Gossip From A Friend


teallan.jpg Alara.jpg Rauzath, Escaeth, Ystwyth, and Voldrath

Date: Aug 20, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Hatching Sands
Synopsis: Teallan makes good on her promise to deliver gossip. Also more on 'She Who Chops Up Men' from the dragons.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Alara

Day #: 17 Month #: 09 Turn #: 1
Time : 6 - or so - PM
It is the wet season, on a warm and raining night.

It's a dark and stormy night… well, not storming as much as it was earlier, and it's not quite dark yet. But it's getting there. Alara has given up all pretense of doing hidework tonight, and is curled up against Rauzath, cooing quietly to her. Rauzath has her head lowered, nuzzling the crown of Alara's head, and whuffling in return.

Fortunately the rain has stopped, more or less. Teallan had feared it would still be just as bad as when she was in the midst of her chores. The young candidate has grabbed her meal on the run, heading up the stairs to the galleries at a slight jog. She aims her way to the point closest to where Rauzath rests, setting her food on a bench so she can lean out slightly to call softly out to the gold: "Rauzath." A pause to ensure there won't be any backlash or whatnot. "I've come with your gossip."

Rauzath looks up from her 'embrace' with her rider, and gives a happy, inquisitive whuff. Alara straightens up as well, and smiles. "Oh, grand. That'd be lovely. Anything to keep her mind off things. She's nervous again. It's about time, and the stress of the other things has really worried her, though she's trying not to show it. New gossip will help immensely." She snorts softly.

Teallan looks briefly to the eggs, eyes widening in that moment. A look akin to wonder. Her gaze returns to the gold and her rider and she grins, resting forearms on the railing. "Well, good thing I came then." She reaches over to her food and grabs a meatroll, munching on it real quick. Once the teen has swallowed, she gestures slightly to her knot. "Well, I found a certain Laundress has a crush on a candidate." It's totally a leading question, but she has enjoyed teasing Rauzath.

Rauzath allows her eyes to whirl a happy green, and she leans forward as though she could draw the information out of Teallan that way. Alara moves to accomodate her, wincing slightly. "Rauzath, love, unless you're intending to bespeak her directly, you don't need to be so loud." Another slight wince, and Alara chuckles. "You're really drawing her interest, Teallan.. She is quite curious now." Understatement much?

Teallan laughs brightly, moving back a bit to where she can reach her meal. A bit more chomping and she wipes the back of her hand across her lips. "Mmf, well. Zen, y'know. The one that… seems most every girl has an issue with. I don't really see why, myself. He's not a bad guy, buuuut." Another bite and she chews, watching how Rauzath takes it so far.

Rauzath being ever mindful of her eggs, moves forward a bit, and then just whuffles audibly to Alara. "Yes, dear, I'll keep my eye on the eggs. Go on." She chuckles bemusedly. So, Rauzath steps gingerly around the sandy mound of eggs, and steps quickly over to the side of the galleries, to look up at the young candidate. She sniffs at her, and then lowers her head to gaze directly at Tea, just waiting.

Teallan studies Rauzath for a moment before gingerly reaching out towards the gold, leaning somewhat from the ledges. "Does she like having her eyeridges scratched?" The Harper candidate glances around towards Alara, then back to the gold.

<Weyr> Escaeth chimes along the Weyr links. « Good morning to everyone thats awake. » She keeps her voice down, not intending to disturb any still sleeping dragons.

Alara chuckles more, realizing how the young Harper girl is playing her gold. It's effective, and at this point, it's helpful. "Oh, yes. She'll let you know if it's the wrong place. Just stick your hand out, and she'll move to the right places." She reaches out to touch one of the eggs, shifting it just a bit, and smiles benignly at the sensations she gets from it. Rauzath is pleased, though she waits rather impatiently for the bit of gossip.

<Weyr> Rauzath greets, with a soft bell, « Good morning, Escaeth. »

<Weyr> Ystwyth 's greeting is the soft trickle of the river, an endless song of pastoral sweetness. « Good morning! »

<Weyr> Escaeth sends the soft breeze of the morning dew to Rauzath and Ystwyth. « How are you both? The eggs going well Rauzath? »

<Weyr> Rauzath has the babies at the back of her mind at this moment, for some reason, though she does give a mental check. « They are well. Mine is watching them while I hear new gossip. » Happy sounds.

Teallan extends her hand out towards the gold's eyeridges, to aid in the scritching. "Apparently one of the laundry girls, Lexi, hasn't really… gotten to know him much, but has the biggest crush on him." She even giggles a little, winking at the gold. "I think it's silly, but she got the biggest goo-goo eyes about him the other day."

<Weyr> Ystwyth is mist on the river, soft, gentle and quiet. « I am well, » she declares. « And yourself? » To Rauzath, she is a steady eddy, patient and calm like a deepwater pool. « I am glad to hear they are well. »

<Weyr> Escaeth chimes again, she loves her bells. « Anything new and worthwhile? I heard some sort of ruckus the other night from a certain grump, but was too busy flying. » To Ystwyth she replies, « Clear skies, me in them, all's right with Landing. A good morning indeed. »

Rauzath snorts, and shifts just a little to allow her to get just the right spot. She croons softly in pleasure. Behind her, Alara chuckles, and calls. "Well, she says, she'll have to get in line. Isn't he the one who has connections with the young holder girl who didn't know why I'd offer to take her between?" She can't always keep the names straight. "Annie, or something." She frowns. "No, Rauzath, I will not call her 'She Who Runs into Tables.' " She snorts as she realizes she did say that out loud.

