Healing All Wounds


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Date: 7/25/10 (IC- the afternoon of the same day of Ruined)
Location: Eastern Weyr - Infirmary
Synopsis: The healing process continues, on all fronts, as Ciara pays Ahnika a visit in the Infirmary after that morning's head (and heart) trauma
Rating: PG
Logger: Ahnika

Eastern Weyr: Infirmary

Long beds and examination tables are placed strategically throughout this room, each having its own set of curtains to give some sembance of privacy when needed. The walls are lined with counters, each housing cabinets containing the necessary items Healers need to do their jobs. A small sink fills the east end of the counter: the one nearest the entrance to the bowl. The entrance is sloped so as not to allow the sun to shine in the patients' faces. At the far west end of the Infirmary, a small darkened tunnel curves around to the larger rooms where the dragonhealers take care of their draconic patients.

The afternoon after Ahnika introduced her forehead to the edge of a table, the Infirmary seems relatively quiet and uncrowded. Fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be, with the sort of depression that comes with heartache, Ahnika hasn't been eating much, and so while she would normally be vomiting all day as the Healer said, she's really just been having mostly dry heaves once that klah was officially all out of her system this morning. It's kept her awake and nauseated and looking not unlike death warmed over. She is sitting up on the bed she was assigned, pillows propped up behind her, and a basket of an odd assortment of clothing nestled next to the back of her knees as she lies there with her legs tilted and bent to give the basket room. She is busy darning someone's socks, apparently either convincing or bribing some Healer to allow her to have it for something to do with her hands, even if she has to take frequent breaks to rest her eyes, enduring the concussion without complaint otherwise. The knot on her forehead is fairly well pronounced now, and starting to bruise.

Ciara is shown over to Ahnika's bed by a helpful infirmary assistant. Despite the young man's continued assurances that Ahni is up in bed and doing well, Ci still steps quietly over, with a look about her as if she's visiting a dying relative. Pale in the face, not just from exhaustion now, but worry too, she creeps into Ahnika's view - should the other candidate notice her. Is that a bunch of yellowfruits in her hand?

Rationalizing that her lack of visitors is due to how busy everyone is at the weyr, Ahnika still brightens noticeably when Ciara comes into view, a smile sliding the cloudiness of concentration from her freckled features. “Ci!” Ahnika exclaims in the sort of soft, excited tone one would use in a library or infirmary, and then she winces slightly, putting a hand to her head over the little bandage that covers some of the knot. But only a moment later she is looking back to mostly being herself again, her hand resting in her lap with the worn socks and needle and thread. “Oh, I’m so glad to see you,” Ahnika says, shifting a little on the bed to sit up a little more, “Bored out of my mind here. And few here seem free enough or willing enough to talk to me … “ that causes her to look confused a moment, “for some reason.” Then she looks back at Ciara, “What’s your day been like?”

Ciara goes to reply, but Ahnika's wince of pain has her thinking twice. When she does speak, her voice is so hushes she's barely audible. "How's your head?" Maybe she's being a little bit too overly cautious there. Getting closer to Ahnika's bed, Ci sits herself ever so carefully on the visitor's chair next to it, peering worriedly at Ahni. "Don't worry about me," she says, sounding stunned that Ahni would be asking after her. "It's you that people should be worried about!" Not naturally a hushed person, her voice is steadily and slowly getting louder. The bunch of yellowfruits is clutched on her lap.

Ahnika makes a little dismissive wave with the hand not holding the needle, but the motion’s range is shorter and smaller than usual. “I’m fine, mostly,” the redhead says in a hushed tone meant to be reassuring, “Wounded my pride more than anything else.” Well, maybe her reputation might think differently, but Ahnika is still pretty oblivious to the rumors flying, which is likely why the healer staff is avoiding talking to her, for fear of having to spill those particular beans to the teenager. “I feel better already, really,” Ahni explains thoughtfully, “as long as I keep my movements brief and slow. But they want me in here for another couple days.” The sigh that punctuates that statement suggests resignation without actually whining. She was raised by a Healer, after all, so she more or less respects and accepts their wisdom. She just doesn’t have to like it. Ahnika then regards the yellowfruit curiously in Ciara’s lap, but is not rude enough to inquire if it’s for her, so she just looks back up to the other girl’s face and says, “How has your day been? Good? Busy? You look tired, Ci.” Pot. Kettle. Black.

Ciara glances up at Ahnika's bandaged head. "Best to do what they want you to do. I want you back in the barracks fit and healthy! It's boring without you there!" Her voice rises towards the end of that, and she clasps a hand over her mouth, looking apologetic. When she puts her hand back down again, she reminds herself of the yellowfruits and lifts the bunch bashfully, offering it to Ahni. "Um. I got you these, but I didn't know if you like them or not. Fruit's good for you to get better, right?" She shrugs a shoulder nonchalantly when Ahni asks after her day again. "Same as usual. I had to go work in the kitchen for a while. I got to gut fish at least. Easy."

