Give And Take


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Date: 10/6/10 (IC: Evening following Adventures In Dragonsitting
Location: EW: Headwoman's Office
Synopsis: Ahnika makes a stop in to visit Indira after she has dinner and gets a surprise gift.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Ahnika

Early evening, just passed the dinner hour, finds Indira in her office rather than her private quarters, although her attire alone would suggest she's off-duty. A light wrap around skirt that falls to her ankles is paired with a halter neck top, both pieces in shades of purple and lilac. Hair loose and flowing free down her back, she's padding about barefoot, opening and closing drawers of her desk and then moving over to the stack of crates serving as shelving to continue her search there. It doesn't appear to be a frantic search if one takes into consideration the glass of wine she has in one hand and is occasionally sipping from. Daron, the guard that has become an almost permanent fixture outside of her door, stands in relaxed pose at his post, arms folded over his chest and chatting in low tones with a blonde slip of a woman.

Ahnika is not looking quite so relaxed herself, at least in attire. Her expression is relaxed, of course, but she hasn’t been to the baths yet and is still dressed for the usual labor and physical training expected of weyrlings. A slight sheen of oil is even visible across portions of skin and clothing, in fact, as oiling Jhath now requires a bit of a step-ladder to get everywhere properly, as big as the green is getting. Ahni is bound to get more than a little on her these days. She doesn’t mind, of course. It’s all just part and parcel of her duty to Jhath and the weyr at large, making sure the green dragonet remains healthy and well-oiled. She has seen Daron before, having arrived on other trips to pay Indira a visit and unfortunately not finding the headwoman present. So, she gives a little friendly salute to the guard outside and asks congenially, “Is the Headwoman about?” Assuming she is directed within, she will knock first as is polite and respectful, and brightens upon seeing Indira, “You’re looking well.” She grins, “I’ve missed you. I’m sorry for not catching you sooner.”

Upon Ahnika's arrival, the conversation between guard and petite blonde breaks off with Daron sending a friendly smile the weyrling's way and tipping his head toward the door that's standing slightly ajar, "The stars are in your favour this night." That to her finally being able to catch the Headwoman in residence. Having found what it was she'd been looking for, Indira turns in a swirl of skirts, a book in one hand and wine in the other, a smile warming her features, "Ahnika. I was wondering how long it would take that son of mine to relay my message to you." The book is surreptitiously laid face down on her desk, effectively hiding the title from view, "Come in sit down. You've been well?" an appraising flow of sloe eyes sent over the weyrling followed by a slight wrinkle of nose for the patches of oiled skin and clothing, "L'min used to always oil Argonth wearing little but a pair of shorts," a sip of wine as that particular and none too unpleasant memory surface, " Nice to be male, aye?" Goodness, someone's chatty this evening.

Ahnika dips her head in thanks to Daron and then lets him resume his mackin’ on the blonde, assuming that’s what he is doing, in semi-privacy as she moves in. She might have been curious about the title or more specifically about the fact that Indira laid the book face down, but her statement about Max earns an arching of her eyebrows and distracts her from such pursuits. “Just saw him this morning, actually. No message. This is just me trying to catch you after I’ve had dinner and before I head out to our evening lesson. When did you ask him to give it to me?” Because maybe it was since he saw her and he’s not had a chance. She takes the offered seat, relaxing into it readily enough for all the time she’s seen of it since she first arrived with Indira’s group. She doesn’t seem to mind the looking, knowing it for what it is. Ahnika’s muscles have definitely toned out since being in weyrlinghood, but she’s gotten over most of the fatigue from the extra penance that had been issued and so looks relatively healthy, sleeping and eating well in general, if perhaps wearing a few more freckles from being out in the summer sun and her hair a little lighter coppery tone than in previous months. To her comment about L’min and it being nice to be male, Ahnika glances at one particularly oily patch at her hem, chuckling, “I thought about wearing my swimming skins next time, actually. Jhath’s growing so fast and big. Hard to keep up with all the oiling. But yeah, we’ve been well.” There’s a little pause and she adds with a soft snort, “Nice to be male, yes. You don’t know the half of it.” She looks away and then back at Indira, “Max and I had a little … spat earlier this seven.” Meaningful pause as she regards Indira’s desk, though seems to be looking through it, “Over Jhath’s future flights. It’s a long way off, but I’m just trying to be ready, considering how fast she’s growing and maturing, physically.” And to some degree mentally, Ahni realizes.

