Hatching Feast


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Date: 8/28/10 - 8/29/10
Location: EW: Center Bowl of Lower Bowl
Synopsis: The Hatching Feast Begins! This is the first installment. Feel free to edit and add as necessary, including names of who participated, as necessary.
Rating: PG
Logger: Ahnika and ?

Eastern Weyr: Lower Bowl Center

The center of the lower and larger bowl of the Weyr is often a hive of activity during most days. To the north, the rockfaces start squeezing together to form the bottleneck between the two bowls. To the east is the sprawling complex set aside for the queens and a ground weyr for visitors. To the southeast lie the open-air hatching grounds, although outcroppings in the bowl's floor force many to divert in that direction via the southern or eastern portions of the bowl proper. To the south is a gently rounded rockface, dotted with weyrs to support many of the Weyr's dragons and their riders. To the west, no matter how rainy or windy the weather, the faint acrid whiff of medicines can almost always be smelt, for the infirmary's entrance can be found there.

In preparation for the Hatching Feast, pavilion tents have been set up here in the center of the lower bowl of the Weyr. Some are larger than others, but all seem to be for the purpose of helping to hold back the rain or other inclement weather from spoiling the feast celebrating Eastern Weyr's first two clutches hatching. One area has been set aside for the musicians, seated on a short riser under one end of one of the pavilion tents. In front of them, much of the tent has been cleared of tables and chairs to allow for dancing should any feel up to it. A separate pavilion has been set up for the buffet tables that bring with them an array of delicious scents and both hot and cold food and beverages. Tables and benches arranged between the two pavilions and some under the tents themselves allow for seating while people eat and drink their fill. A third pavilion has been set up for the Weyrleaders and visiting dignitaries to sit and eat and visit as they please over the course of the few days celebration. Amidst all of the structures and food and music and crowd, flowers and ribbons and banners have been tied around every pole or rock or table what can hang onto it, allowing for more color and floral scent to mark the occasion. When the celebration continues into the evening, glowbaskets at regular intervals around the main perimeter of the area are established to prevent anyone from tripping or otherwise losing their way, while a great bonfire has been created some safe distance away from the tents, while still close enough for the music to drift there and certainly visible from those who merely watch from the pavilions. It seems just about everything has been considered in preparation for celebrating this Weyr's first clutch hatchings, a celebration that will be maintained and well-stocked for over a period of a good few days.

With the second batch of eggs having hatched in the middle of the night, the hatchlings all having found their lifemates, and both clutches settled in the Weyrling Barracks - fed, full, and oiled, the rest of the Weyr fell quickly to the preperations for the hatching feast, set to begin the following evening under Threadfree, and hopefully cloud-free, skies. With large pavillions set up around the area, the kitchen staff has done its best to prepare for a feast befitting the first clutches of the new Weyr, and a group of Harpers is already settled upon the stage, a lively tune played, the sound drifting over the bowl as Weyr members, visitors, and weyrlings alike being to arrive.

Well since the Weyr went to all the trouble to have a hatching feast, one figured that he and his green might as well attend. So a shimmering green decends to land next to the bonfire, letting her rider off before she curls up next to the fire, enjoying the heat and hopefully no rain. L'han pats her and warns with a finger, "Play nice… yes I know you're just absolutely smug about being right about the veiled girl, but you don't have to taunt Voldrath about it again." He leaves his green to enjoy her bonfire and makes his way towards the tents and the food.

Moving into the center of the lower bowl from the direction of the bottleneck, Ahnika and her large green Jhath walk together, side-by-side. The fiery-haired weyrling is dressed for the occasion, so they move at a slightly slower pace than normal, but both their heads are held up, fierce pride evident in Ahnika's expression as well as eagerness to join in the celebrations, but it is all tempered with a rather noble bearing shared between the two. Not put-on airs, so much as they just appear to hold such affairs as reverent in meaning. "Oh wow," Ahnika says as the newly bonded pair step more into the light of the bonfire, "Indira really out-did herself." The redhead looks genuinely impressed. The tall, powerful (for her color) green dragonet beside her watches with a serene interest as a general might observe her troops, then briefly nudges Ahni beside her, wuffing into her long hair, which Ahni has apparently worn down for the auspicious occasion. Giggling a little and shying away from the tickling contact at her neck, she rubs Jhath's headknobs fondly in turn, murmuring, "Don't worry, Nobleheart. I will." Then her grey eyes settle on Escaeth beside the bonfire and she starts to move forward, lapsing quiet with internal dialogue, something Ahni has been slow to get used to doing with consistency. But she offers L'han a polite wave and smile as she spots him.

One of the Weyrlings that is making her way down to the lower bowl in Ahni's wake - very slowly for the benefit of the tiny green at her side - is Andi, Hadath's head bobbing with each little motion, bright faceted eyes taking in the sights and sounds of the bowl, the green curiously peeking here and there. A steading hand on her shoulders, the other curled up in her toned down - but still impecable - skirt, and the pair pause at the edge of the pavillions, Andi's eyes at least slipping over the gathered, looking it seems for someone - Someone who thankfully she does not find immediately.

Dragon> To Hadath, and Jhath, Escaeth notices the presence of the two green dragonets and sends a chime their way, « Good evening young ones. »

Taking their time due to the awfully long distance the fairly newly hatched dragon has to navigate, Isilna and her friend Orteith make their way to the area covered with pavillions and gaily decorated poles and rocks and tables. The former Lady Holder's face is still rather a bit shocked, but in a good way, her smile more readily apparent. Her firelizard flies around the pair, crooning encouragement to the young blue dragon during one of their pauses in their trek. Much like Ahnika, she's also dressed up for the occasion, bringing out the nice gather/wedding dress she'd worn at Benden, even though the color still doesn't really suit her, but at least it's not borrowed attire. Orteith's eyes are whirling a solid strong blue of contentment as he silently communicates with his rider, who answers audibly, "Yes, it looks quite delightful, my dear." L'han is given a nod of respect as a higher-ranked rider, and she smiles warmly to her fellow weyrlings. "Ladies," she greets as Orteith warbles a courteous greeting of his own to the trio of greens, big and small.

L'han gives a warm smile to both dragonets and ladies alike. He knows exactly what it's like to be in their shoes post-hatching and he finds a nice table near enough to the bonfire that he can go to his Escaeth if she should call. "Good evening and welcome amongst our numbers, weyrlings and dragonets alike." He smiles towards them, offering the empty chair at his table if anyone should care to sit with him. His Escaeth raises her head to link dragonets to memory and who belongs with who. Even if she probably doesn't remember for too long.

Dragon> To Hadath, and Escaeth, Jhath intones in a throaty alto that speaks of a softly whispering fire in an inviting hearth and mulled wine. « Good evening, Battle Sisters. »

Dragon> To Escaeth, and Jhath, Hadath lets the light bells of her mind drift over the cool air of a winter's breeze, pondering the words that are offered in greeting, before there's an innocent, almost sing-songy reply. « Good evening! »

Almost as one, Ahnika and Jhath turn their heads to the approaching Andi and Hadath, and then turn again to the arrival of Isilna and Orteith. Then divert their attention at that point, as Jhath turns her attention more to Escaeth and Ahnika, bless her girlish heart for such things (probably something the tomboyish Jhath will have to straighten out in her in time, eyes the festive clothes on the other two women. "Oh! You both look lovely," though to be sure, her grey eyes seems fixated on Isilna's former wedding dress a little longer. Jhath then moves another step forward before looking back at Orteith and trumpets in reply, much louder and powerful than necessary-though not the sort of bugle she uses in the morning at least, thankfully. Nevertheless she undoubtedly attracts the attention of some of the celebrants. If she notices, Jhath doesn't seem to care, and instead returns her attention to just watching with that noble bearing of hers until Ahnika finally returns her attention to L'han and smiles at him, dipping her head deferentially and thankfully as he invites them to his table and, as one, Jhath and Ahnika meander over in his direction. "Thank you, sir," and Jhath lowers her head briefly in mutual respect, as they approach.

