Getting (Re)-Acquainted


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Date: 29 Dec 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Lakeshore
Synopsis: Nenienne, Teallan, and Vanielle catch up on what they've been doing since the hatching and talk business. Avander is also there and asks questions about the commissioning process.
Rating: G
Logger: Nenienne

With the brightest of contrasts, what once was a desolate, dry and empty scoop in the ground is now a full and luscious lake. Water laps against the shoreline in a gentle internal current, while in the very center, it seems almost eerily calm. A small sign hung on the highest bit of twine states 'LAKE HOPELESS' in forcibly fancy script, yet there doesn't seem to be any apparent reason for the title. Maybe one of the residents knows.

Sitting by the edge of lakeshore, no longer Lakehopeless, but a lake filled with water, Vanielle is sititng with her feet resting against the shore lines.

Most of the Weyr residents have had dinner, and now it's time to relax. The evening is cool and clear, which may be why several people, Neni included, are heading toward various areas in the bowl. Neni peels off to head for the lake shore, waving to Vanielle and to the Weyrlings who are out bathing or oiling their dragons.

Evening has fallen. The dinner meal has come and gone for some, but still continues for others. Teallan is one that has eaten already, after the kidlets have finished with their daily instruction. She's shuffling along, towards the lake along whatever path her feet have fallen to. The young woman appears tired; evidenced by the fact that she pauses to press fist against an emerging yawn.

Vanielle looks up. "Hey!" she calls to Nenei and then she notices Teallan. "How are you all!" she calls cheerily. "Come sit!" motions them over, with a hand.

Avander has decided that his duties for the day were dine, he has eaten dinner, and now it was a chance to at least get outside for a while. He deserved it at least, and a chance to stretch those muscles he's been using all day to lift and carry boxes and barrels. Seeing the group, he heads near them, but not necessarily to join them at first, seeing if he recognized anyone there.

Nenienne heads over to Vanielle when she hears the invitation, unsmiling as usual but apparently up for some company. She sits beside her fellow candidate, but keeps her feet out of the water. Once seated, she notices the two newcomers and also waves them over, or at least beckons in their general direction.

Like the other two women, a former Candidate (and still one, one could assume), Teallan meanders over and smiles brightly at the two women. "Good afternoon." She tips her head to Nenienne. "Have you made any new jewelry pieces lately? I keep meaning to see about comissioning something, but I've been so busy."

Avander looks over to the people there, and shrugs, deciding to join the ladies, especially since he seems invited by the Journeywoman. "Good evening ladies," the young man offers to them with a soft smile to them, though doesn't seem ready to just sit down quite yet.

Nenienne says, "Hello, Tea." she nods, "I just turned in two commission in the past few days. I have a personal project I'm planning, but I'm always interested in working on things." She nods politely in reply to Avander's greeting and says "Hello."

"Hello," Teallan says, brightly, to Avander. Tired, but still able to summon up that over-cheer. She tips her head in a nod to Nenienne. "I'll have to make plans to work with you on something soon."

Vanielle looks up at then mention of jewelry. "Yu make Jewelry Nenienne…" she pauses. "Oh right…" she frowns. "Could I ask for a comission?"

Avander looks at Nenienne and tilts his head curiously at the mention of jewelry. Of course, he doesn't have the marks to ask for anything of the sort. "It sounds like you make some beautiful pieces," he offers at least, to try and get into somewhat of the conversation.

Nenienne nods both to Teallan and to Vanielle. "Yes, of course. Do you have anything in mind?" She also looks toward Avander, perhaps blushing slightly (it's hard to tell in the dimming evening light), and says, "I'm just a Journeyman. I just hope people like what I make."

Vanielle smiles. "Well my birthday passed, a few sevendays ago… and I wanted to have something… This past year has been… amazing."

"Oh, nothing in particular," Teallan says, gingerly sitting to avoid too much grime or similar upon her person. She's wearing something that isn't too fancy, but still of high quality. Someone well-off in work clothes, go figure. At least she appears so. "I just would like some new jewelry and my parents sent me enough marks to get something specially made."

"Well if everyone is asking for commissions," Avander smiles softly, musing over the idea, "Then obviously you must be good." He motions to the other two ladies, "These two obviously enjoy your quality of work it appears. Though unfortunately I have no marks in which to spend on jewelry…"

Nenienne says, "That's probably more just familiarity — we all stood together. Plus, I'm the only jewelry-oriented Smith here," she says demurely. "And commissioning something from me is not required to live here or anything, so don't worry about not being able to quite yet."

Vanielle nods. "That'd be about it." she says softly. "But I think being friends is also a reason to ask for a commission, too." she says softly. "But I was curious what are you guys going to do, I mean what have you guys been up to? I took over a job in the infirmary…"

"Also, you're not /just/ a Journeyman," Teallan points out to Neni, belatedly. "Your Masters must have known you have good skill to promote you." She draws in a breath, tugging at her skirts slightly. "Teaching. Harper still hasn't sent a replacement for Uveline."

