring sleepily. "Mmm." Eyes close briefly, remaining that way for a moment. They open again, "he'll be fine. Great. And back…" Another green Impresses and his hands shift for a light clap.

From the Sands, Vanielle looks to where Leron seems to be indicated. "I don't know. I am tempted to go help.." she says when leron mentions the egg that is stuff. "They probably do, babies can get stuck when being born."

From the Sands, "We certainly hope not, young man." Alara's words are a bit more sharp than she intends, but the recent events make those comments less than appropriate. Leron gets a long look. However, Vanielle's clarification eases her mind. "Oh, yes. Some do take their time to extract themselves." She's happiness and cheer again.

From the Sands,
Giving one last wobble, the Uncut Beauty Egg does not so much 'hatch' as 'explode'. Shards of this egg's shell fly high up in the air, falling like crackdust. What remains is a large blue dragonet. Happily Hyper Desert Blue Hatchling shakes his wings off, stopping a few times to examine his wings, to sniff at a small piece of egg shard, and to look back at the collection of eggs. It takes him several tries to remember which direction he was going in the first place.

Happily Hyper Desert Blue Hatchling

The edges of this dragonet are dark, nearly black, accentuating the swirls of cornflower across his Persian blue hide. His muzzle bears a shadowy coloration, the navy hints seeming to form the shape of a thin goatee around his maw. A matching splash of color sits right between his eyes while his headknobs are tinged in black, giving a spritely, friendly appearance. The tell-tale swirls seem to ebb and flow across his abdomen and down his back, hinting at smoke and hidden secrets. His wings are slightly darker than the rest of his body, the pigment darkening as the wings unfurl, combining at the tips reminiscent of dark, starlit nights.

From the Sands, F'min grins at another pairing, and the rider that steps forward to greet them and lead them to their first meal. Even in the lighter dress clothes that he ordered for the southern climate, he's starting to sweat in the heat rising from the stands. Shifting to one foot, he pulls his heel towards him, slowly making a furrow in the sand.

From the Sands, "It has happened before," Isilna observes to Leron and Vanielle. "A previous Ruatha Lord Holder accidentally Impressed," but then she falls quiet when Alara speaks, noting the other's tone. Instead, she focuses on the new blue. "I suspect that one will be trouble…" Just something about him…

Ahnika nods a bit, and then turns her attention from the Sands to Donal as M'zen looks over at him and responds. Not recognizing him and as she wasn't the one who was addressed, she simply smiles politely and then looks back onto the Sands, her eyes spying out the Happily Hyper Desert Blue and its arrival. She lightly adjusts the woven bracelet at her wrist as M'zen speaks on Max, nodding in silent agreement. Then a heartbeat later she murmurs, "And she'll be fine, too." Though who she could be referring to is anyone's guess. Apparently including M'zen's. Although, Ahnika's gaze settles on Andi briefly when she says that before moving on in her review of the Sands and its various occupants, dragon and human alike.

<Weyr> Voldrath groans again. « Another Riordanth, I can tell. »

From the Sands, Teallan looks briefly to Leron, eyes widening. She shakes her head a bit at him and Vanielle. "If it needs help, the leaders can get it. Not us." She jumps a bit as the blue hatches, egg exploding. "Faranth," she breaths, but smiles broadly. "He's beautiful."

From the Sands,
After flitting between all her possible choices, the Faithful Pixie Dusted Green Hatchling pauses in a pose just too ponderous to be truly thoughtful - what a brilliant little actress she is! - and then does a rolling sort of leap. Being less-than-graceful, even though her hide is now dry, she lands with a spray of sand right in front of a tall girl with pale blonde hair and pale blue eyes.

From the Sands, Leron's grin slides at Alara's words, but only a little and then morphs into a sheepish one. Young man. That's him. Ahem. Vanielle's words earn her amusement but he certainly isn't making any move forward to help. Nope, staying right here doing the Egg Dance, thank-you-very-much. Isilna's comment draws a lift of brows and then he's back to watching the next green do her thing.

From the Sands, The Happily Hyper Desert Blue Hatchling looks up slowly, tilts his head and gazes around. Ooooh, people! He starts to head toward them, and then trips on a rock. He looks down at the rock, and kicks at it with a forepaw, unbalancing himself severely. However, he manages to flap his wings a little bit to catch himself. This propels him forward just enough that he catches sight of the poeple again. Oooh. Something else catches his attention.

<Weyr> Riordanth « Hush and pay attention. »

From the Sands, Neythan nods eagerly as he watches the hatchlings, shifting his feet in the sands, but not showing much discomfort yet. Either he's foolish enough to go barefoot in the forge, or getting into the klah right before the hatching has got to his brain. "They're all fine," he reassures Rocio, actually laughing merrily at the color of the newly-hatched blue. "A rogue, definitely. I can almost pity whoever Impresses him…"

From the Sands, The sounds coming from the Uncut Diamond egg draw Neni's attention, and she ohs at the newest blue. When she turns back to the green she sees her at another young woman's feet and Neni deflates a bit.

From the Sands, Vanielle nods in agreement. "No I remember hearing that story.." she says softly. "I remember hearing it, time and again. But its a good thing I think that being allowed to help, is fine." she watches the green choose someone., and then marvels at the color of the beautiful blue. "Awww."

<Weyr> Voldrath « Enjoy it while you can. »

<Weyr> Riordanth does.