As Ahnika seats herself, Indira pads around to her own chair and slips into it, leaning her head against the high back and turning a slightly dry smile over to redhead, "Around a seven ago." This to when she'd given Max the message. Taking in the physical changes in the weyrling her expression turns approving, "Looks like weyrlinghood suits you." She'd been about to make comment on wearing swimming attire to oil dragons when she's stopped short by what is said next. A brow goes up and eyes narrow onto her young visitor before it all melts away into a soft sigh, "Aye, I was afraid that might be an issue between the two of you. L'min and I…we had an understanding when it came to flights." She doesn't however go on to expand on what that might have been. In gentler tone, "He'll come around, love. He throws his toys off the ledge, huffs and stomps about for a bit and in the end, reason kicks in. You'll see." Trying to be encouraging there.

The redhead’s brows knit together once more at the statement of when Max was given the directive to tell Ahni to see Indi, and then a frown tugs at her lips. The frown is wiped away at the compliment, though and she smiles a little, murmuring, “Thank you.” And then the expression clouds again with the talk of Max and their little argument, though she nods and seems appreciative of the comment, “We’ve more or less worked it out since … I think what’s frustrating is I’m trying to include him in my plans for it and he’s more or less thought it a foregone conclusion what will be and wants to just leave it alone and accept fate, or whatever, and stay out of the way.” She shakes her head, “I’m trying to find alternatives or at least trying to keep it from being a complete disaster,” like Yzuruth catching, “but,” she shrugs here and sighs, “Anyway,” speaking more in a regular tone, “We’ve settled it for the moment. Here’s to hoping it sticks.” A smile breaks and she looks at Indira, “You should have seen him this morning with Jhath. He’s slowly making friends with her, building bridges, and it’s so cute.” She chews her lip a moment and then tries for it, “You know, for all the way he thinks he’s a bad guy, he’s going to make a good father one day.” Then she blinks and remembers something, “Oh, well, I just came for a visit, but I just realized that you asked Max to have me come … what can I do?”

Spying the unhappy look coming from Ahnika, the Headwoman sends a small smile in return, "He's … had a lot on his mind lately, Ahni." Although one can be sure Max will be earning himself a cuff alongside the head from his mother for not having delivered the message in timely fashion. Taking a sip of her wine, Indira leans forward in her chair slightly tone gentle and a smile in place, "Ahni, you need to let him find his own place in all this, aye? Imagine if the tables were turned and it was you trying to find your footing, hmm?" A slight nod of head greets the weyrling's words on the matter having been settled for the meantime and she goes back to listening, almost choking on the next mouthful of wine for what the redhead says. Outright amusement is exhibited and she tilts her glass the way of the younger woman as if she'd just told a rather humorous joke, "Max, a father? He's always been good with animals. But" and here her words trail off as she actually lends thought to the idea and then snorts softly at the notion of the headstrong young man being anywhere near ready for the responsibility a child brings with it. "I think it best you keep anything that might lead to that off the agenda until you're able to Between and prevent any such disasters from happening to you," a tight expression disappears behind her glass. Ghosts of her own past paying a visit upon the woman. As to the reason behind her wanting to see Ahnika an enigmatic smile pulls into place and without a word the Headwoman stands and disappears into her private quarters.

