Grand Adventures


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NPCs Lenia and blue Orralth (played by Bast)

Date: 2010.08.08
Location: Laundry Cavern
Synopsis: Leron falls over his own feet, Jaya trips over a stool, there's linen and hides everywhere, and Lenia tosses a knot. All in all, Leron gets searched. Yay! :)
Rating: PG13
Logger: Leron

The laundry room is a busy place - what with its landresses and all the linens and whatnot. Amongst the drudges and folks is Jaya, her hands deep into one of the smaller washing basins as she pulls up a soaked brown coat. She has her hair tied up to sit ontop of her head while she works, and for the most part she has set herself apart from all the gaggling and gossiping going on amongst those present. There's a stool set up beside her with a bound set of hides sitting right ontop of it along with a writing stylus as if sometime before, she has been engaged in writing in it.

Coming into the laundry room, is what appears to be a stack of linen…with legs. The legged pile staggers to the left and then to the right, miraculously missing some of the tubs and laundresses at work. The pile of linens, also appears to be singing some or other song about A Grand Adventure in not too poor a tone. Unfortunately, someone has left a stool with a stack of hides sitting on top of it and its toward this, on a collision course that legged-linens totters.

When Jaya hears the sudden collective gasp and cry of a few laundresses leaping out of the way of the oncoming linen legs, she drops her coat back into the soapy waters and turns….just in time to see that linen with legs totter towards the stool with hides. Eyes widening, she moves around the basin as if to intercept the inevitable from happening, rolling up her sleeves as she goes along. It's also obvious that she's just not going to make it in time, so it's in her unmistakable voice that she's calling out, "Hey! Hey!" with a hand raised out, the drudges and laundresses looking on at the collision waiting to happen.

“Hey!” the song breaking off and Leron’s voice rings out cheerfully as he completely misinterprets Jaya’s words as greeting. If she doesn’t step out of the way, he’s likely to bowl not only her stool over, but the woman herself too as one boot stands on the untied bootlace of another and the whole legged linen pile starts to topple forward with a muffled, “Uh oh” serving as any kind of warning.

With a roll of her eyes, Jaya is bypassing the stool for the cheerful, tottering pile of linen instead. "Watch it, you-" and whatever else gets cut off because, the bar owner not watching where she herself was going, catches her boot against the bottom of the stool and it causes her to stumble. With a cry of "Ack!" Jaya runs head-long and face-first into the pile of linens and is going down. With that caught boot knocking hard into it, both stool and the poor stack of bound hides ontop of it is going down with her. Most activity stops in the room at the cry, with a few laundresses exchanging rather amused glances among themselves.

“Oof!” that’s all that can be heard when Jaya collides with him. Oh lookie, a woman finally fell for him! Or that’s what might have gone through Leron’s mind if he wasn’t currently buried under a mound of linen and not sure which side is up and was even aware that somewhere on top of the linen is one bar owner. Silence reigns, not a twitch from the stablehand. Maybe he’s dead? And then faintly, from underneath it all starts laughter. First a chuckle and morphing into belly busting guffaws.

Yep. Jaya's right ontop of him. Well, at least right ontop of the linens that happen to be ontop of him. Imagine that. She barely registers the fact that sheets of loose hides have been scattered all about them, along with the toppled stool laying on its side in the silence that ensues. Then, hearing that twitching, growing laughter from beneathe her, the bar owner's frowning heavily as she gets to her knees - and then, the whole room's laughing. Laughing at -her-. Throwing a dark look about her, she punches at the guffawing linens before she leans over and starts pulling them away in order to see his face. "Very funny!" she cries, directed at him moreso those chuckling around them. "I guess he -was- right. You're as clumsy as a blushing bride!"

The laughter continues with a few grunts in between as Jaya’s fists find muffled marks. As she is pulling the sheets away on top, so Leron is trying to scramble his way through from the bottom under suddenly his face appears, a wide grin stretched across it. “It was!” he announces on it being funny as he struggles to sit up, “Hey Jaya,” beeeeam. Whatever insults she throws at him seem to just roll right off, “Not blushing,” he states confidently (and indeed he isn’t this time) but doesn’t deny being clumsy. Or maybe he does, for a cocky tone sets to his voice, “Hey, you’re the one that landed on –me-.”

