I Want My Family Back

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Participants: Fiala, P'sec, Maura, Abydoth, Rikath
IC Date: Day 20, Month 12, Year 3
OOC Date: 10/29/11
Location: Lakeshore
Synopsis: Post-fall chatter, where Fiala is adorable and Maura pouts, and P'sec is all stoic.
Rating: If above PG-13, please note here.
Posted by: Maura

Swinging his muzzle back and forth to see if there's anybody nearby… Rikath stomps towards the water and then rears up, folding his wings in tight and unceremoniously splashing himself into the lake. Yep, just like that. And purposefully giving Maura a good soaking in the process. "Oh come on, was that really necessary? I was just -at- the baths. I don't need a second one and you've already been scrubbed today." she complains, taking off her now soaked button-down shirt off to let it dry on a nearby boulder. Don't worry, peepers, she *does* have a tank top on beneath it. "Big brat. Did someone piss you off today, is that it? No wait… that's every day."

Fiala isn't on crutches any longer, though she does still have a limp. As she walks, she takes off her apron and un-ties the kerchief that was holding back a fair tumble of her hair. She closes her eyes and shakes her head, letting the mass of curls fall free to tumble down her back. She stretches then, catlike, albeit a scrawny, half-sized cat. The sound of splashing catches her attention, and she opens her eyes, turns her head, and smiles as she watches.

Abydoth's not far behind. At first his descent looks like it might mirror Rikath's splashy entrance as he plummets towards the lake, but at the last minute, he spreads his wings and pulls up, skimming above Rikath (there's a certain glee in that) and settling down on the shoreline so P'sec can dismount. Which he does — straight into the mud. He looks up at Abydoth, reproachful; Abydoth, smug, turns back round to join the blue in the water. Both bronzerider and his dragon stink of firestone.
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Rikath rumbles of course, flicking some wingdrops of water up at Abydoth for being a showoff. It's his own keen eyes that spot Fiala first, before Maura does. And so it's the blue that trundles up again, making his way towards her with a certain amount of unhealthy glee making his hide gleam. *Stalk*. And meanwhile… "P'sec!" One would think she hadn't seen him in months. Which… well, might actually be close to the truth given all the happenings. And firestone stink or not, he is going to wind up dealing with the still little bluerider flinging herself at him. "We don't see you often enough." she comments reproachfully.

Fiala smiles at Rikath, giving a little wave to the blue dragon. She knows little of draconic stalking, and she half-ducks at the flight of the bronze, instinct making her lower her head though he is nowhere near hitting her. She turns briefly towards Maura and P'sec, nodding to the dragonriders. Then she turns her head towards Rikath again.

"I saw you during Fall, and before." Knowing that's not what she means, P'sec nonetheless finds a tired little smile and brings up a hand to pat Maura's back - a fatherly sort of gesture that then turns into a slight wave to Fiala, acknowledging that he's seen her nod towards them. "You two came out of it okay?" he asks, checking, though it's almost unnecessary; if there'd been any injury, he would have known. Meanwhile, Abydoth has sunk deep into the lake, eyes lidded twice to protect them against the lap of the water. He watches Rikath's progress, gaze tracking the blue as he heads towards Fiala.

"Don't play dumb." Maura retorts, eyebrow raised. Remember, playing stupid is -her- job. Hello! As she can fully understand the tired smile she returns it with one of her own though, a sigh escaping her lips. He'll see ther fatigue for only as long as it takes for her to turn her attention to Fiala though and smile brightly. "I'm glad to see you don't need the crutches anymore, Fi. How've you been?" She too is keeping an eye on Rikath while he stalks forward and then settles into a lump before the small girl. Waiting. Waiting… and then blowing a huff of air through his nostrils at her. His very own way of saying hello. "Sure we did, P. And you two also, I see."

"I'm better, Bl— Maura!" calls Fiala. She jumps, though, at the puffing of air, comes down on her bad ankle, and tumbles to the ground in a little heap. "Hello, Bronzerider," she calls then with sheepish formality before turning her gaze to the dragon. "I fall, you see, Rikath, because I don't have wings. But look, I brought some liver for you. It's been dried, so it's chewy-crunchy, and there's some sweet smoke to it also. But not cooked…" She draws a twist of something out of the folds of her apron and uncoiles a stretch of liver jerky.

The man returns Maura's look without comment, shoulders lifting in a shrug that serves to indicate that dumb helplessness - what else would she expect? He turns away enough to include Fiala when it becomes apparent that Maura knows the girl and answers her greeting with a: "Name's P'sec," in substitution for the title she uses. Intending to join his dragon in the lake, P'sec steps away, and as he does answers Maura with black humor. "Haven't killed us yet."

