Theme of Clutch: Noble and Ignoble
Dragon Name: Hadath
Dragon Colour: Green
Hatchling Name: Faithful Pixie Dusted Green Hatchling



Inspired by the sense of fun, mischief and heroic loyalty that Tinkerbell (across all versions) invokes - in Kali, at least - Hadath will be your ever-faithful sidekick, there to help you fly around that second star and straight on until morning.

Hatchling Description

Dainty and delicate, this tiny green hatchling appears to have caught the mischievous glow of the fae in her very bearing. Her hide is a light, leafy green, veined with darker lines of hunter so intricate that they are easily missed. Gold brushes her crest, wingbones and back, a light dusting fine enough to be noticed only in direct sunlight. Her body is long and what baby fat she has is spread so thin that she appears deceivingly frail. Only her wings lack those lean lines; they are short and broad.

Dragon Description

Dainty and delicate, this sprightly green dragon appears to have caught the mischievous glow of the fae in her very bearing. Her hide is a light, leafy green, veined with darker lines of hunter so intricate that they are easily missed. Gold brushes her crest, wingbones and back, a light dusting fine enough to be noticed only in direct sunlight. Her body is long and what little bulk she has is spread so thin that she appears deceivingly frail. Only her wings lack those lean lines; they are short and broad.


"You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always love you, Peter Pan. That's where I'll be waiting." - Tinkerbell

With an endless supply of youthful optimism, your Hadath is the embodiment of sweetness and mischief; pettiness and loyalty; innocence and wisdom. Full of contradictions, she is a magical impossibility who is bound to you in the deepest way possible. When no one else in the world has your back, when you find yourself alone, she will always be there; always that tinkling light in your mind to remind you that there is still hope. She still loves you.

"I'll teach you to ride on the wind's back, and away we go!" - Peter Pan

Like several of her siblings and fellow weyrlings, Hadath has a true love of the sky and flying. Rather than the speed of Orteith or the freedom of Eovarijath, however, she loves the motion. Sprightly in all her movements on the ground, in the air, tiny Hadath is a true acrobat. Movements even other greenriders would swear up, down and sideways were impossible she takes joy in. It's not that she's a daredevil by any stretch. It's simply that she can, and so she does. Simple pleasures.

One of the less positive facets of your lovely little green is embodied by her color. She is very prone to jealousy and is very easily triggered into envy as bright as her hide. She'll sulk and pout most of the time, but occasionally - especially in a romantic case where someone else is vying for your attention - she'll get downright petty. Small articles of that person's will disappear, only to be found in other places. Whether she's talked the firelizards into helping or did it under her own power, she'll never ever say. (Most of the time, it's the firelizards. She loves the little beasts and they love her.)

"Don't you understand, Tink, you mean more to me than anything in the whole world!" - Peter Pan

Following in the footsteps of her jealousy is her fear that you're going to replace her. She's bonded to your mind in an irrevocable way, but perhaps because her memory is so very short, she often forgets just how much you do love her and while she'll blossom under a reminder, she'll also quickly wilt any time she feels threatened by someone else. It can seem needy and trying at times, but it is something she'll grow out of; slowly but surely.

'Pan, who and what art thou?' [Hook] cried huskily.
'I'm youth, I'm joy,' Peter answered at a venture, 'I'm a little bird that has broken out of the egg.'

In balance of her petty, jealous nature, your Hadath is the picture of joy and playfulness. The best way to teach her anything, get her to work, anything unpleasant is to make it into a game. Fun is the order of the day and she inspires that energy and joy in others. Never one to be bored, she's forever coming up with new games and adventures to play and have, and she has no guilt in persuading others to join in and follow along.

As she starts getting on in years, however - as her jealousy ebbs and her petty nature matures - what had been her strength becomes her weakness. Fear of aging and growing old grows in her bones until you're looking everywhere for 'miracle' creams and oils and tonics and exercises and anything and everything to promote youth and stem the tide of time.

In all matters of importance - and in pretty much everything that doesn't involve her - Hadath has a strict moral compass. She has an innate sense of what is right and what is wrong and she tends to stick to it. Of course, however, you wouldn't have too bad of a time convincing her to try something even if she felt initially that it was wrong. You're hers, after all. You wouldn't do anything bad, right?

Hadath isn't one to mess about with matters of the heart. She'll glow for a day or two before shooting up into the sky, laughing and taunting her pursuers with acrobatics none have a hope of keeping up with and very few have a chance of outsmarting. Once caught, she'll happily nap with the catching male until the sated complacence wears off and after that, he'll be included more often in her schemes and group of friends - if he wasn't before - or looked on more favorably if he was, but that's about the extent of the attachment. It would take a very special male indeed to capture her deeper interest for long.