"Sooo glad you think so," Jaya's husky alto is dripping with sarcasm now that Leron's face appears from under the linen rubble. When he sits up, she scoots back, only pausing when her boot slides onto something slippery. "Oh, fuck," the expletive slips when she looks back to examine, now finding all her hides in a disarray. She grabs the one pinned under her boot and then throws a scowl towards the laundresses - those launresses that suddenly found their work and their old conversations interesting again - and then the scowl gets turned on the stablehand. "I didn't land on you," she protests quickly, scooting back more as more sheets of hides come into her line of vision. "You attacked -me-, with -that-!" and she's using the hide she's holding to wave at the mess of linens. Lips drawn into a line, "I'm starting to think you have ropes for legs, the way you're going about!"

Leron misses the sarcasm, either naively so, or purposefully to grin and quip, “See? You do know how to have fun. I bet you’d be killer in a snowball fight.” As she slips he lurches forward to try and grab her and prevent her from falling yet again. But he misses and some of the high humor slips off as he wrinkles his nose, “You shouldn’t put those on the floor you know, they’ll get all messed up.” So helpful in not realizing they had in fact been on a stool. “Here, let me help you,” scrambling out of the last of the sheets and kneeling to try gather up Jaya’s hides. Turning a mild look over to the pile of linens, “Well, I couldn’t see where I was going,” like how could that be –his- fault? “And then you just tackled me and…” shoulders roll in an easy shrug as he hands some of the hides over, “What are these anyway?” His curiosity overriding the insult put out over his legs.

The fact that Leron completely misses Jaya's point has the bar owner just…deadpan staring at him. Is he for real? "Dunno about the snowbal fight," she drawls darkly, eyes narrowing at his easy demeanor, "but I'd be a killer alright." His words on the poor scattered hides, oblivious as it is, gets a look that could shoot daggers as she leans over to start collecting them up. The few sheets Leron gathers up, if looked at closely, wouldn't just be lists of inventory and stuff bar-related. Some have scribbled poetry of a sort on them, and it's something that has Jaya's eyes widening as she nearly drops the hides she has to go after his own. "No, no! I got it!" she is quick to say, reaching out in an attempt to intercept whatever sheets he's collecting up. "They're nothing, just….lists, and …stuff for my bar…" words fail, but she manages to find some at his own words of her tackling him. "Me?? Tackle you? Please, shuga!" She waves a dismissing hand at him, up and down.

Brown eyes roll at the killer comment, “Snowballs are more fun,” he states. His hand having been in a reach for the one with the poetry on it, moves even quicker when it becomes clear Jaya does –not- want him catching a peek at it. “Oooh,” eyes start to scan the first few words and Leron settles onto his butt, the other hides forgotten as he becomes intrigued with the contents, “I like the kind of lists you draw up. Very…” grinning, “poetic.” His attention lifts and he nods firmly, “Yup, you tackled me.” Says he sitting amongst the pile of linens he been carrying before a comedy of errors saw the two landing up in a tangled pile and scattering Jaya’s hides everywhere.

The sheet of hide Leron's reading is definitely poetry - and of a wistful-love kind, too. Something about finding love on a crisp winter day, leaves falling, hair loose and fancy-free….stuff clearly not for other eyes. When Jaya's far too slow in getting the sheet away from him, color seems to drain from her face as she watches his eyes read it. Her voice turning a steely cold, "Give that back, now," the bar owner commands, craddling the few sheets of hides she has to her chest while there's still others scattered around them with the linen. "You…that's not mine." Yep, go for the easy denial of the sheets being hers.

Lenia is still laughing loudly at something as she enters the laundry, arms full of dirty clothes. Most of them are muddy, as though she's been spending a lot of time in the rain and dirt. Her laughs die down as she walks into the room, though. Spotting the pair, she leans up against the wall, and clears her throat. "I'm … not interrupting anything important, am I?" She gives a small grin, her eyes lighting up as she passes by the pair to put the clothes, one by one, into the heated pool.

"No," Leron's head shakes slowly as he clutches it against his chest daring the woman to wrestle it away from him. Which she could probably quite easily do. A crooked smile starts to form, "I like it. You write nicely," its just that simple, "You'd look pretty like that," dancing about in a fall of autumn leaves. And then he's reluctantly handing it over but not because of the tone taken, "I knew you weren't all this" a hand waves about in the air to indicate her usual spikiness, "you're just a girl that got lost is all." And with that he goes back to gathering up the rest of her hides (without looking at them) and sets them in a neat'ish pile near Jaya before he starts to gather up all the linen. And that's about when Lenia's voice cuts in and has the stablehand sending a grin up to her, "No ma'am, just…" eyeing the scattered linens, "just fixing the mess Jaya here made." Brat. And then adding in conspiratorial tone to the new arrival, "She was having fun." Ssh, it's a secret, don't tell anyone!

