Idealistic Or Naive


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Date: 6/12/11
Location: Kitchens - EW
Synopsis: Maura goes sneaking for bubblies, and finds Indira!
Rating: If above PG-13, please note here.
Logger: Maura

Whatever's left out on the tables at the moment, apparently, isn't going to satisfy Maura's sweet tooth. So of course the little bluerider decides to kind of sliiiiide herself into the kitchens to see if maybe there's a platter of pastries or other sweet stuff which just hasn't been brought out yet. She can pilfer a few /and/ bring the tray out at the same time. Seems fair, right? Thus is why suddenly her elfin face peeks around the corner curiously, to check out the lay of the land.

Indira's presence is made known both just before a meals goes out as well as toward the meal's end, the duration of which she's likely to be found in the living caverns themselves keeping an eagle eye on the proceedings. Thus it is that instead of being in the kitchens at the time that Maura decides to attempt helpful pilfering, she's coming up behind the bluerider just as she pokes her head into the kitchens. "Lost something, bluerider?" the Headwoman asks having snuck right behind the young woman before choosing to speak her presence.

Caught! Maura has to bite back a squeak, which doesn't /quite/ succeed. She immediately spins on her heel to face Indira and proffers the woman a somewhat impish and sheepish smile. "I, ah.. well no. I didn't lose anything. I was just hoping there might be a few extra pastries lingering about…" Bein doubtful that puppy-eyes will work on the woman, she settles for hopeful instead. "I was going to take the tray out there with me, to be helpful?" Pause. "Ok, I have the /worst/ craving for bubblies. I can't even stand it! Must. Have."

"It's true. I'm really not very good with the whole 'making up excuses' thing." Maura admits, both rueful and a bit exasperated that this is the case. "I do better just to find a way to tell the truth." Even if it's by obscuring it so thickly that it can barely be seen. Both relief and pleasure dominate however, when the age old reason of /cravings/ is used and accepted. "Oh that is just *perfect* thank you. I have wanted these since I swear… sometime two days ago. Just haven't had time." Of course, just when she's about to take them… crap. A price. "What do I owe you in return?" she wonders, looking a bit skeptical.

"A truthful renegade," Indira muses aloud, amused, "Maura isn't it?" Yes, being Headwoman and having worked closely with her son and Randi in putting together the diabolical plan that had resulted in the renegade pairs starting to trickle into the Weyr, she's made it her business to find out who they all are. Even if she hasn't met them all face to face. It's the manner in which the bluerider speaks of her cravings that has the older woman setting her with an odd look, "For two days now?" Laughter, low and husky spills for what it is that the younger woman might owe her in return, "You'll know when I decide what it is." Ever the schemer she is.

"Yeah, that's me." Maura admits, not at all startled that Indira knows of the renegades. SHe's heard Randi mention the woman as 'cooking the records'. So, she sees no harm in agreeing. "I take it my reputation as the baby of the group has gotten around. Sweet, naive little Maura?" Ah well. Being exapserated about it won't help a thing, so she just shrugs indulgently. "Nice to meet you?" she ventures, sounding hopeful. At first. Until that question followed by a laugh. That one makes her brow furrow again. "Yeah, what's wrong with that… I've been busy!" she protests, and then sighs. "Right. A favor to be named. Rikath likes you already." Grumble.

Again a dark blonde brow arches upward and Indira sets Maura with an intent look for the descriptor she gives herself. "Is that how you see yourself?" she asks moving toward a cabinet and extracting a bottle of sherry used for cooking. "I prefer to make up my own mind. The opinions of others can often be soone-sided, don't you think?" Bland the smile that appears as she pours a measure of the dark brown liquid into two glasses and holds one out to the bluerider. Leaning a hip against the counter a faint smirk appears next, "Your Rikath sounds like a clever lad." On the matter of the younger woman having been busy a dark-eyed look of query narrows onto her, "How does being busy equate to having a craving for bubbly pies?"