There's movement amongst the tents as the Weyrlings begin to appear, and amongst it are two men - clearly related - wearing the knots of Boll, both getting to their feet and turning to regard each of the Weyrlings in turn, the younger man's gaze resting for an inappropriate amount of time on Isilna. "Well, Father, I think its obvious now why that fool of a woman disgraced her Lord - Though, perhaps he's better without -that- type of woman." The comment is meant for only one other, however, and with the sound of the Harper's lively tune, its questionable who else may have heard it - as inflammatory as it may be. The older man, however, certainly did. "Mind your manners." He replies sharply, even though his own gaze is resting on Andi with a look on his face that could be described as somewhere between disappointed and disapproving. Andi's chin lifts as Hadath pauses, the fae-like green's attention caught by the crackling light of the bonfire, while Andi's own is caught by the well-known men, the former Lady - now greenriding Weyrling - looking worried, and quite willing to stay rooted to her spot. Hadath, it seems has other plans, for as Jhath's trumpet causes her to start, and then pad quickly after the larger green, forcing Andi to move to keep up - and to approach those which she clearly seems to which to avoid.

Indiras is a constant presence, in a never-ending cycle of movement. Casting critical eye over buffet and drinks tables, a stern look being sent a serving girl getting a little too familiar with a bluerider instead of doing her job, exchanging quick words and a nod to one of the bakers and with a quick gesture to one of the cavern boys, sending for more ale to be brought up. There are however brief pauses in all of this when she retreats to the side of a hulking big dark skinned man to swallow down a quick mouthful of whatever he might have in his hand at the time and sending a quick smile up to him before shes off again. Although shes working and never in one place for too long, her gaze forever sweeps over the crowd, searching the faces, a light pattern of concern etching out and then folding back behind the mask of calm she wears so well.

Isilna reaches out and touches her hand to Orteith's headknobs as the blue regards Jhath with amusement. "Yes, dear, if she keeps that up at set times, we shall learn to sleep through it in the morning." And then she realizes she's being stared at by the men with the Boll knots, particularly the young one. Even if she didn't hear his words, they're not anything she hasn't heard whispered since Alara and T'ryn brought her to the Weyr. However, she decides to be nice and conducts Orteith to the two men after giving L'han's invitation an 'in a moment' sort of gesture. "Lord Kiril, how wonderful to see you again," she greets to Andi's father politely and correctly. "I trust your Lady Eliora is well? And you, Lord Kelior, it is good to see you again as well. Eastern's duties to Southern Boll." Mellon alights on Orteith's head and chirrups his own welcome to the pair. "I'd like to introduce you to Orteith." The young blue dragon's on his best behavior, his wedge-shaped head rising up, his eyes whirling placidly as he then dips his muzzle to the two.

Nenienne slips in, looking far more comfortable in her gather gown than she did in her candidate robes, but, as usual, frowning. She nods gravely to her former candidate colleages and slightly less gravely to their new lifemates, her gaze lingering on Hadath. Then she begins the rounds of greeting the various Smithcrafters present.

L'han watches the interactions of the crowd, especially the two Lords when he spots their knots as he also sees Isilna head their way. "You're welcome, Weyrling. Tonight's for celebrating, there will be much to do in the coming months so enjoy tonight." He smiles to Ahnika before he nods to the dragonet with her. Andi and her dragonet are also given a nod before he goes back to watching Isilna and the two Lords. His green, Escaeth, is curled up near the outer bonfire enjoying the warmth, her hide sparkling even with the firelight. L'han is sitting at a table with plenty of room for others watching the festivities.

It is perhaps a great thing, indeed, that the insult, veiled or no, is said low enough under the music as to go unheard by Jhath and Ahnika - for such a gauntlet laid down would definitely not go unanswered by the fierce and oversized green, just as soon as Ahnika explained what it meant exactly. Ahnika seems content to take in the sights and sounds of the music and growing din of conversation and laughter on the evening breeze for now, holding off on getting any food or drink just yet. She closes the distance with L'han's table, glancing back at Andi and Isilna and their lifemates as she does so, giving Isilna and her blue companion a smile that seems remarkably without apology, but a rueful smile nonetheless, and then looking both a measure of surprised and concerned as she finds Hadath padding after Jhath, with the larger green either not seeming to notice yet or just not thinking anything unusual about it. After all, the tall and sturdy green was born to lead the fight against Thread (Tradition be damned), as Jhath is so often telling Ahni, of course she would have loyal 'troops' following her. Ahni, though, for her part, offers Andi an apologetic smile as the other green-bonded weyrling comes along after Hadath. And then she is seating herself at L'han's table. Once settled at the end of one bench with Jhath so nobly standing at the 'head' of the table beside her, Ahnika returns her attention to L'han, only to be distracted as, along with Jhath, she and her green swivel their heads in unison to take in a glimpse of Indira off around the Bakers, and the redhead offers a fond smile and wave to the Headwoman just before Ahni's grey eyes go unfocused for a moment in internal dialogue, and then she returns her attention to L'han, grinning at him, while Jhath is studying the table intently for some reason. "It's all rather … overwhelming," she offers, though if she is describing the Feast or the Impression and getting used to the presence of her lifemate or all of the above, she doesn't clarify. Meanwhile, L'han's words draw Jhath's attention and she offers throaty alto rumble in approval of something he said, before (once more in unison) Ahni and Jhath turn their attention to Nenienne as she makes her appearance and nods. Jhath looks sober and noble as ever, while Ahni smiles warmly to Neni and greets, "Hi Neni. Oh, I'm so glad you came. You look very nice!"

There's no mistaking the tone in Kelior's voice as the younger of the two men suddenly finds himself face to face with the former Benden Lady - and by her choosing - "Weyrling." He offers curtly, before a sharp, none-too-discrete elbow from his father is causing the main in his mid-thirties to offer a brief bow to the young blue - a bow that is not without its own muttering, the man taking that moment then to retreat under the pretense of finding some sort of drink - and to shoot daggers not only at Isilna, but the youngest of his sisters as well. Lord Kiril, however, is far more polite, the aging Lord unwilling to risk an early expulsion from the Weyr's celebration, offering a stiff nod to Isilna and Orteith in turn. "The Lady certainly wished she could attend, but as Kelior's own Lady is due any day, she could not be spared." Nor would he risk her having to endure any potential drama. The Lord however, does seem distracted as he looks beyond Isilna to his daughter, his forehead furrowing into a frown for a moment as Andi draws close. Chin ducked low, Andi pauses just under the pavillion as Hadath comes to a halt was well, the little green offering an innocent little warble to Lord Kelior as the Boll heir pass nearby, Andi visibly wilting as her brother turns to look, green weyrling hurriedly moving to wrap her arms over her lifemate's shoulders, stopping her progress. "Shh, Hadath.." She whispers, gaze darting from brother to father, and then over to her fellow weyrlings in turn. Thank goodness for Harper's music, or its likely the young woman would be hearing her heart in her ears.

Loud voices and laughter announce the arrival of a cluster of five riders out of the same wing, jostling one another good naturedly and almost bumping into a serving girl in the process. She in turn sends a light scowl their way, although it holds no real anger behind it, watching with amusement as the five break into off-key song, following the melody coming from the harpers, if not the correct lyrics.

Isilna pointedly ignores Kelior's behavior, nodding to Lord Kiril's excuse for his son and taking it as given, choosing not to dispute it. She follows his gaze to Andi and Hadath and nods. "And such great results for Boll's entries into the hatching here. You must be very proud," she adds almost blithely, and Orteith looks at the green and her rider. "She has been most kind to me in my transition here, and am very grateful to have her with us as a fellow weyrling."

L'han smiles with Ahnika and nods. "It always is at first, or so most tell me. It passes soon enough and your dragon soon grows like there's no tomorrow." He glances to Nenienne, nodding as he recognizes her from the other day and that she was one of the few that did not impress. It's a stinging blow for sure, but there are always other clutches. He still gestures for Neni to join them all the same while he keeps a wary eye on those whom he thinks might cause trouble.

As attention seems to stray over to the men from Boll, Ahnika and Jhath's attention slides over in that direction as well. The large green dragonet that is Jhath seems content to remain where she is, but she watches, now settled on her hind legs, though still with that upright noble bearing as she surveys the on-goings, attentive and confident, and her lifemate, Ahnika, looks on with a little more concern, though perhaps more distractedly as she diverts her attention between Andi and Isilna, Hadath and Orteith, and L'han and Nenienne. Finally, she shoots a grin at L'han, "I already seem to be oiling Jhath more than many of the others are oiling theirs." A look of fondness is given her tall green dragonet and Ahni adds, "She's growing so fast and she's already big." Pause as she respectfully includes Jhath in the conversation rather than talking as if the green wasn't there, "Yes, you're going to be huge, but all the better to fight Thread, Nobleheart." Then she blinks a little in either distraction or just simply not used to being the one served as one of the roaming serving drudges comes by the table and asks those seated there what they would like to drink. "Just some juice," Ahni asks politely, "Please." Of course she's not going to be drinking alcohol.