"I said," and Jaya shoving the hide sheets she has to the side of her so that she could bring herself up straight and pull up her sleeves ominously, "it's not -mine-!" And then there's that aggravating compliment - all of it - that has her blushing, and that only seems to make that scowl on her face more pronounced. She pauses when he gives the poetry sheet back, then is set to watching him with something unreadable in her gaze as he collects up the rest of it. She's at a loss for words, any words, really. It's only when Lenia appears to break the tension -along with that bratty comment Leron makes - that puts the bar owner back in action. Her stoic mask back in place, Leron gets the Look from her. "Ignore him," she puts forth dryly, now looking over to where Lenia is with a nod. "What he means is that I was saving him from landing himself and these fine linens into one of the washing pools. Imagine the trouble he would have caused then. Tsk, tsk." Brat for brat.

Lenia is chuckling softly, not really concerned with the personal issues between the pair. They could be lifelong mates for all she knows. She finishes checking the clothing over, and dumps it all in, backing to lean against the counters again, letting the women do their work. "Whoever wrote those, it would be a shardin' shame to lose something that … precious." She shrugs. "Lenia. Rider to blue Orralth, digger extraordinare!" She holds out a hand, available for either of them to shake, if they wish. "Oh, c'mon, Orry. Not now!" She rolls her eyes, and sits down on one of the chairs.

“You shouldn’t be ashamed of who you want to be,” Leron states quietly before taking up the last sheet and placing it in the pile with the others on one side. Jaya’s –look- earns her the very ‘mature’ response of having the stablehand sticking his tongue out at her before he’s grinning up at Lenia again. “See Jaya? Even the lady says so.” And then there’s names and introductions and the stablehand’s wiping his hand off against his trousers and standing to offer it to the bluerider, “I’m Leron, and that,” gesturing down to the bar owner, “is Jaya. You’re a digger? Whattaya digging?” all kinds of curious now.

"Ain't nothing," Jaya mutters to Lenia on the poetry being precious, now finding the act of putting the hides together far more interesting than anyone's face. At least she does it with stubborn pride, despite the fact that the blush hasn't subsided in the least and just serves to make the whole act absurd. His quiet words cause her to look at him sharply, "Who I fu-?" she starts hotly, her dark eyes going to the bluerider immediately before she seems to change her mind. Blinking, she settles to merely giving Leron a look that promises sharp words later, and seems to let that so mature sticking out of his tongue slide. For now. "Jaya, barkeep," she gives dryly in introduction to Lenia despite Leron having done so for her. Then, going back to getting all the sheets together, she lapses into a studying silence as Leron starts in on his questioning the dragonrider.

"Treasure." That's Lenia's quick answer, because she's looking off to one side. "Well, right now, anyway. Earlier today, Orralth was digging in the lake." She grins and remains purposefully vague. She'll grab and shake the stablehand's hand once, firmly, and then grins over at Jaya. "Ohhhh. You're the one with the Bar. Very nice place." Lenia's been in and out of there a couple times, and appreciates it. "Well," she slaps her thighs, as though getting ready to leave, then pauses. "Mmmmm." She shakes her head, as though to clear it. "What do you do, Leron? I mean, other than torment pretty ladies?" She gives a sly wink to Jaya as she grinningly teases the man.

Leron’s smile softens for the blush and the very manner in which Jaya goes about gathering her hides together again, but he’ll leave the woman be for the time being, fully expecting to get knocked about the head later on. Because now Lenia is mentioning treasure. Brown eyes widen, “Treasure? Really? Do you need any help? I’m real good with a shovel,” yeah because a shovel in his hands wouldn’t inadvertently become a weapon of mass destruction. He’s clearly missed the connection between treasures and digging having drawn his own conclusions. Lanky as the lad is, his grip is pretty strong for such a string bean. Once released that had lifts and scratches at the back of his head, “Work down the stables, Ma’am,” looking a little wary for having forgotten to do something, again. “Max send you after me?”