Maura's lips curl up in a smile when Fiala remembers to call her by name instead of by title. "You spoil him." is accused then, when the liver jerky is spied. Rikath just turns his muzzle to give his rider a brief quelling stare. And then, of course, opens his maw for the offering. Because he is totally worship-worthy. Or so he believes. "Well, see that it doesn't. I certainly don't want -more- nightmares." Her attention turns to Abydoth himself, next. "Need help getting that hide scrubbed, big buy? Rikath already drenched me."

"P'sec. Hello, P'sec," corrects Fiala, flushing. She struggles to her feet, hobbling over to Rikath. "Yes ma'am. I do spoil him. But he's one of my best friends," she answers. She comes closer, closer still, then places the treat in the dragon's mouth, showing no fear of being eaten, bitten, flamed, or knocked over. Instead there is a certain hopeless besottedness about her, and then she glances over at the other dragon. "Oh dear. Is it rude I don't have another bit? I could get some…"

Abydoth doesn't answer, exactly. He does, however, start to make his way closer in to the shore and out of its depths, making it less of an obstacle to reach him. P'sec's brought soap with him and a bristly brush, which he now offers to Maura. This in turn frees him to take off his smelly shirt, ball it up between his hands, and toss towards the grass. "Can always use the help." He heads into the lake on the assumption that Maura's following, pausing only to tell Fiala, "S'alright. He's not really…inclined to that sort of thing." The remark could equally stand for the treat as well as for familiarity with strangers; P'sec doesn't specify. "Though he might wonder about it later - where'd you get it from?"

Maura wades in, with fortunately lightweight capri length pants on. So she's not weighed down when she splish-splashes her way over to the large bronze and start to help with the soaping. Of the dragon. And at least Rikath isn't precisely a stranger to Fiala. He chews on the jerky with relish; likely imagining it to be the intestines of whomever he dislikes the most this week. He croons, creakily, in thanks for the treat and waits there expectantly. As if he's assuming she's just going to hop right up for a pony-dragon ride. "Such a thoughtful one you are, Fiala. Thank you." She remains quiet a few moments, concentrating on the task she's volunteered herself for. "You should join us at our usual table tomorrow, at lunch, P'sec."

They had to butcher and there was some left; they made it into strips for me. I said I had a friend who would like some. I think they think I have a watch-wher sweet on me." Fiala shrugs slightly. "I mean, there are a couple of them who are rather fond of me, and sometimes I talk to them when I'm loney… but they aren't… friends like Rikath. Noble, glorious Rikath, she adds, crooning to him. Not at all a watch-wher." She shakes herself, reaches out a hand to touch the blue hide. Her face reddens, and she ducks her head. "I oughtn't, really," she says softly, her voice a bit hoarse." She shifts, the water catching on her skirts. "Shall I do anything for you two? I… ermm…" She looks up at the blue dragon, then bites her lip.

"Have we got watch-whers?" P'sec, immersed in the world of dragonriding and giving very little thought to anything beyond it even at the Weyr, sounds surprised. "Wouldn't think we'd need them, here. But I guess the Southern continent's different." He reaches Abydoth and directs Maura, "Slap that soap canister up on his back where I can get at it too." P'sec loops his arm around one of the bronze's neckridges and, thus anchored, floats, taking a moment before he starts to work on getting Abydoth clean. His expression relaxes, falls further into tiredness. "Maybe I will." Not quite a commitment, but perhaps positive enough to reassure Maura.

"Fiala, sweetheart - I can't imagine a dragon or watch-wher that wouldn't be sweet on you with how much praise you lavish on them." Maura teases, keeping her tone light. "If you can befriend Rikath, you can befriend any of them I'm pretty certain." Beat. "On its way, P'sec." The canister of soap winds up exactly as directed, so they can both reach. "I suppose maybe is better then 'go away'." But marginally, since it's -Maura- here. "Oh, don't worry about it Fiala. Two of us will make quick work of Abydoth here. And Rikath's already been scrubbed. You should go ahead and take a ride like he's offering. We both know you enjoy that. Unless it will hurt your leg?"