From the Sands, Andi was so so certain that she would be safe, with that wall of candidates between her and the dragonets, so certain that she'd go through the hatching just like she did the first one, and walk off the Sands and back to her old life. And then, out of nowhere, there's a little green, and Andi's blinking, mouth dropping ajar in a completely unladylike fashion, staring down at the little green, slowly reaching out one hand and then the other to her. "H-Hadath?" She whispers softly, fingers beginning to curl around her chin, even as her other hand goes to her stomach. "Of.. Of course.." She whispers, blinking across the sands, trying to focus, looking for some sort of direction.

From the Sands, The Hyper Desert Blue's trip has Leron wincing. He knows what that's like and then he's snickering quietly as the little hatchling finds something else to capture his interest. "He's funny," he states with approval to someone close by and then his attention is captured by Andi's words and he fairly beams for the girl, "Way to go, Andi!"

From the Sands, Teallan gleams for Andi as the girl Impresses, smiling broadly. "It's a good fit," she decides, taking the moment to glance to the stands. Ah, her parents did not make this one. She doesn't seem unhappy about it though, looking forward once more to track the blue. Best to play it safe with that one.

From the Sands, Nenienne ooohs as she finally sees who the lucky girl is. "Congratulations, Andi!" she calls out, far more joyously than she has at the other impressions. Although she still can't quite smile.

From the Sands, Happily Hyper Desert Blue Hatchling has found something else to try. He has a voice, right? He gives a random bugle, just to try it out. It's enough to startle a young girl nearby to tears. Oh, no. That's not good. Cue a droop. The little blue moves along the row, determined to find something now.

From the Sands, The Ancient Resin Egg cracks down the middle to reveal a violet=tinged blue with an oddly long neck. He stumbles about, trying to get his land legs, and when he finally does manage his balance, sidles up to rub an itchy spot on Belira's robes. "Oh here, Sauth, let me get that for you." She scratches his head just behind the 'knobs. "What? Food? Oh yeah, I think they've got that here somewhere…"

From the Sands, "He's gorgeous." Rocio murmurs, admiring the contrast of bright blues with deepest shadow. "Looks like a painting." Her regard tracks the progress of the blue, such that she misses the impression of the delicate green. "Not quite a Harper blue. Too many shades, all confluent and then dispersed. Which egg did he come out of?" The throb of motion and activity, the collectively racing hearts, the distraction of newly-emerged dragons have distracted the glowtender, as she looks over to see which eggs have hatched, and which have not.

From the Sands, That direction will come from F'min, smiling as it is finally his turn, he makes his way to the new weyrling and her dragonet. "Congratulations, Andi," he says quietly. "I imagine little Hadath is hungry. If y'two would like t'come this way, we have meat waitin'for her." He stands a little sideways, giving the young green an admiring and respectful nod.

From the Sands, Isilna lets out a breath she wasn't aware she was holding when Andi Impresses the green, and she too looks over her shoulder to the galleries, throwing a wide smile and nod to a certain bronze weyrling because it's very likely Andi is far too busy to do so herself. And then she comes back to spy another blue hatching and impressing to a girl. "This Weyr likes to break all the traditions, doesn't it?" she asks with a wondering voice. She's still not used to the idea of women riding blues.

From the Sands, Vanielle Turns to Islina. "Yes. This Weyr does break… she says softly to the LAdy holder. "Dragons choice." she reaffirms.

From the Sands, A little nod, and a hand rest gently on Hadath's shoulder, ducking her chin slightly at the congratulations. "Thank you, sir.." She offers softly, still rather dazed as she follows with Hadath on her side, not even the briefest of glances tossed towards the galleries, unwilling to risk catching a glance of her family.

From the Sands,
With more force than is strictly necessary, the Hunter's Diamond Egg shatters open, leaving large shards of green shell around. A lithe, lean white-gold dragonet charges out of the field of shells, and runs barreling toward the candidates. The Watchful Shieldmaiden Gold Hatchling is free.

Watchful Shieldmaiden Gold Hatchling

The pale white-gold of a winter sunrise, this tiny gold hatchling is all long limbs and lean body. Her face is small and dished, reminiscent of a prized equine foal. An arched neck swoops down into bony withers and haunches

From the Sands, The pale white-gold of a winter sunrise, this tiny gold hatchling is all long limbs and lean body. Her face is small and dished, reminiscent of a prized equine foal. An arched neck swoops down into bony withers and haunches; promises of future power. Wings that are just this side of too big for her frame spread out with sails of warm dove grey, though the edges are brushed with a hunter green tarnish. That same hue winds its way around legs, neck and tail; a shadow along her lines of motion. Her talons are the only truly dark to be seen on her, stained an inky green-ish grey.

From the Sands, That loud bugle has Leron sticking a finger in his ear and shaking his head slightly, "Woah. Not much of a singer is he?" Like singing is something dragons would do. Right. The tearful girl however is given a brief look of amusement. With one eye on the stalking blue and the other to the gold that comes barreling their way, he only now starts to look a little hesitant about all this and takes a step backward not prepared to become a dragon's first meal.

"I hope so." Zen murmurs, staring at the 'Sands. There's a tired blink and then that green is approaching Andi. There's a pause, breath is drawn in and held. Then, suddenly he's awake with a loud woop! Cheering at the top of his lungs for Andi before settling down returning to silence, watching carefully. There's no more noise after that.