The comment about Max having a lot on his mind lately is actually given a nod, “Oh, right, the runner thieves,” she frowns a little at that, seeming kind of somber and disillusioned, “When I was a kid …” because the seventeen-turn-old is obviously a wise and mature old woman now, right? “I used to think that weyrs were untouchable. Sure, there was crime along the road, tithe-caravans hit or theft or murder in the holds, but the weyrs were always supposed to be safe and untouchable. Who’d hurt a weyr?” And what goes unsaid is the fact that since being here, eggs have been destroyed, at least one man murdered, candidates attacked, and now runner thieves. “What’s this world coming to?” Ahnika asks rhetorically and shakes her head a little, and then sighs. Distractedly regarding Indira’s next statement, Ahni nods once more, “Yes, I know. I will. I tried to broach the subject gradually in my letters, but it ended up a disaster when M’zen wanted to talk to him about one of my ideas, so I won’t bring it up anymore.” Her shoulders slump a little, but she doesn’t pout and neither is her tone whiny, “Honestly? I was just hoping to have his help.” Or at least his approval. “He was weyrbred. Not me. He knows what’s been tried before to avoid mating flights and what hasn’t and why they went wrong when and if they did. And he knows me and why I want to try. I can’t talk to any of the weyrlingmasters about it, or even other weyrlings. Well, except M’zen and Ciara.” She picks at the hem of her tunic and says at long last, “But I’ll leave him alone about it from now on. I don’t want to make this any harder on him than it has to be.” It’s stated earnestly, and so when Indira reflects on fatherhood for Max, Ahnika looks up from her tunic and chuckles, “He was good with Jhath this morning, I swear. And she’s more or less a twelve-turn-old in mind or so.” Brief pause, “Oh Faranth, no, ma’am. Sorry if I gave you that impression. Jhath is far from us exploring anything of that nature,” brief chaste kisses seem to be Jhath’s tolerance level right now at her age. “And I think she would never let me hear the end of it if within the first month of graduating, we’re stuck in the queen’s wing due to being with child. She’s all ready to flame Thread now and can’t even fly yet.” But her expression sobers a little and she considers things a moment later, only to find the Headwoman standing and moving back into her quarters, forestalling anything else she was about to say on the subject of pregnancy with Max, such as, she had no intention of going Between with Max’s offspring inside her. Ever. Other men’s offspring as the result of their dragon’s catching Jhath? Well, sure. But not Max’s. However, as Indira disappears, she lets that remain unstated for the time being and perhaps that is just as well.

Indira listens quietly to all that Ahnika says on the matter of the troubles recently visited upon the Weyr, simply sipping at her wine and saying nothing until right at the end where a sad smile fits into place. "Aye," she states through a sigh, "I'm only grateful that L'min never lived to see it. This alone would have been enough to send him Between." Being the proud traditionalist that he had been. On the topic of flights her mouth pulls into a light frown of compassion for the green weyrling, "For all you know, he's already got a plan of his own in mind, aye? He's a lot of things, but a coward he's not. You need to trust that he won't let you down. Perhaps give him another few months or so and then try broaching the subject with him again?" Low laughter follows next when the redhead is quickly explaining herself, "No need to explain to me, Ahnika. Only you know what your dragon's ready for and what she's not." A fond smile appears, "He used to like sneaking down to the children's caverns and teaching them all kinds of pranks to pull on the caregivers, so you might want to watch him on that." A soft snort of amusement ensues, "She'll still get to flame Thread in the queen's wing, it just means you won't be expected to fly at such high altitudes or Between to and from where you're needing to get to." The headwoman's not gone long before she returns with a cloth wrapped bundle in hand. The cloth once unwound will prove to be an apron with the words, 'Let them eat pie' embroidered across the front of it. The contents it had held being, a set of well crafted pie tins bearing the stamp of the Smithcraft hall with what looks to be the key to a cupboard sliding around inside of them. Holding the bundle out toward Ahnika a smirk, graces Indira's lips, "If you're going to be feeding my son's addiction, you may as well do it in style."

