I Got You


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Date: 2010.08.05
Location: Headwoman's Private Quarters
Synopsis: Max seeks his mother out to broach the subject of the note.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Vignette - Max

After having left Jaya in the kitchens, Indira had meant to make a turn passed the baths, but in stopping in at her private quarters to retrieve nightwear, the internal dam had suddenly and inexplicably burst and found the women curling up on her chaise lounge and literally crying herself to sleep. A moment of incredible weakness that none were ever likely to bear witness to, save maybe for her son…

Unable to sleep himself, Max had finally decided to pay a visit to his mother to broach the subject of the note she’d left for Ahnika.

His nose had led him to the kitchens where the faint smell of freshly made pancakes still lingered. Finding the large room in darkness and a little disappointed for having missed the opportunity to try and reconnect with his mother over a stack of pancakes, he turned and headed for her office.

With the headwoman’s office in darkness too, soft glowlight emanating from her private quarters where the door stood ajar, drew the young man somewhat reluctantly forward not wishing to intrude where he might not be wanted. “Ma?” hoping to announce his arrival and avoid any ensuing embarrassment that catching her in a compromising position could result in.

On her side, knees drawn up in a loosely foetal position with one arm dangling off the edge of the chaise lounge and the soft blanket sliding off her hips, Indira slept on in an emotionally drained stupor.

Having gotten no reply, he hesitated in the doorway, dark eyes taking his mother in as he stepped further into the room, a frown settling onto Max’s face as his attention landed on the dry tear streaked tracks down the woman’s cheeks. Next his gaze swept over the nearby vicinity for tell tale signs of emptied bottles of booze. Finding none he closed the distance and hunkered down at Indira’s side a hand lifting to brush the tumbled lengths of curls away from her face as a sad smile of tenderness formed.

This small disturbance of her person caused Indira to stir in her sleep, eyelids flickering and then opening to fix a sleepily bewildered look onto her son’s face. “Max?” then trying to push herself up into a sitting position, embarrassed for him to have seen her like this.

“Aye, it’s me, Ma,” Max smiled briefly, his concern evident as a thumb brushed gently along the tear stained tracks on her cheeks.

“Max,” his name breathed out and embellished with all the sorrow and longing of her earlier crying jag. Helpless to add anything more, Indira simply lay there in silence, dark eyes searching the face of the young man she felt she barely knew anymore.

“I got you, Ma,” understanding slipping into his low held tone as he stood and then bent to take the woman up in his arms. Picking her up against him, he crossed the short distance to her bed and gently laid her down, pulling the quilt up over her.

“So tired, Max,” she murmured, eyes shadowed by the ghosts of the past as a tear grew fat and threatened to slide out. An arm pulled free of the quilt, her hand seeking her son’s out as he moved away. “Don’t go,” whispered softly into the low lit room.

The bed dipped with his weight as the young beast manager sat down on it and then moved to stretch out against his mother’s back. Wrapping his arms about Indira’s quilt covered form; he dropped a kiss onto her tousled head, “Ain’t going nowhere, Ma.” Voice cracking with his intense wish to be able to try and protect her from further distress and heartache, wanting to be able to erase the pain of her past and his own hand in it, he simply hugged her tighter to him, “I love you, Ma.”

After a long silence where it seemed the woman had fallen asleep again, a long shuddering sigh expelled quietly, Indira’s head nodded softly against the pillow. After so long a silence and rift between the two, there were no words to try and set right her failings as a mother. Just the hope of doing better in the future to cling to.

In unspoken understanding of both that and the gesture she’d made in trying to bridge the gap by leaving the note for Ahnika, Max’s voice came low, “Thank you, Ma.”

A soft unseen smile graced the headwoman’s lips but she said nothing, finally giving into sleep once again.

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