From the Sands, Neythan sticks a pinky in his ear and jiggles it when the blue lets out that random noise. "On-key next time, please," he implores. Then he balances oddly to lift one of his feet of the sands with a grimace. "I think I missed which egg he came out of," he answers Rocio's question. "Did any of you see?" he asks around them. "And ohhhhh," he aspirates as another gold hatches. "That is well done, Randi!" he calls over to the junior Weyrwoman.

Ahnika's grin broadens as with each passing second it looks like the little green is heading for Andi, and when it becomes a certainty, the redhead can't help herself but move to throw an arm around M'zen in brief half-hug of quiet congratulations of his own kind, if allowed. She says nothing though, letting the gesture speak for itself. Then her attention returns to the Sands, tracking that Blue again, smiling with genuine fond amusement before the hatching of the gold captures her - as well as likely many other's - gaze.

From the Sands, Nenienne notices the gold and automatically looks toward the woman standing next to her, then smiles apologetically. To cover for the faux pas she turns her full attention once again to the gorgeous blue.

From the Sands,
Happily Hyper Blue Desert Hatchling stops to stare at a small piece of shiny shell. What was he doing? Oh, yes. Food. He pauses in front of a girl interested in her shoes. No, those aren't right. She isn't his diamond in the rough. Oh. There he is. The burly blue looks up at the tanned, dirty, black-brown haired lad, gazing directly into his eyes.

From the Sands, Vanielle Watches another gold hatches. "Shells and shards." she says noticing the little golds colors."

From the Sands, "My," Teallan breathes when the gold hatches, eyes widening. "She is /nothing/ like the other, is she?" She inches in closer to Vanielle, perhaps for support, or perhaps she's just tired. Maybe it's the fact that instead of putting on a show, /this/ gold decided to make her way straight for the candidates.

Donal startles from his gawping at Randi when Zen yells, and his firelizard squawks loudly. Donal shrugs his shoulders and calms the firelizard back to hatching noise level. "Congratulations," he says to the weyrling, however, although his dark eyes are already back on Kaseth's rider, and when the queen hatches, a knowing smile and proud expression appears on his lean face.

From the Sands, "Impressing the dragonets with your earwaxAh, back, backback." Rocio murmurs to Neythan. Then motion draws her attention and she flicks a wary glance toward the pale-cast queen. Instant, automatic comparison between the dam and the the offspring, before she's pressing Neythan's arm with slight pressure, some tension, in the event that they will need to move quickly. Charging dragonets, together with sleep-deprived just-awoken Candidates promises to be a potential mess. "I touched that egg." Remotely mentioned, this.

From the Sands, Vanielle reaches out quietly to support Teallan happiy. "She's nothing likeh er, she's amazing beautiful… exotic." she struggles for the words it seems. "That's one for the records." she took a few steps foreward, not much but a few slow robes amazed at the beautiful little queen.

From the Sands, The Tarnished Silver Nugget and the Depths of Blue Lapis eggs hatch almost at the exact same time, leaving a big, burly cranky brown and a seductive wildcat green on the sands, still wet from birth and both prowling among the others. Within moments, the 'bear' has snagged a snot-nosed ginger kid from Ruatha and the 'wildcat' has picked up a dark-haired woman from Igen, almost too old to be Standing here.

From the Sands, Watchful Shieldmaiden Gold Hatchling has barely noticed the candidates. She is too busy attempting to get off the ground. She turns, and runs parallel to the row of candidates, leaving enough room for the others to do their business. They have nothing she needs, yet. She zips, flapping her wings incessantly. Why won't this work? Her deft movements and quick form avoid the other hatching dragonets quite easily.

From the Sands, F'min grins down at the new pair, and makes sure that they are able to find their own pile of meat portioned out for them among the weyrlings already impressed. "Don'let her eat too quickly," he advises. "An' don'give her more'n's in your pile. Y'don'want her gettin'tummy sick right out of th'egg." His hand reaches out to give Andi a friendly clap on the shoulder. "I'm sure y'll do just fine."

From the Sands, Isilna can't help the gasp that erupts out of her upon the hatching of Kaseth's gold daughter. She closes her blue eyes for a moment, but only for a moment, because there are stray hatchlings on the sands, even if one of then seems to have picked a young man, the blue. When she realizes that her hair's gotten out of its tie, she quickly reaches back to correct it before it becomes a problem. And she scuttles back quickly and rather in an undignified fashion when one of the dragons gets too close. "Reminds me of one of the images Master Aljenon showed me at Landing. I could not quite credit it, but here she is, emulating it…" Wonder is in her tone of voice, something that rarely happens for her.

From the Sands, With the blue near a boy, and the two newest hatchlings quickly impressed, Neni turns her bemused attention to the gold. Unlike with the green she seems to have found her voice, and she asks Isilna "What is she doing?"

From the Sands,
From the cracks atop the Pale Blue Starred Egg, a cut-out of shell in roughly the shape of one of the egg's own facets pushes up, revealing the blue dragonet within. As he pushes harder, the Charles in Charge Blue Hatchling completely emerges, examining his wings once, twice, flapping them and attempting to take off right there. However, it merely has the effect of drying off the blue's wings.

Charles in Charge Blue Hatchling

Sleek - even in his youthful roundness - this blue hatchling is the height of his class. Stained an impressive royal blue, but crossed with both starlight and shadow, his hide invokes a belief in his strength, his speed and his nobility. Only at his crest and tail-tip does the color bleed out, leaving just the barest wisps of cloud at his polar ends. His wings are large, but cut to precision - the absolute image of a midnight's flight perfection. Across the 'sails, darker greys roll in like a storm just threatening along the horizon. His talons are a dull gun-metal grey. This is a beast of the air - one that can blaze a path into history and beyond.

