Good Morning, Good Morning!


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Date: July 27th, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr - Living Caverns
Synopsis: Just a typical morning in the Caverns.
Rating: PG-13 for one innuendo
Logger: Lexi

[ Eastern Weyr: Living Cavern ]

The main Living Cavern at Eastern Weyr is a near replica of the "Lower Bowl" in shape. It is circular, with ceilings sloping up into a gentle cone shape. There are a few stalactites hanging from the ceiling, from which the Weyr's few firelizards may perch. Between these, there are a few inverted "hills", showing exactly how quickly the workmen finished this job. It lends an eerie quietness to the place, as the features cut the sound more effectively. The glowbaskets on the walls highlight the tables of all shapes and sizes around the room. The Head Table appears to be more traditional in place and kind, but the rest of the tables are variable. The east side of the room boasts larger rectangle tables suitable for whole groups of riders, while the middle holds smaller circular tables more appropriate for a family with children. The west side of the room has small square tables which often double as gaming tables on lazy days and most evenings.

Near the Head table, off to the East side, the double doors of the kitchen swing open. Near those doors, two long rectanglular tables are set up for food and drink service. On the eastern and western sides of the room, the stairs lead up to parallel hallways which connect to the rest of the Weyr. A third, smaller set of stairs at the southernmost end of the cavern leads to the Weyr Entrance.

[ Exits ]
[KT] Kitchens
[WS] West Stairs
[ES] East Stairs
[OUT] Entrance

Well, it's morning. That's a good start. A group of people have gathered in the living cavern and are milling around a table in serious conversation. At the head of the table is Dubose, dark and serious as he listens to the clustered group of men. They don't look like weyr-folk. There's something rough about them, the clothes dirty from the road and the men worn from time and weather. A few weyr-folk are watching the gathering but so far no one is mingling with the men and those men seem too transfixed on whatever business they are doing to notice much else around them. That is, until the meeting breaks up and chairs scratch back across stone. Soon it's just Dubose who remains, leaning back in his chair, squinting around the cavern to see what else the morning might bring.

Oh, caverns work. It's really not the most enjoyable thing, to be honest, but Teallan is doing it. She's busy clearing plates and the like from tables, nudging them into a basin that's held around hip level. The young woman is quietly singing to herself and it could be notable as one of the songs by Menolly.

With hair wet from a fresh wash, Lexi strides into the caverns. She is preoccupied with running a comb through hr long dark locks as she absently finds herself a place to sit, at the table next to Dubose. Noticing him out of the corner of her eye, she offers him a smile and a soft, "Good morning." She carefully uses the comb to seperate seemingly random strands at the back of her head and begings the job of intricately braiding her hair. Upon spying Teallan she smiles, "That's a pretty tune." she remarks

Dubose's eyes drift across the cavern, picking out several folks side-eyeing his table, or watching after those who departed from it but he settles on the girl who is working to watch her, "Trying to place the song." He notes aloud to Lexi when she comments on it. Then there's a small smile for her and an incline of his chin in greeting to the girl.

Teallan looks up and clears her throat a bit. Surprised, it would seem, to see people. Likely she was off in her own little world for a time. Lifting a hand, she tucks back a bit of errand hair — the rest in a very basic braid, for while she works — and gleams at the two. Yeah, there's probably light glinting off of her teeth… or so she'd like to think. "It's just the chorus to a song," she says simply, giving them a smile. "Helps pass the time faster." She nods to some cups and the like on Dubose's table. "Shall I get those for you?"

Lexi grins at the girl a bit as she looks suprised. "Its lovely." she remarks softly as she continues her work on her hair, pulling more and more pieces of hair into the braid as it is plaited tightly to her head. Her eyes flow back to the man sitting at the nearby table. "You're new here?" she asks rather bluntly as she fumbles into her pocket with a free hand to pull out a small piece of leather thong.

Nenienne has arrived.

Dubose's smile tugs to one side at the hair-fussing and various braiding going on and he reaches for his cup and takes a sip of what must be juice by the color. "Ah, new enough. New enough." At the question to cleaning his table he gives the various dishes and cups a second look and shrugs, "If you care to clean up after the boys, I sure don't mind. Save me working up a sweat I guess."

Teallan flicks a finger at her knot in response to Dubose. She cleans up all save his own cup — and any plates or whatnot he may have — and moves on to the next table. Her bin is near full, but she's carefully stacking and adding more things atop the pile.

Lexi sticks the small piece of leather between her teeth as she is finishing the end of the braid. With deftness of many years experience, she quickly ties off the end with the small lenghth of leather. Picking up the comb again she begins work on her bangs which fall squarely right over her brows. Finally her coif has reached her satisfaction and she sticks the comb back in her pocket. "So Caverns duty today huh? Are there any chores that Candidates have that are actually enjoyable?" She wonders out loud.