Avander smiles at Nenienne, "Well, if you're the only one here, must be good for you, you'll get all the commissions here at the Weyr." He looks to the others about their various positions, all seeming better than his, "I just work in the storage caverns, checking inventory, moving things for those in the kitchen staff, or other staff…"

Nenienne nods, not returning the smile. "I've mostly been working on the two commissions when I haven't be helping the other Smiths with general things around the Weyr. One of the commissions had two pieces, so it took me longer than it would have otherwise." Her voice is playful as she replies to Avander, "Or they can hop onto their dragons, head over to Landing, and commission something from Master Jarvys."

Vanielle grins. "But commissions from Masters are expensive, an Journey can do just as good work, and for a little less and close to home. I'd take it, with or without the dragon."

"And as said before, familiarity factors in," Teallan points out briefly.

Avander hears the playful tone and so adds one of his own. "Very true, but he is there, where he has other smiths to compete with, other jewelers looking over his shoulder. Here, while helping other smiths, you are alone, free to try new things, with your mind and your hands being your only limitation."

Nenienne yawns and stretches. "True, to all of those." Anyway, Vanielle, do you have any ideas as to what you want? I've been a bit antsy since I handed over the last of the commissions."

Vanielle thinks. "Anything.. really. I don't have a particular… want something cute, and colorful, but a simple peice. Surprise me."

Avander smiles and settles down onto the ground by the edge of the lake and tosses a stone into it, listening to the women. "Do you prefer commissions like that?" he asks Nenienne after he hears Vanielle's request, "or the ones that give you more detail?"

Nenienne ponders this for a few seconds, then addresses both Vanielle and Avander, "It's certainly a challenge. I usually draw up several ideas and submit them to the client, then go back and draw more if none catch their eye." Turning toward Teallan, she asks "Have you any ideas what you would like?"

"Mmm, well," Teallan says, thoughtfully. "Most of my current jewelry is red-toned. I'd really like something with blue, or purple to it." She glances to Neni, "Would you be able to draft up some ideas? I'm looking for a whole set. Earrings, necklace, and bracelet if possible."

Avander gives a nod to Nenienne and just smiles as he listens to the women talk about jewelry. Who knows, he might learn a few things about what women tend to like in their gifts , or what they like to wear, or even learn how they think… Nah, that's asking too much.

Nenienne's voice is all business now. "Light or dark on those colors, and would you be looking at semi-precious, precious, or non-precious stones? Do you like your jewelry fancy or plain? Would you want gold, silver, or a strip of hide as the base?" She also half-listens to anything Avander or Vanielle says.

Those are clearly things that Teallan hadn't begun to consider yet. She makes a thoughtful sound after a moment, before answering. "Dark. Most of my wardrobe is dark and I want it to complement… The stone type doesn't matter so long as it looks right." She dresses well, not just rich. A good tactic, likely. "I don't like things… fancy, but not too plain, either. Good daily wear, but also suitable for nice occassions. Probably silver as a base. I want the stones to be more focal, not the chain."

Avander blinks as he listens to the discussion of the type of material to be used for this piece and is suddenly glad that he keeps his mind to store rooms, and not to smithing. He turns to Nenienne with a somewhat amazed look at the woman, "Are all your commission pieces this complicated?"

Nenienne nods at each. "Clear stones or cabochons? I should have asked that sooner." She nods to Avander. "Though most are only one piece. Making three will be a challenge in a different way than Vanielle's is. Hers might even be more complicated due to the vague nature of it."

"I'm… not sure," Teallan says, brow furrowed. She finally shrugs a bit, "I'd have to see some examples to really know for certain."

Avander smiles a bit as it seems this piece can be challenging after all. "Well if you like challenges like that, they can be fun to do. But by the sound of it you plan on getting it sorted out pretty quickly."

Nenienne admits, "I have an idea for Vanielle's, yes. It's something I've been thinking of for a while, though I'll need to ask a few more questions just to be sure." She hmmmms at Teallan. "If we're dealing with precious or even semi-precious stones I would probably need to take you to Landing or even the Minecraft to look at samples; I wouldn't want to pay the deposit on them."

Vanielle stirs a bit from looking out over the water, when her name is mentioned. "What?" she asks turning towards Neienne with a curious raised brow.

"We can plan a day to do that," Teallan says gently, tilting her head in a nod. "The ah, Landing watchrider has offered to give me a lift there whenever I have need."

Avander nods when he hears the Journeywoman at least has an idea, though turns to Vanielle when she seems to come back to the group. "Just talking is all," he says. "Discussion of jewelry mainly, though I have primarily listening myself."

Nenienne nods to Avander, adding, "What he said. I have a few questions for you, though. Do you want me to show you ideas or surprise you? It's easy to draw up sketches." She also nods to Teallan and says, "L'han has made me the same offer."

Teallan chuckles briefly, "Well then, we should contact him soon and visit Landing." She picks at a bit of fluff on her skirt. "I could use a visit there anyway."

Avander smiles softly and gets up, brushing off his clothing, "I am sure you will both have a good trip. I haven't been myself yet, well, barely passed by it on my way here. But I should head inside where it is warm. Morning comes early to help out the kitchens. I hope to see you both soon."

Nenienne shivers as Avander mentions the warm, and says half-musingly, "I could use some klah myself, I think."

Teallan stifles another yawn, with mention of early mornings. "I ought to get my hidework done before I'm too tired." She gets to her feet, nodding to Neni. "We'll visit Landing soon."

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