From the Sands, Alara eyes the gold running back and forth. "You touch that one too much, there, Iardani?" She prods gently at her friend. "Looks like she somehow inherited your energy. Though the sire's got a bit himself." Maybe that's where it came from. Yzuruth's a bit … energetic.

From the Sands, Neythan moves back quickly, light on his feet as Rocio directs them back, but not too far away. "Which egg?" he asks of her as he tries to keep his eyes on everything at once and failing miserably, but at least he catches the Impressions of that boy from Ruatha and the Igenite. "That one's absolutely breathaking," he says of the new blue that hatched.

From the Sands, And now there's a gold zipping up and down in front of them too? Yeah, getting a little tricky in here people. Or so the dart of eyes Alara and Randi's way might be interpreted coming from Leron. Good humor is still there, if not a little uncertain now about how much fun this all is.

From the Sands, Randi doesn't rise to Alara's bait, she's too busy staring out at the organized chaos of the sands. These are her children out here as much as they're Kaseth's. It's bittersweet to watch them - beautiful and whole - running toward others. How did her grandmother do this for so long?

From the Sands, Teallan watches the gold with something akin to worry now and she takes a slight step back. A tentative congratulations is called towards Aladie and that blue, just in time to catch sight of another blue hatching. "Many blues this time," she says softly to Vanielle, before looking to the pale gold once more. "What… is she doing?"

From the Sands, Vanielle watches the gold. "She's um trying to get her wings… I think?" she tilts herhead to the side, keeping an eye on the little queen, but looking at the other hatchlings too but always keeping her eye on the little queen. "I think she's.. trying to fly… or maybe trying to dry off?" she tilts her head back.

From the Sands, Watchful Shieldmaiden Gold Dragon stops quickly, gazes around, finally realizing she has an audience. It does not faze her in the least. She lifts her head in the air, and tries. Just one more time. Surely, if she puts enough energy into the run, she'll be able to achieve her goal.

From the Sands, "I… O-Okay.." Andi stammers awkwardly to F'min, trying to keep his directions in mind, the young woman wincing at the clap on the shoulder, shying away from him even as she's trying to feed Hadath, one little piece at a time, hesitant in her motions.

From the Sands, "Um. Green one." Rocio manages, as the gold continues her crazed dash toward… The door? But the new blue, 'breathtaking', also gets a quick look, then a longer second look, from Rocio. She says nothing, but does glance sidelong at her companion. And hopes, for him, though she'll lose her private bet with herself. That indulgence taken, Rocio settles in again next to Neythan, a step or two back from the line of the waiting Candidates, and out of the runway of the gold. "I wonder… If they missed someone in the Search. She's trying to leave." Murmured in soft alto, this speculation.

From the Sands, Isilna bites her lip. "Please be careful…" she whispers, all the while holding herself tense as she watches the young gold dragon prepare for another attempt. "But if you can do it… do it." Her hands ball into little fists, and for once, she's not paying much attention to the other hatchlings, other than to make sure none are in her immediate vicinity. Worry seems to be plastered all over her face.

From the Sands, When takeoff doesn't work, the sky colored Charles in Charge Blue Hatchling collects himself and surveys his current options. When he finally does walk, it's with a very understated, gentlemanly swagger. His head has an artfully casual tilt, and every inch of him screams 'cool'.

From the Sands, Vanielle smiles. "Come on, little lady!" she says cheering for the gold enthusiastically. "Shine. Your time, do it now!" she says practically cheering in a soft breath. She exhales slowly.

From the Sands, Now that there's another hatchling on the sands, Neni gives him her full attention. "I hope she doesn't get hurt, but look at the colors on that blue. I hope he goes to someone really special."

From the Sands, Teallan bites softly into her lip as well, brow furrowing. She grabs at Vanielle's robe again. "Couldn't she hurt herself?" But ah, another has tried to fly and it's the blue. She catches sight of him and laughs softly, grinning a little. "A strut on one so small is… adorable, so adorable." She can't get past how /cute/ they are, in their own, gooey way.

From the Sands, Neythan smiles winningly toward Rocio and pats her hand on his arm. "He truly is a handsome one," he allows as shifts his stance to allow the other foot to cool down and the first one to take up its burden again. "He will," he adds, looking past Rocio for a moment to address Nenienne. "He has to," he concludes simply.

From the Sands, Vanielle nods. "She could, but I think her mother would try to stop her… at least to keep her from doing irrepriable harm. I think she's just trying to…." she reaches Teallan's hand. "She'll be ok. I know she will. She's strong, and beautiful… and very bright."

From the Sands,
Tiring of her dashing here and there, the Watchful Shieldmaiden Gold Hatchling finally decides to stop and find someone to feed her. She'd walk alone if she could, but since it appears one of these must help, she'll find the one who will run with her best. With a skid-stop, she finds herself directly in front of the veiled candidate. With consideration and hesitation, making sure of her choice, the Watchful Shieldmaiden Gold Hatchling looks up at the battle-scarred woman and claims her for her own.

