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Date: 2010.11.17
Location: EW - Max's Quarters
Synopsis: Nara, not Ahnika, drops by with fresh pie and sets about messing with a certain beast manager’s head.
Rating: PG18 - language and adult innuendo
Logger: Max

It is a couple hours after midnight by this point when Nara arrives holding the basket with the still warm, bubbly pie that Ahnika had made for Max and containing the note within the second tin. She doesn't move like a thief in the night, though she could if she wanted to, but she's not exactly trying to hide her arrival. At the same time, she's not being overly boisterous, either. Her gaze moves around the main aisle as she enters, her free hand twirling a bit of one of her pigtails as she moves, heading for the beast manager's office. Unless stopped by one of the stablehands along the way, if any are present, she will lightly press on the office door in an attempt to see if it is locked before entering.

Sadly for Waine, his part of the graveyard shift has yet to begin. However, the stocky Jansil doesn't so much as a bat an eyelash as Nara passes. Chances are he's seen her in the big stablehand's company enough times to deem her not to be a threat. The increased workload and activities since his return from Telgar have more often than not found the beast manager in a near comatose state of sleep. This night is no different, except for the fact that to anyone entering it might appear that his sleep is disturbed by nightmares given the way his back arches against the mattress, and the low sound pulled from a chest with breathing irregular enough to suggest he might be fighting something, or someone in his dreams.

Nara flashes Jansil a grin and a wink before entering in the office. It is once she has stepped in and realizes that Max is actually a sleep, even a fitful sleep, that she tries to be a little quieter in her approach. She creeps up to the mattress and settles down beside it on the ground, resting the basket beside her. Opening the lid, she waves her hand a little over the tendrils of steaming heat and warm, fruity smell emanating toward Max's sleeping form, unless he's woken up by her moving in beside him already.

Unaware of Nara’s approach, or her close proximity to him, it’s the faint smell of freshly baked pie that seems to cut through his sense. Or then again, maybe not for (likely unbeknown to the greenrider) it somehow becomes a part of the dream and simply has the beast manager rolling over onto his back, tongue wetting lips as if the scent had drawn hunger into play. Yeeeah, it’s hunger alright but not of the variety the living caverns would welcome seeing sated as evidenced by the slight tenting of sheets.

Nara barely holds back the giggle at his reaction, and since this alone hasn't woken him, she quietly spoons out a small chunk of the pie and, biting her lower lip against the laughter that threatens to overtake her again, lowers the spoon to gently smear across his lips, "Maaaax," she whispers sweetly, "Have a taste of my piiiiiiiiie." Whether that awakens him or not, she lifts the spoon to her own lips next, taking the warm, gooey, sweet morsel in with a soft, whimpering moan, enjoying the taste of the pie while watching him for signs of waking up before taking things up a notch if he doesn't.

Warm gooey pie being put to a sleeping man's lips. How cruel is that? Quite, if the low moan and manner in which Max licks his lips is anything to go. "Pie…" muttered as his head lifts a fraction as if chasing after something invisible, "taste…" Nara's soft whimpering moan filters through in some way and really doesn't help matters any as the beast manager rolls over toward her, sleep starting to lose it's grip as his next is more coherently put together, despite the slightly desperate edge to it, "Need…pie…" He's not quite awake though, caught somewhere between sleep and wakefulness.

Unable to help herself at this point, Nara grins, covering her mouth to stifle a laugh with her free hand, and lowering the spoon back into the pie with the other. Watching him closely and lowering her hand from her mouth, she eats that second bite, but a little more messily, making sure it gets smeared a good bit on her lips before setting the spoon back down carefully in the basket. Finally, she leans over him to brush her pie-covered lips against his in a slow, tender kiss, breathing into the kiss, "Yessss, piiiiiie," unless he slugs her or something.

More pie and that presented upon soft pliable lips have the poor beast manager’s opening beneath them, returning that kiss with a powerful hunger. It’s only as the last vestiges of sleep fall away and he’s trying to reach for what he presumes to be Ahnika that the shoe drops and dark eyes suddenly flare open. Max goes deadstill, lips still locked with Nara’s as he stares up into unfamiliar eyes and then suddenly he’s jerking away from her, anger mounting high in his expression despite how his body might be all but crying for him to just go with it. “Who the…..what the fu….” Sleep befuddled and seriously mindscrewed he stops and starts several times before a vague memory of this woman before him and a certain ‘hand of his comes together. And then keeping a sharp eye on the greenrider, bared chest still rising and falling irregularly, he bellows, “Waine! Your pie….sharditall,” hands quickly move to tug the sheet tighter about his loins as if she might just jump him at any minute and he tries again, “Waine! Come and get your tart!” Now glaring openly at Nara.

