Portrayed By Kate Emerick
Position Pre-Teen
Former title(s) Child, toddler, infant
Sex Female
Age 12
Place of Birth Healer Hall
Family Father: journeyman Healer Weldon; Mother: Healer journeyman Deline
Faction N/A

Character History

Gaelene was born about ten turns ago to two Journeyman Healers who had not been posted yet. She was born 9 months after the wedding, but that didn't stop some people from speculating as to when she was conceived. While most of the speculation was just normal gossip, among some of the more traditional Healers at the Hall, it was just another slap in the face to traditional values. Both of her parents are outspoken progressives, which might explain their sudden and recent posting to Landing.

Gael was a problem child, up at all hours with colic — when she wasn't sick some other way. Her immune system didn't seem to start functioning until she was six turns or so old. As that coincided with the beginning of her Harper lessons, it was good timing. Gael did very well with reading and not-so-well with numbers. She even fell behind her peers in the latter for awhile, but she caught up at about nine turns of age.

Gaelene is a friendly child, and she got along well with her peers at Healer Hall, not to mention children from Harper Hall and Fort Hold. She has been homesick since moving to Landing, but she is coming around, especially given her fascination with computers. Of course she isn't allowed near them nearly as often as she'd like due to her age, but she's an eager enough learner that some of the Technicians have allowed her to use the terminals (under strict supervision). She also likes playing Healer, though, so speculation is about 50/50 that she'll apprentice to the Healer Hall or the Technician's Hall when she is of age.

Gaelene was almost set to announce her apprenticeship upon reaching the age of twelve, but two events have caused her to postpone it. The first was a visit by the Weyr's Headwoman to Landing. She brought along Hope, a toddler, and the two became fast friends. Indira invited Gaelene to visit the Weyr as a playmate for Hope, and Gael, who always wanted a little brother or sister, is tempted. She knows, however, that as an apprentice she wouldn't have much time to do so.

The other event is more recent. After a violent storm, the old dolphin bell was exposed, and once it was rung the shipfish returned, chatting up a storm. Gaelene is now very seriously considering the Seacraft, so that she might spend more time with the dolphins, especially one named "Dare" with whom she became fast friends.


  • Dare: The male dolphin seems to have taken a liking to Gael, and she is fond of him as well.
  • F'min: Gaelene really likes this brownrider, both for his dubbing her as pick-up-sticks champion, and also because he's challenged her to a match.
  • Hope (NPC): Gael adores the little tyke, and even taught Hope to skip. She would like to start having regular playdates with the little girl.
  • Indira: Gaelene likes the woman, whom she presumes to be Hope's mother.
  • Isilna: Gael thinks she's really nice, but wondered why she was so sad. After the incident with the wedding and the subsequent hatching, Gaelene was happy to hear that Isilna found her lifemate at Eastern.
  • Jhorn (NPC): Gael really likes him, especially since he's not above playing with Landing's children. Except when it comes to skipping rope, but then again, he's a boy.
  • Kaskan: Another person she likes, even if he doesn't play with her.
  • Nuri: Gael was happy to introduce the apprentice Printer to the doll-fins, and looks forward to doing so for longer next time.
  • Rhyviel: A little suspicious about her wanting to access the terminals, but happy to discuss Healer things with her.
  • Rocio: Gaelene is awed by the weyrwoman, from the small amount of contact she's had with her.

Memorable Quotes:

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Trivia and Notes:

Her parents are open as possible PCs — both are Journeyman Healers who make no secret of their progressive leanings.

Gaelene's Logs


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