Good Honest Work


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Date: 12/2/10
Location: EW: Headwoman's Office
Synopsis: Bowen brings his sister, Paerin, into the Headwoman's office to get her established at the Weyr with duties. Paerin chooses kitchen work to get started and leaves in a little huff, with Indira presenting Bowen and Cheusia with a wedding gift from the Weyr and asking him to come and see her later.
Rating: PG
Logger: Bowen

Bowen did take his time this afternoon after they arrived, as usual, unloading the wagon and dealing with the runners, getting caught up on things and news and getting a healthy meal in that didn’t consist of blandly cooked game over a spit or dried rations. With all of this, it wasn’t the very first thing they did when they arrived back in Eastern. However, Bowen ushers his little sister in to meet the Headwoman sooner rather than later. With a congenial nod to the guard outside the headwoman’s office, Bowen knocks on the office door, and assuming he’s invited in, he’ll enter, looking road weary but otherwise in good spirits, and with a teenage girl at his side (or if she hesitates, he’ll try to usher her in with a hand at her back at least).

There's no whining or crying from Paerin as she is ushered to meet the Headwoman… If only because that was the terms of their agreement in her going along with the two in their return. Though she certainly doesn't look like the happy camper one would expect her to be, what with her headstrong ideas of running away! She does hesitate briefly at the doorway, and then is ushered in. Cheeks puff up on the girl and her nose wrinkles just so while her arms fold across her chest. She is the image of teenage angst right there.

The afternoon as usual, finds Indira at her desk taking care of whatever paperwork is in need of her attention. Or perhaps not given the hasty manner in which she slides the sheet of paper she'd been studying, under a pile of others when that knock comes, a bland look covering the expression of consternation she'd been wearing. Being as how her door is standing open, Bowen and the teenage girl almost immediately capture her attention, a warm smile going to the tanner with a slightly querying look landing on Paerin. "Welcome back, Bowen. I assume your return journey went well?" a brow arching only slightly at the display coming from the girl at his side. "Please, take a seat." And then watching with interest to see which of the two takes up the singular unit of seating before her desk.

It is only after he crosses the threshold with Paerin that Bowen removes his hand at her back, and he tips his hat to Indira politely, “Ma’am,” offering her a slight but genuine smile, remembering her at the wedding and reception and certainly appreciative of the fact. Hat tipped, he takes it off then, and gestures to Paerin to have a seat while he remains standing, pointedly a little angled so that he stands between the chair indicated and the door: Paerin will have to get through Bowen to get away, in other words. “Ayup. Twas mighty int’restin’,” he drawls on the question about the ride back, glancing to Paerin. Then he looks back to Indira, “Ya might’ve met ‘r saw m’sist’r at th’ weddin, mebbe? This here is Paerin. She’s gonna be stayin’ on fer a bit an’ it’d be mighty kind if ya find sumpthin’ useful fer her ta do,” with his blue eyes seeming to tack on seriously, ‘before she drives me and Che crazy.’ “Please?” he adds a heartbeat later.

Paerin gives Indira a polite little nod, nothing more as she moves to plop down onto the seat. Though there's a sudden pause, a shifting of position and it turns dainty once she finally settles down and crosses her legs. Her back is pointedly straight as her eyes drift elsewhere and away from the Headwoman. Highly distracted now, "it was f—" She stops, folds her arms and returns to her previous look of discontent. "Awful." Her eyes roll in an entirely unhelpful manner as Bowen proceeds to talk about her getting a job. "He doesn't want me around."

In silence, Indira takes in the pair before her, only the faint traces of amusement moving in fleeting gesture across her features for the unspoken plea coming from Bowen and then landing on Paerin as a corner of her mouth traces out a light smirk. Inhaling and holding her breath as if giving something its due consideration she exhales softly and arranges a smile in place, "Beautiful ceremony, Bowen. So glad I was able to make it." Next she puts the girl under intent study as if trying to recall whether or not she remembered having seen her there, or perhaps it's merely a ploy to take the measure of the sulky teen. "Aye, that I do," she finally gives and offers a smile Paerin's way, "Welcome to Eastern, Paerin." A short chuckle greets the girl's latter, "He's recently married, darlin'." In reply to the tanner not wanting his younger sibling around. The next is put with attention to Bowen but query going his sister's way, "Anything in particular you'd like to do or are skilled at?" A stylus appearing in her hand and hovering over a document drawn before her.

