General Lessons

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Participants: Jaya, Maura
IC Date: Turn 3, Month 10, Day 5
Location: Lakeshore
Synopsis: Jaya gives Maura her first lesson on knives.
Rating: If above PG-13, please note here.
Posted by: Maura (But stolen from Jaya's LJ!)

It's late. Like, really late. So late that Jaya's Bar is closing, which is why Maura is now arriving! With messages properly relayed via dragon-link, the girl quietly slipped down to the bowl and through the caverns and hallways. And finally, past Shijan so that she can slide onto a barstool and wait for Jaya to be finished with whatever job it is she's attending to now that the patrons are all drifting out and tables are emptied. Her first act, of course, is to remove knife and sheath from her belt so that she can place it on the table for the other woman's inspection. It looks old, and used. But, it's actually very well made and with a well balanced and proper blade. They'd agreed to meet after hours, so she's assuming the bouncer isn't going to come over and throw her over his shoulder to dump out in the hall for what she's just done, either.

It’s indeed late, and Jaya had a pretty busy night. With her bodyguard mysteriously gone, and still no replacement at hand, the rowdiness in the bar has been going up in notches. Suli was intimidating enough, but not like the way Shijan was by the door. It was left up to Jaya to knock heads together, toss the rowdy and the drunk out on their backsides, and fend off the few men that dared to pinch her ass. All in a night’s work. With the bar closing, she’s busy at cleaning up the bar area when Maura makes her appearance. She wipes the sweat from her brow and looks about, frowning, before she finds the unsheathed knife there on the counter. It makes her pause, looking the weapon up and down before affording its wielder the same. “Unless that’s something you’re looking to barter over to me,” she drawls by way of greeting, reaching forward to pick up the knife and examine it further. “Looks sturdy. Strong. Could probably nick a neck or two. Where did you get it?”

"Busy night, huh?" Maura wonders, giving Jaya a nod when she approaches. "Need help? Don't think there's anything a rider's not willing to clean once they've survived weyrlinghood." she quips, her lips curled up into a mischievous smile. "Nope, not looking to barter. It's the one I got to train with. Well, and hopefully be able to keep for a time after. Looks like it should last a long while, because it's already been through the muck and back." It definitely won't win a design award. Which is part of why it was exactly what she wanted when presented with the few options that were available. "Friend of Ch'rii's." is answered, with a firm nod. "I assume it'll do, right?"

“Never fails,” is Jaya’s answer to the first as she finishes wiping down the counter. “As for help, will need more than a dragonrider to replace a guard. I won’t be responsible in tying any of you up from your duties to Weyr and beyond.” Straightening up and passing Maura and look and a nod, “But thanks for the offer. So this is the knife you want to train with? I suppose it’s better than any. Don’t hold me accountable if you get yourself nicked and it gets infected, though.” Some trainer! She slaps the washcloth down on the counter and hands the knife back to Maura before she moves from behind the counter. Nodding towards the entrance, “Come on. I have some time, and depending on how bad you are, you may need all the time you can get tonite.”

"Me, a guard?" Maura all but squeaks, shaking her head. "No, no… I meant help cleaning up!" she clarifies, trying to stifle a snort of laughter. "A stiff wind could probably blow me over." She then eyes the knife and looks back up at Jaya, then the knife… then Jaya. "I did make sure to disinfect it." is offered, though she tilts the blade back and forth a bit suspiciously. "I seem to have a decent aim." This said, as they head for the entrance. "You can just ask my sister." No, not even a few weeks and D'lan's sullen comments can quite wipe the proud little smirk off her face. "And I did a bit of archery - in case I ever needed to hunt for food for Rikath."

Grinning, “Suli and Hayli suffice for cleaning crew,” Jaya tells her, then turning to inspect the knife she holds as she leads them towards the bowl. “You disinfected a knife?” she echoes that one, a brow lifting almost comically before giving into husky-like laughter. “That’s something new. Folks I hang around with usually would call a dirty knife choice. As for your, we shall see. I have a post set up that I like to use as target practice on the shore. You threw a knife at your sister?” Yeah, she caught that. The last from Maura gets a noise of uncertainty, leading around one hallway and out into the starry night as she states, “May help in aiming. I thought dragons could fend for themselves.” Jaya doesn’t know much about the beasts, other than little tidbits like that she hears in her bar.