From the Sands, Amidst all the excitement of the hatching, Aladie is standing around with a look of amusement on his face. Especially at the bugling blue who startles one of the girls. It's really hard for him to contain the laugh that wants to come forth, but he manages. "Looks like he's on the hunt for something." And then, the dragon stops in front of him. Just as he's about to greet the lil' guy, he gets a strange look on his face. You know, the look you get when trying to sort out the voices in your head. Except this time it's only one voice. And a very interesting sensation at that and almost instinctively he replies in spoken voice. "You know, I ask myself that same question every day, Jinith. Why am I here." Strange it is, yes, to be carrying on a conversation with a dragon. "And yes, hungry is a funny word. Sometimes you have to wonder how they came up with it exactly. But you're probably hungry. Let's go get you some food and then you can tell me why you call me K'din. Deal?" The little blue bugles happily and begins to follow his newfound friend in search of FOOD!

From the Sands, And when the pale gold finally realizes whom she was destined for, Neythan pulls Rocio's hand to his lips, kisses it gently, and slips away from her, leaving her to her destiny.

<Weyr> Escaeth stirs as soon as the veiled girl impressed the new queen, and after a moment, her attentions focus on Voldrath like a spotlight. « I'm Right. You're Wrong. That is why I sing this song. That's Right. You Fool. Now you have to sit and drool. » The green blows a raspberry at the brown as she settles back down again, her pride at searching the new goldrider apparent.

From the Sands, "Hey, F'min, there's more weyrlings need your help," on of the others reminds him, as he heads over to help the newly attached blue Jinith. The burly rider pauses behind K'din. "Because you are a rider now, lad. That's how riders are called. Come on, let's get you over with the others and set up with your own meal."
For his part, F'min nods once, and tells Andi to call him if they need anything, or have Hadath bespeak Voldrath."

<Weyr> Kaseth sends a burst of warning light and pressure and wind down her links. « That is not acceptable behavior, Escaeth. Apologize. »

<Weyr> Rauzath tightens on the links, like yanking on reins. « Decorum, young one, or I'll let Kaseth get closer. » She peers closely at Escaeth. « Arguments aside, your attitude right now is completely unnecessary. »

<Weyr> Voldrath « I have no idea what you're so smug about. I never said she couldn't be a rider. I only said she was a possible a danger to mine. » He is, completely unperturbed by Escaeth.

<Weyr> Riordanth quietly sides with Escaeth.

<Weyr> Kaseth eyes Riordanth with mild scorn. « Whether she is right or not is not the point here, Riordanth. The point is that the method and venue were entirely inappropriate. »

<Weyr> Riordanth thinks they were appropriate when speaking to Voldrath. But he says nothing, and quietly withdraws.

<Weyr> Jhath offers in a throaty alto that speaks brightly of a torch in the darkening twilight, alert to arms, « Danger? »

<Weyr> Escaeth nods to the queens. « My apologies, Kaseth, Rauzath. I just don't like to be questioned on my choices for a candidate. »

From the Sands, Vanielle watches that the little gold chooses someone. "Well." she says softly. She realized she'd been saking horribly. "Ohh…" she says slowly. She takes a few moments to steady herself looking at Teallan. "Well that's exciting." She rubbed her hands together. "Are you shaking Tea?" she asks softly looking down at her hands. She seems a little sadded that beautiful gold had not chosen here, but that was ok. "Beautiful indeed."

From the Sands, Confident in his success, even as his golden sister chooses her partner, the Charles in Charge Blue Hatchling moves across a gaggle of lads to see if his co-pilot's hiding in there somewhere. No, that's not right. Snorting with a gentleman's annoyance, he turns from the males who've failed him to have a look at a few others nearby.

From the Sands, The Captured Fire Egg is broken in half to let a lion-like brown leap from the wreckage. Tossing his golden-honey head, he charges forth through the assembled until he finds just exactly who he wanted. Ladon, now L'don, slings his arm around shoulder still sticky with egg goo. "Of course, Narsaleth, we'll find you enough to fill your belly. And then we can go dry you off and warm up. It is cold at night."

From the Sands, Isilna nods to herself once more as another dragon Impresses, smiling to Aladie's being chosen, and then the glowtender rising to the highest of ranks. "Well done," she says gently, her gaze falling back on the remaining hatchlings. Now that there isn't the need to get out of the way of the baby queen trying to pretend to be an Ancient shuttle, she resumes her usual spot near Nenienne, smiling wanly toward Neythan at his parting from Rocio.

From the Sands, Leron is impressed. Well no, not like that. The strutting blue's 'cool' swagger draws his easygoing grin back into place, brows tippling up in amusement. "That one's got style!" he remarks. Oh look, someone found their voice again. The undecided gold however, that has him giving her a careful look and then a small wash of relief as she seems to find her lifemate. Yay, not gonna be dragon food here! A warm smile even for the latest goldrider, "Congratulations…" nope he can't seem to fathom a name for the veiled woman just now. Aladie, or should we say K'din draws his smile even wider offering congratulations his way too and then he's gaze is off to shell shards and his attention wanders away again. Oh dear.

