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Date: 9/23/10
Location: EW: Baths
Synopsis: Vanielle and Ahnika encounter each other in the baths and discuss work ethics, while a little while later M'Zen enters and he and Ahni discuss … Flight ethics.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Ahnika

Eastern Weyr: Baths

Underneath the upper set of hatching sands, this cavern is fairly large in size, though it is dwarfed in comparison to others nearby. A natural hot spring, the steamy water has been diverted into one large pool - capable of holding about twenty odd people - and several smaller ones around the edges. Shelves have been set up along the northern wall, lined with different scents of bathing salts, sweetsands and oils. Under the shelves are benches where folk can dress and undress. Even given the tropical nature of the climate, this is still one of the most popular places in the weyr.

Clothing doffed, strewn and forgotten. Vanielle has slipped into the water, sands and salts nearby.

Bath time is definitely getting to be Ahnika’s favorite part of the day. Maybe she can have the smiths build her a private tub in her weyr when she and Jhath get one, complete with that plumbing that Kestian mentioned to the country bumpkin once upon a time. And so it is now at the end of the day, with a sigh of relief, that Ahnika enters the steamy bathing chamber with her satchel slung over her shoulder as she comes in. Her eyes scan the pools curiously, more looking for one that would be to her liking as she walks, and spots Vanielle’s familiar head and face through the steam, giving the other young woman a friendly wave and smile before sitting on a nearby bench. She withdraws her folded clean clothes, her night-clothes since she’s going to bed, presumably, afterward. Setting them on the bench beside her, Ahni then goes about getting out of her sweaty tunic and breeches next. “How are you doing, Vanielle?” She asks conversationally. “Well, I trust?”

Vanielle says, "Pretty much. Can't complain, work- and more work. Ok so I could complain…" she says sinking a little lower into the water. "You and yours?""

Grinning ruefully in Vanielle’s direction, briefly, Ahni piles her dirty clothes on the bench next to her clean and folded ones, and moves over to one of the smaller, but neighboring pools near Vani so they can still talk without shouting at one another or something. She drops her satchel beside it and then slips into the steaming hot water with an exhale of pleasure. “You could complain, but you don’t. One of the things I’ve always liked about you, Vanielle. Your work ethic and attitude about it.” She dunks her head under for a moment to wet her head, and then when she emerges, she remembers she had forgotten to undo her bun and mutters at herself as she works on that task before answering, “Me and mine?” She asks at first, and then says, smiling thoughtfully at the water’s surface, “Jhath and I are good.”

Vanielle grins. "Well what else am I going to do? If I worked, things get done-everyone benefits, and I can lead. You can only lead ifyou know how to follow. To be able to walk and understand how something works at its core… and then beable to take that knowledge…"

Nodding in complete agreement there, Ahnika finally finishes undoing her bun and unraveling her braid and shakes out the wet red tresses a bit as she puts up the tie and pins next to her bag, “I agree there. Unfortunately, there are always a number of people out there who are lazabouts anyway, but that makes others, like people like you, just shine the more for their laziness.”

… (a little while later) …

Later in the evening, though at least now Jhath is old enough that Ahni doesn’t have to wait for her to be asleep for her to leave and take her baths, Ahnika is finishing the careful scrubbing of her scalp and long red hair in one of the smaller, steamy pools set out from the largest one. She is presently alone, any other potential conversation partners having left.

It is not unusual to see Zen hit the baths after sweating, nor is it unusual for him to linger in silence as he walks, unaccompanied but not entirely alone. The bronze mind that is twined with his is constantly there, speaking, and making himself known. Green eyes are what betray this fact, distant as he walks to where he intents to be. One pool in particular is where he often takes to, easily removing the clothing he wears and setting them aside with some cleaner ones. Only once he has settled into the pool does his mind return to him, eyes focusing as he begins to relax and his head tilts back. "Going to be the death of me, I swear…"

These are public baths, after all, so the presence of another person even if just heard or seen peripherally or sensed in some way does not immediately call attention to him from Ahni. So it is by the time he has entered the same pool on the other side, and speaks, that Ahni has already rinsed her hair and is paying enough attention to notice him more fully. A playful smirk teases her lips and she leans back against the opposite side of the pool, facing him and submerged nearly up over her shoulders – which says she is likely more crouching on the flooring than sitting on the ledge considering how tall the green weyrling is. “He better not. It’d be his own undoing.” Or at least she is making an educated guess as to who he means. “Speaking of, has he been talking to Jhath about ‘thrusting’ things?” Perhaps an innocently odd question, but one she puts to him or not. No ‘hello, how are you doing Zen’ type of greetings, but then the weyrlings are spending so much time together, living together, it’s kind of moot, one could suppose.