Nenienne is following Teallan around with a cleaning rag and a broom. "Not really," she answers Lexi. "But on the other hand, digging the lake has given me new appreciation for the easier chores."

The knot flicking is met by a blank look but a smile all the same. It's not until the others chime in about the 'candidate' thing that his lips compress and understanding fills his eyes. "Ah, I see. Right. I hear I might get some of you candidates to help me out with the spices. Gotta remember to ask the headwoman about that."

"Sometimes a rider will request one of us for the day and those chores aren't too bad," Teallan says with a rise and fall of slim shoulders. She sets the basin down on a table to drop in the last of what it's likely to be able to hold without risking something falling over the edge. "Spices" she asks of Dubois, glancing towards the man. She awaits his answer, fiddling absently with a few plates that won't quite wedge in safely.

Lexi watches the filled basin wearily but when the man says something about spices, she perks her head to the side curiously. "Spices?" she echos Teallan. Her eyes wander a bit, looking around the living cavern until she spies th table with foood near the hearth. Getting up smoothly, she heads in the direction of food, but with an ear on thee conversation back at the table.

Nenienne occasionally glances longingly at the klah pot, but sticks to her duties. When she hears Taellan's answer she cocks her head. "What kind of chores do riders give you? Do they tell you anything about being a rider, or hatchings?" THen, as she is wont to do she changes subjects back to something from a bit ago. "Spices might be interesting, if I don't mix them up. I have trouble telling the difference between salt and sugar."

Dubose's smile is slow as the questions about spices is voiced, "Oh indeed. Spices. And some herbs, like numbweed. The weyr will be in need of that of course." He scrapes back his chair as he polishes off the rest of his drink. "I should go and find that Headwoman and ask her about rounding up some help." He chuckles about mixing up the spices and gives Nenienne an amused smile, "Sugar is the sweet one and salt is the…salty one. I hardly think you could mistake them." And with that he's sauntering out.

Dubose has left.

"Well, I've only had one, with E'ro. He had me shine his boots and clean his Weyr." Teallan shrugs and smiles in Nenienne's direction, hefting the bin of dirty dishes. "It wasn't bad. I've heard similar from other candidates." She grunts slightly at the weight of the bin and shuffles towards the kitchens, disappearing within momentarily. When she returns, it's with another rag and she starts on the opposite end from Nenienne in scrubbing at tables.

Getting her plate and adding a few pieces of cut fruit to it and then Lexi pours herself a mug of klah before heading back to the table. "I wouldn't mind spending time in some of the riders' weyrs." She sighs dreamily as she sits down again and begins to dig into her breakfast. "I'm just saying, there are some hunky riders in this Weyr." Yes, she is your typical sixteen turn old boy crazy girl.

Nenienne makes a face. "I suppose shining boots beats digging, but it doesn't actually sound like much fun." She glances over at Lexi and grins. "Get yourself searched and maybe you will. Who knows, I saw T'ryn search Neythan last night; maybe you could be next."

"I guess fun isn't the word for it," Teallan says with a languid shrug. She smirks slightly in Nenienne's direction, gaze taking in Lexi as well. "To be honest, I didn't expect it to be fun. It's hard work, to train us. I can only imagine it'll be even harder work should we Impress, y'know?" She scrubs furiously at a spot on a table before being satisfied and moving to the next. "Being an Apprentice isn't easy, either. I don't think things get fun or easy until you're a higher rank or something of the sort."

Lexi takes a piece of yellow fruit and pops it into her mouth, chewing thoughtfully for a moment. "I don't care if they had me on hands and knees scrubbing the floor." she pauses and a mischievous giggle escapes her lips. "Actually there are several fun things to do on your hands and knees." My, isn't she just cheeky today. "I wish!" she exclaims at Nenienne's idea of getting Searched. "So many of my friends have been candidates back at Ista. But who knows what it takes for a dragon to sniff you out? I've seen some people who knew all about riders and dragons and who would have thrown themselves off a cliff to get Searched, and never have. When others who seem to be completely clueless and unwilling not only get Searched, but impress."

Nenienne hmmmms. "So far I've mostly been digging in the lake. It's certainly given me new knowledge of muscles I never knew existed, but I'm not sure what relevance it would have on raising a dragon." She nods to Lexi. "I never even imagined I'd be searched, and here I am. Maybe the secret is to become a Smith — they searched both of us posted to the Weyr." The last is said with a tone of amusement.