Nodding sagely at the bittersweet thought of Max’s father never having gotten to see these times here at Eastern, the redhead then goes still and a thoughtful frown appears with Indira’s following words regarding Max possibly having a plan of his own, and not being a coward, the latter of which was furthest from her mind and she now replays what she said in her head to see what it was that gave the impression of such. Such distraction meets with Indira’s following statements on Jhath’s readiness and Max as a father and Jhath flaming Thread from the queen’s wing and it is with the last that Ahnika finally speaks, if only to murmur, “Yes, but she won’t feel it is the same,” before letting it go and standing as Indira enters with that bundle of bakery implements. She brightens noticeably and gingerly takes them from Indira as the Headwoman holds them out to her. “These are … are … wonderful! Oh! Thank you so much! They’re perfect!” Her enthusiasm only turns into a wry grin as she mentions Max’s addiction and she adds, “Was wondering how long it would take for the nightcook to say something to you.” Of course, Indira knew about the first one, that night after the Hatching, but Ahnika hadn’t wanted to bother her thereafter and so wasn’t sure she had known it had become a regular thing every few weeks, about once a month, depending on how busy things got in weyrlinghood.

Indira isn't aware of how her words over her son not being a coward might have been misconstrued. Her intention having been to point out that he'd rise to the occasion despite what his own misgivings might be. A quick smile greets Ahnika's words on her green and the queen's wing, with the headwoman taking to leaning a hip against her desk near where the redhead is seated. "I have yet to hear of a green that was happy in the queen's wing. Greens and blues are a fighting wing's most valuable assets due to their manoeuvrability. I have no doubt you two will shine up there." The tousled blonde speaking easily on the topic and obviously not sharing her son's reticence on the matter. Finding the younger woman's delight in the simple gift infectious, a wide smile appears and then turns into a chuckle, "You should have seen the way Max blushed when I mentioned what it was I wanted to see you about. One might have thought I'd suggested he parade naked up and down the living cavern." with a fondly uttered, "Silly boy," coming at the end. Of course, the woman has absolutely no idea the significance pie now holds for her son. And probably just as well. With fingers re-arranged the folds in her skirt a warm smile is sent down to her visitor, "The key is to your supply cupboard. You need only to drop a note with me for anything you might start to run out of and I'll see it's restocked. I was going to having one of the bakers make the pies for you, but then realized you probably get enjoyment out of it the same way I did making pancakes for him." There's no chastisement there, just the simple acknowledgement that the in some way, a baton is being passed.

The fleeting thought over Jhath’s supposed maneuverability in the sky as being perhaps less than other greens who are not as big as she, is so fleeting in fact that it barely registers on Ahnika’s expression before she is truly charmed by the gift. She does have the presence of mind and good manners to say thank you to the compliment on her and Jhath shining up there before she returns to gushing over the bundle of gifts. Then Ahni laughs softly at imagining Max having to face his mother over comments on Ahni’s pie-gifting. Poor Max. This is followed by a gasp and she picks up the key from the rest of it, “My own cupboard!!” One might think she was being told she was graduating and getting her own weyr finally after months and months of communal sleeping arrangements. “Oh! Thank you! And I do … enjoy making them for him. Helps me still feel like I’m able to be with him in some small way, do something for him.” Then she grins, “You used to make pancakes for him?” And now Ahni knows never to offer such for Max, since that, she deems, would be crossing into maternal territory, should Indira ever want to resume such activities or do something like that for a special occasion. Setting the items down on the edge of the desk, she leans forward in an attempt to wrap the Headwoman up in a hug, “Thank you so much, Indira. This means a lot to me. To both of us,” even if Max may not ever really know as the makings of the pie is mostly out of his scope of awareness for the time being.

