Identification Of Firestone Vs Plain Rock


W'red.jpg Ahnika.jpg L'ron.jpg Ciara.jpg V'tol A'kon Belira

Date: 2010.11.27
Location: East Bowl, Eastern Weyr
Synopsis: Weyrling class some inuendo, some punishment and some flaming.
Rating: PG
Logger: W'red

W’red and Tavaith are in the Eastern Bowl waiting for the Weyrlings to assemble for today’s lesson, on W’red’s left is a pile of bags and on his right yet another pile of bags, he has once again brought his box on which to stand to make sure all the Weyrlings can hear what he has to say and at the same time it makes it easier to see all those present on top of the box lies what looks like three pieces of rock. Tavaith is loaded as if about to launch to fight thread, full straps and bags of firestone strapped to his sides, W’red himself is dressed in full flying gear the only missing items his flying helmet and eye protection, the mouth cover is hanging loosely across his shoulder, it is a warm day and beads of perspiration are visible on his forehead.

It's Balkrith that out of the pair is the first to notices the bags, the blue suddenly a quiver with excitement to which L'ron, falling into place can simply be heard to heave a heavy sigh and comment quietly, "No Bal, I'm quite sure, those are not turnips." The blue weyrling seeming a little less chipper than normal this day, which by the slightly bleary look to eyes, could be from a lack of sleep. Or something else entirely. V'tol is given a narrow eyed look as his brown's tail makes a sweeping gesture, causing L'ron to have to suddenly take a step or risk getting knocked off his feet. The brown weyrling of course, smirks.

Ciara and Suosith walk side by side out across the bowl towards W'red and Tavaith. Though they're mostly in step, the gold has the usual dancing wriggle to her walk, but restrained enough not to get too far ahead of her rider's shorter strides. Ci looks over at V'tol and L'ron for their interaction, though it's the blue weyrling who gets a longer, concerned look. Then it's eyes front and centre as the pair stop to attention in front of W'red, towards the front of the group of weyrlings. The bags piled up by the weyrlingmaster get a curious look, before Ci focuses on W'red again. Suosith is busy looking around at her siblings, tail tip twitching out a beat.

Whether it is for reasons of trying to appear on top of things and a "good" student, despite certain rumors of a fight with a Healercrafter in the Living Caverns, Ahnika is among the first to show, giving L'ron, Balkrith, Ciara, and Suosith a smile and discreet wave in greeting. Jhath and her marshaled, regimented pace come along with Ahnika, of course, until they get into formation and salute (with Jhath doing a snapping salute with her wings—though does not unfurl them all the way and potentially into another weyrling pair), remaining at attention until directed otherwise. However, the observant would spot the green weyrling's eyes sliding to the bags and leather gear and a bit more alert anticipation settles within the tall frames of both the young woman and her dragonet.

As the Weyrlings gather in front of the Weyrlingmaster and his brown, W’red steps up onto the box to get a better view of the assembled and to catch the stragglers, which there always are to lessons, those Weyrlings that drag their heels about everything. “A’kon, you are late again, you are confined to barracks for a sevenday and you have latrine duty for two sevendays, -you- were warned!” there are some of the Weyrlings that are pushing boundaries to see where the Weyrlingmasters sense of humour has reached the end of its tether, there are rumours floating around but no one has stepped forward to confirm them regarding some of the Weyrlings. W’red salutes all the assembled Weyrlings.

The concerned look coming from Ciara is given a shadow of a smile in response that lingers for a moment, as L'ron blatantly ignores whatever comment has been made by V'tol that's drawn a tightening to the corners of his eyes. Ahnika's greeting is given a short nod, his smile slipping off as he studiously turns his attention toward the front and one overheated looking Weyrlingmaster. As to Balkrith, he looks to be about to nip at the end of that brown's tail by the way his neck has stretched out toward it. But then he suddenly snaps it back setting a chastised look over to his bonded.

Ciara returns W'red's salute, looking somewhat bug-eyed at A'kon's punishment. Latrine duty…ick. The weyrling lets her arm drop back down to her side, standing upright with shoulders back. Suosith settles to a seated position beside her, folding her wings primly and letting her head tilt a little to one side as she watches W'red like an attentive child. Ci returns Ahni's discreet wave with a little one of her own, hand still down by her side. She briefly looks over at L'ron again, eyeing Balkrith's posture and smiling faintly when the blue snaps his neck back.

A’kon turns to V’tol, “I told you he wouldn’t keep taking our shit and now I have to clean it up for two sevendays! You said wait till the last and yet here you are first.” He half whispers to V’tol as he passes him, the young brownrider grins back, “well now we know we better get to lessons on time but there are still a lot of things we have gotten away with that he,” nodding his head towards W’red, “hasn’t figured out yet or is still giving us slack on so in future we’ll be on time for lessons and see how long we can get away with the rest.” Still grinning he takes his place in the line up behind the blues. A’kon still grumbling about his punishment takes his place at the end of the green row.