"I… yeah, I disinfected the knife." Maura looks at least vaguely embarrassed for a moment there, stuffing her hands into her pockets in a sheepish sort of gesture when Jaya begins laughing. "Well, while I'm learning I don't want to cut -myself- with a dirty knife." is mumbled, prior to giving a nod about the Lakeshore. At least she knows where they'll be heading. And her footfalls gain confidence while they move. "No, not a knife. I threw my first at her face though. So maybe it doesn't actually count. But I hit her right where I wanted?" is ventured, helpfully. "They teach us how to hunt anyway, in case the dragon is ever injured and we have to hunt for them. And when they're still young sometimes the kill gets messy… better to aim an arrow in the right spot and put the poor food animal out of its misery then let it suffer." An act of mercy, per se. Rikath, of course, will be waiting for the pair at the Lakeshore. because he can't resist the opportunity to laugh at his rider.

Jaya manages to keep her face from breaking into laughter, choosing to say, “You won’t cut yourself if you have a good aim.” Beat. “So why did you throw a fist at her?” she asks on the sister, the two heading outside in the direction of the lake shore. “Was it something she said?” She nods in silence on the explanation involving hunting food for dragons, “Here we are,” and she steps faster to slap a hand on the large wooden post sticking out of the lake shore ground. She hits it a few times to show Maura how sturdy it was, then slips free one of her own hidden knives and states, “Alright, shuga. Now, the key of this is to get one of these,” and she holds up her knife, “to land, sharp end first, into this,” and she slaps the wooden post again before stepping away from it. “Want to see a demonstration?”

Maura means well. Truly she does. She is just really no good yet at this whole 'badass' thing. She can /pretend/, but why do that when she's in the process of trying to learn? So, she blushes even more. And then tries to reply to the question about her sister without sounding too stiff and brittle. "She tried to kiss Rii. Right in front of me. And if you're going to try and tell me, too, that it's ridiculous to be jealous over something like that… just don't." she asks, battling against a frown and a sigh until they come upon the wooden post and the lakeshore. Rikath, wisely, is staking a position behind where the woman will stand so he doesn't wind up as part of target practice. "How many knives do you carry? Approximately." is the bluerider's first question, which she follows up with a nod. "Yes, a demonstration. To see how you stand and aim. And how hard you throw it. Please." On the bright side, she's taking this all quite seriously.

Maura, blushing, sets an amused smirk on Jaya as she observes and remarks, “Now you blush like one of those girls I used to work with up in Nabol turns past. They usually did it after having their ass pinched. As for your sister kissing your man, well, been there, done that. Beddie kissed whomever she liked and there was no point in me slappin’ the whore outta her when it was just her nature. ‘Sides, won’t tell you that it’s ridiculous or anything. I’m the jealous type myself.” She eyes the dragon then, not having had much to do with the beasts up close despite the turns she’s spent at Eastern, and so she’s regarding the beast steadily for a moment while Maura asks after her knives. Absently answered to that, “A proper girl needs at least five. Two small ones to hide between the breasts and the inside of a thigh. It’s what I’ve been taught.” As for the demonstration, she turns from the dragon and faces the wooden post with her feet apart in a stance and her throwing knife held up. “Y’gotta feel it in the arm along in the aim,” she explains, getting back to the task at hand. “You get both those all keyed up and…” and like that, she lets the knife loose and it hits on target paces away. Walking up to retrieve it, “The further the target, the higher the risk it may miss, from my experience,” she explains, returning to where Maura and Rikath is and nods to them. “You’re better off trying it for yourself than me telling you, though. Give it a try.”

'I suspect I would blush if someone pinched my ass too." Maura admits, a bit of a smile playing at her lips. "And then, depending on who'd done it, I might deck them." There's a briefly pained look on the girl's face for the idea that maybe Miene is just kind of a whore instead of a mean spirited bitch right now. But, with a sigh, the bluerider nods. "Well, I'm glad I'm not the /only/ one thatr gets a bit, ah… jealous." Rikath snorts, of course, clearly trying to convey -something- to his lifemate. "Oh, hush Rikath. Jaya… obviously, that is Rikath. The cynical, smartass, grudge-holding, troublemaking, slightly overproective blue dragon I've told you about." A granite hued muzzle swings over towards the bar owner, to watch her throw the knife with as much intensity as Maura does. His greeting is something of a grunt instead of the normal croon most of them tend to give. But even after seeing how to throw, well… "Ok, but… what, do they make special bindings for that or something?" She is clearly talking about the cleavage knives, since she is looking down at her own chest with a frown there. Ahem. Oh wait, time to throw? Ok! "Feel it in the arm, along in the aim." she echoes, giving just the movement a few tries before she goes through the whole motion and releases the knife. Which, hey! Doesn't wind up in the post. But it DID graze it!