Its a sharp whisper from Kelior - simply one word 'Useless' - before the young Lord is turning his back on his sister and disappearing to another tent to rub elbows with guests of more 'acceptable' stature, the word causing Andi to gasp a little, face turning red, while Hadath in turn is look a bit taken aback, eyes showing hints of red in them as she regards the man's disappearing back. Its all that Andi can do then, to keep Hadath put, slowly turning her head towards Lord Kiril instead, offering an explanation to her, even as the man's attention lingers on Isilna, seemingly contemplating the former Lady's words. "Boll knows its duties." Though, the man seems loathed to have to actually follow through with them, if his frown is anything judge from, excusing himself with another nod to the blue pair before finally moving to turn his attention towards his daughter and the green, regarding them from a distance as Andi seems to shrink under the Lord's gaze, Hadath crooning loudly to the man, and to her clutch siblings. Good evening!

Dragon> To Hadath, Jhath's voice drifts in, warm and encouraging and a hint of spiced lamb on a spit across a fire, « Are you and yours well, Battle Sister? »

Dragon> To Jhath, Hadath counters the warm with the cool touch of mint, a chill wind, bells dancing lightly on her mind as she seems perhaps a little confused. « Mine is… » And it seems to take the green a moment to find the words. « Worried? » She offers after a moment, falling silent once more, not truely answering the question.

Dragon> To Hadath, Jhath probes a bit, not really gently about it either, for her mindvoice is often overbearing as is her physical voice, and not always without her reall understanding that. The spiced lamb across a calm hearth fire floats in with a bit more heat and spice than before, the whisper of the flames starting to leap and lick at the lamb, and the added scent of eyebrow-arching contemplation over a good redwine. « Worried? » There is a pause, her warm voice retreating, and then she returns with that added heat and mildly archaic speech « Mine says those men are kin of sorts to yours, but not kindly so. Did they offer her injury? »

Isilna nods graciously to Lord Kiril of Southern Boll, then allows Orteith to escort her and Mellon to Andi and Hadath. "Do not let them upset you, Andi," she says kindly. "Especially your brother. He apparently well knows the definition of 'useless', given he has to look at it in the mirror every day." Did she just insult Andi's brother publicly? Orteith's humor is released with a fluting whuffle to Hadath. "You are in a very select group now, one of us, and nothing any wherry-head ever says will change that."

L'han nods to Ahnika and says, "Thats good. They probably need more oil than most think and better too much than not enough. And if you're ever in doubt, don't be afraid to approach a rider, any rider, and ask. We all went through it, made our mistakes, and learned from it. And I doubt there's a rider in this Weyr that wouldn't be willing to answer your questions or help you with your new lifemate." He nods to her with that and glances to Andi and Isilna, grinning at hearing what was said but says nothing. The chair at his table are still left open as he glances over his shoulder to his own lifemate, the sparkling green still near the bonfire.

Dragon> To Jhath, Hadath lets light rain fall in her thoughts, the green seeming to consider her clutchmate's question carefully, even as she contemplates her lifemate's thoughts. « Disappointed.. » Hadath thinks almost awkwardly, trying to place the emotions, the rain slowly becoming heavier as the meaning of the thoughts becomes clearer, the cold wind beginning to warm.

Alara has been in and out, mingling among those around, but not taking the spotlight. That place, she has deemed, is for the new weyrling pairs. She smiles brightly at all comers as she makes her way back toward the pavilion set up for her and the other dignitaries. She hears hints of conversation, but nothing she chooses to comment on. Yet.

Nenienne finishes her rounds and approaches L'han's table with a quiet "Thank you," directed both to him and to Ahnika. She sits down and also seems to be surprised when approached by a server. She takes a goblet of red wine from the tray, then holds it up and says "To some wonderful new pairs."

Jarvys stands in a dark corner, watching the new pairs, eyes dark and unhappy. His posture is ramrod straight, and his mouth pursed into a single line. Eyes flash with frustration as he scans the various pairings, and the genders thereof.

Unfocusing briefly with internal dialogue between herself and Jhath, Ahnika distractedly watches the server depart, having gotten orders, and remains seated at L'han's table. Jhath seems to be staring more intently at Andi and Hadath, and including Isilna and Orteith in that look as well as the blue pair close the distance to them. But otherwise, the large green dragonet remains 'seated' at the head of the table beside her Ahnika, the redhead now turning her attention away from the retreating back of the server to glance another worried look for Andi, and then shifts a bit in her seat to respond to L'han with a dip of her head, smiling gratefully, "Thank you, sir. We will." For nothing is done now without the other, except that now Jhath's silvery claws rake at the ground once, twice, then thrice, and she is done, and in unison Ahni and Jhath's heads turn back to Andi and Hadath and Isilna and Orteith. And once Neni arrives and toasts them, Ahni and Jhath's heads turn in identical sway once more, this time onto her. Jhath lets loose with one of her throaty alto triumphant trumpets that drowns out the music for that brief time and draws some eyes, her own private way of saying 'Hear, hear!' no doubt. And this time, since she was almost directly in the path of the trumpet, Ahnika actually winces a little before chuckling and nodding to Neni, "Indeed, and thank you. How are you getting on, getting back to your smith duties?" Distracted as she is with her table companions, she misses, for the moment, seeing the Senior Weyrwoman threading through the crowd.

Dragon> To Hadath, Jhath's fiery timbre brightens and warms across the mental connection, the warning snap of the spitted lamb being overcooked transferred. « Bolster her spirits with the knowledge that none shall triumph against Thread more than we shall, and all shall revel in our glorious victory, my Battle Sister! »

Andi blushes a little as Isilna speaks, slowly nodding her head as she straightens, fingers still resting lightly on the small green's back, keeping in contact as she listens to the bluerider, sparing a quick glance at her father before daring a light 'Thank you'. And that is all she's managing before Lord Kiril is interrupting, a long look given to Isilna as his hand goes to Andi's shoulder, moving to steer her away from the crowd. "We need to talk, Andromeda." He states firmly, though Hadath does get a longer, semi-interested look, particularly as when Andi is steered easily, Hadath remains practically wound about her lifemate, making sure that she goes nowhere without her, and that this strange man doesn't distract her. A final, stolen glance over her shoulder at her fellows and she offers a little nervous nod - a silent 'I'll be back, I hope' - before she's guided off to enjoy a wonderful, thrilling father-daughter conversation.

Dragon> To Jhath, Hadath's rainstorm slowly begins to abate once more, the green's mind cooling slowly, though hints of thunder still echo in the background, the storm threatening to burst forth at any moment. « Yes, yes. » She offers, almost dismissively, her mind already distracted by the new person.

Arriving at the pavilion, and greeting those in it, Alara continues to smile, congratulating those new pairs she sees on the way. Those who were candidates and did not Impress get a comiserating smile, and a quick question about their plans, if they know yet. It's not official, merely the polite thing that she's required to do during these times. When Andi's father pulls her aside, she frowns, and watches the pair closely for a long moment, before sighing and returning to her duties as hostess.

Janshu didnt impress, despite his brownriding fathers boastful words of confidence beforehand that if anyone was going to impress, it would be his boy. Since leaving the Sands, the young teen has done a pretty good job of avoiding his sire only to now run slap bang into the ample bosom of his mother, one of the Weyr cooks. Misha draws her poor forlorn son in against her into an enormous bear hug of motherly comfort which has the effect of nearly suffocating the poor lad, his flailing arms and muffled protests of not being a baby- drawing snickers from those standing nearby.

Isilna nods once to Lord Kiril and gives Andi a tiny smile of support before she steers Orteith back to the cluster of other weyrlings and the journeyman smithcrafter keeping L'han company, her smile widening at Jhath's bugle. She's less surprised by the presence of servers than others, since it was standard for her previous station in life. "She will be all right," she says to the others, but doesn't clarify which 'she' she's referring to. With a suitable plate in front of her, she eats neatly, much like her Orteith does, although she makes no bones about enjoying the stellar quality of the meal.

