Hangin Out


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Date: 8/9/10
Location: EW - Lower Hatching Galleries
Synopsis: Four of the candidates are just chillin' together in the galleries in the middle of the night.
Rating: PG
Logger: Ahnika

Eastern Weyr: Lower Hatching Galleries

Open sky gives way to stone as one enters the galleries. The small room built into the rock is architecturally designed to draw the attention down below: to the sands. Holding six tiers of five seats each, the room is fairly etched out of the stone of the caldera, giving its occupants places to rest while their focus is on the life-changing space before them. A long rail sits between them and the ground, keeping people from angry dragons or painful falls.

It's getting close to midnight and while most of the overworked candidates have gone for their baths or bed or simply fallen asleep in their bath, Ahnika and Ciara are perched in the galleries, enjoying a rare moment the two friends have gotten to catch up and just simply hang. Of course, Ahnika can’t simply ‘hang’. But she has her satchel with her and some clothes needing some basic mending and darning to keep her hands busy and herself feeling productive. “I dunno,” Ahni is saying to Ci, her expression contemplative, “Zen said some people thought it was bad luck to place wagers on yourself Impressing or not Impressing, but others were fair game.”

And lookit here comes the Weyr's latest addition to the ranks of candidates, one dripping wet Leron. Either the lad is not aware of his drowned vermin look, or he simply doesn't care. Thumbs hooked into trouser pockets and leaving a trail of water in his wake, he ambles into the galleries whistling a merry tune and makes a bee-line for the lowest tier from where he might be able to peer closely at these eggs that every is so a-twitter about.

"He's from a Weyr, isn't he?" Ciara says, looking at Ahnika a moment before she goes back to examining the clutch. "Can't remember if someone says he was or not. But anyway, if he was, maybe he's right that it'd be bad luck to bet on yourself?" She pauses, looking thoughtful, before adding: "or it'd be egotistical, at least." Unlike Ahni, Ci doesn't have anything to keep her hands busy. She's quite content to watch eggs and chat. Leron's entrance - and more importantly, his appearence - earn him a stare. "Erm…is that a person, or some sort of wet animal?" She doesn't bother to keep her voice down.

Nenienne is equally dripping as she enters, and faintly breathless. She pauses and rubs her eyes as she spots the people, saying more to herself than anything, "And here I thought I'd be the only one here."

Leron’s entrance is hard to miss, even if he doesn’t speak. So Ahni gapes at him along with Ci a moment and distractedly comments, “Ehm, I think he’s lived at a weyr before,” Zen, though she is watching Leron, so it could be misconstrued who she’s talking about at first, “Not sure. He seemed to say it like other people were saying it was bad luck though, like he didn’t know before he talked to some of the weyrfolk here.” And Ahni shrugs a little, then frowns thoughtfully, “I guess the storm’s gotten worse since we got here.” And with that she looks back at the entrance once more, as if she could see the storm through it, and spies Neni instead. She smiles and waves to the soggy girl, motioning her over. If she hears Neni’s comment, Ahni doesn’t appear to show it. Then she looks back at Leron and finally responds to Ci, “I think it’s a wet animal,” good-natured humor laced in her words.

Oblivious of the conversation going on above him, Leron continues to stare out over the sands, muttering and mumbling under his breath as he does so as if holding an internal conversation. The again, perhaps he's not that unaware. Not moments after Ahnika's comment in return to Ciara he announces, "It's a Leron," the former stablehand grining up at the two girls, turning his back to the sands and hooking his elbows over the railing behind him, "Hi." The arrival of one vaguely familiar Nenienne has him half lifting a hand in greeting, "You swim over here too?" quite cheerful despite the weather

Ciara continues to watch Leron, this new source of entertainment that's even better than egg-watching. "Maybe we'll have to question someone who is from a Weyr," she responds to Ahnika, but there's not so much thought in her words, as she's trying to suss who the wet guy is. "Hm…." No names spring to mind. Then Nenienne's entered, also dripping wet, and Ci waves down. "Some sort of wet, two-legged runnerbeast?" She grins back at Ahni, before Leron's talking to them. "A Leron? What's that?" She's in the mood for teasing, so it would seem.

Nenienne heads up toward the two female candidates and, since she was waved over, doesn't ask before she takes a seat. She is careful not to get so close that she's dripping on Ahnika, at least.