One green eye opens to consider the other, watching her for a moment before closing and he groans. "He would be his own undoing, whether I'm involved or not." Which likely draws a grunt of complaint from Tuorth. "He doesn't speak of his 'thrustings' with the women. Nor does he speak of his 'thrustings' with men outside his counsel." Which, can be taken as Tuorth's version of no while Zen, on the other hand, takes a mocking tone when he speaks. "No, I can't say that he has. He hasn't quite… Thrust anything. He is more obsessed with his need to hunt at the moment." Though this lust has gone on for quite some time and is not easily forgotten from the bronze who refuses to eat something killed by someone else… Until Zen practically forces it down his throat.

To the comment about Tuorth’s own undoing, Ahni grins ruefully at Zen, choosing apparently to let that stay there for the moment other than to say, “Jhath doesn’t think he’ll be all that bad at fighting Thread,” which is as much a compliment from Jhath’s perspective as if someone had called someone ‘cute’ or something. “As long as he minds his size and doesn’t bump into someone else flaming Thread or crash the formation, or something.” She lapses quiet while she listens to Zen continue on about ‘thrustings’ and whether or not it was Tuorth who started Jhath in that kind of rhetoric, when knowing Jhath, it was probably the oversized green herself, really. Taking out some of the sweetsand from her satchel sitting on the side, Ahni begins to wash her shoulders and arms now that her carefully cared for red hair is finished. “Well, maybe it as Uallath then,” Ahni offers judiciously. “She just said something that was … well, kind of a manly thing to say. I thought it strange. But then, Jhath does kind of get a little … manly over flaming Thread and … doing ‘battle’ up there.” There is a little head nod toward the ceiling of the bathing chamber, as if she is speaking of the unseen sky. Then she slides her grey-eyed gaze back over to Zen, offering, “Quite a pair, huh? Yours is obsessed with hunting while mine is obsessed with the ‘battle’ with Thread in our future.” Pauses as she looks at the surface of the water, “Or fair justice. There are a number of little problems that she seems to think are end of the world scenarios until she fixes them. Like that supposed problem with Rio last seven.” But Zen probably knew about that, if he didn’t see it himself. A small sigh comes out of the redhead as she resumes washing.

"Oh, he'll be decent." Zen decides, before he chuckles. "They're still young and he's yet to figure out he's bigger than he was the other day… He grows like a beast, always bigger the next day and I'm oiling constantly." Which may be why he's not so talkative lately, constantly focusing all his attention in making sure Tuorth actually sits still for his oiling. He finally shifts, making to get some sweetsand for his hair. "Perhaps… Tuorth doesn't really confide in a lot of dragons. Tuorth often relays what he hears." So Jhath's commentary is often heard by Zen. He does, however, avoid commenting on the manliness of it. The sweetsand is his hair is worked carefully before he chuckles, "it is… Interesting. Both are important, however. Hunting for food and fighting Thread to protect." He considers the other for a moment before letting out a soft grunt, "the bags were heavy… At least Jhath seeks to fix the wrongs done to other.. Tuorth only cares about who wrongs him. He's only recently gotten over the little spat he had with a few of the others."

Being that Jhath, who is possibly the largest and fastest growing of the green dragonets, has a similar quick growth pattern, Ahni can relate to the constant oiling. “At least weyrlings like you and I don’t have to worry about dry skin problems in the near future,” in reference to how much of it likely ends up on the lifemate doing the oiling, too. There’s a silver lining for you. She nods in agreement that both are important. “Knowing Jhath, when she gets to hunting, she’s going to turn it into some sort of tactical drill,” it is said with amused fondness though, not mockery. There’s a pause as she adds thoughtfully, “Though with that hide of hers, you know, she would probably do well sneaking up on something in the woods,” considering said hide is the epitome of camo army fatigues. Except for her scent, but then, Ahni has never been hunting and wouldn’t know of such issues as scent warning off prey. She looks up from her washing and there’s a slightly sheepish look as she clears her throat, “Well, to be frank, that’s not entirely all that the fuss was over.” It’s not like she’s keeping it secret since Jhath is very bad about being discreet about anything, considering honesty and being forthright and direct about things all sort of go hand-in-hand. Which should be interesting if she ever does attempt to sneak up on anything. Then she smirks, “Oh, she’s right there with Tuorth if someone wronged her … or me, by her estimation. But yeah, she does care about fair treatment of the others, too.”

