Full Disclosure


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Date: 2010.11.03
Location: Randi's Weyr
Synopsis: Max goes to Randi and brings her up to speed with all that’s been going on and his part in it. It…goes as well as can be expected.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Max

Evening at the Weyr is a busy but relaxed time. With most people either eating dinner or going to and from it, the Bowl is left mostly empty. The wide, shallow ledge where young Kaseth can often be found resting is bare and void of any occupant. Inside the weyr, however, she is curled up on her couch, her head tilted so that she can see both the entrance to the cave and the woman lying in a pile of pillows and furs; braced against her queen's warm side. Randi is dressed in a pair of loose black cotton slacks that - even with the draw-string tied as tightly as it can be - seem to just barely cling to her hips. A black camisole hugs her upper body tightly and a soft pink sweater with the neck hanging off one shoulder adds a little warmth to the ensemble. There are dark circles under her eyes and a thin wooden board braced on her lap. With her knees tucked up, it makes a convenient lap-desk for the hides she's currently reading.

Max had at this point, at least had a chance to bathe and change since arriving back at the Weyr, although there is little that can be done about the weary air worn by the beast manager. Save maybe for a good night’s sleep. Which considering his bootfalls on the empty ledge of a particular goldrider this night, is not likely to be any time soon. He is not however, about to just walk into the weyr of a queen that may or may not be in a good mood. He likes his butt intact, thank you very much. As such, coming to a halt at the entrance and giving Kaseth the long eye, he raises his voice enough to carry within, “Randi?”

It takes a moment, but Kaseth lifts her - in proportion to Max - massive head and gives him the long eye. One slow blink of all three lids (an eerie effect) and she rumbles a low greeting. "Come on in, Max." Randi's voice is weary, but has enough volume to push some worry aside. Kaseth turns and lowers her head back to whuffle affectionately at her rider before settling it on her forelimbs. "Pull up a seat." She nods to the one chair opposite her and offers a soft smile. "I hear you've been on a trip."

“Evenin’ darlin’,” this to Kaseth in return greeting as he sidesteps around the big gold and further into the weyr proper. A note of concern adding to an expression already showing signs of leaning toward grave when he takes Randi in. Silently the chair indicated is taken up, with him perching leaned forward on its edge rather than sinking into its embrace. A corner of Max’s mouth curls up into wry line, “T’nor’s boy, eh?” as to how she knew he’d been out of Weyr. Taking a breath and exhaling softy he nods slowly, “Aye. Headed up Telgar way.” Which she likely already knew too. That concern pushes through a little further into his expression when asks quietly, “How you been, Randi?” Whatever else he’s here to apprise her of, or burden her with, depending on how you view it, can wait until he’s satisfied she’s not about to collapse on him.

Randi snorts once, her eyes crinkling up at the edges with a smile she just manages to subdue. "He's so bad at keeping things from me." Although a candied redfruit might or might not have changed hands at some point in the process. "Said it was something awful important, but he couldn't say for sure what it was." She leans back further against her gold, the air whooshing out of her lungs in a quiet sigh. "Been better. Been worse. Doing hidework, mostly." And avoiding Landing like the plague. That, too. "Sat in to oversee some recalcitrant weyrlings scrub the upper galleries clean with buckets, foaming sweetsand and brushes. That was mildly entertaining."

Max's smile is small and slower to come, "Woulda told you first but wasn't sure what I was walking into up there. S'what I came here about." Frowning a little and then a short smile fits into place at talk of her having overseen weyrlings carrying out punishment, "Some days you're the shit, other days the shovel." His odd turn of phrase on the ups and downs of life. Tipping his head to one side in gently querying gesture, "And hidework has you this…finished?"

There's a light flush that rises to color sallow cheeks, but it's only a pale imitation of the usual pink that heralds Randi's embarrassment. She turns her face so that she's looking towards her hidework, but her deep brown eyes stare at something far, far away. "Don't sleep well," she mutters, shuffling the hides to give herself something to do. After a moment, she lifts her head and tilts it to one side, determined to change the subject. "So, fill me in, Max."