“Oh, right,” Ahnika squints a little down at him and then laughs softly, “Didn’t recognize you soaked to the bone like that.” Her grey eyes slide back to the sock in her lap as she slips the needle through the material again, and then she looks back at Neni as Leron asks her about swimming. Then she looks back at her darning work, saying with amusement, “I’m surprised Max let you out in it,” they’re all friends here and at this point and there’s no reason to stand on pretense, at least not when there’s no one of authority around. “You could make yourself sick and be laid up and of no use for him.” Not that Ahni has heard Max say Leron has been of much use to him when he’s healthy, but Ahni’s not so mean to say as much. She shifts a little, making sure there is room for the dripping Neni. She nods to Ci’s suggestion, “Yes, probably should.” Then she laughs as the two-legged runnerbeast comment hits her, “Something like that. He works for Max, the Beast Manager, in the stables.” Nothing but warmth and affection oozing from that girl’s demeanor at the mention of the man.

"A Leron," he states brown eyes solemnly fixing to Ciara, expression entirely serious, "Is a rare and wonderful creature that only comes out when it rains. The water see, it makes us come to life, like a fish," the impishness shining in his eyes putting paid to that nonsense right away. Shoulders fidget in a shrug as he responds to Ahnika's comment, "Max ain't the boss of me." Because really, the beast manager isn't anymore. The silent Nenienne is given a short grin, "Feline got your tongue?"

Ciara smiles over at Neni as she joins the pair, but her attention quickly goes back to Ahnika, and the Leron. "Like a fish, huh? Can't say I've ever caught anything that looks like you on the end of my rod." She's grinning all the while, well amused by the impishness in Leron's eyes. "Max, eh?" Her eyes slide sideways to give Ahni a look for the woman's affection as she mentions the beast manager. But, she's not the sort to be mooning over guys, and she takes a look at Leron's knot, instead. "Hey, when'd you become a candidate?"

Nenienne nods gravely in greeting to Ahni and Ciara and looks down at the sands. Then Leron asks his question and she absently shakes her head without speaking. Only when Ciara asks about his candidacy does she say something, namely, "Oh, the one who saw no purpose in standing is now standing?" Her voice doesn't sound particularly angry, though there may just be a hint of irony in it.

Ahnika meets Ciara’s sideways glance and the redhead smiles ruefully. Oh wouldn’t the double-entrendre of Ci’s initial statement be so amusing if Ahnika simply thought that way. Instead, the redhead arches an eyebrow at Leron’s comment that Max isn’t the boss of him. She seems ready to ask and then Ciara comments on Leron’s being a candidate now and Ahni does a double-take. A smile slowly spreads on her face and she nods her head at Leron once, “Welcome to the candidate ranks, then.” And then she looks back at her darning work, that is until Neni speaks up and Ahni glances at her, then at Leron, then back at Neni, “He was puttin’ down Candidates?” Because that’s how a girl like Ahni takes a remark like that.

"That's because, we're tricky to catch," Leron states, still trying to hold onto the edges of solemnity. Peaking interest destroys the facade as a brow cocks upward, "You fish? Cool! Can I come with sometime?" Never mind that he doesn't even know her name yet. With a glance to his shoulder where just the edges of a soggy knot could likely be seen to be poking out from under his drenched jumper. The reply goes to Nenienne though his amusement remains on Ciara, "The bluerider lady asked and I figured it could be fun." Simple as that. Leaning back a little more on his arms hooked up behind him, the former stablehand puts a beatific smile up to Ahnika, "No, just said I didn't see the point for me. At that time." Or something like that. He doesn't quite remember what was said.

The mood is definitely slipping here, and Ci's desperate to cling to humour and avoid more serious discussions. Especially when Neni and Ahni both seem to be anti-Leron now. "Oh, yeah! Let me know when and I can try to get a rider to take us. Unless you wanna wait until after the hatching…hatchings," she corrects herself. Shifting in her seat, she nods as Leron clarifies on the candidate situation. "Sounds good. Nobody put down, everything's good." Not that she's eager to avoid conflict or anything. No, she's just looking antsy for no reason! Moving on! "So you've come up here to take a look at the eggs as well?"