M'zen snorts softly, "I've never worried about dry skin." Since when to men care about those things? Oh wait… Some of them do. "But, I suppose that's a relief. At least something comes out of fighting him to keep still." He sinks only for a moment to rinse his hair before giving her a look, somewhat, with the water streaking down his face. A hand lifts to push it back, "tactical drills aren't too bad. Thankful that Tuorth, despite looking around during the lessons, is actually paying attention and understanding formations. It'd be interesting to see her stalking her prey. Not hard to learn to fool the noses of animals you hunt." He stretches, reaching for more sweetsand to wash himself with. "Fine set of pride our two have… Though Tuorth is cocky. And arrogant." And everything that he disliked about Andi's brother.

Ahnika nods a little, moving along in her washing while Zen speaks and by the end of it, she goes about giving herself a thorough rinsing, too, before nodding at Zen and gesturing with one hand full of sweetsand, “I’ll get your back if you’ll get mine.” It is stated as a casual offer. In the rural cothold where she lived, her foster siblings did as much for one another, too, and there was nothing sensual about it. Just practical. Only after that pause does she continue, “Jhath gets bored while oiling, too, so I try to keep her occupied with Harper puzzles and riddles that I can remember. I’d give anything for any kind of tactical sweep chart for her to review, even if I have to sort of draw it out in the lakeshore sand for her, if it would keep her more occupied while bathing her. She’s getting so big, I’m needing a footstool now. It takes longer.” Then she smiles at Zen, nodding, “I’m glad Tuorth seems to be getting a lot out of the lessons, then, too, especially since we’ll very likely be flying together in the weyrling wing, as I understand it, for awhile before being assigned to any other wings.” Then she chuckles, “Definitely. Proud.” She hesitates as Zen claims Tuorth is cocky and arrogant, thinking of Jhath, “Jhath’s just more … overconfident. She doesn’t try to put anyone else down when she makes her claims of future triumph in the sky. Quite the opposite … it’s like she’s trying to ‘rally’ them to the cause, bolster spirits, stuff like that.” She grins thoughtfully, “Maybe Tuorth will be a wingleader one day,” more than likely considering he is bronze, “and Jhath and I wingsecond and between the two of them, we’ll keep the wing strong and their spirits up. Yeah? Maybe.”

M'zen nods, "sure. Thanks." The offer is met with a smile as he finishes off his front and turning easily to allow the other to wash his back, first. "You're lucky you can at least distract her with that, Tuorth… Isn't so easily swayed, I have to explain why every time. About how once we start flying and betweening that he could get hurt if not oiled properly." Which also may be why it takes so long as every single part of the bronze is checked multiple times. "Tuorth is going to be huge when he is done growing." Which means even more time spent oiling for the bronzerider and he is so thrilled by this fact. "He would've got them one way or another. If I had to drill them in or ask the Weyrling Masters to give me a second lesson…" He trails off, shrugging at the mention of the wings, not feeling one way or another about the subject at the moment. "Well, confidence is good. Sometimes overconfidence calms those around you." He chuckles and nods, "she'll do good." The mention of wingleading is what has the bronzerider tensing, just slightly. "We'll see… You'll make a good wingsecond."