L'han nods to Ahnika, her green's trumpeting given a grin from the young man before an even louder answering bugle comes from the green by the bonfire. A laugh comes from L'han as he looks at Ahnika. "She approves of your bonded's voice. He however looks back to Escaeth, "Quiet girl, this is their time tonight." The green lays her head back down, her eyes merely watching the ongoings, even tracking Andi as she is steered away by the fatherly figure. Neni's toast would have gotten a raised glass from L'han, except he has none and has declined any drinks from the servers.

Jarvys decides to saunter to a table to get some food and drink, and ends up sitting near a few of the weyrlings; in fact, they are a few of them he has been watching most of the time. It may have been intentional, but it doesn't appear to be. He sits down, nods to a server, and waits for his food with all of the aplomb of his station. To the new riders near him, namely Isilna and Ahnika, he gives a mild, polite smile and a light, "Congratulations, weyrlings." As his food is served, he falls back into silence and observation, matching Isilna's neatness with his consumption of his meal.

<Weyr> Rauzath peers into the merriment and song. « All is well? » She is off at the river, enjoying a rare moment of solitude, but she does want to know if something should go wrong.

The Senior Weyrwoman isn't the only one to frown in the direction of Andi and her father as they leave to speak more privately. Ahni does too, watching them depart briefly and even starting to stand up to go after them. But then Isilna comes to join them, speaking reassuringly, and Ahni reseats herself. Both her and Jhath turn their heads and attention to Andi and Hadath, following them in the crowd until they are no longer visible, and then the server brings Ahni her requested juice and the redhead belatedly holds her cup up to Neni in delay to her toast. Then she chuckles and glances to Escaeth by the bonfire as the other green answers Jhath's call. She lifts her cup then to Escaeth and then to L'han, this time with a little dip of her head to the male rider, and finally sips with another glance for Neni who had been the one to start the toast after all. Jhath, for her part, turns her attention toward Escaeth along with Ahni, but it remains on the older green while Ahni's attention diverts to the rest of her table companions. Her eyes drift past briefly, spotting Janshu's flailing arms as he is captured by his mother, and she stifles a bit of laughter behind a hand, before glancing to Jarvys at the neighboring table as he offers them congratulations. Her grey eyes dart across his form from across the distance, but not in lechery as much as trying to place his role and rank, and finally Ahnika dips her head politely toward him, "Thank you, sir," while Jhath gives him a studious look from her nobly-postured 'seat' there near Ahni, perhaps trying to ascertain the best way he, as an asset or resource, could be useful in her battle with Thread. The redhead, meanwhile, catches sight of Alara near the tables and smiles warmly in her direction, offering a bow of head and shoulders in the Senior Weyrwoman's direction.

<Weyr> Escaeth replies to the Senior Gold. « I am here enjoying the bonfire's heat. Things should be well. »

<Weyr> Jhath replies easily through a mix of spiced lamb on a spit over a suitably warm fire and mulled wine poured in excess. « Aye, Madam. All is well. Morale seems steadfast and improving with the celebration. » Good morale is important when fighting Thread after all. As is food.

Isilna shifts her attention to another offer of congratulations, blotting her mouth on a cloth napkin before answering. "Why thank you, Master… Jarvys, is it not?" she queries of the gemcrafter, guessing from his presence and the complexity of his shoulder knot. "It is still quite a great deal to get used to," she adds, her smile warm and friendly, especially when she espies Nenienne, and she also belatedly joins in the toast.

There's an ease in which Jaya slips into the crowd from the direction of the upper bowl, dressed in something simple and pale yellow that matches the stone necklace she wears as her and a beige-dressed Suli arrive. The two both go straight for where the drinks are - perhaps to make sure that all is in order there - before the two are seen again with leisure drinks in their hands and casual ease in their expressions. Jaya converses with her barmaid as they start meandering through the crowd, the weyrlings they manage to pass by getting a brief pause and a brief congratulations before they move on.

"Aye. And you're Isilna." Formerly of Benden, now of Eastern, a blue rider of all things. "I am certain it takes quite a bit of getting used to." He doesn't have the most perfect memory, but a few things still remain from when he was a very small boy. Jarvys takes a long sip of the excellent wine that is served, and cuts his meat slowly, purposefully. "May I know your lifemate's name? I do not know if I have heard it yet." Observing the formalities is important in a situation like this, though the formalities and politeness do not reach the cold eyes. "What a lovely green, rider. She appears to be quite the polite young one." Unsure of anything about being a weyrling, he compares it to his own experience as a firelizard owner.

Isilna nods graciously to the mastercrafter. "Certainly, sir," she replies, consciously reminding herself that for all her manners, Jarvys now wildly outranks her. "May I introduce you to Orteith? My firelizard, Mellon, is currently embarrassing me by pretending to be a hat." The blue dragon with the bronze firelizard on his head acknowledges his lifemate's dinner companion respectfully with a nod of his muzzle, much like Andi's Lordly father had gotten earlier. "He says he is honored to meet you," she adds after a few moments of silent communication with her lifemate.

Nenienne nods to Ahnika. "I'm still a bit sad, but I do have the two commissions to keep me busy." When Jarvys joins the table she says formally and poilitely "Good evening, Master Jarvys."

L'han sits there in his chair, enjoying the conversation. When he finnally spots Alara, the Weyrwoman is given a deep nod of his head before he glances to Isilna. "Welcome Isilna and Master Jarvys." The two are welcomed to the table with the same warmth that he invited Ahnika and Nenienne.

Alara finds herself a seat, and watches, deciding to grab a glass of wine and sip at it slowly, more for something to do than of actual thirst. She answers questions posed her politely and carefully, and gracefully accepts congratulations on the clutch, directing the attention to the weyrlings themselves. She continues to do this for a while, even returning L'han's bow until she spots someone that she really wants to talk to. Making her excuses, she moves toward the huddle of people and begins to speak to them softly.

Ahnika and Jhath simultaneously sway their heads from Jarvys to Isilna as the two talk. Neither Ahni nor her oversized green dragonet seem anything other than interested in the small talk as it goes on, with Ahni's eyes unfocusing briefly at the mention of the 'Master' title to Jarvys' name, likely to explain some things about hierarchy among humans to her lifemate, and then she blinks distractedly at Jarvys, not certain if the comment about the green was directed to her or L'han, after all, he said 'rider' and not 'weyrling', so it is only after L'han speaks and doesn't seem to respond to Jarvys about it, that Ahni belatedly responds, "Thank you, sir," to Jarvys, having the grace to look mildly uncertain and apologetic. "This is Jhath," the name spoken reverently and proudly, as if it will be Jhath and Jhath alone who will save all of Pern from Thread. After a pause, Jhath lowers her head slightly toward the 'Master', always one to respect superior skill in any arena, it seems, even if Jarvys won't be directly flaming Thread with her in the skies. "She says 'My privilege to meet you'," And then Ahnika introduces herself, "I'm Ahnika." She smiles congenially toward Jarvys before returning her attention with a solemn expression for Neni, "I would imagine," Ahnika states awkwardly, "Distractions like your commissions will make things easier." Then a pause and she adds, "Jhath says that we will be needing many more Battle Brothers and Sisters to flame Thread soon. Which I think is her way of saying there's still a chance your lifemate will be in a future clutch." Jhath rumbles throatily in encouragement and approval of that statement.

Oh yes. Rio knows Jhath. That would be that green dragon that bellowed the morning taps -just- as Rio managed to find sleep, as she had lain tossing and turning in her bed all night. She, used to an entirely reversed schedule, had her last nerve nearly shattered by Jhath's outburst, but it'd have taken too much energy for her to actually roust herself out of bed at that moment to voice her discontent with the alarm. Instead, Rio just tried to sleep again, until her own dragonet awakened her. Now that Eovarijath sleeps, and night has fallen again, Rio is … Quite awake. She pads, alone, from the Barracks area, tracking a familiar path, but without her usual burden of baskets and glows. Idle hands find themselves shoved into pockets. Just prior to coming into the crowd, one hand does pull out to resecure the cloth that hides half her features.

