High Noon, High Sky


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Date: 07 Jan 2011
Location: Eastern Weyr: Lakeshore
Synopsis: L'han gives Neni and Teallan a lift to Landing.
Rating: G
Logger: Nenienne

With the brightest of contrasts, what once was a desolate, dry and empty scoop in the ground is now a full and luscious lake. Water laps against the shoreline in a gentle internal current, while in the very center, it seems almost eerily calm. A small sign hung on the highest bit of twine states 'LAKE HOPELESS' in forcibly fancy script, yet there doesn't seem to be any apparent reason for the title. Maybe one of the residents knows.

The sun has reached the point in the sky where it peeks down into the caldera of Eastern Weyr and as such it is the perfect time for dragons to be out and about sunning themselves or whatever the case may be. Point in fact, is a green that sits near the lake, having some bags untied from her straps with a somewhat irritated greenrider talking with the man removing them who was just likely the green's passenger. The last bag untied and the trader nods to L'han and heads on off with his goods to business. The green stretches her wings to catch the sun, her eyes glinting with green and blue hues… this is a happy dragon who is infectious to her rider as he smiles shaking his head the irritation melting away. "You always like the sun… that never changes."

Nenienne heads over purposefully, as if she was watching for Escaeth. Upon seeing L'han, she nods and asks politely, "How are you and Escaeth today?"

This promotion thing has been lovely. Instead of having to run circles and get permission for everything, Teallan can make decisions and /delegate/. The young woman is on a post-lunch walk (got to keep that figure!) and slows up upon seeing Escaeth… then L'han and Nenienne. She changes her route, heading towards them.

L'han smiles at Nenienne as she approaches, Escaeth lifting her head to peer at the woman before she lays it back down to enjoy her sun. "We're doing well, Nenienne… dropped off a trader just now and my girl thought she'd enjoy the sun here… not that she doesn't get enough out at Landing." He gives his dragon a grin before he looks back to Neni and spots Teallan coming close as he gives her a wave. "So what can I do for you today?"

Nenienne doesn't return the smile, as per usual. But her voice is friendly as she says, "Once she's gotten enough Weyr sunshine, could Journeyman Taellan and I get a ride to Landing?"

"Still so strange to hear that," Teallan says brightly once she's near the other two. She dips her head to Escaeth, "Looking gorgeous as always, Escaeth." She nods slightly in Nenienne's direction. "We would be quite greatful."

Escaeth raises her head once again and when Teallan compliments her, she lets out a low trumpet before she looks to her rider. L'han smiles and says, "Well we can go now… she enjoys flying just as much as sunlight, unless you have to get something first?" That last part directed to both women as he walks over to check the dragon's straps.

Nenienne shakes her head. "I have everything I need for this trip — I'll be showing her sample stones at Landing."

Teallan shakes her head slightly, "I have no need to get anything else." She steps up nearer and gleams, practically, at the green. "Might I have the pleasure of your transport to Landing?" Tea, flatterer of all dragonkind.

L'han smiles at Teallan's flattering of the green as the dragon lowers her head to the ground and positions a foreleg so that one can easily climb onto her. "That is her way of saying… yes. Climb on up." L'han walks around to check the straps on the other side before he will climb on up that side and help Nenienne and Teallan climb up where he was.

Nenienne gratefully accepts the hand-up and buckles herself in with the manner of one who has had a lot of practice.

Teallan accepts the aid as well, settling in on the dragon. It's not as practiced or well done at Neni to be certain, but the girl does try.

L'han nods as both women are securely fastened onto the dragon and he checks this himself too. His dragon, his responsibility. That being done, he settles himself where neck meets body. "Ok ladies, hold on." Escaeth climbs to her talons and stretches out her wings once more before she trumpets and with that launches herself into the sky, her wings beating hard to take her up to the reaches and over the edge heading towards Landing as her rider glances back to make sure her passengers didn't fall off.

Nenienne forgot to ask if they're flying straight or going *between*, so she tenses up and braces for the latter.

Teallan isn't falling off! How fortuitous. She is holding on tightly though, watching their path with wide eyes. "I always love this part," she calls at one point.

As Escaeth climbs into the air, her lithe frame cutting the air effortlessly, L'han glances over his shoulder at his passengers. "Which part is that? Oh and did you want to get there sooner or later?" The greenpair of course could between to Landing, but they don't get to see anything on the way there.