From the Sands, Neythan's gesture, however noble, is completely… Unnoticed. Rocio has been mentally poleaxed there on the sands and she stares…For a long, long moment, as the gold reins up in front of her, and there's the hook of mind-meeting-mind. Neythan may notice a tremor, hard, just before he releases Rocio. Rocio becomes, somewhere in the after-moment, Rio, and Rio remains still. Then, finally, a slight nod of her head. Under the veil, lips move. No sound comes. Another try has a rough-burred version of her usual alto, cracking slightly, "Are you sure?" Then, "Can you hear me…When I think?" A hesitation. "Eat. Of course. Of course." There's a struggle with the name, the foreign-sounding syllables somehow branded into her consciousness, "Eovarijath." And a moment's more pragmatic consideration, "If you can shorten my name… Seems fair play that I can shorten yours." That will be done, perhaps, after some consideration. And…Well, Vanielle…For the survey, Rio is shaking. Very badly. This will become evident in the pale hand that comes forth to touch the diluted-gold of Eovarijath.

From the Sands, Teallan blinks a few times at Vanielle, then to her own hands. "Not shaking, no." this gold did not hold the same fascination for her as the first did. That one had been a child of the stage, much like herself. She watches Rocio for a moment, "I suppose I should have expected that," she says in a distant voice, "or not. I mean, few of us really knew her, the schedule she kept." Gaze returns to the eggs and she adopts a smile, shoulders back as she straightens. "Remember, we were Searched for a reason. Obviously there is something to us the dragons like. We just have to be patient." She smiles to Vanielle. "We're young."

From the Sands,
Eschewing any ruder lady, or more crass gentleman, the Charles in Charge Blue Hatchling sketches a draconic bow to the dark-haired, fair skinned, blue-eyed lady that has the class to fly by his side, and looks up at her with a knowing gaze.

From the Sands, Nenienne snaps her head up as she hears her friend's voice, then sees the gold in front of Rocio. "Congratulations!" she cries out, then sends a less enthusiastic but still well-meant congratulations toward Aladie and Ladon. When she looks back, it seems the gorgeous blue has found his match.

From the Sands, Alara blinks. "That is unexpected." She is surprised, and she watches the Impessions occur. "However, it is not unpleasant." When the Weyrwoman is surprised, she falls back into the old habits of big words and long sentences. "Well." She turns to Randi. "This shall make for a very interesting Weyr, I believe."

From the Sands, "It's a good thing she trained up a couple of replacements," Neythan says to Teallan's remarks. There's a wistful look on his face, not as openly worried as Andi had been once Zen had Impressed, but he can't but be happy for his dearest friend in the Weyr. "Otherwise there'd be a lot of stubbed toes soon."

Having settled back down after her half-hug congratulations to Zen on Andi's Impressing, Ahnika seems to be waking up a bit, though still yawns infrequently. The blue who chose Aladie gets an intrigued look, but the gold now, as she chooses Rocio, that draws Ahnika's eyebrows up in mild surprise, but delight at the same time. "Oh. Oh, I'm so glad. She deserves this. So much." Commented to anyone within hearing range, though since she is seated next to the bronze-Impressed weyrling and they had been talking earlier, it's reasonable to assume it was meant for him.

From the Sands, Returning to the sands to take the next dragonet for feeding, F'min is brought up a little short as the gold makes for Rocio. His steps slow as he waits for this meeting to take place, correctly guessing that the woman wasn't going to be as quickly and easily convinced as others. When he hears the mention of fair play, he can't help but grin a little. Taking a deep breath, he steps forward. "Congratulations, Eovarijath. An elegant name for an elegant young lady." He turns to Rocio, then, his blue eyes clear, not seeming to convey any particular emotion at this time. "Rio," he says softly, "the food is this way." As before, he half turns to respectfully show the way, and help open a path among the crowd of young dragons and dazed weyrlings for the young queen and her new rider.

From the Sands, Vanielle smiles. "I know. But I was just shaking wildly." she tells Teallan. "It just means we're shaking all that much harder. "Two new golds though, that's just…" she smiles. "So much…" she smiles at Teallan. "But its great to see it happen."

From the Sands, And at that, Randi looks out over the sands to see not a single egg left to hatch. The pieces are in place and the task is complete. With a nod to Alara, she stands straight and clears her throat, ready to summon the Candidates left on the sands when suddenly the ground moves. Leaping backwards, Randi just stares at the sand she'd been standing on and, yes, it is, in fact, moving.

From the Sands,
And suddenly, despite everyone thinking the whole parade is done, a little grey-ish blue crawls out from where his egg had been buried in the sand. A piece of his shell is still stuck to the top of his head like a hat and the A Cunning Plan's Blue Hatchling peers about him in utter confusion.

A Cunning Plan's Blue Hatchling

All harsh angles and long, skinny limbs, this little blue hatchling doesn't look like much. His hide, though smooth and supple, is tinted a sickly smoky blue. Wicked talons seem too big to be curving from his stick-like legs, and are a clean slate color. Browns that range from muddy to sandy swirl around his legs and underbelly, then crest along his ridges and headknobs. His wingsails alone are a pure clean blue

From the Sands, Teallan claps hand to mouth, once again, as an egg surfaces without having been expected to. She giggles, unable to help it and nearly curling in upon herself with the amusement. Perhaps she caught Randi's expression and it added to it. "Oh my," she says, amused. "An egg even the weyrwoman did not know." Eyes dance, gleeful. "So many blues. They're all so pretty, aren't they? Blue is such a good color." She's a Harper. She must like blue. It's required.

