I'm Bored


Date: Pre-Exodus
Location: Telgar Weyrwoman's Weyr
Synopsis: We catch Alara at work, and Rauzath gets bored.
Rating: G

The Weyrlinghood and early life of a goldrider is somewhat different than her clutchmates, for she spends a good portion of the time learning how to run a Weyr from those who have done so before her for Turns. Today is no exception, and Alara sits at the table in the Weyrwoman's weyr, talking to her mentor. Halfway through a sentence, however, Ianti stops, and shakes her head, stepping out of the room to deal with Meryth.

« Oi! Girlie! » Rauzath's tone bears a grin and Alara looks up toward the door worriedly.

« What are you up to, darling? Do you need something? » Being a weyrling, and being who she is, Alara is ever solicitous to her dragon's needs. « Hungry? Thirsty? Itchy? »

« Bo-ored. » Rauzath cackles. « Y'didn't think of that one, didja, weyrwoman? » Her mindvoice carries the splashing of the lake, the scents of the water filled with young dragons.

« Love, I'm working! » Alara's exasperated tone carries through as she looks down at her current set of hides.

« What're you working on, then? Lemme see? » And Rau pushes her mental presence closer, peering through her rider's eyes. « Oh, you should reorganize those. By date. »

« What? Oh, » Alara looks down at the stack again, considering her dragon's words. « You're probably right. Let me do that. »

« Smart one, she is. » Somehow, Rauzath's playful sarcasm cheers her immensely, and she sets to work doing exactly that.

When Ianti returns, she looks at the stack of hides, and gives her approval, letting her protege know that she's saved her candlemarks of work.

“Thank you ma'am. Now, if you please, it's almost time for me to go feed Rauzath.” And Alara stands, her mood still cheerful.

Stepping out into the darkening evening, Alara is assaulted by a mid-size dragonet. « Lar! I missssed you so much!! » She nudges her rider in the belly. « C'mon! Let's get me some food – oh, and you some food – and I'll tell you about all the cool stuff I learned today. Did you know that Z'kel's brown decided to… » and the pair head toward the barracks and their nightly routine.

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