Talk of treasure certainly has Jaya's up from getting her stuff together, her gaze flicking from one to the other and back again in her silence. When her bar is mentioned, however, "Glad it's meeting satisfaction," she returns on the compliment with something akin to pride and pleasure over her bar, a slight bow given. If she finds the interest in Leron worth her study, she seems to not be showing it. Leron's excitement over treasure does earn him a snort from the barkeep, perhaps deeming it wise to keep her mouth shut for once on shovels. And if the pausing of her own activity by a name drop is noticed, then she's quickly recovering and busy binding the last of the hides back together with a snap.

"Well, you could help. I mean…" Lenia frowns for a long moment, and looks off to the side again, giving a nose wrinkle and a wince. "All right, already." She shakes her head, and glances up to the man. "There's one sure way you could help." She gives a swift nod, and glances around. "Oh, shards. Hold on." She runs out of the room, and down the hall without more of an explanation.

Well, now he’s really confused. Hand stilling at the back of his head as Leron turns a glance over to Jaya, “Jays, what I do wrong now?” as the bluerider scurries off. Because the bar owner is sure to come up with at least a dozen possibilities. His hand drops away and he bends to scoop an armful of linens and drop them off with a laundress. Returning for the rest his easygoing demeanor is once again in place, “You know, you should tell the person that wrote that poetry,” playing along with the woman’s attempted denials, “that there’s men here that would pay good marks for her to write stuff like that for them to give their women?” And then he’s bending down to the linens and probably leaving himself wide open for a literal ass kicking.

With the bluerider running out, Jaya's watching her back with furrowed brows into Leron's voice cuts into her thoughts. With the hides all collected, she finally gets to her feet and tucks the bound hides under an arm before she looks to the overturned stool. "You're -always- doing something, it seems," she drawls dryly to him before anyone else decides to intervene. Dark eyes on the stablehand now, "And why would I- I mean, that guy want to write that stuff for -your- wooing enjoyment?" Leron gets her scowl again as she bends to put the stool upright and set the hides back ontop of it. Having done so now, she looks very much like she wants to deliver that ass-kicking from here to next turn, but with a heavy sigh that expels some of her tension, she adds instead quietly, "Tell anyone what you read and I'll leave you in the infirmary for a whole month." It's laced with that notorious Dicori 'charm', but at least with the blush gone it can be said with some semblance of intimidation.

Leron’s hand lift to ward off the poetry being of use to him, “Not me. Shards, what would I do with it? Just saying, there are marks to be made.” Conversation cuts as he takes the last load over to another laundress waiting nearby and then taken up again as he returns, “If you don’t want anyone to know it’s your writings,” yeah he’s back to insisting she’s the author of it, “I’ll sell it for you.” He –was- going to sit his own butt down on that stool but seeing as how the hides are now back on it, the stablehand tries for a nonchalant lean across the nearby washtub, arms folded across his chest, his grin decidedly teasing, “So first you want me drunk under a table with you and now you want to wrestle with me? Dang, I must be doing something right!” Yeah, no.

"What, no wilting holdbred girl waiting at home for you?" Jaya tosses the words over one shoulder at Leron's initial words, letting some sarcasm into her tone. "And no thank you. What you read, that…it's.." at least she seems to have dropped the fact that the poetry was written by someone -other- than her. She makes it back to the basin where her coat was soaking, not leaning to retrieve it as she instead chooses to send a heavily guarded look the stablehand's way. At that teasing grin, there's a narrowing of eyes. "Or maybe you're deliberately seeing things that aren't there," she drawls in reponse, lips thinning into a line. "Like all that foolish talk of me being some girl you -think- I want to be. It's just some stupid words from a long time ago." Petulance has her chin lifting, defiance and a quiet challenge in her eyes.

“I’m country, but not that much that I’d send poetry like that to my sister,” Leron quips through a chuckle. Arms unfold and hands hook thumbs into the tops of his trouser pockets, “It’s personal,” he finishes for Jaya with a short smile. “That’s fine,” and then a little quieter as brown eyes meet hers, “At least you dream dreams for yourself,” nodding to himself, “That’s good to know.” Anything else Jaya tries to use as defensive denial gets overlooked in favor of a grin.

