Harboring Dreams


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Date: August 7, 2010
Location: The Bar, Eastern Weyr
Synopsis: The bar is finally open, and Jaya gets to know a farmer with dreams of being a dragonrider.
Rating: PG
Logger: Jaya

The bar, as it is named, is in full business today. Most of the tables are occupied save for one, and the stools at the counter are the only free seats available in the small space. There's a towering older woman behind the counter, busy turning here and there as her hands are filled with mugs and glasses. And then there's the bar's owner, Jaya. The scarred-faced woman is propped up on one of the stools at the very end of the counter that curves into the opening, her sharp gaze roaming over her patrons with the air of someone that is far too pleased with herself. The conversations are at a modest level in the bar to suggest that one would not be heard over the other, and the atmosphere is a welcoming one to those passing by.

Stepping into the bar Darros takes a long look around, plucking at his tunic that is sticking to his skin due to heat and weather and just having been working hard at something or another. Thankfully, not something that has to do with the beast caverns, or any animal refuse since he only smells of the loamy scent of freshly tilled earth rather than anything quite so… fragrant. Looking around Darros smiles wryly at the full tavern/bar/pub and makes his way through towards one of the empty seats at the bar. Finding a space he leans in against it and half-sits on the edge of a seat, "Please tell me you have something chilled and refreshing? Not a day for hot Klah." He says to whichever woman is behind the bar when he can get attention to be served.

"We got anything and everything, sir," Suli, the towering woman behind the counter answers the newcomer first quickly with a half-smile as she plunks an empty mug right infront of him. Once the mug is set down, "What will it be?" these words come from the bar's owner now, Jaya shifting on her stool as her dark gaze takes him in with some curiosity. "We got cheap ale and expensive wine…..unless you be wantin' something stronger, shuga?" She was not going to judge a man if he did at this time of day, her fingers rapping against the countertop while she turns back towards the small stack of hides that are infront of her.

"I was rather hoping for some chilled nectar or the like, maybe with a bit of a bite. Still have work to do later and it wouldn't do to drink to much then going back out into that sun and heat." Darros says with a smile, "If that is alright of course… and it's available." He rubs his hands over his leggings to try and dry and clean them off as best he can but under his nails is the deep set dirt of a farmer, along with accompanying callouses and the like.

Jaya's eyes flick over and down the man before meeting his eyes, and his words, with movement of her own. A brow lifts and then she's turning towards her waiting barmaid with, "The peach," she gives with ease, and only turns to add to Darros once the older woman moves away, "Chilled nectar. Has a little bite, but this particular stock's home grown and so…fermented better." Suli returns with a dark decanter and starts to pour the lightly colored liquid into his mug in silence. "You work in the stables?" the barkeep asks then, her study of his clothes evident once Suli has filled his glass and moved away to tend to other patrons.

"No, I am a farmer." Darros answers with a nod of thanks for the drink and to the server hopefully before she moves away, if not, ah well. He reaches out to take the glass/mug provided and takes a sip, savoring the taste for a few long moments before he takes another drink and smiles afterwards, "I had heard how rich the land down here is… stories, and decided to see if I could be of any use…" He chuckles, a rather deep and rich sound, "And like most people who come to a Weyr, hope to one day be searched of course."

"I have heard of how rich the land is down here myself," Jaya is easy to agree, a hand staying on the stack of hides as she regards the farmer. "Have a brother that's into the craft a little, and he used to hear of those coming down here for the same reason as yours." Chin lifting, "Is there truth to any of it?" she askes then, this information seeming to be of interest to her. Darros's last, however, draws her brows together, the dark-haired woman regarding him with some guardedness now as she quips with, "Do they? -Just- to be searched?" There's disbelief here, the dryness in her husky alto evident as she slides a glance towards the patrons at the tables. "Tell me," she suddenly puts forth with some seriousness. "What would you do if it -doesn't- happen for you?"