From the Sands, Isilna's nose twitches, even as she reaches up to rub it. But then she realizes that it's not a ladylike behavior, and her hand drops to her side as she looks down into the whirling eyes of … "Orteith," she murmurs, sinking to her knees to be on his level, one hand reaching across to caress the handsome blue's eyeridges just so. The same place that her firelizard likes. Mellon comes streaking across the sands, instructions be damned, and carols happily for his owner's good fortune. "I have a place now," Isilna says wondering as she rises to her feet and brushes her knees off. "Finally. Come, you two. We have work that needs doing."

M'zen is stirred suddenly by Ahni's words. No, he was not sleeping. Well, yes… He was. "Hmm?" The Impressions are eyed and then he nods his agreement. "She does. Glad. Very glad…" A yawn follows, a wide one and he uses his hand to cover. "Where'd that other blue come from?"

Donal leans forward, standing up sharply as Randi seems bothered for just a moment, his firelizard squawking once more at the disruption, but then Tarrie goes back to humming smugly as if he knew there was an egg there the whole time.

From the Sands, Nenienne looks over at Isilna and says softly, "Not that you didn't have a place, but you do now — and with a most excellant companion." Then she squares her shoulders and awaits Randi's speech, when suddenly the blue comes out of nowhere. She manages a smile-less laugh at the blue's antics and she watches him with interest.

From the Sands, Attention floated away from the shards of shells, Leron's attention settles onto Isilna a smile forming as she greets the gentlemanly blue and as such he entirely misses the blue emerging from beneath the sands. "What do you think they do with the shells after?" this to Janshu at his side who is staring wide eyed at the notion of a woman on blue, "I reckon if it was me, I'd want a piece of the shell, wouldn't you?" Its only then as he turns to put an impish look onto the other candidate that he startles at the Cunning Plan hatchling that's made it's appearance, "Where did that come from?" Duh.

From the Sands, Once contact is made, Rio is unwilling to release it. Her fingers savor the sensation of her new life's companion, and she will lose herself in that for a moment, before the little gold's hunger, and F'min's prompting finally evokes a reaction. "Sir? Yes. Of course. She's hungry. She's very hungry. Her name," Rio murmurs, having lost the point that F'min had already said her new lifemate's name, "Is Eovarijath. Eovarijath. It's so much longer than the other dragons' names. Is that normal?" But she's all attention, all consideration of those delicate wings and long tail, dished head." Then, with a slight smile, she'll add, "And the glow-business? I quit."

From the Sands, Alara looks a little worried about this last one. "Is he okay, Randi?" She steps a little bit closer, now that all the others have Impressed. "He worries me."

Another arching of her eyebrows at seeing a blue choosing Isilna and she murmurs, "Very interesting, that match." But not with any condesending tone. Her own Impression still too fresh in her mind to challenge the choices made by the dragonets. They Know. With a capital K. "Oh!" Ahnika starts a little as the new blue is revealed, and her gaze darts briefly to Donal as he stands up suddenly, and then back to the Sands and nods, "Good question," then she chuckles softly, "Sneaky lil bugger," but said with much fondness.

From the Sands, A bit confused, now that the world is lighter and less gritty, A Cunning Plan's Blue Hatchling blinks several times at the other critters around him and gets his bearings before lowering his head to the sand and following some sort of 'scent trail'.

From the Sands, Vanielle watches as a blue emerges from the sands. "Aww look at him, making a little grand entrance." she says cheerfully.

From the Sands, Randi laughs, once she realizes it's a dragon and not a sinkhole. "Ah, he's alright, La. Look, he's already following something. What's to worry about?"

From the Sands,
It doesn't take this little guy long to figure out where it is he needs to go. Racing towards a mischievous youth with brown eyes and curly brown hair, he trips at the last and stumbles to the sand at the boy's feet.

From the Sands, F'min chuckles. "Well, yes. Y'kind o'have t'quit. Although the weyr might be a bit dimmer. As for Eovarijath?" he looks at the gold as they walk. "Not always. I've heard longer, though. You wouln'believe some o'th'Istan's names." Sure, he's making it up. He grins, then steps quickly to block the headlong run of an assistant butcher who's not paying attention from plowing into the two. The woman blushes, gapes at the golden dragonet and the veiled on attached to her, standing stock still as the three walk by. "Welcome t'y'r new life, Rio," he tells the woman, fetching the two of them up to a pile of meat that's just been sliced. "Don't feed her t'fast, or t'much. Don'let her sweet talk y'."

From the Sands, Isilna and her Orteith follow in the wake of the other new weyrlings, the former Lady Holder's face radiant with the smile that should have been on her face on her wedding day, but if anyone asked her right then, she'd say she got the better end of the deal. But she manages to take the time to smile gracefully to Nenienne and Teallan and the others as she passes them, avoiding the divot that the surprise last hatchling makes in the sand as she presents herself to F'min. For once, there is no blush on her face. "I would like to feed Orteith, if I may?" she asks, her voice calm. No doubts, no questions as to what she should be doing any longer. And her firelizard swoops around them, chittering the whole while so much that it's a wonder he can manage to take a breath.

From the Sands, Leron can't help the snicker that rises and the bump of elbow to Janshu's side, "Reminds me of Scrappy," the weyr mutt he's been seen hanging about with, "Bet that's his name, Scrappeth." Yeah right. He doesn't seem too perturbed by the little fellow's form or coloring as the others seem to be, simply intrigued by its apparent tracking skills. And then. And then the poor little guy's tripping and falling right at his feet. As such Leron ends up blinking downward several times and then bursts out laughing, "Turnips? Not sure you're supposed to be eating those." Then it sinks in. Brown eyes flare wide and he glances about him. Ummmm. Okay. In a quiet, though verbal aside to the little blue, "You did just talk to me, right?" Because maybe he truly is out of his tree as some have suggested.