With Jaya and Suli slowly making their rounds, it's only a matter of time before one of them spots an old familiar face. Jaya places two fingers to Suli's arm, pausing with drinks in hand as she spots Jarvys talking to some of the weyrlings in the group. While she doesn't know that he's a master, she does seem to recognize him by face as she pauses a few paces off from him. Then she's steering her barmaid close to the group, seeming to approach the group before Rocio - or Rio, as now the case may be- catches her eye and gets a smile from her. Change of plans! The bar owner makes a bee line towards the veiled weyrling with teeth showing in her smile and a waiting congrats in hand.

"Ahhh. A martial dragon." Jarvys gazes over at Jhath and nods. "Pleased to meet you all." This includes the bluerider and her blue, as well as the greenpair. To Nenienne, Jarvys gives a sardonic smile. "My wayward journeyman." He snorts. "You could come back to Landing with me…" It matters not to him, but he does offer, out of duty. "Did you enjoy your time here at the Weyr?" As the veiled woman walks toward them, Jarvys tilts his head. "My, my my. You do collect the strays, don't you?" His tone is as dry as a Tillek red.

The veiled woman was seeking out familiar figures, and Jaya's welcoming smile is returned with a straightening of Rio's spine, a lifting of her head and a quick, perhaps surprising attempt at an embrace. "I cannot believe it. Cannot." Quiet alto may not carry past her friend's ears, but the cant of head and quirk of one brow may be visible even in whatever light may, or may not, be present, "I am curious… Did you win any marks on me, Jaya, on your board?"

"That reminds me!" Isilna says, now all a-flutter. "I should send Master Aljenon a message. I did not see him at either hatching. Thank you for inadvertently reminding me, Master Jarvys," she adds gratefully, but her words are edged with a slight concern as she watches Nenienne for her reaction to her master's words, especially when Jarvys implies that Rocio is a stray. "The dragons are said to know, sir," she says stiffly, both in her own and in Rio's defense.

The largest of all the greens suddenly spots Rio walking in and Escaeth abruptly trumpets a greeting in the veiled woman's direction as L'han glances that way, "Huh? Oh I see." He smiles to Rio giving her a wave and a gesture to join him and the others and happens to also include Jaya in that wave as well. He looks to the others there and has only a brief frown for Jarvys's words and he nods in agreement with Isilna. "Indeed they do, considering that woman over there impressed one of the two golds from the clutches… and was my Escaeth's search choice. They always know." He finally stops one of the servers, asking for a glass of some sort of juice.

Alara watches the interplay among the weyrlings and the others as she walks toward her intended target. "Rio." She arrives near the other goldrider with a soft smile. "Are you and your gold settling in well? Rauzath wanted you both to know that you can call on her at any time . Your dragon may have come from Kaseth's clutch, but we feel…" She pauses to consider her words. "Well, we feel like we should offer." She waits to hear the response, giving those around her greetings again. "Master Jarvys. How pleasant to see you at Eastern. Welcome." The conversation about the searching of Rio is left untouched for now.

Nenienne says deferentially, "This was my posting before; I plan to stay here until the Hall reassigns me. Thank you for the offer, though. I imagine they posted me close to Landing so that I could take lessons from you, if you'd be willing to teach me whenever I can get a ride there." She doesn't quite smile at Rio and the others, but her frown lessens appreciably, especially at Ahnika's/Jhath's words.

The embrace from Rio is taken firmly, Jaya gently squeezing the gold weyrling's shoulder in the process before letting go. Searching Rio's eyes with an encouraging smile then, "I can," she answers on her words, nodding once. "This was….meant to be, I think. Congratulations, Rio, is it now?" The note of quiet respect is there in both gaze and tone for her friend, and then she's swinging around to fall in step with Rio and Suli as she follows. The question of betting gets a crooked smile and a quick incline of her head as her gaze lands on Isilna, then Ahnika. If they both notice, the bar owner would nod in each of their directions since she's still not in speaking distance just yet. "That I did," she answers Rio wryly, sliding a look her way. "Or well. I won marks, but not on you, shuga. You put quite a shock on me, on the lot of us, eh? But I should have known…" and she's laughing, the woman with her usual guards at ease this night. And once Alara arrives, Jaya nods to the Weyrwoman before stepping aside and approaching the small group of weyrlings at Jarvys' table. "Ahni, congrats," she gives first, her eyes searching the redhead's before turning to Isilna. "Congrats as well, ahh..?" she searches for a name, and her gaze lands briefly, significantly, on Jarvys.

"Weyrwoman." The Master Smith is all deference and light to the ranking rider. He gives her a deep nod, and then turns toward Isilna. "Oh, I don't doubt that they do. However, your own Searching was not of the traditional variety." This bothers him somewhat. "But it is over and you now are a weyrling." He snorts. "I think every child on Pern wonders what causes the Dragons to choose as they do. Myself included." He turns to Nenienne. "I will require some sort of schedule. As far as being able to find a ride, there is a perfectly servicable wagon which runs betwixt the two places. It isn't the most pleasant ride, so it wouldn't be too often that you'd want to come that way, but that's your decision." He gives a slight frown as he thinks. "Perhaps I could come over here once in a while, as well. I do believe I have someone I should be visiting more often here as it is." And that's as close as the man will get to admitting he has family in the Weyr. "L'han." He addresses the greenrider at the table by name, knowing who his watchrider is, of course. "We shall speak about your schedule and mine."

If just Rio's walking out, by herself, caused this sort of ruckus, the woman doesn't want to consider the uproar that her distinctly pale and grey-marked lifemate's appearance would have warrented. Of course, Rio feels strongly that her dragon is the most gorgeous, most distinctive, most lovely of all those hatched (with Isilna's blue a close second). To Jaya, Rio nods, "Rio, Rio. That's what she calls me. I… Cherished my name, but… That seems a turn ago now, and I'll go by Rio." The woman's near-black eyes, reflecting glowlight and distant flicker of flames, turns to spy L'han, and somewhere beyond, the recognized form of Escaeth. To that one, Rio salutes, merry expression hidden mostly behind the veil. Only scraps of the approaching conversation touch Rio, and she misses most of the significance. Once more, her forward momentum is stopped, just shy of L'han's indicated spot, to salute to Alara. "Ma'am. Thank you. She suits me, I think. I hope. I think once my sleeping schedule readjusts, I'll do better. But she mostly just eats and sleeps and needs to be oiled." No task has ever been so pleasurable for Rio, and her eyes squint slightly. Nenienne is spotted, and offered a quick hug, first, before Rio turns to congratulate Isilna on her /gorgeous/ blue, and Ahnika on her…Energetic green. Finally the Master is given a slowly inclined head, due respect, while Rio falls silent, to listen.

Heads swiveling in unison once more, Ahnika and Jhath look first at Jaya and Suli, the former about to greet the woman and her barmaid as they appear to be on approach, and then follow their movements toward the approaching Rio, whom Ahnika hadn't seen directly due to the way she was seated at the table. The redheaded green-bonded young woman lapses quiet for a little longer now, mildly distracted with quite a lot of internal dialogue now for whatever reason. That, however, suddenly stops as Ahnika snaps out of it with a mild gasp for air, as if coming up to the surface of a deep pool of water, and both her attention and the attention of her larger green dragonet zero in on Jaryvs for his 'stray' comment. For her part, Ahnika merely works her mouth as if tasting something bitter, since L'han and Isilna seem to have already said something aloud. Jhath actually snorts and rakes across the ground once more, unfurling her little wings in a little flapping motion that requires a soothing rub of her headknobs by Ahni to get her to calm. The redhead then grins approvingly to Neni for her choice to stay and says genuinely, "I'm so glad, Neni, that you're staying on. I'd miss you." She falls quiet again, this time to sip some more of her juice, and her gaze falls on Alara, Jaya, and Rio once more as they approach. The former earns a stand and proper bow from Ahni as Alara is near enough now, and then Jaya gets a friendly smile and dip of the head, "Thank you, Jaya. I uh, suppose you'll have to find someone else to help you around the bar for awhile." Perhaps an indication that she wouldn't be opposed to occasionally helping out there again, on a volunteer capacity, when weyrlinghood was over, as time permitted. Then she gestures to Jhath and says, "This is Jhath," again the name given with reverence during the introduction, and she mentally makes introductions of Jaya to her lifemate before dipping her head toward Rio and smiling warmly to the veiled woman in greeting. She seems like she wants to say more, and then changes her mind instead, going back to rubbing Jhath's headknobs before retaking her seat.