Mind Voice

Light and youthful like an innocent girl child when actually speaking, Hadath's mind voice incorporates the sounds of spring rain, the tinkling of silver bells; a baby's laugh and the contented purr of a feline.

When angry or upset, the rain becomes a storm, the tinkling becomes a deeper, resounding ringing of overlarge cathedral bells; the laugh is replaced by a child's fit of rage or cries of despair. All of it is accompanied by the discontented mrowls and hisses of an enraged quene cat.

Mind Scent

The cool fresh scent of crisp winter night's air lays the foundation for Hadath's mind scent. Playing across that are the heady scent of pine and cedar woods and the lightly sweet taste of peppermint.

When she gets angry, things get hot. The air stinks and shimmers and swelters. It's the scent of desert sage and melting, popping tar that pervades. Smoke clogs senses and the spicy taste of cinnamon is very nearly overwhelming.


Physical Voice

Light and breathy, her physical voice is very pretty, almost musical in tone. More of a soprano's tone than an alto's, but with much less force than even her size would convey.


Hadath will grow a little at a time. Often the changes are so gradual that it will come as a surprise when all of the sudden her straps no longer fit or her weyrling couch is too small. The upside of this is that once fully grown, she'll age much slower than other dragons - holding on to her speed and strength and stamina far beyond the time when her age mates are slowing.

Eating Habits

Eclectic in everything else, Hadath follows through here as well. While she'll eat whatever's available when she's hungry, she's always out to try new things. If it's something too delicate or small for her to manage on her own, she'll encourage you to try it for her. Sometimes this may include something as … unique as wild numbweed or sweetsand.


Egg Name: Cotton Candy Rock Egg
Egg Desc:Though the striations on the top of this egg have a crack-like appearance, the egg is still in one piece. The transparent surface seems to hide the color of children and happiness: a light pink that shifts from pale rose to the more childlike pink of infancy. The coloration gives the appearance of depth and flavor, hinting at days full of sweetening and fun.
Egg Inspiration: The Rose Quartz is pretty, and made me think of cotton candy.
Link: http://mysticmerchant.com/rosequartz/rosequartzsphere6in10-3lb-roseqtzsphereTH-101a.jpg
Submitter: Alara

Hatching Foo

EGGPOSE1: The Cotton Candy Rock Egg shivers. It even shakes a little. Scrabbling sounds can be heard from the inside. It's frantic for a moment, then settles.

EGGPOSE2: Let's dance! Rolling about on its wider bottom end, the Cotton Candy Rock Egg swivels and sways like a clumsy ballerina just breaking in her shoes. It ends up rolled onto its side and towards a clump of candidates before getting stuck in a rut and taking a breather.

EGGPOSE3: Stuck in its little rut of sand and shell fragments, the Cotton Candy Rock Egg starts again to shiver, and then it starts to shake. Hairline fractures run along the surface in pretty web-like patterns, but the shell doesn't yet crumble.

HATCHPOSE: One good thrust pops the shell of the Cotton Candy Rock Egg. The lower half - which is actually the left side when looked at properly - remains intact, but the upper is in pieces. Several of those pieces are stuck to the hide of the Faithful Pixie Dusted Green Hatchling that picks her way daintily from the chaos she'd caused only a moment before.

PUBLIC_IMPRESSION: After flitting between all her possible choices, the Faithful Pixie Dusted Green Hatchling pauses in a pose just too ponderous to be truly thoughtful - what a brilliant little actress she is! - and then does a rolling sort of leap. Being less-than-graceful, even though her hide is now dry, she lands with a spray of sand right in front of a tall girl with pale blonde hair and pale blue eyes.

PRIVATE_IMPRESSION: It starts with a spray of sand. At first, you think you're blinded by that, then you realize that it's much too green for that. Fresh grass, still damp with morning's dew, bends beneath your bare feet. The sound of spring rains sets the backdrop, but when you look up, the sky is clean and stars shine through the darkness like diamonds. There's a tinkling of silver bells and the sound of a baby's laugh and then a presence not your own dances along the edges of your mind; bathed in a golden light. « Well hello there, Andi. » It's a light voice, a joyful voice. « You've been waiting for me, haven't you? » She giggles then, and the laughter becomes the bells. « It was very naughty of me to keep you, but to make it up to you, I'll share a secret. » The light shines brighter and brighter, but it doesn't hurt or burn. « My name is Hadath and we will fly, Andi. We will fly. » And suddenly reality starts to overlay your vision, leaving you with the resounding sound of two growling stomachs - yours and hers. « But first, let's eat. I'm starved! »

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