Because of our approach to Impression and our idea that such things as a dragon's color should be determined by the player's wishes in the most IC way possible, we've had to put a few safeguards in place.

A goldrider, by virtue of her dragon's color, has an important role to fill within the weyr. Because IC power is completely seperated from OOC power, the choice of the gold hatchling is determined in an IC manner as detailed in the Search newsfile. One of the only possible problems with this approach is that there is no elimination process. There is no 'weeding out the crazies'.

ICly, the only goldrider who is autonomous in any respect is the Senior Weyrwoman and we're all in favor of someone playing a crazy or a wimpy or a flirty or whatever kind of weyrwoman they want - because the books give us examples of as many bad ones as they do good ones - but there are limits. The basic rule of thumb is to remember that ICA=ICC. While this rule is enforced with all our characters, it is especially important to remember with a gold character.

Characters should behave in a manner that is true to them, but we as staff reserve certain rights. If a goldrider goes absolutely nuts off the wall - for example, using her power to order and organize the Weyr and its dragons against the Hold or something - or abuses her position OOCly by harassing or mistreating other players, staff will step in and take appropriate action, up to and including writing the character out of the story, backing up the character information and @nuking the bit.

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