Brows lift in amusement at Ahnika's reaction to what the key unlocks, she may have countered with it being 'just a cupboard', but she recalls her own delight when first presented with keys to a supply meant only for her use. So instead she sets her glass of wine down and bends to accept the younger woman's hug, giving her a little squeeze, "You're welcome, love." The endearment not often used on others, however, this is a young woman that she's fast coming to look upon as the daughter she never had. Drawing again a small smile appears and Indira nods slowly, "Aye, before he left for Tillek. He used to come down the kitchens late at night after crawling around pubs somewhere, and usually looking like he'd tangled with a watchwher. Never said much, just used to sit there and wolf a stack of pancakes down before crawling off to bed." Her smile wearing thin at the edges before she's setting those often difficult times aside and putting a fond look over to the redhead for the thanks given on her and Max's behalf, "You just keep him talking, Ahnika. Even if it means he's yelling at you, aye?" Providing some kind of insight into a young man that all too easily keeps everything bottled up inside.

Another piece of the puzzle of Max’s history falls into place as Indira explains to Ahnika about the pancakes at Tillek. Much of the exuberance fades, but her smile and attentive expression remains. “I’m sure it was a great comfort to him, then,” she says softly. Then she nods, her smile breaking into an expression of mildly amused concession, “Yes, as long as it’s just him yelling at me and nothing worse,” which could imply a beating, but Ahnika really naively refers to just the throwing over his shoulder bit of earlier in the week. She looks briefly about the office, not to be nosy as much as just marking some of the changes, if any, since she had last been there. “How has the weyr affairs been? I know you’re keeping busy. Has anything started to settle into what can be even remotely called ‘routine’ or ‘progress’ since the hatching?”

Indira gives a sound that's half snort and half chuckle before responding, "More for me in knowing he was still alive and relatively in one piece." Her wine glass is taken back up and after taking a sip she notes in solemn and certain tone, "He'd never hit a woman, Ahnika." Believing that to be what the redhead had meant and carefully avoiding making mention of the rare occasions when he'd been younger and put his fist through a door or some other convenient inanimate object in a bid to vent his frustrations. There has been at least one change made thus far, that being a set of proper shelving that has replaced one of the sets of crates. Pushing away from the lean against her desk, the headwoman heads back to her own seating, a chuckle sounding out as she drops into it, "As much of a routine as I'm likely to get with how new the Weyr is and all the progress that's being made. Some things change, some stay the same. At least the more fundamental side of things such as the kitchens and laundries are running smoothly now. Agreements have been set in place with a few trading clans and there's talk of perhaps getting a weaver in from up North." Just the usual humdrum of Weyr activity given out, her more clandestine activities not touched upon.

A flash of a knowing smile for the statement of the comfort for knowing he was still alive and in one piece, relatively, and then a blank look for him never hitting a woman, punctuated with a solemn nod, “I know. Sometimes I think I trust him more with my keeping than he trusts himself with it,” which is likely speaking more to Max’s self-restraint of a more passionate sense than anything else, but Ahnika would likely find a similar case elsewise, too. Gathering up the bundle in her hands and retaking her seat with it in her lap and out of Indira’s way, she listens to talk of the weyr goings-on and nods thoughtfully, finally smiling, “Well, good to know that the primary sections of kitchens and laundries have been settled, and I’m excited at the notion of a weaver coming, if possible, before winter. As I knew I would need to travel light, I only packed a couple of cold-weather clothes with me. Otherwise, I suppose I could see about asking someone to go to Landing for me with my measurements to commission something,” pause, “They have weavers there, right now, right?” She lapses thoughtfully quiet a moment, and then dares to ask, “Did they ever discover anything more … about who destroyed those eggs? And that body?”

A wry smile tips out, "In that he couldn't be less like his father if he tried." Though she doesn't go on to explain. In an uncommon move for the Headwoman, she pulls her legs up, hooking the heels of bared feet onto the edge of her chair, an arm wrapping about her knees in almost girlish posture. It could be the wine having effect, or she simply feels that comfortable in Ahnika's presence. Tipping her wine glass the redhead's way, "I tell you what. As soon as your Jhath will let you away from her side for long enough, how about you and me head down to the weaver at Landing, hmm? My treat." The companionable air slips off of Indira at mention of the events surrounding the hatching and her expression tightens a little, "The investigations are…ongoing."