Nenienne relaxes slightly, as *between* no longer seems imminent, and calls back, "I'm in no rush, if you and Teallan aren't."

"The, ah, being in the air," Teallan says, flushing slightly. "I'm not in a rush, no. The kidlets have other things to do this afternoon. Lessons were only in the morning today."

L'han smiles as he turns back to face the direction they're flying as the green leaves Eastern behind and swoops down to view the fields, forests, and other features of the land below as they head towards Landing. "This is the life. Up here… it's great. Escaeth and I love to fly like this no real rush."

Nenienne relaxes as much as is safe and doesn't say anything for a while, just enjoying the flight. Finally, she calls out, "It is wonderful. Escaeth is an excellent flier."

Teallan settles back in comfortably once she's a little more used to it. She still stares with unbridled fascination. "I agree," she says with a slight nod to Nenienne. "I'd want to fly all the time, too."

L'han laughs as Nenienne's words are met with a trumpeting bugle from the dragon. "She says thanks." He looks back to the women again and says, "Well if the golds keep up their clutching and you get searched, you might get your wish. Many many clutches to go before Eastern's a proper Weyr and I intend to be round to see that day." He turns to look forward again and says, "Of course it's not all fun and flying… Thread to be fought… my girl spent one evening there at Landing begging me to let her go up and flame Thread with Southern's dragons."

Nenienne nods, sobering up immediately at the mention of thread. She says, perhaps softly enough as not to be heard over the wind, "I plan on standing until I'm too old."

"If they'll let me Stand again," Teallan says, casting a brief glance to her new knot, "I fully intend to. Dragons are… so amazing." She shivers a bit with the thought of it.

L'han smiles with a nod as he glances over his shoulder again as he tugs a moment at the straps to keep Escaeth from eyeing some herdbeasts in a field below. "Ahh, she thought you two were candidates… smelled like it. Which might be a good thing for you two… she searched out Rio, one of our new goldriders and she wasn't even on the list of people to search that day."

Nenienne says hopefully, "That would be excellent. I don't remember if Rio ever said who searched her, but I'm glad it was Escaeth. I was searched by Atsya's Zhiyth."

"It was Alara and Rauzath that found me," Teallan says, sounding a little sheepish. "May've just been 'cause she wanted me at the Weyr, but… I've been told a couple times since that I… what is it? Smell right?"

L'han speaks up. "I dunno how the dragons do it… my girl has quite a keen sense of smell and it's how she picks those she wants to stand and she's very insistent on it." He then tilts his head and says, "It's wierd though those that get picked… I was just asked to stand by my parents and my girl found me there on the sands… no real way to explain it. I really do hope you find your lifemate there." He sighs and says, "Shells… ladies we need to between to Landing… there's apparently some sort of arguement going on with the dragons and a blue wants Escaeth to sort it out before the golds take notice."

Nenienne muses, "It's sort of weird. Zhiyth searched me when Uveline and Vanielle were there, but he didn't notice them. Later they got searched, and Uve even impressed, while I didn't. I'm guessing that searching is far from an exact science." When she hears about *between* she goes pale, her hands clenching the straps until her knuckles are white.

"I've heard a lot of people say things like that," Teallan responds. She wrinkles her nose a bit at having to go between, but doesn't seem to take much issue with it. "Alright," she offers, finally.

L'han nods to his two passengers before he turns around to focus on the destination. A few wing beats go by before the green suddenly slips into between re-emerging above Landing. She bugles to get the attention of those dragons sitting in the main street of Landing as she backwings to land in front of the dragons which are the apparent source of the necessary between. L'han will get down first and help both Neni and Teallan down from the green's back. "Hope you enjoyed the flight."

Nenienne lets out a deep breath, as if she was holding it the whole time, and pants a few times before unbuckling and accepting the hand down, shakily. Once on the ground she works to regain her composure and says, "Thank you, both."

Teallan draws in a deep breath of air as soon as they come through, shaking herself off a bit. She accepts the aid in dismounting as well. "Thank you, L'han. Escaeth. It was a lovely ride, even if it was cut short."

L'han smiles at the two women and says, "Well, I promise the ride back shouldn't be as short… now then to tend to those that interrupted." He and dragon both turn to face the dragons in the street as he walks towards their riders. "Now then… just what seems to be the problem friends?"

Continued in log Selecting Stones.

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