From the Sands, Teallan glances over her shoulder to those that have Impressed, then back to the empty Sands. Ahh, it's all over. A second time. She blinks a few times, letting it process. Her shoulders lose a bit of their height, wavering before they drop slightly. A slight step back then, ready to flee. She needs some time to sort this all out.

From the Sands, Nenienne watches as the hatchling doesn't even come near her, then lets out a long breath and rubs her eyes. Suddenly she seems to notice the enervating effect of the sands' heat coupled with the lateness of the hour, and she sags a bit in her place. She revives long enough to send a "congratulations" Leron's way.

"Must've been hidden." Zen decides simply, taking a deep breath and then slowly pushing to his feet. "I'm going to sleep." Horribly… Disconnected. But he's tired! And out he goes, to join his lifemate.

From the Sands, Vanielle smiles. She turns to Teallan. "I almost want to go dig in the sand and see if there any burried in there." she says softly. "You know with shovels and stuff." she tells the harper. She exhales and offers quiet general congradulations. And turns to take a long look at the sands and then a long look at the stands.

Grinning at the blue choosing Leron as he does, Ahni distractedly notices M'zen getting up and stands up to follow, "It's going to be noisy in the barracks for a bit, Zen, candidates moving out, weyrlings moving in. Might want to stop by the kitchens for some warm milk first," the redhead suggests, "Or I could bring a second mug back with me for you, if you like." Because Ahni is always helpful like that. Or tries to be.

From the Sands, Rocio sidesteps, to allow the self-possessed Isilna and her gorgeous blue into the meat-line. A nod to the other woman. Rio looks over at F'min again, with another nod, almost automatic. "Yes. Well. Well. I'll adjust." Then the correction, with a guilty look at the dragon, "We'll adjust. Thank you, F'min." Rocio, used to handling much worse substances than raw meat, begins to select choice pieces, and offer them to Eovarijath. Each slowly, and with care to ensure that the last piece was downed, completely, before giving another.

From the Sands, Now that the surprises have been sorted out - and she crosses her fingers that it's true - Randi steps forward to call the attention of the Candidates left over. "The dragons pick the rider. I've been on your end of it and nothing I'm going to say to you is going to make it sting any less, but it is important to remember that dragons have already seen something in you. You're all welcome to stay on as Candidates for the next clutch to lay, or you may request rides back to your homes. The choice is yours. I've set up temporary beds for those remaining in the Lower Caverns with the residents, but the dorms should be finished and declared safe to live in, soon. Any questions should come to Alara or myself."

<Weyr> Twylaeth breathes soft mists across the new minds. « Welcome, young ones. »

From the Sands, F'min turns as another voice is directed to him, and he notes Isilna. Briefly he looks about for her helper, and sees no one. "Of course, Isilna. I'm sorry, I didn't catch your dragon's name while I was helping Rio," giving the veiled weyrling one last nod, he shepherds the pair to another pile of meat. It's not such a big pile, but perhaps blues don't need as much, even at hatching. "Did y'hear th'instructions I gave Rio on feedin'?"

From the Sands, Teallan looks to Randi and Alara, thinking on the words. "I…" she says, words almost catching in her throat, but she lifts her chin to continue. "I would like to remain, to fill Uveline's shoes until Harper sends a replacement for her."

M'zen blinks at Ahnika then grunting. "Thanks." That's likely a yes. A wave is given and he retreats to the barracks. He's likely to be completely passed out even with the noise of the new arrivals.

From the Sands, Alara nods, and smiles over at Teallan. "For certain, Harper." She wonders how well the woman will do teaching the little ones, but stretching is a good thing.

From the Sands, Vanielle smiles. "I'd like to reamin as well." she says speaking up.

<Weyr> Rauzath cheers, and the sounds echo through, resonating with the cheers of those listening to the best Harper tunes. « Indeed. Welcome to the world, and to the Weyr. » She snickers a bit. « We'll try not to corrupt you lot too badly. »

<Weyr> Escaeth stretches out with a welcoming breeze. « Safe growing, little ones, and when the time comes, clear skies. You'll all do wonderful. »

From the Sands, Nenienne says, "I'll be resuming my position, unless the Hall sees fit to reassign me."

From the Sands, Neythan gathers with the others left on the sands a second time. "I have a lake to get ready," he says to Randi and Alara with a slight grin. "At least now I don't have to dig the rest of it out," he adds impudently.

From the Sands, Teallan looks to her robe and shivers a bit, nodding to Alara as she turns. "I think it best to get our things," said to Vanielle, "before the barracks grow too crowded."

<Weyr> Jhath speaks in a rumble that offers a warm hearth, porcine on a spit, and rich red wine of fruit and spice. A victory celebtration. « Welcome to the banner, my brothers and sisters! We are strong and we shall be victorious! »

Ahnika gives the sands one last look, an amused turn up of her lips before she moves out, presumably for the kitchens.

From the Sands, "His name is Orteith," Isilna offers graciously to F'min, thanking Rocio gravely for her courtesy. When she has a moment, she reaches into the bucket of meat and helps her wonderful blue eat his first meal. And even without her prompting him, he doesn't make a mess of things, making sure that he doesn't get any bloody gobbets on his chosen rider's white candidate robe

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