As he agrees to the ‘bargain’, Ahnika moves forward in the pool, sweetsand at the ready, and starts scrubbing his back when he turns it to her. She’s a bit vigorous with it, even massaging it in to some degree around his shoulders, her muscles having gotten nicely toned through physical training the past several sevens, but to say she scrubs his skin painfully raw would be an exaggeration. Her touch is definitely far from anything that could be construed as caressing or gentle, though. She listens to him as he speaks and she scrubs, nodding a little though he may not see it with her behind him as she is. “I have to remind Jhath of things, too,” she says with a fond smile of commiseration, “Those short dragon memories. Every few days, it seems like. Of course, sometimes it’s a good thing. I can reuse some of those Harper puzzles if she’s not done them in awhile. Clever girl, she is.” There’s a pause and a grin, “Oh yes, he’s going to be huge,” on Tuorth, “You’ll probably end up needing to hire personal drudges to help or you’ll be at it all day.” Jhath will be big when she’s finished growing, too, or so Ahni thinks, but Jhath being big for a green is no comparison for Tuorth being big for a bronze, and so it is left unspoken. Another little nod for the lessons and whether or not Tuorth gets absorbs them, and then her hands on his back slow a little with the tension easily felt under those hands. Lifting her now-lathered hands she puts them to his shoulders and gives him a reassuring squeeze, “So will you and Tuorth, do good that is, no matter where they assign you guys.” Then she’s back to the more vigorous scrubbing and laughs, countering, “What are you talking about? Wingsecond. Bah! Jhath and I would make a good Weyrwoman or Weyrleader, if we could be. Wingsecond will be childsplay,” stated in playfully teasing boast. The laughter subsides a little then and she pats his back, “Done here. My turn,” turning around and sweeping her wet hair of her back and down one shoulder in front of her, and finally adds more genuinely, “Not all that sure if we can handle all that responsibility, to be honest. Wingsecond? Jhath and I are a bit hot-headed, the both of us,” No … really? Say it ain’t so. “ … and may only do more damage than good if we were in any leadership position. But I suppose that’s for the weyrleaders to work out, hmm?”

M'zen closes his eyes at the washing, not making any sounds of discomfort to the washing or her touch, he simply just sits through it. "Tuorth isn't as bad… He remembers for awhile, but there's things he can pick up on if I think about it constantly. Easier to remind him that way… The only thing he forgets really fast is if someone was nice to him and then if they do something that doesn't please him the next day… It's as if he doesn't even know them. Hard to keep him from going off on the little things." But, he does find it quite amusing, at least. Again, you have it easy with the Harper puzzles." He chuckles and shakes his head, "maybe. If he'll allow it. Or, if I do it long enough I'll eventually get really fast and accurate. Practice makes perfect." He roll his shoulders slowly, considering her words efore letting out a soft grunt, "if you say so. We'll see how it works out." Laughter follows her statement and he nods, "have no doubts about that… If it worked that way. But, you get what you get and be happy with it." As this is said, he turns and moves to fill his hands with the sweetsand before beginning on her back. His touch, however, is gentle as he scrubs along her back. "You're both still young, you can grow out of being hot-headed and fill the position wonderfully. Just got to be patient in waiting for it, they'll never make us Wingleaders or 'seconds right after graduating. In time, perhaps it'll happen."

Closing her eyes in enjoyment of the slight massaging of his hands as he scrubs her back, Ahnika smiles a bit as she listens to him behind her. She chuckles softly and agrees with a little nod, “Practice makes absolutely perfect.” Then she lapses silent again, content to leave the bravado, even if playful here, behind in the conversation. “Yeah, and right now there are barely enough dragons to fill out even one wing, let alone two, not counting the queen’s wing, of course. We’ll probably not be tapped for anything great and heroic anytime soon, but that’s fine. As Jhath would probably say, more experience soldiering in the muddy lower ranks just makes for better leaders down the road. Maybe by then we’ll be less hot-headed. Or maybe it will be our hot-headed natures what keep us alive up there. Who knows? It’s fun to speculate a little though. I think, anyway.” She goes quiet with that a moment, staring at the water’s steamy surface, and then starting, “Zen?” in an unusually quiet, pensive voice for her. “You think it’s weird that I’m not … afraid of dying? I mean, I don’t want to, certainly, but when I think about us fighting Thread up there one day, I worry more about losing others than I do me or Jhath.” And this is something she wouldn’t share with Max in their letters, for obvious reasons.

M'zen continues the gentle scrubbing, thoughtful with her words and leaving it there with no more to add on the subject. Instead, he just continues to wash and scrub while gently massaging the kinks out. "Mhm. If we're lucky, we'll continue to get support from the other Weyrs until we get to full strength… But, that'll take a lot from them, too." Someone has been paying attention to politics, at least. "We'll all be fine being where we start, we'll still be young compared to the others… Best that we take what we get and learn from it rather than being thrown into a position we can't handle right away. Going to keep Tuorth out of Alara's flights when he can chase…" As to why.. It should be obvious. He remains quiet, even after her question, simply continuing massaging her. "No, you shouldn't be afraid of it… It's something we all have to face. Worrying about losing others is natural. Don't think you're strange or different for it, Ahni."