After one of his customary pauses, “Yer alive, ain’t ya?” Bowen says in a mild, husky growl to his sister and her comment of him not wanting her around. That seems to be all the response he’s prepared to give to her for the time being, with the implied meaning that if he really didn’t want her around, he’d have left her somewhere on the trail. “Thank ya kindly,” Bowen says next to Indira and her compliment on the wedding, hat still in his hands, smirking faintly to her explanation to Paerin about why he might not want her around, but he remains quiet now, letting Paerin answer for herself, more because Bowen really doesn’t know anything she could possibly be good at, considering the spoiled life she’s lived at home. But then, he’s been gone half a turn, so, who knows? Maybe she can do embroidery or something … girly. So, introductions over with, the stocky tanner merely remains his usual quiet presence in the room.

Paerin's mouth opens as if to say something about the wedding, but it is snapped shut quickly as her eyes drift briefly to her brother in consideration… But then she shrugs, leaving her statements temporarily to herself. "Thank you, ma'am." There is some politeness in her, at least and she allows a small smile to settle on her lips. "What I'd like to do…?" There's a quiet consideration, her expression lingering in a thoughtful one as if she's never had the option of doing exactly what she's wanted before. "Mother had me do embroidery… And things like that." To seem like a proper wife. But, she shrugs and leaves it at that with her eyes focused on her brother..

Again, Indira's attention drifts between the two but with Bowen taking to a silent stance, it eventually lands on Paerin and the answer she gives. A small smile appears, "There's not usually a high demand for embroidery but you might be able to earn yourself a couple of extra marks here and there taking in commissions from some of the weyrfolk to pretty up linens or tunics or something." So there's that. However, each person needs to earn their keep within the Weyr on a more daily basis and so it is that she poses the next, "We're short a girl down in the laundry caverns as one of our regulars has gone to visit a cousin. So you could fill in there. Of course, the kitchens always need help with meal preparations. Peeling tubers, chopping vegetables and the like. The nursery caverns can always do with an extra pair of hands so that the nannies can take a break here and there," rattling off a list of potential job opportunities and then setting the girl with a questioning lift of brow, "Any of those sound like something you could do?"

If Bowen is concerned about Paerin potentially shooting her mouth off at this moment, either to insult him or to insult Indira, the stoic man gives no visual indication of that being so, but a lot of that is still because the weyrtanner doesn’t believe she will last a seven here before he is hiring a dragonrider to take her back to Southern Hold. He remains standing where he is, quiet and observant. He could just leave, but then he wouldn’t be a witness to whatever assignment his sister gets and therefore, knows where she should be while on duty. The better to keep an eye on her, even if he’d rather chew nails instead. Maybe he does care after all? Or maybe there’s another reason for him wanting to keep an eye on her. There is another faint smirk from the man as Indira describes laundry work first, rather sadistically enjoying the thought of his baby sister dealing with heavy, wet clothes in a hot, steamy and uncomfortable workroom. But the smirk disappears quickly enough as he adds with a nod after Indira speaks, “All dats good, honest work, Paerin,” in an attempt to be encouraging.

Paerin nods slowly at the first thing, lips pressing thinly together as she listens to the opportunities offered by Indira. There's a faint shift, her mouth opening slightly before she murmurs. "I'll help in the kitchen." Whatever uncertainty was lingering is gone with a sudden bold statement, her arms tightening on her chest. Her head tilts, and her eyes lock once more onto her brother. "Of course it is. Why wouldn't it be?" A soft hmph follows and she's instantly turning full attention away and back to the Headwoman.

A glance goes up to Bowen, with the Headwoman putting forward a quick twitch of lips in understanding gesture when he passes encouragement onto his sister. With Paerin giving her decision, Indira sets a look holding edges of amusement onto her assuming the girl to have no idea how frenetic and exhausting the kitchens can become around the preparation of meals for such vast numbers of diners. She says nothing however that might discourage the teen from her choice as she'll find out soon enough on her own. "Alright then," she states in businesslike manner and adds her name to the list of kitchen helpers. "You can take today to get yourself situated in the dorms. I'm sure your brother," lifting another look up to the tanner, "can show you where those are. Tomorrow morning you'll report to Malia two candlemarks before sunrise and she'll give you the schedule and your duties as she'll expect from you." Which is likely to include helping with the washing of the crockery and cutlery after each main meal. "It's long hours," from before sun up to well past sun down, "but you'll have free time in between as Malia sees fit to get acquainted with your new surroundings." A bright smile fits onto Paerin as the Headwoman stands, moves over to one of the boxes on the shelves and extracts a knot carrying Eastern's colors. Returning to where brother and sister are situated, she holds it out to the teen to take and puts the next to Bowen, "Oh, and there's another matter I need to talk to you about once you and Cheusia have gotten yourselves situated in your new quarters." A meaningful slide of eyes to his sibling would suggest she's meaning alone, without extra ears. She doesn't however explain herself on the 'new quarters' bit just yet.