<Weyr> Rauzath is still hearing the gossip, so doesn't have a summary yet. « Something about one of the candidates and one of the laundresses. » There is a clear drawing off of attention, as she focuses more on the bringer of the news.

Teallan laughs, giving a little shrug with her shoulders. "Well, it's entirely moot since he's a candidate. Playboy or not, it's not like he's allowed to do anything." She watches in mild fascination as the gold moves to get to the right spot and once the gold seems there, the girl scritches right and proper. Or as proper as she can imagine. "But if that's true… well, that makes it all the more interesting, doesn't it, Rauzath?"

"Actually, we prefer the candidates come on to the sands with a bit of experience. It is better to know what is going to happen than for your first time to be as a flight. That can be … extremely different than relationships may allow, and …" Alara gives a smile. "Well, we cannot have pregnant girls on the sands, so we can have a rider take them between. Other than that…" They don't prohibit such things. Rauzath snorts, and continues to listen, waiting to see if there is more to the story.

Teallan glances around Rauzath towards Alara, her cheeks quite pink. "Really? I'd always thought it was the same as apprentices." She looks back to the gold and lowers her voice. "I guess that's another secret. I'm not experienced."

<Weyr> Voldrath 's vocal bellow is somewhat muffled and controlled, but his mental one is a little less restrained. Although he doesn't put discernible words to what is bothering him, there's a general impression of being on guard of His Own.

A blush of her own covers Alara's face, though Rauzath has no such compunction. "Rauzath!" She evidently refuses to pass along whatever it was that the gold has said. "Well, depending if you Impress or not, and what color you Impress, you may have time. However, during weyrlinghood, it is definitely forbidden." Rauzath, who thinks herself quite clever indeed, snorts and whuffs, and shifts again. There's another itchy spot. Right … there.

<Weyr> Escaeth peers at the grump. « Something the matter Voldrath? »

<Weyr> Rauzath snorts, and has a generally cheerful demeanor, for some reason, and there are chuckles behind her words. « He'll be fine, Voldrath. » It's not a censure, but a mild attempt at reassurance.

<Weyr> Voldrath turns his snarl to Escaeth. « Just be thankful you're safe where you are. » Rauzath's tone gets a touch of curiosity, but he doesn't seem exactly reassured.

<Weyr> Escaeth seems utterly confused as the rapidly changing breeze would indicate. « Of course I'm safe… aren't you? » She peers down to Rauzath, indicating the green's confusion with the brown.

<Weyr> Rauzath snorts. « Voldrath's got his nose out of joint since you Searched the lady with the hidden face. He calls her 'She Who Chops Up Men.' » She rolls her eyes. and the sounds of long fingernails on wood echo through.

<Weyr> Voldrath 's attention snaps arrow thin, directed towards Escaeth. « It was you who brought this menace? If she takes Mine from me, I will hold YOU personally responsible. Even more than Rauzath for going along with it. »

<Weyr> Escaeth lets out one of those ohhh sounds that their humans are known to make when coming to a realization. But then when Voldrath turns his attention on her, she lets out some hissing and booming thunder. « Don't take that tone with me! She smelled like a rider and my nose never lies. I don't stop to ask their history. Thats the queenrider's job. And she seemed grateful… like a second chance almost. »

<Weyr> Rauzath steps in, not as boldly or just THERE as her sister-queen might, but she does strengthen her hold on the link. « Voldrath. I've already spoken with you about this. She is a Search dragon. She needs to trust her instincts. » To Escaeth, Rauzath gives a gentle pat. « You did well, dear. You're right. Your nose… or whatever sense you Searchers use … is invaluable. »

<Weyr> Voldrath sends a bellow back towards Escaeth, before Rauzath's warning gets to him. « You wouldn't be so smug if Yours were in danger of being cut up, » he replies furiously. « Can you guarantee me that I won't lose my lifemate, Rauzath? If if was Yours… »

<Weyr> Rauzath isn't sure how to reply to that without dampening her mood, so she pulls back from the links, listening but making no commetn to the brown's ire. Anything that she has to say has already been said.

Teallan looks between Alara and Rauzath, eyebrows quirked. She obviously and clearly wants to ask what was said, but since no one's sharing, well. There's no way for her to find out. Yet. "I guess I'll just have to wait and see." She exhales a little in bemusement and scratches at the clearly itchy spot. "I bet you can't wait to get off these Sands and lounge on the beach and be covered in glorious oil."

<Weyr> Escaeth retorts back, but with less anger. « She's hardly likely to harm him with witnesses. Just tell him not to be alone with her if you're that concerned. » She pulls back somewhat like Rauzath does, although she can still hear everything too.