"Naive. Almost certainly." Maura admits. "Holdbred, 19 Turns… only marriagable daughter until searched at 16. You figure out the rest." she suggests, a half-smile appearing. She takes the glass with dark brown liquid though, and nearly mimics the other woman's pose, but settles for leaning entirely back against the counter. "Oh he is. He is clever, and sly." she agrees, just prior to looking puzzled. "No, shells… is that what it came out like? No, I meant I haven't come down here to try and indulge my craving because I've been busy. Not that being busy caused the craving. I must be more tired then I thought!" Thus, she takes a drink.

Surprise colours sloe eyes, "How the shards do you remain nave after what you lot," the renegades, "have been up to, hmm?" It obviously defies Indira's imagination considering that at 19 turns old she already had a child, a cheating weyrmate and was running schemes on the side out of High Reaches Weyr. Taking a sip of the rich liquid, the Headwoman gives a small nod of head, "Ah, I was just starting to wonder if you had a bun in the oven or something." Yes, she's just that blunt. Hopefully Maura doesn't choke on that drink she's just taken.

"Why would I not be naive just because of what we're doing? We're only righting a wrong. It would be unjust for us /not/ to correct the Council's stupidity." Maura replies firmly, thus cementing her own justification for what they do. "Let people starve? Let dragons starve? No, no. We're doing the right thing." Course, the words 'bun in the oven', while they don't make her choke on her drink… /do/ drain all color from her face. Like, she suddenly looks about as pasty as a bakery chef after working with flour all day. "Oh. I… don't *think* so? No, that wouldn't be it." she decides, but drinks half the liquid at once.

A wry, "Mmhm," is all that greets Maura's explanation on being able to retain one's naivet in light of such renegade activities. "Sounds more like idealistic than being nave to me," she states after another sip of the dark liquid and then leaves it there for the time being. Indira's mouth curves about a deep…deep smirk for the manner in which the young bluerider pales in the face of her blunt statement. "So" she all but purrs the following words, "Not quite so nave then after all." And darnit but if the woman doesn't seem to be enjoying herself at Maura's expense.

"Ok, alright… idealistic then." Maura can agree with that. But maybe she winces a little and tries not to whimper at the enjoyment Indira seems to be having at her expense. "I thought , uhm…/that/ took care of innocence, not naivety." she replies dryly, then, trying to shake off a sense of impending doom. But with drills and errands and other such things, they all go ::between:: often enough not to worry about buns in ovens, so her face quickly returns to it's normal color with a touch of extra red. "Anyway, s'nobody's business."

Low laughter accompanies Indira lifting her glass toward Maura as if in toast, "Good girl. It's not anybody's business, no. And don't you let them tell you any different either." Perhaps, it had all been a test of some kind, a way to see exactly where and if the young bluerider will draw a line in the dirt. Pushing away from the counter a warmer smile appears as she draws level with Maura on her way to the door leading out of the kitchen, "And if you ever get a craving for bubbly pies in the middle of the night, that oven there," a nod to the one question, "always has a tray of them ready for the morning but…" and here an amused look appears, "you're going to have to be quicker than, Max."

Maura grins at Indira, lifting her glass back in return and finishing off her drink. "Don't have to worry about that, ma'am." Because if she doesn't tell them off, Rikath will. And he's not as nice about those things. Feeling far more comfortable now in the woman's presence, she lets go a laugh at the advice and warning. "Alright, then. I'm small enough to be fast. I'll make sure to say hello if I see him here trying to pinch the bubblies too." is added, while she scoops up her cloth with the bubblies still warm inside.

Pausing in the doorway Indira turns an oddly shaped look of amusement onto Maura, "I wouldn't go sneaking up on him if I were you." For goodness knows the young crimelord is likely jumpier than a firelizard before Thread falls, these days. "Go get some sleep, love," that her quiet admonishment to the bluerider and then the Headwoman's gone leaving just a faint trace of jasmine in her wake.

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