It takes longer than she expected, but Lenia is back, stepping into the room with her hands grasped around something. "I found it," she crows, eyeing the two. "I only have the one, though. Sorry." She frowns, and holds up something that looks vaguely familiar. "You want to help, you got it!" Her wide grin appears, and she tosses the white thing toward him. "Catch." It's a candidate knot.

With a roll of her eyes, but the lopsided grin does come unbidden, "You know what I meant," Jaya levels at the young man on account of his sister. It's the words and the gaze and all that quiet-like seeking-into-soul-type stuff from him that has the barkeep's jaw tightening and her usual guarded walls creating just another crack, somewhere, in her defenses. In the silence that follows, it's obvious she's casting about for something mean and cruel to say - anything foul and mean-spirited, really - but nothing comes forth. So, she settles a dark look on Leron instead, along with a very quiet, "Stop that," which, it's possible in the low din of conversations going on by them that it could not be heard. But then Lenia's back and the scowl turns to something less scowl-y when she spies what she holds in her hand. Brows lift high at the candidate knot being sent Leron's way, the familiar white having the barkeep stare on in shocked silence.

Leron simply sends another grin Jaya’s way for her lopsided one. And then unusually so for him, he goes quiet, observing the bar owner as she seems to struggle with something. The dark look is met with a chuckle and slow shake of head, “Nope,” the ‘p’ making a popping sound on his lips as emphasizes it. About to sling another cocky comment her way his attention is slung back Lenia’s way when she re-appears, “Hey you okay?” concern for her sudden disappearance showing up. Shrugging, “Yeah sure, I’ll help but you’ll have to clear it with Max or he’ll be…” instinctively his hand reaches out and catches the white item, “pissed.” Brown eyes widen and then Leron is solemnly moving to hand it back to the bluerider, “I think you got the wrong person ma’am. I’m more likely to trip and break an egg open before its time than I am to have a dragon fool enough to find me.” Likely the first self-deprecating words any at the Weyr have heard from the lad since his arrival.

"Nope." And Lenia pops her p in subtle imitation. The grin never leaves her face. "Orralth says you'll do fine. Just step carefully, or … for Faranth's sakes, stand still!" She leans casually against the wall again, and there's another wink to Jaya. "He says you're perfect for it. I have no idea what criteria he uses to make that judgement, but he's not usually wrong." A slow nod accompanies that comment.

Jaya frowns, but this time, at least for the moment, it's not one of hostile intent. It's guarded and thoughtful at Leron's refusal of her quiet demand, even though she gives no explanation for what she meant. Stop looking at her? Stop trying to break through her defenses? So, taking up to lean against the upright stool, the usually taciturn barkeep is content in merely sending him a look full of heavy challenge. She catches the wink sent her way from Lenia now and she directs her study on the knot that's trying to make its way back to its previous owner. "Perhaps he likes those of the clumsy sort," she remarks wryly on Lenia's dragon then, head tilting to fix a barely amused look on the potential candidate.

When Lenia’s not looking to be taking the knot back, it’s to Jaya that Leron sends an uncertain look. Perhaps she’ll make a convincing enough story as to why it shouldn’t be his. Until that is, the Grand Adventure bug raises its head and bites down hard. Suddenly a wide grin flashes out and the former stablehand is nodding emphatically, “Actually,” his hand closing possessively around the knot, “this could be quite grand! Thanks ma’am, Orrrralth,” struggling a little with the name and flinging his gaze widespread as if trying to locate the dragon itself, “See ya at the digging tomorrow, then!” And just like that with a last wink thrown Jaya’s way and nod of head the bluerider’s way, he’s darting off calling over his shoulder, “Gotta tell, Max. Later!!”

Lenia snickers at the way he leaves, and shakes her head. "Well, it was good to meet you. Now I'll have a name to put to the face behind the bar." She nods at something one of the laundresses says, and sighs. "Well, I need to get back to Orry. He's found something, and wants to know what it says." She rolls her eyes, and gives the barkeep a quick salute. "Fair day."

The exchange in knots draws mild interest, but Jaya merely stares Leron's way when he looks to her. Then he's off, causing her brows to knit together at his sudden excitement and it lingers as she watches him make a dash out the room. "Likewise, Lenia," she drawls, bringing her gaze back to the bluerider with a firm nod. "Come by sometime and we'll talk over the drinks you'll buy." Tact, she does not have. There's a smile, then another nod is given in silent farewell before, finally, the barkeep returns to her soggy coat in the basin with her deep thoughts.

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