A soft sigh comes from the redhead as he continues to rub and scrub. The many sevens of training and then serving out a penance with extra physical training on top of what they were already doing? It’s catching up to her. Most times, Ahnika is so sore so much and all the time that it’s actually times like these when she’s getting some needed TLC to those sore muscles that she remembers that being sore isn’t actually supposed to be standard operating procedure or par for the course. “It will,” she agrees on the other weyrs, and not really one to follow politics, herself, much. But she does understand a little something about human nature. She reopens her eyes, but only to study the surface of the water now, in front of her, “I imagine any of the Southern riders that have been lost over our skies do nothing but breed continued resentment over there. Do you think that when we’ve fleshed out our own fighting wings we’ll be asked to pay it back by helping Southern on their sweeps?” She nods then to the comment about being thrown into a position we can’t handle right away, then stills a bit at the mention of him keeping Tuorth out of Rauzath and Alara’s flights, and merely nods to his response to her last. After a quiet, thoughtful moment, she turns a little to look at him with her grey eyes over her shoulder, schooling her voice neutral, giving nothing away as she asks, “And Jhath’s? What’s your intention when she rises, Zen?” Too long familiar with his nickname to use his new honorific in this setting, though she has referred to him as M’zen since the Hatching in more formal settings.

M'zen finishes washing, but only remaining there to massage the sore muscles of the greenrider. Though he would have to argue about the soreness being for the course. He, too, gets sore but usually pays no mind to such a thing. "We'll see how it all works out…" He trails off and then nods quietly. "Loss happens, but if we lost… A lot of them, many of them would blame us for poor training… And when Thread Fall comes, we're not even flaming. We'll be passing firestone to the riders who are flaming…" Trailing off once more his hands pull away and he only lifts them to rinse her back clean. The question is met with only a look before he rolls his shoulders and takes to leaning against the pool with green eyes closing. "Probably will keep him out of hers, too. No offense."

As he rinses her back off and then moves away to lean against the pool, Ahnika moves too, seeking her own ‘corner’ so to speak, back across from him and where her satchel rests above the lip. “Thank you,” she murmurs for the backscrub, seeming thoughtful. If she is preoccupied more with thoughts of flaming Thread or thoughts of mating flights, there seems to be nothing to clarify for the moment, and back in the barracks, Jhath seems unaffected as she converses ‘helpfully’ with some of the struggling dragonets. She chews on her lower lip a moment and then finally says, “Probably for the best,” though she doesn’t sound like she’s so sure, herself. After all, in some instances, having a friend who you know and trust catching a flight is much preferable to a perfect stranger or even someone … someone who would muck up things completely like … Ahni suddenly looks at Zen then, across the veil of steam. “Zen?” She hesitates, “I … don’t want to cause any problems with you and Max or you and Andi … so, I’m just going to ask you to think about it.” She inhales a long breath and then lets it out. “If … if Yzuruth chases in any of Jhath’s flights … would you consider it? Letting Tuorth chase. For me? Please?” It wouldn’t be a sure thing, of course, but it’d be one more variable added to the mix that might help prevent Yzuruth catching, which would be a disaster if he did. Not just for Ahni and Max, but very likely end up with Max and E’ro openly brawling, which will only end up with the wing being down a good bronzerider (of course, in her mind, Max would win said brawl). She fixes her grey eyes on M’zen, patiently waiting his answer.

"Welcome." He's not too talkative at the moment, remaining in his silent bubble for a good moment as he slowly sinks lower. There's a soft breath blown out, "probably. Though…" He trails off, "could talk to Max and see what he has to say." I mean, would you want a random man to sleep with your girlfriend or a friend? Tough choice. His name draws green eyes to consider the woman, saying nothing until she finishes her request. "I'll… Consider it. I still think… We should talk to Max." Because he'd feel guilty knowingly let the bronze chase without letting the man know first. "It'll be better that way, as long as he knows first."

Nodding slightly, it is her turn to close her eyes again first, settling on the submerged bench as the pool water gently laps at her bare shoulders. “Max won’t like it, I don’t think, either way,” Ahnika sighs a little, stopping short of actually saying that she doesn’t think Max would be able to be rational about it, though if the situation were reversed, one can certainly put marks on Ahni not being rational about it one iota, herself. “But fortunately, we’ve a long way to go before it matters,” except that greens typically mature first among all the dragon colors, and so Jhath will be potentially rising before Tuorth even cares about flights. Oh lovely. Ahnika sighs again with the thought and rubs the back of her neck, which has suddenly grown tense again, “Well, if it’s up to me, I hope not even to be around during the whole thing. Not sure it will work though. I can imagine others have thought of doing the same, and the reason it’s not generally done is because it doesn’t work. For some reason.” She looks down and if she weren’t in a pool of water, she’d kick a stone, it seems, in mild frustration. “Anyway, a problem for another day, when I guess it is close to mattering.” She turns around to haul herself up and out of the water and onto the pool’s edge, water falling off her and splashing back into the pool, or splattering against the stone beside it.