"Well I don't know if it is -just- to be searched, but I know where I grew up all the children dreamed of being a rider some day, I know I am no different. We didn't get many search flights through being so small so…" Darros shrugs with a half-grin, "As for myself…" He looks around, "I'd be a farmer, like I am now, that wouldn't change. It's what I know how to do, I've even gotten my journeyman's knot in the craft for what that is worth." He smiles wryly and looks back over towards Jaya then, "It's a dream, a hope, but dreams rarely come true. Doesn't mean I am going to give up on it, I will try until I can't. I don't like to quit anything once I put my mind to it. Being a farmer isn't -bad- it's just… rather boring. As for the earth… yes, the grubs have been here for so long the earth is very rich, good farmland almost everywhere that's flat and has at least a thick enough layer to hold roots."

"You grew up where….?" Jaya probes, brows lifting at Darros's words on dreams. Further talk has her silent, seeming to appraise the man for his words and perhaps in the way he says them. She's nodding a few times slowly, thoughtfully, before she finally breaks her silence. "Well, you're in the right place to harbor such dreams, then, darlin'," she drawls the words, sweeping a gaze over the bar as she says them. "Got plenty who feel the same way. Don't really understand it myself, but…" there's a shrug, non-chalant in the way it's given. "Few dreamed of such a thing where I grew up, and if they did, well…I suppose they kept it to themselves. Didn't have the time to keep heads above the clouds, see." Eyes finding the farmer's now before they find the things around his belt, "You're spending an aweful lot of time doing something that bores you, farmer," she notes with a touch of flatness, her hand lifting briefly when one of the patrons bides her farewell. "Life's too short to be doing something that you think you -should- be doing, when you don't -want- to do it. It's gonna give you a basket of regrets, later on." She seems to be speaking from experience with the light gravity of her words apparent in tone.

"We all live with regrets, one way or the other." Darros says, "I -am- a farmer, it is something I am good at, even if I would prefer to be something else. No other craft really calls to me, maybe being a farmer is in my blood. My whole family is farmers practically." He says with a roll of one broad shoulder in a shrug, "As for dreams… well you can act on them, or you can let them be dreams, unfortunately my dream is not wholly under my control. Not everyone is lucky enough to be born a lord holder, or a rider in a weyr. I -can- try to stack the deck in my favor however, if I live, and work, around riders and dragons then maybe when it comes time one will notice me. It's the best I can do on that." He takes another drink from his glass and then settles his gaze upon the woman behind the counter, "Besides, there's nothing wrong with being a farmer. It's good honest work, everyone needs to eat, and if I don't end up a rider then I will have to do everything in my power to make being a farmer as fulfilling as I can. Maybe one day I'll meet a good woman who wants a farmer over a rider who turns my world upside down and changes my mind, the future isn't written after all."

Darros adds, "And I'm from Junos Hold, a small cothold in Ista."

"Never said it wasn't honest work," Jaya quips, letting the glimmers of a smile pierce her lips at words spoken. "Boring is boring, shuga. You said it yourself. There -are- other paths as equally honest that may be more your style." Nodding firmly at him before shrugging her indifference as she returns to her lists, "'Sides. Family business is one thing. Mine's are all traders, but you don't see me here offering you wares, hmmm?" The play of her words seem to amuse the barkeep in any case, throwing an amused look in his direction before she spies the level of the drink in his mug. Talk of meeting a good woman gets low, husky laughter from her, along with a wry, "I think I can agree with you there on futures, farmer. Anything can happen." To his last, she makes no comment but she does seem to be considering the location given and filing it away mentally with an acknowledging nod of her head.