Having had her salute returned by W'red, Ahnika settles into an at-attention stance, showing no outward signs of amusement or worry for A'kon. There's only a little shifting of the redhead's weight in concern for herself and a faint snort from Jhath and rumble of approval, though due to the timing of it, it's hard to say if it meant to be directed at something said internally, or at V'tol's brown Wreth or at Balkrith or some combination of all of the above.

W’red smirks a little as A’kon takes his place last, he has been mostly lenient up till this point with all the Weyrlings as he realised their lack of consistent training had led them to believe they could do what they liked when they liked but he had been in charge for long enough now for the discipline required for all dragonriders to be fully understood. “Weyrlings, at ease,” he addresses the assembled, which brings the murmuring and noise to an end, “today we are going to be starting with one of the most important lessons a rider needs to know, how to identify firestone, however we will not be using it as yet, but if you cannot identify good firestone from bad or from normal rock then you could find yourself and your dragon deep in shit.”

The interplay between A'kon and V'tol looks to be given no notice at all by L'ron, save for the light tightening of his jaw and the twitch of hands held at his sides. Given the command to stand at ease, he looks anything but. However, when W'red opens the day's lesson his attention falls to the bags strapped to Tavaith's sides, a glance going sideways to his blue's obviously unadorned sides and a faint smile breaks out. Balkrith swings his head, putting an eager look to his bonded.

Ciara keeps sending little glances towards L'ron and the two weyrlings who were talking in low voices, but for the most part, her attention is on W'red. When the weyrlingmaster explains the lesson of the day, the gold weyrling's brow creases. After a moment though, her expression loosens up and she shrugs, settling into a more comfortable and less rigid posture to watch and learn. Suosith sets her head daintily on her forelegs, large eyes a calm blue as she listens, too.

When ordered to be at-ease, Ahnika shifts her position into that at-ease rest, but her attention remains on the Weyrlingmaster and all that leather gear. As does Jhath for that matter, except for the occasional glance for the bags. Neither of this green weyrling pair seem interested in the murmurings or antics of other weyrlings at this moment.

Pointing to the two piles of bags on either side of him, W’red continues, “in these bags are a mixture of good firestone, bad firestone, plain rock and some other stuff, you will all get a chance to identify the contents, before you leave the bowl today, you will have to have loaded a full bag of good firestone, so listen carefully, watch what I show you and it will be easy.” Tavaith rumbles from deep within his being, sounds of big drums beating as if sending and urgent message across rolling hills, « young ones, listen to mine he will make sure to explain to yours carefully, if yours give you rock you will have a bad pain and you will feel ill from it, as stone does not come out as flame but stays in you, and it is uncomfortable to get out. » Perhaps Tavaith has a bad memory of such an incident but considering a dragons short memory it is doubtful unless he is taking it from W’red’s memories, which would mean it was a recent event as W’red’s memory doesn’t go that far back. “Ciara, you may not have to worry too much about this for your Gold, but it is something you need to know for one day you well be a Weyrwoman, and supplying your wings with the incorrect firestone would not be looked upon favourably.”

From in front of him, there comes a muttered comment about spaghetti armed blueriders better suited to skirts than loading firestone bags. But aside from a brief flicker of lashes as he forces his expression free of the frown threatening, L'ron gives no hint of hearing it, or that it might have been directed to him personally. He's listening. Intently. To the instructions being given out. Balkrith picks up the message sent out by Tavaith and starts dotting the hills of his mindvoice with turnips, and then pauses in this mental action and actually, pays full attention for a change, « They are bad? Then why put them in the bags, great one? » The bluerider's attention settles briefly up ahead when W'red addresses Ciara, some of that tight expression releasing a mite.

Suosith's mindvoice chimes in with a muted giggle at Balkrith's comment, as though she very well knows she shouldn't laugh at what he says, but she just can't help it. Ci winces, and nods at W'red's words to her, looking like she's ready to disappear into the ground from embarrassment. One hand touches Suosith's shoulder pointedly, and the gold goes silent, looking sulky. "Yes, sir." Ci says to the weyrlingmaster, keeping her eyes on him rather than looking around her.

With only a brief hint of a frown for the sound of someone being critical of blueriders, or a certain bluerider, Ahnika is watching W'red and listening attentively. Jhath is too. They are positively riveted, now, truth be told. Firestone! If they were seated, they would be on the edge of those seats in sheer eagerness. « To test us and ours, Brother. » comes the incense laden mindvoice of the green, warmth exuding, « It is a trial of wits, it is. » Ahnika's eyes remain on W'red, even at-ease, as Ciara responds, but there's a slight upturn to her lips with the gold weyrling's acknowledging response.

