Dragons: Blue Orralth and Rikath. Brown Zekoith

Date: June 25, 2011
Location: Eastern Weyr
Synopsis: Discussion of hypnotizing their riders for information.
Rating: PG
Logger: Orralth (Lenia)

Orralth pokes the links, causing dust to stir here, too. « Hey? Anybody awake? »

Rikath sneezes irritably, creating a gust of wind to blow away the dust. « Nnph. »

Zekoith holds perfectly still. « No. »

Orralth is easily amused. « Zekoith, not sure that's possible. You answering if you're not awake. »

Zekoith stubbornly provides mental images of himself, asleep. « This is a dream. »

Rikath is clearly a contrarian. « Sleep-talking. »

Orralth rolls his eyes, or would if he were human. « But sleep talking is normally, statistically nonsense. » He sounds like he's channeling his rider now. Lots of information. Old, dusty hides are strewn about, and he's looking through them.

Rikath digs in his talons, and provides a gusty sigh. « Have you ever hard a sleep-talker? »

Orralth considers. « Well, I heard Voldrath, but he doesn't count. He had Firehead at the time » His rider did, but Orrie doesn't distinguish in the shared mind-space.

Zekoith , as if to prove a point, perhaps, provides only nonsensical noises. They might be sleep-talking.

Rikath ah-ha's! « If mine is asked a question when she sleeps - she answers. » A mental eyeroll is thrown Zekoith's way. « Just snore. It works better. »

Orralth is now even more amused, but also intrigued. « Huh. I'll have to try that on Lee. » Uh-oh.

Rikath encourages this, of course, because he is a bona-fide trouble maker. « You need to start with easy questions first. » he provides helpfully. Which is a bad sign. He is rarely helpful.

Orralth snorts. « For Lee, that's not hard. » He starts thinking of basic Southern constellations and their placements.

Zekoith wakes up in earnest for this part of the conversation. « If you can get someone hypnotized they always tell the truth. Mine says this is dangerous. »

Rikath is a nighttime sort by default, so he listens carefully to the names of these constellations. « And then once she's answering the easy questions - you spring a hard one on her. » Zekoith's contribution is met with the equivalent of a startled glance. « Nobody better try that on mine, let me tell you. »

Orralth plays the part of the scientist. It's only appropos. « Oh, puh-leeze. » He draws out the word, the dust in his voice as dry as the swirls his presence means. « That's a bunch of wherry droppings. » Whether it is or not, he's going to go there. « If you 'hypnotize' someone, » And yes, the quotes are nearly visible in their strength, « they'll tell you what they know, but it will probably be colored by other things in their minds. » There's the mental equivalent of a headshake. « And besides, 'truth' is relative. I mean, what's true for a dragon born in Igen is different from a Southern born. » The closest he can come to different cultures on the mostly-homogenized Pern.

Zekoith has his own wisdom to add, even if he is lost by constellations. « You could only use it to gain personal information. Because that is always true, as a person is the only one who knows their own truth. »

Rikath just stares. « You talk a lot. » he decides, adding a silent agreement to Zekoith's counter-point.

Orralth 's amusement rumbles through the links in reply to Rikath's words. « You've never met Lee, have you? » He continues to chuckle, the sound a soft whirr like some of Landing's everpresent equipment. « I suppose that'd work. Huh. I wonder if you hypnotize a rider, what we'd feel? » See? Scientist.

Rikath projects the clear image of Lee talking near a mile-a-minute and Maura just quietly soaking it all in. « Oh yes, I have. » he provides dryly. « I would prefer to help prevent the hynosis from happening. Nobody needs to know my Maura's thoughts unless she wants to tell them. »

Orralth sends a quiet agreement to Rikath, and adds, « yeah, but if someone we trusted tested it, we'd know, and could, I dunno. Prevent someone else from doing it. » If such a person exists.

Rikath rolls this thought over in his mind like a gemstone in a tumbler. « Agreed. » Though he alludes to his dubiousness that such a person could be found.

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