Nenienne hmmmms and nods at Leron. "Bluerider lady? Were you searched by Atsya too, then?" she actually sounds a bit excited, and her next question is definitely amused, though she still isn't smiling. "And what will the poor nanny goat do without you around to head-butt?"

Ahnika’s eyebrows lift again and she briefly looks from Neni to Leron before returning her attention to her darning work in her lap. The ‘catch’ comment from Leron is pretty hard to miss in analogy, though, and Ahnika glances at Ci a moment before smirking faintly and looking back at her work, threading the needle through the material of her sock once more. After a brief pause, she comments to Ciara, “Let him find his own rod, though, Ci.” Her expression baring no hint of ill-will or amusement at the potential double meaning there. Ahni simply remembers what happened last time – her own fault no less - and from what Max has said, perhaps suspects Ci’s own fishing rod will meet similar or worse consequences from Leron. Ahni, for her part, seems satisfied with Leron’s answer there on what had been said, or she’s satisfied with Neni seeming not to counter it. “Nanny goat?” Ahni asks next, her grey eyes still on her sock, though to anyone who is paying attention she seems about finished with the hole there in the toe. She seems disinclined to talk about Searches, considering the circumstances of her own.

While others might be starting to slip and slide in humorless mud, Leron is not one of them. In fact, you could probably push him -into- mud and he'd just lie there and laugh about it. Pushing away from his lazy lean, the newly knotted candidate ambles his way up the tiers and summarily plonks his squelchy butt down, right next to Ciara with an open smile. Leaning forward, arms dangling off of knees, "I wanna go before. Can we go before? Maybe that nice bluerider lady Lenasia, Lensia, something or other will take us if we ask nicely, yeah?" his enthusiasm for this potential new adventure on open display, "Let's go tomorrow!" Leaning forward enough to put a smile over to Ahnika, "Thanks for the welcome." He leans further out, in danger of toppling forward, and chuckles at Nenienne, "I taught her to headbutt any time someone bends down in front of her," mischief dancing in his eyes, "Nope, not Atsya, some other lady with an 'L'." Leaning back a little, Ahnika now in his line of vision he nose wrinkles, "Yeah, Max keeps her around for that bunch of kittens. She likes to go for walks." He'll dismiss warnings to Ciara with regards to himself and the girl's fishing rod.

Ciara is…naive. Any analogies and double-entendres are going straight over her head. Probably for the best, too, or she'd be as red as a ripe redfruit. "Ah, hah, yeah," she responds to Ahnika's comment about rods, before looking intrigued by the nanny goat thing. Nenienne gets a brief, curious glance for her relatively solemn expression. What's eating her? To Leron, with some amusement at his enhusiasm: "er, well, we could try tomorrow. Randi wanted me to teach people to fish after all…we could tell your bluerider that." She grins, leaning back in her seat and regarding the others as she listens to the explanation of goats and blue riders. "You take a goat for a walk?" Is what she gets out of all of Leron's chat.

Nenienne has been missing all of the double entendres as well. But the topic of fishing has come up, so she asks "Any word yet on whether the lake will have fish? I'm not so sure I would want them there if I was swimming or bathing my dragon there." Always with the exact wrong words.

Ahnika’s gaze slides to Leron with a mixture of uncertainty and amusement as he comes up and sits down next to Ci and talks about going fishing with her. Oddly enough, she either thinks he’s harmless or thinks Ci deserves some of the footloose fun he’s liable to provide because, unlike others, she’s not being entirely overprotective and trying to shoo him away from Ci. She briefly makes a mental go at trying to remember the bluerider’s name in question, but not having it, just remains quiet, nodding when Leran thanks her for the welcome. And then again when Leran talks of milk for kittens. “Oh, they’re still on milk? Maybe I’ll talk to Davel tomorrow.” She glances back at Ci and Leron as the other girl resumes plans for fishing, and then ties a knot on the thread for darning and snaps it off. She shakes her head at Neni’s question and adds, “I’ve not heard one way or another, but yeah, if there’s bathing to be done there, I wouldn’t want to eat anything what comes out of it, too.”