Brows flicker back toward one another in a frown with Max putting a long and intent study onto the goldrider. Something was clearly wrong and one can be sure he plans to find out just exactly what. He’ll let the matter slide for the time being, giving a low stated, “Sleep ain’t the friend she is to some.” Fully understanding where she’s coming from in that regard being as how he grapples with similar failure to lure sleep into his embrace. And then she’s asking to be filled in and the beast manager goes quiet, finding a point on the floor to stare at for a moment before dark eyes lift, “You ain’t gonna like it, darlin’.” Of that he seems quite sure. Exhaling a long breath he slowly pulls another and with little emotion in his expression he begins by explaining what it is that he and his mother do outside of their normal duties to the Weyr and how it is they’ve come to have the people loyal to them that they do. A quick flicker of eyes over to Randi and then his attention drops to that point on the floor once again as he continues, what he says next carrying a heavy note to it as he tells of the trip up to Telgar, the reason for having gone in the first place, the meeting with Kelarad, the debt he’d owed and the ploys he’d implemented in order to regulate the attentions of the northern renegade crime lords on Southern, all of which now has led to him being seen as the new renegade crime lord of the southern continent. Tone barely above audible, dark eyes lift and fit onto the goldrider from out of a troubled expression, “I didn’t know what else to do, Randi. There’s turf wars about to blow up, up north and if I hadn’t made the play to try and secure Southern as my own, we would’ve been caught up in the middle of a shit storm and Faranth knows where that would have left us. What happened before the hatching…was bad enough.” Lips twist around a grim line, “I got lucky in fooling Kelarad into believing I was already running things down here. Formed an alliance with him, so we got Tillek at our backs on the ground.” And then, at a loss of what else too say, hands that had been clasped together come apart and then mesh together again in a helpless gesture, “Figured you should know.” Quietly he then awaits what he probably believes to be the explosive butt kicking of the century and possibly even being turfed out of the Weyr on his ass. But it was a risk he believed worth taking at the time.

For a long while, Randi is silent. When finally she looks up, there's more weariness in her eyes, the skin around them slightly greyer. "You should have told me." She sets the wooden board and the hides down at her side and rubs her hands up her arms. "Isn't that what I did for you? Give you a second chance at a new life? And you lied to me." She sighs and runs both hands back through her hair. "As for this other… I would have done the same thing, but you're the better face. Your family isn't as notable as mine." She smiles wryly and lays a hand on her dragon's nose. "And Kaseth here rather stands out." The smile melts into a frown and she looks thoughtful for a long moment. "But I'd still rather you presented a more … impressive front than just you alone and I really need your mother here." She lifts one hand to her mouth and chews on a knuckle. "Do you have an … 'entourage' to bring with you?" Obviously she's either taking a very good guess or she knows more about the tendencies of the 'underlords' than she's letting on.

Dark eyes shadow further for her opening statement and questions, Max's jaw setting a little, "I ain't never lied to you, Randi. We simply omitted to tell you about those with us, for their own safety. Ain't no one followed any of ours here." Jaya on the other hand is a different matter, except that she's only recently become a member under their protection and was brought to the Weyr by Randi herself. He's quiet for many a long moment, taking in her response to the rest not hiding the internal struggle as he himself still tries to wrap his head around where he suddenly seems to have found himself. With a press of lips the beast manager rises and moves away a pace or two, back turned to the goldrider and hands set to hips. Eventually in low tone, "Most of 'em came in with us. Rad's gonna be sending someone down," shoulders shift in a shrug, "Might be able to use him. Need to get in on the fight circuits down Landing way too. Control those, you got a good chance of controlling the other shit." Now he slowly turns, arms folding across his chest, "Ain't nothing more'n a face for them up north to see at peace gathers. This…" a sweep of eyes encompassing the weyr but intending the Weyr as a whole, "is yours. The decisions and way forward, are yours. I need to know where you stand on this, Randi. How much you want to know. How much…leeway I got here. What people you can give me to work with." Easily conceding to her authority on all matters. The beast manager takes the last few steps forward and hunkers down before the weyrwoman, his eyes searching her weary countenance, "I don't know what you got going on in that mind of yours, but I'm here to help if you'll let me. I ain't trying to make things worse, darlin'."