L'han nods to Jarvys and says, "I travel between Landing and Eastern on request and to move goods between the two. If you require a specific time to travel, I am able to oblige. Except for the next few days… my green is soon to fly." He glances over his shoulder at the sparkling dragon, shaking his head before he turns back to Alara's presence. "Weyrwoman, a wonderful clutch, congradulations to you and Rauzath." He finally gets his drink from the server, sipping from it at length and enjoying being home. Watchriding is important but it does take you away from the Weyr which is a dragon's home.

"I like the shortened name," Jaya marks her approval for it with a wink to Rio before she's moving onto the address the others. Catching belatedly L'han's waved greeting, she returns in like kind before fully making it to the table and sending all present a tight smile. Recognition lingers on her scarred face for the Master Smith as her gaze sweeps about and over to Ahnika as she lets the tight smile warm up. Taking a sip of her drink, "I suppose I will," she agrees on finding another to help the bar, though she doesn't look wholly worried about it. She does look far more interested in regarding the weyrling's face however, even though words she wants to utter are not to be in present company. So instead, the smile hitches up a little higher and she turns to regard the little green with open interest. "Looks like you got your hands full with this one, shuga," she drawls in amusement, studying Jhath. "She's beautiful, Ahni." And Suli, at Jaya's shoulder, nods firmly her agreement and adds, "Very. Congrats, weyrling."

Alara is amused by the little green and her rider looking at the world together, in such harmony. She gives a light laugh, at their antics, covering her mouth up with a raised hand. "That is as it should be, I think." She replies to Rio. "It sounds like it is a good match." Which is always a concern for the woman, but a little more so with a queenpair. "Jhath. What an intriguing name." And it is. "Rauzath is proud of all of you." Even the ones hatching from Kaseth's eggs. "As am I, ladies. As am I." All of the weyrlings within range are female, at least the rider portions, so Alara feels safe in addressing them thus. "L'han, she is due to rise?" Her lips purse, and she shows her disapproval of him being among a large group of people. This is part of the point of coming home. However, it is the Weyr, and it's a Hatching Feast, so she doesn't reprimand him at the moment.

Nenienne nods politely to Jarvys, adding a "Yes sir." SHe looks a bit surprised but returns Rio's hug, and almost smiles at the interplay between Ahnika and Jaya. She notices Alara by way of looking at Rio, and nods politely to her as well.

Isilna's chin rises, not in a defiant manner, just rather thoughtfully. "I agree with you, sir, Tradition has not been served. But I felt it would have been rude to say no to T'ryn when he asked." As she takes a long drink from her own cup of juice, she then adds, "And now what has been done is done. Orteith and I shall serve the Weyr to the best of our abilities." Since she's now finished with the light snack that she'd been served, she rises to her feet. "If you will excuse me, sir." Without waiting for a reply, she moves down the table, giving Nenienne a moment's word or three in hushed tone that doesn't make it past the journeyman gemcrafter's ears before moving on with Orteith and Mellon in tow.

L'han nods to Alara and says, "It's alright, Alara. She's calm and so long as she stays that way, things will be ok. If she starts getting restless, away we go." A quick check on the green shows that yes she still is enjoying the bonfire. He knows his green's habits and what her risings are like. He looks over the table at those present smiling before he glances at Isilna as she departs.

Jarvys nods to the greenrider, and listens as he speaks to the weyrwoman. "Alright then. I shall catch you when I can when we are back at Landing." He has secured his own ride tonight, but beyond that, he may require the services of the watchrider for other things too. He gives Isilna a nod as she walks away, turning to the remaining people, but choosing to listen, instead of contribute to the conversation at this point.

Alara gets another dipped head, quiet, as she speaks her good wishes. To Nenienne, Rio murmurs, "I'm so sorry your dragon was not in that clutch, Nenienne. I hope you stay around, to make sure if she or he is in the next clutch, you're here to greet him or her." Lots of folks were left standing on the Sands, but only a few of them Rocio knew. Nenienne and Neythan's absence in the Weyrling barracks has been noticed, even through Rio's mostly-exhausted haze. Rio does retreat back to Jaya's side, though, and turns to look at the big green who Searched her, at L'han's words. Aside, to Jaya, "You didn't bet on me at -all-?" Both eyes narrow just slightly, but the voice is teasing. "Or you just prefer me as glowtender?" When, finally, a juice-bearing tray comes out again, Rio reaches to snag a glass, and she'll draw it under her veil, for a sip, in a motion that is too practiced to be noticeable by the woman herself.

Isilna smiles toward the lady barkeep after giving Nenienne a surprisingly unladylike grin. "Isilna, and this is Orteith," she introduces her dragon to the other. "And the hat-like firelizard is Mellon," she adds kindly but fondly for her, nodding to Rio and anyone else who gives her a nod, but it's clear that the throng around the new weyrlings is just a touch too much, so she retreats to listen to the harpers playing, looking through the faces to see if Teallan will take a turn.

Mollified for the moment by Ahnika's headknob-rubbing, Jhath merely watches the arriving trio with the contemplative interest of a general collecting information about her resources for the fray. Strategizing. It is only after Ahni takes her hands away from the large green dragonet's headknobs that Jhath lowers her head deferentially toward Alara and Rio, and slowly rising out of her noble posture to fix multi-faceted eyes on first Jaya and then Suli in that same speculative interest. "Thank you," Ahnika says to Jaya, smiling with grey eyes brimming with pride for her Jhath, then the smile transcends into a soft chuckle, "We both do." That of having her hands full. For Jhath has her talons full, too, in a way. There is some taming to be done between both of the fiery would-be knightly dames. She seems to catch the sense that Jaya seems to want to say more, but she doesn't seem inclined to ask at this point in time. Alara's comment however, draws Ahni's attention away to the Senior Weyrwoman and the redhead grins, "Thank you, Weyrwoman." Both her and Jhath dipping their heads in unison toward her in polite show of gratitude for the compliment, somewhat ceremoniously. Upon straightening however, the pair's heads sway now to Isilna and her blue dragonet and bronze firelizard departing and the pause to whisper to Neni. Their eyes then stray back to Master Jarvys briefly, looking speculative, and for Ahnika frowning slightly, and then she looks over at L'han. Briefly clearing her throat, she asks softly, awkwardly, "Do you think that I could talk to you about that sometime?" This time, as Ahni looks at L'han, Jhath regards Ahni studiously, and after a moment, Ahnika's cheeks flush red and she looks at her lifemate, shaking her head mutely at something said internally.

Moving about at the fringes of the main crowd, as if looking for someone or something, is a scrawny looking Weyr mutt, wary of all the activity about but not enough to have it go scampering away. At times it darts artfully in between the milling feet to snatch up a dropped morsel of food and then once again retreats back to its post on the outskirts.

"I am available as well," Alara assures the young green rider. "It is a bit different, but I believe it to be only in degree." If she wishes to discuss what Alara thinks she does. "But perhaps a green rider's perspective would be more profitable." She smiles, and takes another long sip of her drink.

Her smile more pleased when she finds Rio back at her side, "I saw you on blue," Jaya mentions on bets, giving a little half-shrug that doesn't execute all the way through before taking a drink. "Although," and she pauses for effect, eyes going to the sky as a finger lifts to tap idly against her chin. "If you're a glowtender, I'd still be seeing you all the more often. Not sure what I'll do without my good friend to talk to late at night for awhile." Yes, she will definitely miss the ex-glowtender while she tends to her dragon, but she's far too composed to get -too- emotional right now. Ahnika gets a warm incline of her head, simple and easy before finally, she turns to regard Jarvys with a little smile that's just a little bit more trouble-worthy. To him, "You know, I never did get your name, stranger," she drawls that out, eyes full of daring, her memory quite clear of times long ago. And she does send Nenienne a smile when she sees her as Isilna leaves, nodding her greeting to the craftwoman.

Nenienne listens to what Isilna has to say, then actually smiles, albeit a tentative smile, at the blue Weyrling. By the time she's whispered something back her customary frown is in place and she returns Jaya's smile with a nod.

"And that would be because I did not give it, bartender." Jarvys' expression tightens. "What brings you to the Weyr?" He keeps his tone polite, but the slightest emphasis on the pronoun makes it clear that he's certain she's scamming someone. "Perhaps they do not know you well, or perhaps, you're merely another stray." He gives a slight nod toward the stray dog snatching food in the corner.