The redhead grins at Ciara’s emphatic encouragement for Ahnika to do as the Healer staff order her to do, then giggles a little as Ciara clamps her hand over her mouth. For a moment, that sparkle of mirth and warmth returns to her grey eyes, lingering as she takes in the yellowfruits Ciara brought her and leaning a little carefully to take them, “Oh, Ci! Thank you!” genuinely touched, “I look forward to having some … just … as soon as my stomach stops tumbling so much.” The sparkle is gone as she remembers her day of dry heaves and makes a briefly sour expression. She settles the bunch of yellowfruit on top of the basket of cloth in the crook of her knee before returning her attention back to her best friend, nodding as she listens to her explain her day. “Sounds much more interesting than mine,” Ahnika says with a sigh, sinking back against her pillows, “I’d give anything to gut some fish right now. I feel like such an idiot.”

Ciara ohs, recalling the incident this morning, and Ahnika's loss of her breakfast. "Oh yeah. I didn't think about that." She twiddles her fingers awkwardly, looking a little down about the fact that she's given Ahni food, which is probably the last thing she wants after puking up. "Can't they give you anything for it?" She queries on the tumbling stomach thing. Then she smiles, the first happy expression since Ahni's accident. "Don't. It's not like you did it on purpose. And everything has accidents. Somebody cut their hand in the kitchen only a few hours ago, they had to come here to have it seen to." She maes no mention of the rumours now flying about - it's not exactly the time or the place.

Which is really probably just as well that Ci doesn’t share the gossip, anyway, considering it might send Ahnika into another fit. Who knows what she might introduce her head to in an Infirmary. To the question, Ahnika just shrugs, not really wanting to admit that she lacks a lot in Healer understanding. “I get some kind of tea. The heaving has gotten more and more infrequent, but I’m not sure if that’s for lack of something on my stomach or the tea or whatnot.” Ahnika lapses quiet for a long moment as Ci goes on to talk about accidents and Ahni’s grey-eyed gaze settles on her lap, her shoulders slumping as the teen mopes some. “Sure, the bump on the head was an accident,” she finally murmurs, saying to Ci, “But I let myself get upset … and over a silly boy, no less,” Ahnika shakes her head, “It’s like he has some kind of hold on me, Ci, and I can’t shake it. I can’t seem to wake up from it, and it makes me miserable all the same.” She sighs, her fingers fidgeting in her lap. “I promised myself I would get over him, but it’s not as easy as I thought it would be.”

Ciara wrinkles her nose up. "As long as it goes away…." she comments as to the heaving, before watching Ahnika with concern as the younger candidate mopes. She's still twiddling her own fingers, the digits moving restlessly over and over one another, occasionally toying with the fabric of her trousers. The boy news comes as a bit of a surprise, but Ci tries to go with it. With difficulty, as she's not one to know of the power of amour. "I see," she begins, slowly, mulling over what Ahni's said. "Was it cos you got Searched, and you can't see him any more?" Sometimes one has to know all the details to understand what's going on. She keeps her voice soft at least, not wanting the whole infirmary to hear the conversation.

Ahnika was doing just fine, really. Well, she was definitely sulking and looking depressed and fatigued sitting there in the infirmary bed, listening to Ciara, and then her friend asked the last question and Ahni feels her throat constrict, making it difficult to swallow. She blinks several times in quick succession, feeling the tension in her eyes that heralds tears. She sighs again, wondering if she will ever stop crying over this boy, never having been one to give over to such sentimentalities before. But this is the girl’s first genuine hardcore crush. Just what has Max done to her? She has tried to numbly go about her business since that fateful night, but now the despondent feeling is raw on her pale expression, as she trusts Ci as only a teen could ever trust her closest and best friend, and is not about to close herself up now. “It sort of all happened so fast,” ain’t that the truth, her mouth twists into a bitter smile, “Seren was right. She said I wouldn’t know what hit me. So very true.” And then Ahnika’s lip quivers, vowing, “I hope I never see him again as long as I live.” She sniffs a little, but manages not to actually weep. Her eyes blinking against the sting of the tears that do threaten, then she shrugs a little, “I s’pose,” she answers finally, “He’s not willing to wait for me, he said,” or at least that is how the lovestruck teen interpreted it.

"Oh, Ahni." Ci turns in the chair to offer her clearly despondent friend a large hug. What exactly she should say is difficult for Ci to work out, and what she does say sounds awkward. She's never been in this situation before! But Ahni needs someone, and Ci's happy to be that person, even if she's a bit useless at it. "Hey - you might Impress a dragon, and everyone says that's better than a boy." Not strictly true, perhaps. She adds: "and if he won't wait for you, he's just silly. Missing out on you like that." That said stoutly.

And the hug from her best friend is what ultimately broke the dam of her tears. Ahnika tries vainly to scrub at her eyes for a moment and keep herself from succumbing to them, but as Ciara’s arm goes about her, Ahni just sobs and leans into Ci, heedless of the pain in her head. It could never compare to the pain of an idealistic and naive teenager experiencing the sensation of her heart shattering apart into a million little pieces. Later, Ciara’s words will offer some comfort and solace, but for now Ahni is just grateful to have someone with whom to share the pain, disappointment, and unfairness of it all.

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