Randi barks out a short, bitter laugh. "Just because I can't sleep doesn't mean I can't listen - or reason." She levels a hard stare at Max and her voice goes deadly serious. "I don't know why you didn't bring me in before or why you decided to bring me in now, but since I am in, there's full disclosure. You tell me everything, Max, or I'll take matters into my own hands." She sighs and scrubs her palms over her face. "I'll decide what Alara needs to know. For our politics, I'd prefer she be left out of it." For as much as is possible. Kaseth croons quietly and Randi reaches up to rub at her eye ridge. "If it's Landing you're after, you'd best talk to their Captain of the Guard. From what I hear, she's got a fairly tight rein on the place. She's also pretty traditional-minded, or so the Apprentices say, but she does her job and seems to know pretty much anything that goes on there."

At the bark of laughter, Max's eyes narrow lightly, "You've been a pretty hard person to pin down of late," expression drawing pointed and voice turned down low. "And considering Indira got turfed outta the Reaches for having 'dangerously progressive' thoughts," the air quotes audible in his tone, "Can you blame us for keeping it on the down low? We made a promise to those we've helped. We have to think of them too. Everyone here has a past. We're a sharding Weyr of misfits but we make it work because we all want the same thing! A second chance and I can guarantee you there's not a person here that wouldn't fight to their dying breath to protect the Weyr and her sweep areas." She wants the truth? She's going to start getting it in ways she likely never expected to hear, such as the following, a roughly self-derisive snort spills out, "You want the truth?" a brow going up high, almost challenging in it's nature, "How about this one. I got kid down at Tillek Hold. Mother's Garnalla," the goldrider likely familiar with the name and possibly even the cold-hearted and cruel nature of the woman, "and I can't get to her," his daughter, "until I've got Kelarad's boot off my fucking neck!" Anger, irritation and not a small amount of the frustrations of a father thwarted openly at play on his expression, "So yes, I got a personal stake in all this." And then he goes quiet, expression turning guarded too late to avoid having briefly displayed some amount of pain there. "Captain of the Guard," repeating that information in a tight voice, "Need someone at Southern Weyr too." Obviously willing to submit to his weyrwoman's contacts and orders in the matter.

"And both Alara and I are here because of our dangerously progressive views. So are most of the riders and residents here. So don't you dare pull the trust card on me. We're all in the same boat, here." But once Randi's done snapping that out at Max, she leans back against her queen, exhausted by more than this single encounter. "I didn't know about your daughter, though I do know her mother. I'm sorry." She shrugs, then. "Southern Weyr's tricky, but talk to Thayet. Talk is, she's from that Hold before she came here, so she might know one better than I would."

Max’s jaw works tightly as he bites back the sharp retort that had sprung to his lips, “Aye, time we hoisted the mainsail let ‘em all know Eastern Weyr is a force to be reckoned with.” Using Randi’s analogy of everyone being in the same boat. Dark eyes narrow once again, this time for the exhaustion coming off of the goldrider and then a sigh spills out, “You going to tell me what’s going on or are you the only one afforded full disclosure, hmm?” while those might be considered ‘fighting’ words, they’re delivered in a tone laced with concern. “I ain’t leaving here ‘til you start talking, darlin’.” As to his daughter there comes a twitch of shoulders as if dismissing a matter he’d rather not speak of at this time. “Thayet’s the Captain of Landing’s guard, aye?” ensuring he has it all straight in his head.

"You lost the right to edited disclosure when you involved my Weyr in something illicit and just as likely to get us all in trouble as not." Randi's quick to snap back, her hackles raised despite his 'concern'. "My private life is still mine to disclose as much or as little as I choose." She folds her arms over her chest and raises her own brow as if to see if he can challenge her logic. Kaseth's only outward sign of concern is an added slip of red to the slowly whirling colors in her eyes. Aside from that, she seems as relaxed as when Max came in.

Randi says, "Yes." She turns her head to sneeze once. "Thayet is Landing's Captain of the Guard."

The snapping return to his concern has Max taken a step back, his expression closing into a guarded line hiding however those words might have affected other than to utter grimly, “Nice one, darlin’.” Yeah, she hit a nerve and as such he withdraws just that little further back into himself. Shaking his head a little the beast manager takes another step back, “Fine, have it your way.” And he turns to leave not in either the mood or the frame of mind to enter into an all out verbal throw down with the woman. “You know where to find me when you decide it’s getting lonely on that island of yours.” Says he, the one just recently accused of occupying such an island. And unless she stops him, he’ll leave the way he came, giving simply a nod in farewell to Kaseth.

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