“Depending?” Jaya picks up on that, amusement coloring her rich tone. Then Maura introduces her to the blue, and the Dicori bar owner steps up to Rikath with cocky boldness to get a closer look at the dragon. After a moment of studied silence, “Smartass, huh?” she finally echoes, continuing to be amused. “Trouble-making? A shame the beast can’t talk to a non-rider. I’d be interested in testing those theories.” She turns then, going back to business as she answers on the knives, “Special bindings….yeah, I suppose you can call them that. It’s really just a small band that rests underneathe your tits, shuga. Can make one of your own. Don’t need big ones to conceal one, either,” she notes, having noticed Maura’s look down at her own breasts. “Seen a girl with a chest like a holdbred boy hide one as smooth as day and her victim was none the wiser.” A wink is given to that and then she turns to watch the bluerider throw the knife, a brow furrowing briefly as she watches closely. “Not too bad,” she gives after a pause, stepping forward to go retrieve it. “You came close. Watch where you aim. Narrow your focus…..” She runs off, claims the knife, then returns to hand it back over to Maura, hilt facing her before stating, “Again.”

"Sure, depending." Maura just smiles, not bothering to add any more to that. Any of the renegades might get away with it, though with an elbow to the gut perhaps. Everyone else? Decked. "Oh he is, at that." The bluerider's eyes narrow slightly at Rikath, a vaguely indignant expression appearing. "The beasts can, however, talk to -each other-. And he's quite happy to share with Zekoith. You tell Zekoith to tell Ch'rii he'll pay for that when I get back!" she notes, much to the chuffing hilarity of her lifemate. "Hey, did you hear that? Pass that on too - I could be as flat as board and still hide one." Yeah, so there. She hasn't even tried to make this 'band' yet, and she's already sounding smug. Only because she's being teased though. Jaya, at least, is favored with a grateful smile. And then the girl's expression becomes serious as she takes in the advice, and then re-takes the knife in hand. One try after another she aims and throws the knife - until she consistently embeds the weapon into the wooden training dummy. "Well, that's progress at least." Pleased with herself, even if that's all she manages for the days lesson, she lifts one hand to rub at her shoulder and make sure it doesn't become stiff.

As Jaya studies the dragon while Maura answers, the word that falls from full lips in amusement is a wry, “Fascinating.” She steps back and watches as the bluerider tries her hand again and again, staying mostly quiet, but only offering tweaks and advice where needed. The fact that Maura was staying consistent seems to have Jaya approving by the nodding of her head and the fact that she does stay, for the most part, quiet. Once the last knife is thrown, “Progress,” she agrees, stepping up to admire some of the made nicks in the wooden post. “Your aim can be better, but that goes with practice. This post will be here everyday, so whenever you get the chance….” And then she turns to face the dragonrider before smiling and adding, “I think we’re good tonite,” as she notices the rub at her shoulder. “Wouldn’t be good to overdo it. Best get a good wash in on those arms and shoulders, shuga.” Beat. “Any last questions?”

"Fascinating in what way?" Maura's sense of humor and general state of goodwill seem to keep her from becoming snippy at either her obviously snarky lifemate or Jaya - who is entirely innocent in the round of unheard teasing that the bluerider just endured. There's a sense of relief about her, just for having gotten through a lesson unscathed. Even if it amounts to 'point and throw'. "I'll be here most nights for a little while at least, then." she assures, though probably realizes that it's no skin off the bartender's nose, so to speak. "I will. Heading for the baths before I sleep, certainly. And no, no… no questions. Not yet anyway. Did you have anything you wanted me to take care of for you? Delivery?" she prompts, recalling their deal some time back.

“Dragons, in general,” Jaya is quick to answer, flashing her a smile. The smile lightens when she spies that look of relief for the lesson being over, adding, “It does get easier the more you practice, shuga. Most nights is fine. If you don’t catch me in the bar, Suli should be around to find me. As for deliveries….” And she pauses, moving away from the post as if departing, “….as of now, nothing of import. I’ll find you when I do.”

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