Girl Fight With Added Crazy

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Participants: Miene (NPC), Ch'rii, Maura
IC Date: Month 9, Day 5
Location: Hallways - Eastern Weyr
Synopsis: Miene pulls more crazy, but this time Maura is… crazier?
Rating: If above PG-13, please note here.
Posted by: Maura

Learning someone’s habits takes /time/. Time that Miene has spent causing only a minimal amount of trouble, or maybe just growing used to the environment she finds herself stuck in. The way that hallways intersect in the cavernous sprawl that are the caverns of the weyr means that the woman has spent the better part of half a candlemark waiting on the stairs that lead to the upper bowl, listening for a familiar sound. The absurdly cheerful humming of a specific brownrider. And once she hearsit, the dancer makes a bit of a face and then plasters on as good a demure smile as she can manage before alighting off of that last step and all but running right into Ch’rii. “Well, what a pleasant surprise.” Hooking her hand around his arm, she aims a charmed expression up at the man. “I’m still so lost here. Where were you headed? I can walk with you.” Alas, it’s less of an offer and more of agiven the way the words are phrased.

Ch'rii does not jump. No, Ch'rii is suave and calm; women grabbing onto him is not actually all /that/ abnormal. It happens sometimes, whether it's in the middle of a flight or someone looking for directionsor back when he was single, looking to flirt. While he still teases every now and then, he's comfortable enough in his well-known not-singleness that it no longer happens very seriously. "Ah," is all he says, looking down at Miene thoughtfully. "Lunch."

Which are all events that Maura is happy not to witness, please and thank you. Maybe that's why she's stopped actually meeting Ch'rii on the way to things like lunch. And instead has taken to just waiting for him at whatever the intended destination is. Whether it's fortunate or not that she's running a bit late this time will remain to be seen. But she's only at the top of those bowl stairs at the moment, blissfully unaware that her sister has latched on to the poor man.

Miene, meanwhile,smiles serenely. "Wonderful idea. Will Maura be there, you think? I've been trying so hard to find her so I can ask her something." Oh, listen to the well rehearsed and put-upon sigh. "But I'm certain she's avoidingme. In fact, come to think of it, I haven't seen much of her since that other brownrider… what's his name again. He just grabbed Maura right up out of her seat and drug her along to go find out whether you'd found that bed for the three of you." And she even says it as if she didn't splutter and stare at the door for a good20 minutes afterwards.

"Oh.Yeah. We put it in my weyr," Ch'rii informs Miene completely calmly. Zen-like. "Pretty darn heavy. Wyncrath and Zekoith had to haul it up in halves while Rikath watched and affectionately mocked. I do usually have lunch with her, yes, if you've actually got something to ask her." While he might be wary, he's not demonstrating it any. He is completely deadpan about the entire thing.

Foiled. But being a consummate performer, Miene's expression doesn't drop at all. Nope. "Rikath. Affectionate? I'm fairly certain he threatened to /eat/ me the other day when I saw his crazy little blue arse outside the infirmary caverns. He showed me his teeth." Ok, that one she'll allow a sour expression for. "So affectionate is the last thing I would call him." Her innate arrogance seems to assure her that she's correct in that assessment. And, you know, if it weren't because Rikath had been mockingin Rii's statement, she might not even have believed it. Instead… "Oh good. I can't wait to see her." is breathed.The fact that she says it so convincingly should be cause for concern.

As it is, when the bluerider makes it down the stairs and catches sight of the two walking together she's mildly surprised. But doesn't quite hurry to catch up. Not yet.

"Rikath," Ch'rii insists, tone still flat, even and controlled, "is an absolute sweetheart. If you understand him right. Eh, he probably just thought you looked like a good chew toy. Dragons don't actually /eat/ people. I mean, they won't swallow you. Can't digest humans correctly." He sounds extremely convincing about the whole thing, too. "Now, tell me what it is you wanted to talk to her about? Just curious." Because hedoesn't believe her one bit, of course. Liars can tell liars.

