Hidden Haunts



Date: 8/9/10 - IC: Following Broken Dreams
Location: EW - tunnels and kitchen
Synopsis: Ahnika recovers from the encounter with Cheusia, tucking things back away under the carpet and putting her game face back on.
Rating: PG
Writer: Ahnika

When Ahnika got outside the Infirmary, she stopped running and smoothed down her tunic a bit and touched her bun briefly, making sure it all looked in place. I’m not going to think about it, she told herself calmly. I’m not going to think about it. For once, she was too aggravated to shed tears, but her distress in her expression was obvious.

I’m not going to think about it. Ahnika flinched a little at the mental image of an infant’s arm flailing about and then going limp. A bloody towel. A woman’s wail. She closed her eyes and put one foot in front of her and then another, reopening her eyes and continuing on down the path from the infirmary, back to the kitchens. It’s done. It’s in the past. It’s behind me. It just needs to stay there. Nothing good can come about thinking about it all over again. Too much was at risk to even consider it.

The redheaded candidate arrived back on duty in the kitchens and threw herself in her work and distracting conversation, doing everything and anything to keep her mind from those haunting memories. Eventually, gossip, jokes, and laughter among the kitchen help and Bakers had Ahni’s mood sorted to rights once more.

It’s as if it never happened and Cheusia never made that offer. Never even summoned her from her post.

Denial can be such a handy thing. So practical.

Closing Credits Theme Music: Dido - Everything To Lose

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