"He may not like it, but he'll be able to see why. I'm not doing it without talking to him, first. He'll be pissed I even willingly let Tuorth go after Jhath at all without talking to him, even if you asked me to." Zen knows not to head into those sort of grounds, being that… Fighting his friend isn't fun unless it's for fun. Not for a woman. "I couldn't really tell you, Ahni… If I could figure it out for you, I would… But, we'll just hope that it'll turn out for the best." He sinks in lower and grunts a soft agreement and happily drops the subject.

“Then talk to him,” Ahnika says with a slight shrug as she stands there, toweling off, “I’m not telling you not to. Just, you know, be ready to duck.” Because while Max may see why at some point, Ahni is reasonably certain his first reaction will be to try and deck M’zen for suggesting it, unless M’zen can get out the Yzuruth point first. That might give Max pause. Who knows? She nods then to his statement about figuring it out for her, “Jhath and I can figure something out. She’s clever,” suggesting with that statement perhaps that Ahni thinks she, herself, isn’t in some way, “Not that she really cares about it now. I’m just …” She sighs and mutters, “Well, you brought it up, sharditall.” Well, he brought up the part about keeping Tuorth out of Alara’s flights anyway, so she’ll lay blame at his feet for this topic then too. She finishes drying her hair and her self before wrapping the towel around her and retrieving the satchel on the edge and carrying it over to her fresh clothes folded on the bench, beginning to braid her hair down one shoulder.

"I'll be fine." Zen, hopefully, will be able to keep his mouth in tune with his brain to clearly explain the situation before he gets a fist to the face. Or, Max will respect him enough to hear the whole story. Hopefully. "I'm sure you two will." He chuckles and tilts his head, "my apologies, Ahni, for causing you discomfort." And then, he pushes to his feet and out of the pool to dry himself as well. "Nothing to worry about. After all, it's a long time coming."

Finishing her thick single braid she keeps for sleeping, Ahnika tosses it back over her shoulder and smirks, giving a little dismissive wave, “Don’t worry, Jhath won’t eat you for it.” Then laughs at the mere thought before standing and getting dressed. Afterward, stuffing her dirty clothes and wet towel in her satchel, she comments, “Let’s just hope Jhath slows down some of that growing and gives us a chance to put a plan in place, as opposed to surprising us.” Which is, admittedly, one reason why she’s talking about it as early as she is. She’s afraid it will sneak up on her and it will all be too late to try and put anything together and leave her potentially waking up the next morning next to … who knows? She offers a nervous smile for M’zen and then nods to him, “Regardless how things turn out, you know, um … thanks.” She shifts a bit, slinging the satchel over one shoulder, “You and Andi doing well?” Seemingly more of companionable interest than being rudely nosy.

"I'd hope not." That wouldn't be a pretty picture… Zen slowly begins getting dressed then, "well, maybe the faster she grows, the slower she'll be to get her flight?" Here's to hoping. The man considers the other for a moment before finishing dressing himself. "You're welcome, Ahni." The question about Andi is met with a soft grunt in response, not willing to touch the subject and quite ready to flee.

Ahnika furrows her brow thoughtfully to the suggestion of Jhath’s growth having the opposite effect of her flights being delayed, and nods slowly while looking at the floor in thought, “Maybe.” She doesn’t sound too sure about it, but she’s willing to hope he’s right at least. Then she lifts her gaze up again from the floor, nodding to him saying ‘welcome’ and nodding again, this time a little more slowly, regarding Andi. “Right, well,” she doesn’t look entirely comfortable herself on the matter, truth be told. “You let me know if I can help?” He did talk to her that one night in the kitchen, so she would normally welcome it, except with dragons floating around in everyone’s minds right now … can make things tricky. So, she leaves it at that, giving him a little wave before she quietly pads her way out on damp slippered feet, unless he stops her along the way.

"Everything is a lot of maybes, lately…" He trails off, leaving it at that. The offer to talk is met with a quiet not and Zen reverts to silence, lingering in himself and keeping all thoughts to himself. The wave is returned as he lets her depart and then he follows not too long after.

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