"I was hoping for Isilna's blue," Rio admits, quietly. "I felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach when I woke up to this sweet voice politely inquiring after a meal, and the blue was with someone else. I thought, with all the effort she was making to -leave-, that the dragons had not Searched her person, and she was a-going looking." But Rio then falls silent to eye the Mastercrafter, at Jaya's question. No doubt Rio is also listening to Ahnika's concerns, but she's dealing with one major life change at a moment, and the potential of /Flights/… Rio has the luxury of a good long wait for that one. Then there's movement to the side, and the woman's gaze slip-slides off Jarvys to the mutt. She steps sidelong, casually, to pick up something off a discarded plate… And drop it a few feet away. Don't mind her. Though, at the Mastercrafter's words, Rio's regard snaps back to him and both brows rise. "Or perhaps the Weyr is comprised of strays, sir. Enough, come together, forms a pack."

L'han nods to Ahnika even as Alara offers her a friendly ear. "It is very similar, be it gold or green, but we do have some differences. You won't have to worry about this till your Jhath is at least a Turn old or more, but if you'd like to talk about it, I will do my best to answer what questions you have, as will Alara, Randi, or even any other greenrider." He gives a smile to Ahnika before turning to glance at Jarvys and Rio, listening to the conversations once more.

Two conversations seem to be going on at once, though there is some intermingling. Jarvys speaks with Jaya, by whom Rio stands. There's a stray mutt wandering, who has attracted the attention of that trio. Nearby, Alara, L'han and Ahnika, along with Jhath, speak. Each group is attending the other's conversation at least peripherally. Firelight dances, and glowlight glints off of glasses of juice, and tasty morsels here and there.

The blush on the freckled redhead's cheeks only deepens a little more as Alara offers to talk to Ahnika and she dips her head toward her, saying genuinely, "Thank you, Weyrwoman. I think it best that I have as many perspectives as possible on this … particular matter, so I appreciate it." Meanwhile, Jhath turns her attention onto the Weyrwoman next, and Ahnika regards L'han's comments with a bit more relief, perhaps it is at hearing it will be a turn or more away before she has to worry about it. "Plenty of time to get ready for it then," spoken on a slight exhale of breath, and she seems content to leave it there considering the large company. Jhath returns her attention back to Ahni then, moving to rest her head on the redhead's shoulder in a mixture of show of solidarity and comfort, before the stray dog captures her attention and both Jhath and Ahni turn to look at it a moment. "Any, uh, word on the Beast Manager, ma'am?" Ahni asks Alara trying not to sound worried. Speaking about Flights. Ahem. Distracted as she is, between internal and external dialogue right now, she doesn't seem to catch much of the interaction between Rio and Jarvys, her mind is heavy with other matters right now.

Jaya's smile is predatory, and she doesn't care who's close enough to see it. "Don't be coy," she states to Jarvys as a little tease - at least for those present. Close inspection would note the tightness of her put-upon smile as she faces him. "You can't /possibly/ still be upset over our little card game are you, shuga?" Brow lifts at that, testing - or baiting. To his question though, "Well, I happen to own a bar now, here," she explains in humble tones, nodding. "I've seemed to have turned over a new leaf. /Randi/ believes in me, anyway," she drops the weyrwoman's name in significance, her gaze raking over the older man. "What does it matter whether they all know me or not? I merely serve the drinks." That's it, her expression says, but clearly, there's more to it than that. To Rio, she nods in open agreement to her words on the blue. "I think the dragon made the right choice, my friend," she says, the predatory smile turning gentle and soft for the weyrling. "I'm glad I lost on you. I should have aimed higher, shuga." She leaves off on the talk of strays for now, perhaps because Jarvys probably is the only one at the feast that knows the nature of the scarred woman and is finding it better to remain silent and look towards the familiar mutt instead. Frowning, "Anyone seen L'ron?"

Dragon> To Rauzath, Jhath's voice brings with it a hint of bittersweet wine, warm and curious as a freshly built fire on a hearth « Madam? » Her voice is respectful, entreating.

Alara answers the last comment first: that of her bartender. "No, Jaya, I haven't seen him around. Of course, some of the weyrling pairs may be resting. I know that Rio's own gold is asleep.." She's just said so recently. To the comments about strays, Alara merely purses her lips. The new goldrider has the right of it, though. "We are a unit now, mattering not from whence we came." This is the lesson Rauzath is attempting to teach Voldrath, with limited success. As to Max, Alara shakes her head, again. "No, Ahnika, I have not heard anything on him, though I imagine I shall soon. I shall send word through Rauzath to your Jhath if I do." She smiles and understands completely. After all, T'ryn just spent a goodly portion of time away from the Weyr, and Alara missed him and worried the whole time.
Dragon> To Jhath, Rauzath is indolent just now, dozing lightly, but aware. « Yeah? » She answers the query softly, the single word just a mild touch to the young mind. Testing, looking while answering her query.

L'han smiles to Ahnika and then offers, "Just don't think of it as something that you have to do and don't dread it either. You'll make life damned difficult for yourself and even more confusing for your dragon." He nods but then sighs as his dragon starts to rouse herself from her place by the bonfire. "Time for me to get going. I don't want her flying today at least while the feast is going on." He rises from his chair but gives a small toast with what he has left in his glass. "To Eastern, new friends, and new riders. Cheers." He downs whats left of his drink and heads on towards his Escaeth.

Ahnika shakes her head about Jaya's question on L'ron, though she frowns a little more thoughtfully now as some of the conversation between Rio and Jaya and Jarvys seems to be drifting in, her gaze - as is Jhath's - drifting between them all in unison. And then both she and Jhath look at Alara for the weyroman's response to all matters being discussed and there comes a mixture of satisfied and dissatisfied expressions across Ahni. Unsettled, mildly, Jhath rakes at the ground with her silver talons once before resuming her noble posture at the 'head' of the table beside Ahnika as the green-bonded weyrling nods, "Thank you, ma'am," and smiles softly, "Very much." Her attention wanders to L'han then as he explains further on the matter of Flights, and Ahni looks a little confused briefly, before nodding. No doubt she will be touching more on that with him at the earliest convenience, but not right now. "Thank you, sir," she offers L'han, dipping her head to him at the same time that Jhath does in perfunctory fashion as he is leaving. She lifts her cup of juice up to his toast and Jhath lifts her wedge-shaped head, offering another triumphant bugle of 'hear hear!' in reply, briefly drowning out the musicians once more as her wings flexing briefly and then settling against her olive-green hide. Then the green weyrling pair watch L'han head off to Escaeth at the bonfire.

Looking worn out but happy for the first time in a long while, Randi leaves the steps of her ledge and jogs down towards the festivities. First stop is Alara, to whom she speaks quietly for a moment about the 'diplomatic meeting' she'd just finished with several of the big farmers from around Southern. Looks like it's mostly good news at any rate. Once finished relaying the 'business', however, she rocks back on her heels and surveys the assembled. "Did I miss anything good?"

Dragon> To Rauzath, Jhath's warm fire of a voice rumbles softly as it is stoked with interest, but deference remains, « My apologies for any intrusion, Madam. Mine is … flustered. She seems worried about me getting … caught? I've told her none shall catch me, however. I am strong and I will fly so when I am grown. This does not seem to abate her worry but she does not wish to discuss it further for now. Should I press, Madam? »

Nenienne gets up when L'han does, and says formally to Jarvis, "I'll send you a message as soon as I find out the schedules. Thank you for your time, sir." She says her goodbyes to the Weyrlings and to those of their lifemates who are present, gives a polite nod to Alara and Randi, then heads off toward the upper bowl.

Dragon> To Jhath, Rauzath gives a light laugh, not mockingly, but merely amused. « Naw, you're alright. It's one of the things you'll learn. But it's not quite time for either of you to worry about that stuff. First you learn how to eat without getting thicktail and stuff, and then how to fly, and then, you can mess with all that stuff. » She snorts. « It's just the stuff that the humans worry about most. Just let her know it's gonna be a while yet. You just cracked shell, after all. » She draws from her rider on how to deal with the young mind, at least somewhat, and then fades out a little, remaining aware, but dozing lightly again.