"A couple. New here. They're hideous, but very sweet. If they like you. Saw them bite Farran, though, but he teases most of the animals." Fiala sighs, then shakes herself. "Ah, the leg'll be all right, thanks, Maura." Then she flushes again, and looks back at Rikath. "Thank you, dear Rikath, you splendid dear." She speaks softly, leaning closer, crooning the words so no one else can hear and embarrass him. Then she reaches to rub some of the blue's favorite scritchy-places before clambering onto his back. She settles herself, completely unaware that her dress is sodden and clings to her. "Wonderful, glorious Rikath."

"I can give you a 'go away' if you think that's more in keeping with my personality," P'sec answers Maura. His little rest is short-lived, and rather than let the younger rider take the bulk of the work while he relaxes, the man stirs into activity and sets to scrubbing. At one point he glances back to Fiala and Rikath, then remarks, "He's certainly friendly with her. When did your dragon start liking anyone other than you?"

Rikath obviously soaks up the praise like a sponge, setting off on a leisurely pace to walk near the shore of the lake and make an occasional hop-glide between boulders. "I would actually prefer a, 'Sure, I'll be there.'" Maura replies promptly, giving the bronzerider a bit of a smile. "It's been hard since Randi… … left. It feels like we've all started to drift apart and I hate it. I want my family back." is finally said, firmly. "The exceptiomn being Rii, obviously. Since I'm near always with him. But still. D'lan gives me a hard time over learning to use the knife. I've rarely seen you at all, lately. Rii's lung problems are getting worse." Clamping down on her own petty list of greivances, she swallows back whatever else she was going to add, and instead answers his question. "SHe reminds him of me, when I firts impressed. There's a timeless sort of goodness there, in her. That hasn't been touched no matter what she's been through. He likes to… protect that."

"Your wings are such a lovely color, too," murmurs Fiala. She makes a soft, gleeful sound at the first hop-glide, then settles herself and places her hands on the hide, getting a grip with her knees on the wet hide. She still has more the posture of a runnerbeast-rider, but she is adapting. She brushes water from the hide, then leans forward to kiss the dragon's neck. "You're my best friend. One of my only friends. You… and Maura. Nenienne. And you don't mind too much I smell of stable, do you?"

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P'sec looks away as Maura begins to talk, concentrating on the job at hand. A hardness enters his expression, as much an unwillingness to talk as an effort to wall off whatever his own thoughts are on the matter, along with the accompanying emotions. "He's seeing a healer, isn't he?" P'sec only speaks to the last of Maura's concerns — something, notably, that neither implicates him nor that which he has any control over. More soaping, more scrubbing. Then, "I can see that. It's why he picked you after all, isn't it. Watch out, Maura — you might have competition." The last, a weak tease.

"Yes, he's seeing a healer." And yet, it's still getting worse. Words that Maura doesn't need to add, since it seems to be inherent in the inflection of her tone. "Nobody seemed to figure on him coughing while Between though." She too scrubs, quiet. They both know she knows why he's being so close-mouthed abou everything else she said. And she looks about to say more, pausing mid-scrub. But then just bites on her lower lip, apparently intending to let the topic change entirely. "It is why he picked me. I think it's nice that he sees the same in someone else." She snorts at the notion of competition. "Too late for that. She's not the one who has to see all his violent impulses. So he's pretty stuck with me. And speaking of males who are stuck with me." She squints up at the sky, then. "I'm meeting Ch'rii at Jaya's Bar in a few. I'll buy you a drink if I see you there." she promises, whistling over sharply towards Fiala and Rikath so she can wave goodbye. "Don't spoil him too much now! His ego is big enough already!" she calls out, while Rikath preens for his captive audience, snorting disdain for the idea that he could mind the scent of stables after enduring firestone. A reassuring croon is then given in quiet undertone. He hopes nobody heard it.

"I won't spoil him too much! I promise!" Fiala calls to Maura, then leans closer. "Never too much, is it?" She gives a happy sigh at the soft croon, and some of the perpetually-harried expression fades from her face. "But I think it's you spoiling me, after all. Thank you so very much, Rikath." She then straightens, waving goodbye to Maura. She thinks on it a moment, then waves again, this time to P'sec, just in case. Then, after a couple of moments, she gasps, realizing she's being left in the blue's care. She gives a soft sound that is almost a squeal, then flings her arms around the dragon's neck.

"Tempting," P'sec says to the offer of the drink, "but I think bed might offer an even greater temptation. Long Fall." An excuse Maura can't fault. He gives another faded, fatigued smile to go with the demurral, then sees Maura off with a nod. "Tell Ch'rii to take care of himself." The bronzerider only stays at the lake as long as it takes to bathe Abydoth and then, with a short nod of farewell, leaves Fiala in Rikath's care.

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