Ahnika grins a little at the first statement, and watching Indira relax her position in that chair, she brightens noticeably at the offer of Landing clothes shopping, “Oh! I would love to! Let’s! But I couldn’t think of your treating me. Really,” she lifts the bundle in her lap in gesture, “You and Max treat me too good as it is, and I have a few marks that could go to some slightly warmer clothes. I wouldn’t need much, not here in this climate.” Her enthusiasm is dimmed only slightly at the mention of the investigations ‘ongoing’ and she merely nods, not commenting and not offering to help in some way. She’s learned that her offering to help anyone since becoming a weyrling is usually met with resistance, and she understands that they don’t want to interfere with her training. She will just have to find some other way to help and without their suggestions on how. “How are your junior headwomen working out?” a touch of longing for it even after Impressing Jhath still present in her grey eyes.

Dark eyes lift from where they'd settled briefly to the grain of the desk and settle a long and almost melancholy look onto Ahnika, "You're not used to being looked after and spoiled are you." More an observation than a query. A dip of head is however given in agreement to the weyrling paying her own way, "I understand," however a secretive little smile appears briefly before its tucked away again. It might be that Indira divines by her ensuing silence what goes through the redhead's mind, or perhaps she puts herself in the younger woman's shoes for she states quietly, "As soon as you've graduated, you'll be a great asset in our cause." Once again not expanding on her meaning, likely hoping that in that statement, she'll understand what is being conveyed. As to the question put to her a soft snort echoes into her upturned glass. Swallowing down the mouthful, one tanned shoulder rolls in a light shrug, "None of them seem to have the natural talent and head for it like you did." Simply stating the truth of the other's skills rather than offering hollow flattery.

The observation actually sort of startles Ahnika a little. Not that she’d disagree and not that she’s offended or anything. She just never really thought about it much and isn’t used to other people analyzing her, really. Or at least being so direct about it. “I guess … you could say I’m used to doing the looking after, not the other way around.” While growing up in an overcrowded fosterling cothold wasn’t without its treasured gifts at times, one can never say Ahnika was terribly spoiled or doted on, no. Not that she would have wished it otherwise, really. She smiles a little sheepishly, “Not that I’m complaining or ungrateful or anything. I love all the gifts you both have given me, but,” she nods, “it’s just taking a little getting used to, I guess.” Her voice trails off a bit as she listens and then with another smile, this one less sheepish, “Thank you. I hope to be.” A great asset, that is. And she seems willing to let it go at that, knowing full well that her own investigative measures will need to be done so secretly from those who care about her as they would only undoubtedly thwart them, “Did you ever figure out the mischief behind the missing articles of clothing? Other than they just reappeared?” And it is the last statement, honestly, that doesn’t have Ahni brightening as some other young woman might at the compliment. Instead she frowns thoughtfully, and offers, “Thank you. I’ll track them down and talk with them, maybe give them some pointers.” Which will likely only earn her their contempt, even though she’s really only trying to help. “I’ll also think about who else might be good possibilities for the position,” having done similarly for Jaya recently, too. “You know, Jaya might be needing some help at the bar, too. I recommended some people. I think she’s thinking something’s going to happen to her to make her have to leave unexpectedly.”

Leaning forward to set her near empty glass down on her desk, Indira wraps both arms about her knees and rests her chin atop them, "Life is give and take, Ahnika. In as much you like to give by taking care of others, you need to learn to take and let them give back to you. Whether it be by way of gifts or their attention." The smile that attaches erasing those words to have been intended as a lecture. "Between you, me and that there wine glass? I'm not too good at it either." Strange confession given the advice she's just handed out. Her chin still resting on her knees, the headwoman's head tipples from one side to the other in a negative gesture, "I didn't. It was the strangest thing. Probably just someone pulling a prank. Although their sense of timing leaves a lot to be desired." She's about to stay the weyrling's offer to put forward tips and advice to her juniors when what she says last draws her up short. A long and unreadable look settles on the redhead and then Indira sighs a little and drops her feet to the floor, rising from her seating and ambling idly about her office, fingertips trailing along various items as she goes. Turning back to Ahnika a small smile flickers out, as she states with quiet confidence, "Jaya's not going anywhere. And, I've sent her extra help for the bar too."