A soft, sultry chuckle sounds out against his verbal reaction to her and Nara shifts a bit to settle half her butt on the edge of his mattress, "I belong to no one, Darling, not even Waine, as wonderful as he has been to me. I suppose we could say I temporarily belong to you though," she winks, "See?" she gestures to the basket next and takes up the spoon to dig another morsel out, "I brought you pie, compliments of Ahni. A gift. She worked so hard for it because she knows this separation is so hard on you right now. She's such a dear. I know you wouldn't deny her the pleasure of knowing you enjoyed it, Darling." She moves the spoon toward his mouth, leaning forward to do so considering how much he's pulled back and away. "All this pie," she murmurs huskily, licking her lips, "All for you." And one can very well imagine she is not just talking about the fruity confection.

Half-sitting, half-propped on his elbows behind him, dark eyes flash an all too obvious hunger for the temptation on offer and then Max moves further away, lips pressed into a thin line. Now, sitting with his back against the siding and knees drawn up both as part of his posture and a means to hide the reaction wrought in him, an intent look fits onto Nara, “I suppose you think this is funny, huh?” He being not in the slightest bit amused. Attention drops briefly to the basket and then slowly he leans forward and passed her, reaching for the pie and will take it out of the basket and settle it into his lap in possessive manner if she doesn’t stop him, “I don’t know what the fuck you and she are playing at, but I think it’s time you left.” One can bet Ahnika will likely be getting an earful the next time he sees her, despite the words given by the greenrider before him, for how is he to know it’s not all some type of ploy cooked up between the two.

Nara pouts, but doesn't stop him from getting the pie out of the basket. She does, however, eat the bite that is on the spoon, moaning softly through closed lips and letting her eyelids fall in dramatic fashion, her head falling back a little, exposing her bare neck to him. After swallowing, she lifts her head and opens her eyes partway, smiling at him and handing him the now empty spoon if he so chooses. If he doesn't take it, she just drops the spoon back into the basket. Either way, she is soon rubbing her hands along the thighs of her pants, as if wiping off some of the pie's stickiness off her hands. "Are you suuuuuure? You don't want any help eating that pie, Darling?" She dramatically, slowly runs her tongue across her upper lip, giving him the same bedroom look that usually wins over even the most challenging and stuffy of lovers.

Dark eyes lock onto Nara for the little display put on, a disconcerted shift of shoulders against the siding as she enjoys the spoonful of pie and then with a frown Max forces his gaze away, staring down at the betraying pie warming his equally, betraying lap. As such he doesn't see the spoon being offered only looking up again when the greenrider speaks. Slowly but surely a smirk pulls into place, dark revenge shadowing his eyes as he carefully sets the pie to one side of him and leans forward, putting his weight onto one hand, so that the muscles in that arm cord and define. Leaning closer still eyes dropping to her lips until his face and mouth are but a hair breadths away from hers, making it seem like he's indeed about to take up the offer, starting with kissing her soundly, his lips curve around a cunning smile. His mouth then moves on passed hers, turning his head in as if in intimate gesture and then breathes into her ear, "Go fuck yourself, darlin'." Yeah, possibly a mite cold and unfeeling but this is a situation too close to that which he'd endured often at the cold and calculating hands of Lady Tillek. So forgive him for reacting as he does.

Oh Nara has had many a fellow, and woman, fall to that seductive behavior, and so as he leans in, she fully does believe he means to take her up on it. There's a part of her that is disappointed for that, but she is an Oscar-level actress and as such she doesn't let it show. Instead, she just prepares for the kiss and looking like she wants nothing more than to give it right back. It's only when he passes her lips and whispers in her ear to go fuck herself that she actually grins and looks pleased for some reason. "Fabulous!" She says, and since he is still so close, she will reach out with one hand and try to pat him on the shoulder, albeit lightly. "It is good to know her trust in you is not misplaced," her voice somewhat normal now, or at least more conversational and not laced with that sultry, husky flavor. She uncurls herself from his mattress edge and gets to her feet, unless he stops her, "I'll help you both then," suggesting that if he had not passed her test, she wasn't about to help Ahni try to maintain a relationship with him. "This time it was smuggling a pie. Next time, I'll try for something better for you, maybe Ahni herself, eh?" She grins and winks at him.

“Huh?” Max can’t help the confounded expression that falls into place, driving away that smug smirk he’d been wearing just moments earlier. There’s even a blink or two given when Nara’s whole attitude changes and rather than be pissed at him, she seems…approving? What the hell!? That expression openly displayed. As she stands and gets to her feet, a flash of anger strikes through the beast manager and he too stands, wrapping the sheet about his hips. Luckily the pie had been set to one side of his pillow or else it might have ended up upside down on his mattress for that quick movement of his. Tucking the end of the sheet in, one hand snaps out, intending to grab the greenrider by the arm, “Don’t fuck with me, greenrider.” Oddly placed pleading in his eyes despite the anger held in his tone for having been played in such a manner. “You do anything to hurt her,” Ahnika, “And I’ll make your life a living misery.” Not realizing that she was in fact, the weyrling’s mentor.

