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%r%tWith Pernese society on the verge of total collapse, the newest of its Weyrs, it seems, cannot catch a break. With the Senior gone - abandoning her responsibilities in the light of personal tragedy - and the Weyrleader washing his hands of the more … illicit activities taken on by his weyrfolk in order to survive, the responsibility of many lives has been laid on shoulders much too young. Led now by a team of junior Weyrwomen, the Headwoman and - of all things - the Weyr's Beast Manager, Eastern is trying desperately to find its footing in a world gone mad.%r%r%tWith the leadership once again 'up in the air' - if the pun can be pardoned - the Weyr balances on the edge of a knife, and that's just part of the story. Twelve full-grown pairs are being sent from their various home Weyrs to serve at Eastern. Rumor is - considering that they're all a bit on the shady side - that it's a punishment. But a punishment for whom, exactly?%r%r%t[ansi(ch,Divided Skies MUSH)] is a plot-driven, mature Pern MUSH that is looking for fresh faces to come join in the fun. With a thriving criminal underground element, a wiki-page full of insta-riders up for grabs, Search coming up around the corner and the whiff of dolphins on the horizon, there's never been a better time to come and join in the fun! Crafters, Holders, Weyrfolk; champions and ne'erdowells; leaders and cronies - all are wanted and welcome. For more information, check out our wiki page at or come out and see us for yourself at [ansi(yh, port 1313.)]

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