The double-entendre must have gone right over Leron's head too, or he simply hadn't meant to make use of one. Nodding to Ciara, "Yup, she's cranky and kicks if you try to milk her. So I had to walk the kick out of her first." Back to the topic of fishing, Nenienne's comment earns her a laugh, "Fish are fun to swim with, they nibble your toes if you keep real still. It tickles," and is most importantly, fun. On the matter of activities surrounding the capture of said finned creatures, a wide smile gets turned onto Ciara again, "I'll ask first thing in the morning before breakfast. She's real nice," he's decided after just one meeting and thus he's sure the bluerider will say yes. Back to Ahnika with a small shake of head, "Nah, there's others what need her milk now. S'why Max keeps her around. Someone always needs her milk. Even the infirmary sometimes." As she breaks the knot on her sewing work, the former stablehand suddenly bends, tugs off his boot, empties a puddle of water out of it and sticks his soggy socked foot up in the air. "Can you fix this too?" the rather large hole worn at the heel of his foot.

Ciara shakes her head at Nenienne's question. "I've been meaning to ask Randi. I dunno if they'd put fish in a lake in the Weyr, though…." She grins at both Neni and Ahni's comment on bathing with fish - and eating the things. She's much more in Leron's camp. "Oh yeah, fish are great to swim with. And they'll taste fine even if they've been swimming in bath water. Still, I don't think they'd like being contained in a lake like this one here." She laughs at Leron's talk of walking the kick out of the goat. "I heard goats were stubborn beasts." But, more importantly, plans are being made. "Good! Tell her Weyrwoman Randi said that candidates are to learn to fish, so they can provide for themselves!" Ci's paraphrasing but…well, she's as eager about a fishing trip as Leron apparently is. When his boot comes off, she wrinkles her nose in mock-disgust. "Smells like cheese!" The teasing nature of her comment is evident in her joking tone.

Nenienne mmmms at Ahnika's comment. "I hadn't thought of it that way, but now that you mention it…" Then she shudders at the notion of fish nibbling on a person. "I'd just as soon never find out." She darts Ci a look at the cheese comment, then in pre-defense of Ahnika says, "It works better to darn them when they're dry. If you do it when they're wet, the stitches go weird when it dries, and you often have to do it over."

Ahnika chuckles softly at the thought of fish nibbling toes while she puts her fixed sock back in her satchel and withdraws another one that needs work, too. Then, with a nod, Ahni says, “Ah,” in response to the comment about someone always needing milk. It’s the soaked foot-in-sock that finally brings the redhead some pause and slides her attention from her work to the dripping foot. She blinks a moment and then wrinkles her nose at it, not quite in as much mock-disgust as in genuine disgust, leaning back and away even though there’s at least Ciara in between them. “When you’ve properly washed it, and dri—” Ahnika starts to say, and then stops as Neni seems to have the same thought, and she shoots Neni a brief grin before looking back at Leron and in serious offer, “Bring me anything clean anddry of yours that have holes and I’ll darn them for you.” There’s a pause and she says, “And Max’s too, if he’s of a mind,” she allows. Then she smiles at Ci and Leron, “Hope it’s still not raining tomorrow when you go fishing.” She sets about darning her newest sock and comments to Leron and his bootless, wet foot, “Now, put that thing away before you get us all killed.” Pause. “From the smell.”

Fish swimming in a bath? One can just -see- the cogs turning in Leron's head. Uh oh. Ciara's tease has him trying to twist his leg toward himself to sniff at his toes. Yeah no, it's not quite working and simply has him looking like some kind of weirdly unsuccessful contortion artist, "Does not," he quips and makes a show of taking a deep inhale, "More like…" eyes rolling toward the ceiling, "broccoli." Loooovely! Chances are, it's not nearly as bad as that. Nenienne's comment has him looking uncertainly toward her and then he's tugging the soggy sock off and holding it out to Ahnika, "You can fix it when it's dry then." Isn't she lucky. However, his smile would suggest that he's not intending to be insulting, simply…of the moment. Her ensuing responses however have his hand withdrawing to tuck the sock into a trouser pocket, instead of putting it back on his foot as a smirk forms for her doing the beast manager's mending too. "Think I'll let you be the one to make such an offer to him." Glancing sideways at Ciara, he shrugs, "Fishing's a wet job. I don't mind a little rain if you don't? I'll see if I can borrow," likely without permission, "an oilskin or something." Yup, he's that determined to go fishing.