Her task done, Nara seems intent on making her exit and letting him enjoy the pie and the letter, and so she misses him standing and situating the sheet more securely. She also misses the grab to her arm and so the grin fades a little as his grip closes around her arm there, though she doesn't actually frown. She looks at her arm and his hand there before looking at his face, taking in both his words and his expression and the body language before smiling slightly, "Right, we've already established that you're a good boy, Max. I won't fuck with you." She winks, "Not unless you and Ahni invite me to … one day … when her Jhath is all grown up." Has she no shame? Apparently not. She doesn't try to pull her arm out of his grasp, but adds more softly, "Where's the sport in hurting her? She's just a young thing. Jhath too. She seems to think you're worth it. I just came to see if she was right and deliver her pie and letter," which could mean she just knows about it and hasn't really read it. Maybe. This time, she leans in, moving her lips past his own and along his cheek to whisper softly, "And she was … right … about you." Then pulls her head back and away from his ear, "Can I go now? Or are you going to tie me down?" She grins, waggling her eyebrows in open flirtation.

Max has no problem with being naked and if anything is completely comfortable in his own skin but seeing as how he still isn’t quite sure what this woman’s game is, his free hand keeps a firm hold on that sheet about his hips, while the other momentarily maintains its grip about her upper arm. It’s when she inserts herself into the idea of a threesome that he blinks and drops his hand away. Okay, that wasn’t something he ever expected to hear. As such he coughs shortly and is unable to suppress the faint amusement that tracks out in response, “I have no idea who you are, or where you came from, but…if you’re okay by Ahni, then I guess you’re okay by me.” Glancing back toward his mattress, “Just…don’t ever do that again, aye?” And then they’ll be all good by his reckoning. The beast manager goes deadstill once again as she moves in so close and delivers those whispered words. At least this time, he doesn’t react with anger. Instead a low chuckle rumbles in his chest, “Glad to know I’ve passed muster.” Given in slightly sardonic tone before dark eyes roll for her last, “Aye, in your dreams, darlin’. Now get outta here so’s I can enjoy my pie,” and letter, “in peace.” Now more amused by the woman than anything else.

Grinning, Nara answers, "Nara, Inefredath's Nara," in much the same way James Bond might introduce himself. "Transferred from Ista Weyr on account that the weyrleader and queens there have no sense of humor and don't know how to have fun. There, now you know who I am and where I came from. Happy?" She grins, batting her lashes next and sighing wistfully, "Ahni, my sweet pet, positively adores me." Yeah, right. Sure, she does. "If she were a man or a bluerider, I'm quite certain she'd ask me to weyrmate when she graduated." Nara manages to look genuinely disappointed. But it fades away with his request and she nods, giving the thumbs-up to him, "Never again without yours and Ahni's permission. Not to worry. It's not as fun now that I know you're loyal to her. She practically worships me. How could I do that to her?" She grins again as he dismisses her and nods, turning and making her way into the aisle, pausing only long enough to throw back over her shoulder, "Just don't let her get too mixed up with that Kelarad fellow, will you? She'll lose what little bright sense of humor she has to begin with if she's hanging out with that dismal crowd." Then she blows Max a kiss with one hand, "Until next time Darling!" She waggles her brows, grinning, "Enjoy your … pie!" And darts off down the aisle, and unless he gives chase and tackles her, continues on into the night.

Amused, “Well met, Nara, Inefredath’s rider. You have a very interesting way of making yourself known.” Perhaps recalling the day she’d apparently fallen from the sky into Waine’s arms. If the big guy’s telling of it was to be believed. A brow goes up in somewhat dubious display for the manner in which she gushes over the green weyrling and her apparent love of the woman but he makes no comment other than to snort lightly at the idea of Ahnika ever weyrmating with such a one. At least…he’s hoping not. Threesomes are one thing. Weyrmating with anyone else but him? Entirely another. Those thoughts however are brief and fleeting, not given too much undue attention right now. Turning to head back toward his mattress, letter and pie, a hand lifts in lazy gesture of farewell and then drops quickly when the Tillekian crime lord’s name falls from the greenrider’s lips. Max’s head whips around but by that time, Nara’s already gone and down the aisle and he’s not about to go chasing after her wearing nothing but a sheet and giving Jansil gossip enough to last the rest of the beast cavern workers a month. And so it is that a heavily troubled expression is worn as he slowly sinks down to the mattress and palms hands over his face, trying to wrap his mind around all that had just taken place and how Kelarad fitted into things. Surely Ahnika hadn’t said anything to this woman? And if not she then….worry gnawed away at him internally as he reached for the pie and separating the tins took the letter out and started reading, some of the care and concern momentarily draining as a warm smile pulled into place.

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