"L'han," Rio calls out, seeing the greenrider stepping away. "Please, sir. Tell her 'thank you' for me." A hand is lifted in brief salute, but almost more in an expression of mute gratitude. This, before she turns back to the conversation at hand, and mostly that between Jaya and Jarvys.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Jhath gives a satisfied turn of lamb on a spit, drawing warmth and spice from the hearth as she speaks further, « She did not seem to worry about it, until it was called to mind by Escaeth's. Thank you, Madam. I shall bolster her spirits against her concerns on the matter henceforth. » The heat of her voice fades to an ember, distracted and intrigued with the ongoings of the Feast.

"Not over the card game, no." About the fact that she cheated at it, yes. Jarvys narrows his eyes again and gazes around. "Hmm, I think you have probably — " He pauses mid-sentence as Randi appears, and gives her a quick word of greeting. "Ahhh, weyrwoman Randi. What a pleasure. I do need to speak to you soon. I had intended to send my Jahra to you much earlier, but decided it would be more prudent to wait until things died down." He was not at all pleased to hear about the death of two dragons. "I was just commenting on the … ecclectic company you have been keeping for yourself, ma'am." He gives her a genial smile.

Jaya seems to accept Alara's words as she looks in vain for the blue weyrling pair in question, giving her a nod before her own interest in turn is shown on the matter of the missing Max. She adds not words on this, but it's obvious she's eavesdropping on hearing Alara's answer for Ahnika. When L'han heads off, the bar owner lifts her glass briefly to him in farewell before doing the same in like kind for Nenienne. Back to Jarvys then, his answer for her has that little smile showing up again from her. "Isn't /that/ good to hear!" she seems pleased that he wasn't upset after all over the card game, even though she's well aware he is upset at /her/ in any case. "So I suppose….I'll be seeing you drop by my bar sometime? So we can chat like /good/ friends?" And perhaps like /good/ friends not so much in public, too. And then his attention draws her own towards Randi, the weyrwoman getting her crooked smile and an easy nod for her. "Randi, a pleasure," she tacks on right behind Jarvy's statement about the company she keeps, her gaze momentarily sliding his way before she sends a significant glance to Rio.

L'han smiles, nodding to Ahnika, Alara, and calls out to Rio. "Of course, Rio. And congradulations. She was pleased as any dragon could be." He nods to Randi with a smile as he probably passes her on his way to Escaeth. And once mounted up with a flap of wings, the two head skyward and towards his weyr.

As Neni makes her farewell and Randi makes her entrance, Ahni and Jhath's heads turn in unison once more, first to follow Neni's departure, with Ahni smiling to the crafter and saying, "I'll see you then, Neni. Be well." And then to Randi and her entrance, with Ahni rising once more to bow respectfully to the junior weyrwoman and Jhath lowering her olive-green and smoky-grey head toward Randi respectfully at the same time. Unlike before, however, Ahnika remains standing as she straightens and looks at Jhath a quiet moment during some internal exchange. A frown and then a wry twist of Ahni's lips develops into a chuckle and she nods, "Aye, Nobleheart. Very well then." And with this, she bows and or salutes those around her and Jhath in farewell, quietly saying, drink in hand, "I'm going to go have a look at that buffet and hopefully catch the Headwoman a moment," not having had much chance to catch up with her mentor since she Impressed. "Please pardon us," for Jhath and Ahni seem practically attached at the hip, even going as far as to so often look in the same direction together.

With the harpers striking up a lively tune, the dance area quickly fills, becoming a veritable rainbow of color and twirling skirts. To one edge of the younger, more enthusiastic pairs is an elderly couple well into their seventh decade. And while the dapper old gent may well be moving somewhat stiffly these days, hes giving it all hes got, his sprightly wife twirling carefully in and out of his extended arm and laughing with the freedom and joy of a woman several decades her junior.

Jaya's glance or not, Rio remains rather staunchly by the bar-owner's side, her own demeanor casual, her face yet covered, and a glass of juice in her hands. She tilts her head toward Jaya, before sending something more akin to a salute, to Randi. The twins-in-different bodies catches Rio's regard for a long, bemused moment, before she takes another sip of juice and nods to Alara's words. Eovarijath sleeps. And Rio is awake. A paradigm shift is in the making.

Alara nods quietly as Randi gives her the information. "Thanks, luv. I'll take care of that soon. You're lookin' fine." She smiles brightly, all sunshine and roses. She's glad to be away from teh sands, too. "Yon mastersmith has been questioning our immigration policies, but otherwise, it's been a delightfully boring event." She takes another sip of her wine.

"Donal's here?" Instantly Randi both brightens and blushes, looking around the crowd eagerly for a face she just doesn't see. "I thought he would have gone home by now." She was surprised enough to see his blue at the hatching. "Excellent, Master Jarvys. I look forward to doing business with you." Her smile chills just a little at his comment on her company. "Oh? Have you found any of my residents or riders lacking in their manners this evening?"

Jarvys' eyes darken at the mention of that Masterstarsmith, but he keeps a smile on his face. "No, I don't believe that the Masterstarsmith is still here. I think he returned to Landing, or is on his way." He lifts his own glass of wine, taking a sip before he continues. "No, not precisely tonight, ma'am. Other times and other places. Tonight, they have been quite the … little ladies." The smile turns a little, and he draws his attention away, choosing to focus on the old pair dancing in the dancing square for lnog moments.

Jarvys. /Master/ Jarvys. Jaya has a name now, and the look she sends the master's way is very much letting him be aware of that fact. Dark eyes flick over to Randi in that moment, then she turns a bit to Rio and Suli with a brush of her hand over her eyes before draining the last contents in her glass. To Rio, "So. Do you think you have time to chat a little before you return to the barracks?" she asks, offering the weyrling her arm a bit as she looks to replace her drink.

I think…" Rio's answer, though, changes midstream, "I think she just woke up, Jaya. And," she wrings her own shoulders back with a sudden instinctive twitch, "That she has an itch. I… Don't know when I'll get out. Instructions now are to feed them, get them to sleep, oil them, and let them walk. That green," Rio nods after Jhath… "Much more advanced than Eo. But…" There's a squint-eyed expression, and Rio reaches to squeeze Jaya's arm lightly, "I guess I'll be here for awhile." Much more import on that statement than Rio's alto reveals. "Goodnight, all. Thank you." The words are spoken softly enough that if one is not paying attention to Rio, the sentiment, and in fact the quiet footpad exit of hers, might well be missed.

Alara's smile widens just a bit, and she turns to her friend. "No, Iardani, I was referring to the Master Smith over there." She gestures to Jarvys who is apparently watching the dancing. "He came to the Hatching? Oh, how lovely!" That's something she can understand. Wanting to be around a certain person like that.

Lifting one hand in farewell to Rio as she goes, Randi tilts her head at Jarvys' remark. "I hadn't been informed of any such thing. We can discuss it - as well as business - over dinner this seven?" She phrases it as a request, but there's a steel beneath her tone. If there's a problem, she should have been informed about it immediately. To Alara, however, her smile is soft and a little shy. "I saw his blue firelizard there, yeah. I didn't think he'd come back for anything short of an emergency, but." She shrugs and turns her head away.

"If you like. It is a matter of personal nature, and quite easily recified, but if you would like to come over to Landing to eat with me this seven, I shall gladly offer the invitation. Then, as well, we may discuss the other matter." He gives a light smile. "Ah. I see my ride is buckling up straps." He watches a bluerider do just that just beyond him, and gazes around. "My duties, ladies, and congratulations again." He stands, nodding to the two weyrwomen, and heads off toward the dragon to head back to Landing.

At Rio's words and silent departure, Jaya looks on after the weyrling with a thoughtful frown in place. "See you around, shuga." Then she turns to find the two Weyrwomen and the Master Smith engaged already, she turns again to find her path blocked by the towering barmaid. "Perhaps we should go check on the drinks?" Suli is sending her way with a drop of her chin and a meaningful glance in some direction that doesn't seem all that well to be heading towards the drinks area. "I'm sure they will appreciate if we can restock some of them for them." Jaya nods to that, patting the older woman's arm before she turns and nods her farewell to the two Weyrwomen. "Alara, Randi," she gives aloud before the bar owner and barmaid are moving off in the opposite direction of the Master Smith, the two heads bent close and in deep conversation before the crowd swallows them up.

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