Bowen merely grunts a sigh to Paerin’s ‘hmph’, but the man actually looks a little less worn out with his sister seeming to lock onto kitchen work so quickly and firmly. When she looks back at Indira, he regards her quietly from behind with an odd look. And then the Headwoman is speaking again and Bowen slowly turns his attention back to her, nodding a little a heartbeat or two after she refers to him being able to show Paerin where the Residential Dorms are and getting her settled in. He listens to the rest quietly, mentally making a note to pull his own self out of bed a few minutes early to go check in on Paerin on his way out to the tanning work benches and make sure she’s up on time and not missing her first day. He’ll do this the first few days at least, until he’s sure she’s getting up on her own well enough, and used to her new schedule. When Indira speaks to Bowen about a separate matter, the man turns his blue eyes back onto the headwoman with a bit of consideration. He gives his sister another glance and then another look at the headwoman, “Aw-right. I’ll get Paerin a bunk and swing ‘round ta see ‘bout Che and we’ll come see ya, ma’am,” knowing that either she was waist deep in unpacking wedding gifts and sorting and arranging them in her room right now, or has gone on to poke her head in at the Infirmary, more than likely. For being so overprotective of her before he left, he was sure letting that tether go a little slack with their return. Perhaps Paerin was offering him too much distraction?

Paerin nods once, listening carefully to the woman. Mental notes are made and she continues to nod until the knot is handed over. It is taken in silence, lips pressed carefully together as she considers. Then a glance between the two and Paerin makes a face at her brother. "I'll fine on my own. Thank you." She hops up and smiles sweetly. "You need to talk, obviously…" And with that, she makes her way out, only following memorization of their previous path and finding her way back to Cheusia's room.

Unsure of how to word it without Paerin perhaps drawing suspicions she frowns a little and gives a short shake of head with regards to his bringing Cheusia along with him, for the less that know of Savod's placing, the better for all concerned. "Speaking of which, I've got something for you from the Weyr," that same bright smile back in place as she beckons the tanner to follow her along to the door of her private quarters. It's there and lowering her voice as she returns with a quilt wrapped bundle that she lowers her tone and states quietly, "I need to speak to you…alone." And then lifting her voice and handing over the bundle, a finger touches to the folded piece of paper slipped under the ribbon, "Your new room assignment. Married couples are afforded bigger quarters." Smile and tone warm as she returns once again to her chair behind her desk. And then the teen's standing and is gone before she's had a chance to write out the requisition form for the girl's bedding. A brow hitching in surprise she swiftly draws the appropriate form forward, fills it in and hands it to Bowen, "That's for her bedding for the dorms. Take her down to the storage caverns, third door on the right, and they'll get her squared away."

There are times when Bowen being slow to move is a good thing. There are times when it is a bad thing. This is one of those bad thing times. As Paerin makes that face, he simply eyes her suspiciously, not quite sure what she is up to. That only heightens with raised brows when she speaks, and that sweet smile just gets another grunted sigh. “Dag-gonnit, girl,” Bowen says as Paerin slips by him too quickly and out the door, managing to either refrain from a harsher swear word for Paerin’s sake or for Indira’s sake or maybe just because he’s too flustered to really know what to say. He starts after her, then Indira is giving him a bundle and murmuring to him, which has the man tensing slightly, thinking about Max and Lorayit and that package for the latter, but nodding nonetheless. He remains there, slightly rocking on his heels as Indira fills out the requisition form and tucks it in, but with his usually stoic patient demeanor even if he needs to try and catch up with Paerin. That done, he starts to turn to leave, then remembers his manners, turns nods politely in farewell to Indira, since his hands are too full with the bundle to tip his hat, “Much obliged, ma’am,” he rumbles softly, and then turns to go after his sister, whether she wants him to tail her or not, and more than likely not before she gets to Cheusia’s room first.

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