Darros nods slightly, "Truer words have never been spoken. There are many honest paths, but…" He smiles a little wryly, "I have no inclination to become a smith, or the skill with instrument or voice to be a harper for example. I am to old to be apprenticed to another craft…" He looks around a moment before he looks back over towards her again, studying her a few long moments, "I am a good farmer. If that's all I am meant to be, then at the very least I will be a farmer somewhere none of my family have been. I've already sailed across the sea, seen ship fish, fought thread on a ship… that was something let me tell you… but just because I am a farmer, doesn't mean I have to stay where I was born, die where I was born…" He looks around, "I am glad to have come here, even if I am never searched."

"Then you are, indeed, in the right place," Jaya sends a smile Darros's way, inclining her head to him. "Whether it bores or not shouldn't matter, then. If only my brother were here….I think he would have been a good asset to you and the work you're doing down here." There's a slight wistfulness here, there and gone before picks out something else said with interest. "I hear ya," she agrees on not saying nor dying where one was born, nodding with knowing to that. "Still, being from a cothold and all, being in a new place must be quite a change, right?"

"Very much." Darros agrees with a soft chuckle, "But it is a good change." He says simply, "And perhaps your brother would have been, assuming I remain a farmer." He winks at that with an open grin afterwards before taking another few swallows of his peach drink, absently licking his lips afterwards to get all of the flavor from them. "This is quite good. I'm Darros, by the way." He finally introduces himself before continuing on the other tangent, "So what about you?" He asks curiously, "What brought you all the way down here? Obviously it wasn't the rich earth or being a rider judging from your earlier words."

Jaya gives into a chuckle at the wink, leaning against the countertop as she watches him with the drink. "Thank my barmaid," she drawls, nodding over towards where the towering dour woman was working. "Suli seems to know where all the good stuff is down here. I'm hoping to get more unique shipments of that kind later on if it's such a hit." Which meant more profit to her, and that puts a wider grin on her face. At his name, "Jaya," she gives her own then with mild casual air. "Well met, Darros." His curiosity and the question that comes does draw a guarded veil over dark features, but the barkeep is carefully easy in answering a little sardonically with, "Apparently I was causing too much trouble in Telgar that a weyrwoman saw fit to drop me here. Now I have to play the 'good girl' while running this here bar." She's kidding, right? She -could- be if she wasn't sporting a straight face as she says it. "If not for this-" both hands lift in indication of the bar, "-I wouldn't be here, Darros. Couldn't turn down a ripe opportunity such as serving you fine folks some liquor. And well….I suppose it's for a -good- change, as well."

"Where's the fun in that?" Darros asks with a nearly cheshire cat sized grin, he shrugs a bit, "I used to get in trouble all the time, hated being cooped up in one place so I'd just… go… see something new if I could. That got exceedingly difficult after a few turns though." He then finishes his drink, swallowing down the last of the peach stuff. "I like this… it's good for hot days with just a bit of a bite but doesn't stop you from going back to work when it's time."

With a rather mischievious chuckle, "And what kind of trouble interested you, if it still does?" Jaya puts forth, a brow lifting imperceptibly in her veiled interest. "Another round?" Ever the barkeep, she spies the empty glass and is straightening up from her languid lean as if ready to fulfill such a service if he desired it. His compliment on the peach blend draws a pleased expression from her that pulled a bit at the scar running down the side of her face, choosing not to voice it.

"I shouldn't." Darros says to the offer of another drink, "I should get back to work, I have a lot to look over while there is still light enough for it." He then stands up and rolls his head from side to side on his neck in a bit of a stretch, "As for what kind of trouble… sounds like you have a healthy enough imagination to make guessing fun." He says non-chalantly and then asks, "How much for the drink?" As he reaches for a pouch.

Ever-enticing, the decline seems to roll off of the barkeep's shoulders with ease as she settles back against the counter once more. "You shouldn't," Jaya repeats this, the smile showing amusement. "Very well, farmer. Don't be a stranger," and she tells him the price of the drink in the same breath, the price seeming reasonable enough - in her eyes, anyway. To trouble, there's a knowing look that's only given before she hears Suli call her name and she finally moves away and leaves the farmer to paying his tab.

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