Greenriding Fury


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Date: 5/24/2011 - IC: Turn 3, Month 2, Day 28
Location: Some random tavern near Landing
Synopsis: At Nara's request, Ahnika comes to check on her before it gets too late and she forgets about drills in the morning. Ahni resorts to force to extract Nara from a handsy companion.
Rating: PG-13
Author: Ahnika

The short tunnel leading up to into the tavern proper reeked of piss and booze and vomit so bad that Ahnika had to cover her mouth and nose with her hand to keep from gagging. The young greenrider had long ago said goodbye to the soft flower that she was before the two turns of combined Candidacy and Weyrlinghood, the labor and physical training toning her muscles, and the self-defense classes adding that layer of discipline to the natural defenses that her tall and athletic frame provided her. Add a splash of bitter heartache for that extra jagged edge and she felt more than ready to face the ugly truth she knew would be waiting for her here. Cap and goggles tucked into the belt of her riding leathers, Ahnika strode past the swinging make-shift door and stopped. The place didn’t smell much better than the tunnel beyond it. Rubbing her nose a little and then lowering her hand, she looked around the dimly lit room and spotted Nara at a table. The woman was laughing hysterically and trying her best to stay in her chair, while a man petted her heavily with one hand and poured more wine into her cup.

Sighing, Ahnika ignored the looks (and even some brave catcalls), and shifted direction to Nara’s table and her new flavor of the night. Already pulling some marks out of her pocket to leave on the table for Nara and her friend, Ahnika says, “You wanted me to come remind you of drills, Nara. It’s time to go.” Patting the man on his chest and giving him a passionate kiss full of whiskey breath, Nara said, “It’s been fabulous, Darling,” and then started to get up out of the chair, wobbly so.

“What? No no no,” the man said, pulling Nara back in against him with an arm snaking around her waist. The older greenrider squealed and giggled and Ahnika fought the urge to roll her eyes by fixing her grey eyes on the man as he continued, “The night’s young. Come on. Stay a little longer, or even better, I’ll make sure you get back and you can tell your nanny girl to take a hike.” That only served to make Nara laugh harder and this time she slipped from the seat of the chair and onto the floor between it and the table. “Oh! Where did everybody go?” she asked from under the table, punctuating it with a hiccup.

Dropping the marks on the surface, Ahnika leaned forward, pressing both hands on the dirty, sticky table and stared down the fellow, slowly stating, “I know your wife.” There’s a pause, during which Nara softly queried from under the table, “Hello?” The man leaned back a little in his chair, not completely cowed by this young thing, dragonrider or not, imposing her will as if she owned the place. “So?” he asked, “Is that supposed to scare me, little girl?” He crossed his arms over his chest.

Ahnika shrugged and said, “We’re leaving,” making a slight shift in her stance against the table, “take it as you like.”

It was as he reached down for Nara that Ahnika made her move, shoving the table hard against its center pedestal so it would rock into him. The marks slid off along with their drinks. With a strangled, startled yelp the man was pinned against the wall, his chair tilted with the weight of him held in place there with Ahni’s pressure coming from the other side. Nara peeked out from the space below, less shadowed than before because of the angle of the table, “Oh, there you are!” but Ahnika was too busy focusing her attention on the pinned man, one shoulder and arm useless, but the other was free, and he was struggling to shove the table back onto its pedestal proper. “Bitch!” he growled through gritted teeth.

“Shut up and listen for a change,” Ahni said with a jerk of pressure to make him grimace, “You men, all of you, are the same in the end. You always think you have the right to tell us what to do, where to go, who to be, and how to be, and I for one am sick of it. You only want to control us to keep us down, hold us back, pen us up for breeding, milking, and safekeeping as if we were merely livestock, your sharding livestock, tools to be used and then discarded on a whim, regardless of how loyal we’ve been to you, of how much we’ve believed in you…”

“Ahni?” Nara queried, finally starting to haul herself out from under the table, more than a little wobbly and blinking a lot at the attention the redhead was getting from the rest of the tavern.

“What’s your problem?” he grunted, “She’s the greenrider whore.”

With another painful jerk, Ahni, continued, “This is going to stop, even if I have to put an end to it personally. You do not own her. You do not tell her what to do or how to act or where to be. Point of fact, she doesn’t need you. None of us do, really. The sooner you get that in your head, the better off you will be. If I ever find out you haven’t learned to treat a woman fairly, I will level the playing field for you…” stated simply, but with a promise of violence in her grey eyes and what ‘leveling the playing field’ probably means. “Do I make myself clear?”

Struggling to catch more than a shallow breath now under the pinning weight of the table, the man nodded slowly, and with that, Ahni set the table to rights. The man gasped for a solid breath, red-faced, and was not getting up for a few moments at least. “Are you ready then?” Ahnika asked the older greenrider in a light and pleasant voice that belied the sense of ire and frustration a moment ago. Much more sobered, Nara just nodded, eyeing her friend with a mixture of concern and wonder, “Of course. Thank you.” Without another word or a glance for the man Nara was with, Ahni turned on her booted heels and headed for the door then. Nara watched her for a few paces, and then started moving to catch up with her, pausing at the door to blow a kiss in farewell to the man she left behind, to which he simply scowled and others in the tavern laughed.

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