Rauzath will definitely be glad, and chuffs her agreement with the sentiment. She lowers her head, having gotten a good scratching, and feeling more content. However, her eyes flash a little yellow from time to time, and she moves back over toward the eggs. "Thanks for stopping by with the gossip, Teallan. How is candidacy coming for you? Overall. Have you gotten any time to do your writing since Master Gallifren was here?" She knows he was pushing for it. Alara switches places with Rauzath, sort of, letting the gold turn her eggs while the two women talk.

Watching the gold go, Teallan moves her way back to where she placed her food, taking a few bites of something or another. She glances with dark eyes towards Alara. "A little bit, but not much. I'm hoping the lake is finished soon and that might clear up time for some of us now and again." She huffs a bit, moving stray bits of hair out of her face. "I… wish there was better and more solid news about what happened, so it wouldn't be such a vague tale."

<Weyr> Voldrath roils furiously. « Females. Sharding useless. I'll make sure she doesn't get near him when he's alone again, you may be sure of that. Second chances… bah. Second chance to hurt someone else. If you will excuse me, I will make sure it is not mine. » With a flick of his tail, he shuts off his mind completely.

<Weyr> Escaeth trumpets with some derision. « Males. Utterly senseless. Thank Faranth for the queens. » She doesn't shut her mind off like the brown does, as she remains listening for anything important.

Rauzath gives a bugle about something else, pausing in the turning of the Geode egg. "S'alright, luv. He's just being a prat. Let it be. You can understand why he'd be frustrated." She hurries over, calming the queen down. "Sorry about this, Teallan." She finishes her consolation of her 'mate, and then comes back to her discussion. "Oh, I do understand that. So much has happened here and I've barely had the time to process it. And all this happening right now when we are at the most … tense." She sighs. "Anyway. I think Orralth has nearly finished, though I'm not sure. He and the Smiths have some … " She gives a mild snort. "Some different language or something. Listening to them talk makes no sense." Even with the help of the blue's rider.

"It's alright," Teallan says to Alara, glancing to the gold. Her attention returns to the weyrwoman and she grins a little, briefly. "Some of the candidates don't like all the dirt Orralth flings about, because it makes them dirty, but… I mean, we're getting dirty anyway."

This also could be considered gossip. "Oh?" Alara gazes up interestedly. "Which ones in particular?" Her normal dislike for gossip in general has gone by the wayside because she needs new things to discuss with Rauzath to take her mind off the circular walls and worries and other things. Dry, boring hides only go so far, and the links seem to be frustrating her tonight.

Plus, well, it's likely good to know what's going on with the candidates. "Mmm, I think Nenienne said something about it. I think it bothered her a little, but…" The young woman shrugs, chomping on a meatroll. Once she swallows, she continues. "It's just general griping, really. A lot of he said, she said kind of things. I can't see complaining about more dirt when you're already dirty, y'know?"

Alara nods, stretching a bit, shifting so that she can avoid getting kinks in her neck. "Exactly. And dirt washes off." She sighs. "Well, I expected it from some of them. But they seem to be working pretty well, don't they?" She asks for the young woman's assessment. "Are there many … rivalries among them? I know there are a couple of the candidates who have had less than stellar backgrounds, and …" She worries about a fractious group, though it may not be an issue.

Teallan toes at the ground of the galleries a bit, considering. "I know Ahnika and Zen don't get along well, but they both seem to be…" she shrugs, thinking about her words. "getting along for the sake of candidacy, y'know?" She finishes her food and fusses with her plate a bit. "Mostly, everyone seems to be doing their best to get along."
Alara nods. "I hadn't heard much about that… Ahnika. That's her name." She listens for a long moment and then snorts. "They weren't the ones I was worried about. There were a couple others, but I suppose, if you hadn't heard anything, I may be making Weyrs out of sand castles." She shrugs. "I have the habit of doing that, you know." And Teallan is one of the people that would know.

"Or I might not have interacted with them much," Teallan says with a slight tilt of her head. She does smile a bit though. "There haven't been any major fights or… the kinds of things we'd see problem apprentices do back at Harper, so I guess it's gone pretty well."

Alara nods. "That's what I'm worried about, mainly." She stretches again, and then turns around. "Hmmm? You need a little help with that one?" She steps back, and pulls the Love is Red egg out from the middle, and turns it just so. "Like that?" There's an assenting whuffle, and Alara smiles up to the girl. "I think I may curl up and see if we can doze for a bit." It's not for long these days, but sleep is necessary.

Teallan looks across the eggs, trying to seek out the Eternal Flame Egg. Once she catches a glimpse of it, she seems content and gets to her feet. "Of course. I should get back and use a bit of time to work on the ballad." Holding the plate in one hand, she stretches. "If I have anymore… news, I'll be sure to bring it to Rauzath."

Alara smiles brightly, and waves tiredly. "Thank you, you really did cheer us up this evening." And with that, she's stepped back to curl up against her dragon, toeing off her boots and resting her head on the lowest part of the dragon's forepaws.

Not sure if this is in the same timeframe as the Log which F'min, Rocio, Neni and Neythan were doing while Voldy was talking to the other two dragons. So… it may not mesh well.

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