"I must say that the ointment we were given helps," Teallan speaks up, pausing to lean on a table. She does blush somewhat at Lexi's words, glancing to her feet for a long moment. Eyes raise then, glancing between the two. "I think it's best to just… take it as it goes and do your best."

Lexi clears her throat and realizes that her innuendo might not be best for this type of crowd. "Ointment you say?" she asks as a way to cover up her rather risque comment. "I know. Having grown up in a Weyr," As she's now mentioned many times, "you can never tell how the dragon will pick."

Nenienne nods fervently. "The ointment is wonderful." She asides to Lexi, "Healer Eissa sent us ointment to help with sore muscles and exercises to help as well. The stretching has really made it better. So have soaks in the hot tub, come to that."

"Must be interesting to grow up in a Weyr," Teallan says with a somewhat dream-like tone to her voice. "To see the dragons and be able to watch hatchings.." She exhales in a small sigh, but a clearing of the throat from a cook breaks her out of her reverie and she's quick to start cleaning tables again.

Lexi nods slowly to that, "Ahhh, yeah stretching is very important. And lifting with your legs instead of your back." She obviously knows about lifting, with all the baskets of dirty laundry that she carries. "Its interesting, that is for sure, but you kind of get used to it. I mean, I can't remember the first time I saw a dragon, and I always get tickled when I see someone see one up close for the first time. It's something that I'll never have, that feeling."

Nenienne begins sweeping as she hears the throat-clearing, and nods to Teallan. "I never really thought about growing up in a Weyr until I was posted to one," she says thoughtfully. At Lexi's explanation she nods again. "I guess that makes sense. Sort of like I don't remember the first time I saw jewelry."

"I was born in Harper Hall, so being surrounded by music is normal for me," Teallan says distantly as she wipes off another table. She moves easily to the next, picking up the pace. Perhaps to be done sooner rather than later. "I saw dragons more often than some, I suppose, with how often people go to and from the Hall, but my first ride on one was when I was transferred to Landing."

"I haven't been to Landing yet, I want to go, I hear its wonderful there." Lexi says as she finishes her breakfast of fruits. Being conscientous, she picks up her dishes and brings them over to the bin that Teallan was using earlier. Unfortunately like one too many snowflakes on an already laden mountain, the bin topples over and spills dirty dishes all over the place. Lexi just stares at the mess she made with a look of horror.

Nenienne drops her broom (ok, props it on a table) and rushes over to help clean up any broken pieces, as well as the whole plates and mugs. As she's picking up pieces and dishes she says "Landing is neat, the one time I was there. I didn't get to see much of it though."

Teallan makes a soft sound in the back of her throat as the dishes fall. She looks up with wide eyes, perhaps expecting the cook to come out brandishing a spoon or pan or something at any moment. Fortunately, that doesn't happen, and she sets down her rag to hurry over and help clean as well. "Landing isn't all that interesting," she says dryly. "I mean, what's /contained/ there is, but it's otherwise not very. Barracks. Dining hall. Classrooms. That's really all there is. Even studying is hard because of how much they have to protect the archives from the traditionalists that keep trying to sabatoge it."

Lexi snaps herself out of the horror of the mess she has just created and frantically helps picking up the broken pieces, "Oh, sorry sorry sorry." She apologizes profusely, but when she sees that the candidates aren't getting ready to lynch her, she relaxes somewhat. "I still want to go and see. I don't know what excuse I would use, maybe research Ancients' laundry practices. I'm sure they must have had some kind of technology," she rolls the unfamiliar word over her tongue before continuing. "to make it easier."

Nenienne hmmmmms, retrieving the broom to sweep up the shards scattered across the floor. "Maybe if you make gooey eyes at one of the hunky male riders he'll take you," she suggests.

"There's a few people going there often right now," Teallan says absently as she collects the dishes that aren't broken to put into the bin. "Maybe you could tag along one day." She hefts the bin, now a bit lighter due to the lack of those dishes that broke. "I'm gonna go wash these before more break and I get in trouble."

Lexi giggles a little bit at Neni's suggestion, "Ohh, that's a good idea. Now I have to find me one of those…" But as she starts to consider which hunky rider she could butter up, a rather surly looking woman wearing a long laundr apron comes in and calls her name, looking rather put off. Lexi flinches and adds the shards she was picking up to the pile. "Coming!" she calls and looks back at the two candidates with a friendly smile. "I'll catch you two later!" And off she goes.

Nenienne finishes sweeping and wanders off to find where she put the dustpan. Eventully she finds it and returns to the scene of the crime and sweeps all of the shards into it. Almost to herself she murmurs "I suppose I should dispose of these elsewhere." She accordingly turns and leaves, waving to the others.

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