From One Green To Another


Escaeth Jhath

Date: 9/16/10
Location: Dragonspeak
Synopsis: Apparently, a rumor got out to Escaeth about the altercation between Voldrath and Jhath and their lifemates, and Escaeth pokes her nose in it and talks with Jhath over the young green's choice of reaction.
Rating: PG
Logger: Ahnika

Dragon> To Jhath, Escaeth taps the young dragonet's mind with interest. « Hey, what's this I hear about you getting into something with the big grump? »

Dragon> To Escaeth, Jhath rouses slowly from her after-dinner doze, but is warm and content initially, her mind's hearth-fire slightly brighter than mere embers, and the incense drifts in narrow tendrils of heady scent, « Good afternoon, Battle Sister. » There is a slowly calculating addition of herbs to the censer, adding that sweet sacred fragrance more to the chamber while a small animal roasts over the spit, « I suspect you may be referring to the injustice heaped upon me and mine from Voldrath and then the weyrlingmaster yesterday? Aye. An unfortunate judgment made by the brown. More's the pity. » She doesn't seem all that broken up about it, however. She's had some time to cool off.

Dragon> To Jhath, Escaeth chimes as she listens to the dragonet, breezes and musical notes echoing through her mind and she replies to the young green. « I have no doubt that tempers flared and words were heatily exchanged. And I won't comment as to who was right for two reasons… One, I wasn't there. And Two because even if Voldrath and the Weyrlingmaster were wrong, both you and yours speaking out was -not- the correct thing to do. The appropriate thing to do, girl, would have been to approach another weyrlingmaster to voice both yours and your bonded's concerns. This isen't a competition. There are no sides. Voldrath may be a big grump, but if he's still alive and around, it means that he learned enough to fly against Thread and live and if he can pass that on, it's worth learning. Even if you may not agree with their methods. »

Dragon> To Escaeth, Jhath listens to the green with an apparent open-mind, the incense flowing a little more as she begins to good and truly stir awake. To add more weight to the fact that Jhath is actually listening attentively, and considering Escaeth's words, an answer is slow in coming. When it does, the scent of bittersweet wine, rich and glorious, accompanies all the other sounds and smells, « Aye, it may not have been the correct response to the injustice, I will allow. However, as you say you were not there, so I ask that you do not jump to the conclusion that me and mine's grievance was over whether or not Voldrath and his were competent at fighting Thread or how to demonstrate the tossing of firestone. It was, in fact, over the injustice of another matter entirely. » Whatever matter it is, Jhath doesn't say, « If he has survived against Thread this long, then he is wise in handling Thread and I've no qualm with that, but he and his do not seem wise in handling students or those they wish to lead if they do not even attempt to understand them. The first part to leadership is learning about and earning the respect of those you wish to lead, especially if some may not return from that battle. »

Dragon> To Jhath, Escaeth nods, giving an approving chime at the green's attitude towards the matter, « Indeed. But the matter of leadership is his concern, not yours. Yours is to be a student learning to become a soldier against Thread. I don't doubt that you'll be a great flyer against Thread one day, but until then, listen, learn, ask questions, and above all show respect for those teaching you, even if they do not show it themselves. You'll earn the respect of those around you and even of those whom are watching you all to determine whom might be a good leader in coming Turns. Mine -could- be a Wingsecond or Wingleader if he did all that, but he is quite happy as a Wingrider. Or Watchrider as it would now happen to be. » The green pauses a moment to think in her own head. « Oh yes… what I was getting at is that you're being watched and your conduct, even towards a disrespectful dragonpair, will determine how others view you in this Weyr. Now I won't tell you and yours that you should apologize to Voldrath and his and if it's not sincere then I would not want you to do so anyways. But I think it is something that you and yours should think about. Angry words often are to the ill of the one who spoke them… mine own rider can attest to that. »

Dragon> To Escaeth, Jhath 's presence of incense and warmth fades, either seeming bored with this conversation already or just distracted with something going on with Ahnika, and merely says in a calm, dignified tone, « With respect, my Battle Sister, I do not know what you have 'heard' but it is obvious with your response that you are not fully aware of the circumstances of the situation, and you have said so yourself, and so I must ask that you do not pass judgment on matters until you have the entire story. Since you seem unwilling to find out the full circumstances, I must take that as a lack of any real interest in the justice and mitigating factors and suspect you simply wish the opportunity to lecture me out of turn, to which, I have little time or patience with. I have stated our reaction may not have been the wisest and me and mine are in full ready to assume whatever penance is issued, but beyond that, if you choose to continue to lecture on matters with which you have no full knowledge of and have no care or interest in learning it, then I must respectfully withdraw and attend to me and mine's own matters here. Good day to you. » And then she is gone.

Dragon> To Jhath, Escaeth chimes before the dragonet leaves. « I am not lecturing, Jhath. If you desire to give me the whole story, I will hear it when you have time to tell it. » She lets the green go then, not keeping her if she has something else to do.

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