“A lot easier to accept the taking part of that if people allow you to do the giving at all,” Ahnika says with a knowing smile, perhaps a reference to her not being allowed to be as generous as she’d like to be, and believes she can be, on account of others blocking her from doing so, even if it’s really for her own good. She is, of course, not complaining, as indicated by that smile. Then she chuckles at Indira’s own confession, which fades into merely an interested expression as the Headwoman talks of the oddly filched clothing and their return, which then turns into an even more interested look when Indira stands up and ambles about the office. She nods a little, “Glad to hear it,” both to Jaya not leaving and Jaya getting extra help in the bar. There’s a hint of a frown as she asks, “Did I say something wrong?” Her voice isn’t apologetic or needy, just curious.

Indira turns from idle inspection of a crate holding knots denoting various ranks within the Weyr, "Sometimes, keeping a sharp ear open is giving in and of itself too," one knowing smile exchanged for another. Moving next to the new shelving, she needlessly straightens a pile of documents already stacked squarely, small movements, indicative of restlessness. With a small frown she turns her attention back to Ahnika, "No. Why would you think that you had?" curiosity replacing the frown now.

Grinning now, Ahnika nods to Indira’s first statement, but merely states, “True,” to it, perhaps having already drawn similar conclusions, or just is stubbornly using her own ears to try and piece things together. The restlessness is regarded only in the way that Ahnika moves her gaze to follow Indira around the room, more out of polite deference than anything else. “No reason,” she states simply, not exactly lying, just surmising that the sigh and abrupt restlessness had nothing to do with what she had said than pursuing it, putting her trust in Indira’s direct nature (at least direct with Ahnika) should anything ever be amiss. With that, however, the weyrling stands and gathers up the baking items with her, “Thank you again, really, it means a lot to me,” and not just of the more direct benefits, but also because Ahnika reads this as stronger approval for her relationship with Indira’s son than perhaps she had perceived in Indira previously.

The grin coming off of Ahnika is met with a short one of her own followed by a conspiratorial wink. She won't directly involve the younger woman just yet, but respects her intelligence enough to believe she knows and understands as much and will come forward with whatever pertinent information she might glean. "Too many questions and not enough answers," Indira eventually gives through a wry smile, on what had drawn her to her feet and has her pacing about the place restlessly. With the weyrling gathering her things together she moves forward and with the intent of offering a hug in farewell, her words spoken softly, "Be good to each other." And then she'll step away, leaving the way clear for the redhead to make her departure.

“Sounds like weyrlinghood,” comments Ahnika dryly, and grins back, and as Indira gives her a hug, Ahnika leans into it, her arms a little full and awkward with her new prizes to return it properly, but then she did hug her earlier and she is leaning into this one. “Definitely,” she says in return to Indira’s last and with a deferential nod to the Headwoman as she is released, she adds, “I’ll look forward to our next visit,” indicating she fully intends to drop in again, and then she slips past the guard and heads out, likely to go immediately to the kitchen and check out her new cupboard and set things up just the way she wants it.

"As will I," Indira gives with a smile to Ahnika's next visit. Leaning up against the doorframe, the headwoman watches until the young redhead rounds a corner and is gone from sight, lingering a further moment or two as if half expecting (or hoping) to see the big and bulky form of another coming in her direction. With a soft sigh she returns almost reluctantly to the confines of her private quarters where the rest of the evening will be spent with her glass of wine and the book left lying on her desk.

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