There is something seriously wrong with this man.For a good couple of seconds, Miene is simply unable to cover that slight look of disdain."If you understand him right." the woman repeats,equally deadpan. "Do share this wisdom with me." she prompts, infusing her voice with just a little bit of curiosity. "I'd really rather wait for Maura to be here." she replies, determined. Of course, it has nothing at ALL to do with thefact that she has no question to ask. So when they pause in their travel for him to ask the question and she turns to face him - well, shejust happens to spot Maura walking up behind them. But her gaze flickers over and back so quickly it's hard to tell she's seen anythingat all. "But I guess if you're really intent on knowing…" Her voice lifts enough to be heard beyond the two of them finally, and isaccompanied by quite the smile. It's not going tolast long enough to register just how utterly *disturbing* it is, because she's all too soonshifting gears to make sure she's kissing him in full view of her sister. Or, at least, by the time he's able to stop her it will have looked like she's done it.

Which might explain the slightly garbled gasp from behind Ch'rii. Oh, and the way Rikath's head snaps up from wherever he's sunning himself. « … » Nope, no words!

There is absolutely nothing at all wrong with Ch'rii, thankyouverymuch. He is just a very sarcastic asshole, and that is his nature. If Miene is going to have a problem with — okay, no, apparently she's not going tohave much of a problem, is she. She's going to be getting all in his face and trying to mack on him? Ch'rii's mental gearshift does not even start turning, because he's not thinking about it. While he may be a man, and a very straight one who very much likes women, Miene has never read to him as anything but outrageously not quite right. So his brain is not even going when he moves faster than he has in quite a long time, twisting so that he has the girl in a /headlock/ facing outward
and, apparently, facing Maura — in under 30 seconds. Breathing hard,he manages only to say, "Uh." Zekoith offers to Rikath in a low mentalmutter, « … that was weird. »

« Weird? Is she fucking crazy? » Rikath gets right to he heart of the matter with that statement. If Zekoith had any idea just how furious Maura is with her sister at the moment, he might even tell Ch'rii to drop the sister and just back away slowly. As it is, Maura just stares for a few seconds. Like she doesn't even comprehend what just happened. And think? No, she doesn't exactly think either. The months of rumors,ill-treatment, and now this… coalesce into one shining moment of clarity where Maura's fist meets Miene's face. "Let go of her." That's all she says at first, but when Rii just drops his hands she's already there and pulling her sister close enough that she can whisper something into her ear. Nobody else can hear it, but the little bluerider turns her sister to face the other way and then gives her a shove. "Don't -even- let me see your face for awhile." A really, really long while.

Ch'rii is still staring blankly at Maura; it doesn't even entirely dawn on him that he just dropped an adult woman on the ground — or came close to it, anyway. Either that or he just doesn't care, which really is equally possible if not a little bit more likely. "No problem," he mutters belatedly, in reaction to the 'let go of her,' and then, brain catching up to events says more loudly, "You mean you didn't want me tochoke her? I could've choked her." Zekoith, on the other hand, is tryingto hint 'back away slowly' at Ch'rii and tells Rikath, « Yes. »

The fact that other people are staring at them doesn't even register with Maura yet, in addition to everything else that just sort of.. happened. "If anyone gets to choke her, it's /me/." she is quick to point out. "But since I told her if she tries anything like that again I'll kill her with my bare hands, I think she gets the idea." Who knew that she had such a violent streak? Rikath probably did; he almost radiates pride out there. Kinda creepy. "I think… I am going to skip the livingcaverns." Perhaps just now noting that they're garnering a bit too much attention for her liking. And, she glances down at her handto rub at the knuckles that are just now registering pain.

"Yeah," Ch'rii agrees, finally remembering he's capable of moving — and totally ignoring the other people staring at them. "Let's try your weyr instead. I can get us some food and meet you up there? And I would not take away your choking privileges, my dear, never. Unless you need to see a healer first — I mean, about the food, not the choking."

"No… no, I will be fine." Someone is still a little surprised at everything that just unfolded. Or at least it seems that way, since Maura's tone is oddly flat with the words. "I have numbweed up there anyway. So, yes, how about you meet me up there?" she agrees. Before sheturns to leave though, the bluerider decides to make a point. In case the people milling around and staring didn't already get it. And when she decides to lean up and kiss him, it's not some lame pansy kiss either. Nooooo, she decides that bruisingly intense is far more appropriate for the moment and goes with that. And when she breaks apart, just turns and leaves to walk back up the stairs like nothinghappened.

Leaving Ch'rii standing in the midst of a million people's curious eyes, back in staring blankly mode again. After a moment, he literally shakes himself off — tossing his hair and adjusting his jacket — and glares at some of the millers. "What are /you/ staring at? Go find something more interesting to gossip about," he snaps, and goes to gather food andhead off to Maura and Rikath's space.

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