"Ewwwwwww!" Oh, gosh. Broccoli? Really?! Ciara's expression says it all, though she does break into a fit of giggles afterwards. Managing to get more serious to answer Ahnika, Ci says, "oh, the rain'll just make the fishing easier! Well, assuming it's not thundering down on 'em, anyway." She doesn't seem too certain that that won't be a possibility. Giggling again, now at Ahnika's comment on the smell, she stands up. "Oh I'm used to rain. Refreshing! I'll be braving it now I think, to take myself off to bed. Wonder if I've the time for another bath first though…." Her nose wrinkles as she thinks of the pong of the latrines, before shrugging and easing her way past everyone towards the end of the aisle. "Bye! See you all tomorrow!" With a particular look at Leron, before she heads down the stairs and out into the storm.

Nenienne is finally drying off in the heat of the grounds, and looks loathe to follow Ci out, although at the mention of bed she does yawn. Once Ciara is gone, though, she glances at the other two and just shakes her head at their exchange. Then she draws her knees up to her chin and looks out at the sands and the looming queen guarding the sands.

Fortunately, or unfortunately as the case may be, Ahnika is too busy with her mending that she doesn’t seem to catch those cogs turning in Leron’s expression. When he offers Ahni the soggy sock she recoils a bit more and looks like she might just throw up on him, smell or no smell. But she settles back down as he puts his sock in his trouser pocket, nodding and swallowing a bit as Leron tells her she can go get Max’s mending on her own. She’s got no objections there since it will allow her to see him again, not that she needs an excuse, really. She grins at Ciara, seeming to enjoy the laughter and mirth from her best friend even if she doesn’t quite partake in it all directly. Then Ahni nods to her as the other girl makes to leave, not seeming to offer up any objections to fishing in the rain, not having a lot of knowledge about it herself. “Goodnight, Ci, be careful out there!” either the rain now or the rain tomorrow, Ahni leaves it vague as her friend departs. She settles in the quiet that lapses then, concentrating on threading her needle a moment with her new darn-worthy sock in her lap and it’s only after she gets it through the eye that Ahni comments, “It feels like it’s been raining forever sometimes. It will be nice for things to be dry enough for another riding lesson sometime soon.”

Leron simply grins at Ciara's reaction, her infectious giggles soon have him laughing along and waving a hand as she leaves, "Tomorrow!" His gaze lingering in that direction for a moment after she's gone and then sending a sidelong look over to quiet and huddled Nenienne's way, probably checking to see if she's still awake. Attention now goes back to Ahnika and he at least keeps his soggy distance. Shrugging slightly, "Rain ain't so bad, better than snow. That's real cold," a shiver affected to make his point. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, or perhaps in attempt to make idle conversation, "You like doing that?" the mending work.

Nenienne yawns again, and stretche, then turns to Ahnika to hear her response, looking curious.

Yawns being ‘catching’, Ahnika stifles one of her own, even if she isn’t watching Nenienne directly. She ponders Leron’s words a moment and then says simply, “Snow. I think it snowed lightly at the cothold once or twice. Not often, though. Nothing deep.” Then she stops a moment and looks up at Leron and then to Nenienne, trying to figure out if he was asking Neni something or herself something and so it is a few moments before Ahni puts it all together, “What? Mending?” She frowns, not really having thought about it and says so, “I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about it. I guess I just know it needs doing and so I do it.” Simple. Practical. Ahni. “I like keeping busy,” she adds a heartbeat later.

"Snowed once when I was on my way to" frowning as he tries to recall the name of the little hole-in-the-wall place he'd been at the time, "somewhere. Was enough to make snowballs though," a smile pulling out for that memory. Leron misses the confusion from Ahnika, deeming her to simply be carefully considering her answer. When she does respond however, his smile turns crooked, and he looks set to ask 'Why' when suddenly he's tugging his boot back onto his unsocked foot and standing. "Need to go see a man about an oilskin," he states putting a glance to first Nenienne and then back onto Ahnika. "Happy mending," is given, a little uncertain that this applies as a farewell, and then he's off toward the exit in slow ambling strides.

Nenienne may have given the contagious yawn to Ahnika, but she also catches it from her. After a stretch she says "I give up. Time to try to go sleep again." To Ahni and to Leron's departing figure she says "Take care. See you tomorrow."

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