”The mine halls try and ensure that we only receive good firestone but unscrupulous traders sometimes change the contents to make more bags and if this happens it is either a low grade firestone or plain rock.” He looks over the class to allow this information to sink in, “now if you are in a Fall and you are giving your dragon rocks to chew, firstly it won’t be able to flame and secondly the dragon will become uncomfortable enough that it will just want to ‘between’ back to the Weyr to get rid of the unwanted load, this will place you, your wing and your dragon in more danger than you want.” W’red bends and picks up the three pieces of what all look like rock to the untrained eye, “this,” he lifts the first piece and shows it to the Weyrlings, “looks like a piece of rock,” he shows it around and then tosses it to A’kon, “pass it around, let everyone see it, feel it ,inspect it, that young people is nothing but a piece of rock from the same area as where they mine firestone but it is only a rock.” The second piece is held up in the air and shown around much the same as the first piece, “this in contrast to the first is low grade firestone, it works if there is nothing else available, but leaves way too much residue in your dragons stomach which means you need to go ‘between’ back to the Weyr or a place of safety more often during a Fall to allow your dragon to throw up the residue.” This piece is tossed to Ahnika, “See the difference between this and the rock, note the small flecks of what looks like gems in it, this is the substance that causes flaming.” Tavaith rumbles soothingly, « See young ones mine has explained to yours clearly why the rocks are in the bags, the trial is for yours to make sure they do not give you the wrong rock, so yes Jhath a trial of wits. »

Only now does L'ron's expression shift from that bland mask he'd been working so hard on, as a brow lifts upward. Clearly unimpressed that someone should put the lives of dragons and by default, those they protect, at risk in such a way he mutters quietly to himself, "That's not right." V'tol catches the comment and turning his head fractionally responds with a snickered, "So are a lot of things, bluerider." When the plain rock comes his way, it's given careful inspection, even held out to Balkrith for him to sniff at. « That doesn't smell like a turnip. » he declares and then turns following the arc of the low grade firestone tossed to Ahnika, « Maybe that one? » Another heavy sigh from L'ron, a quick snap of eyes and a mental reprimand and the blue's shuffling over to get a closer look at that glittery one. « The wrong rock… » the blue echoes turning out dust in his mind as he gives that some mind time, « Would be like calling a finger root a turnip, yes? » Trial of wits? More like Trial of Twits.

Ahnika and Jhath continue to watch intently as the rock and then the low-grade firestone are held up. Thankfully, her attention is still on W'red when he tosses her the low-grade firestone and not on A'kon holding the plain rock, so she is able to catch the firestone tossed at her. She studies it critically, eyeing the shiny gem-like flecks in it and then passes it down the row. When the plain rock comes her way, she looks at it, too, but not as long as the low-grade firestone. There's a moment when Ahnika thinks about tossing (underhand of course) that rock at V'tol, but considering their rank and file, and the number of heads she'd likely risk in the distance to V'tol's, the green weyrling merely sighs and gives V'tol a warning look instead, whether he sees it or not. More than likely, she and Jhath will be having a severe talk with the brownrider later, one that might include a sweetcake laced with a laxative - and we can thank Nara for putting the idea into Ahni's head. Passing the plain rock along the row, Ahnika returns her attention to W'red and Tavaith. Jhath puffs her chest out a little for the response from Tavaith, but has lapsed quiet and attentive for the time being, save for some internal dialogue between herself and Ahni, no doubt including some strategizing and righting injustices rendered to blue weyrlings.

Waiting for the two pieces of rock to be passed through the ranks, W’red tosses the third one between his hands, “now this Weyrlings,” again he lifts his hand and shows the rock to the class, “this is firestone, when you look at it take note of the close resemblance to a gemstone it has, -but- it is not as hard as a gemstone and can be chewed by a dragon, once chewed and swallowed into the correct stomach the acid in the stomach reacts with the firestone and causes a gas, that on contact with the air we breathe turns to flame.” W’red tosses the firestone to L’ron, “L’ron, now this may not be a turnip but this –actually- works on Thread, look at it carefully and pass it around, make sure you know what it looks like, feels like, as you will have to repack these,” again pointing to all the bags to his left and right, “none of these bags have only firestone in them, they are all mixed with other things, some rock, others stuff I’ve picked up in and around the barracks, so if you find a pair of boots you have been missing you’ll know you left them lying around the barracks and next time they’ll be gone permanently.” The big brownrider grins.

It looks to be that Ahnika and L'ron had both had the same idea, for hefting the low grade firestone in his hand a moment, his attention very openly goes to the back of V'tol's smarmy head. Instead, he sends it on down the line, and puts his attention back onto what W'red explains about proper firestone, interest peaking in his expression. There's not a moment's hesitation as a hand lifts and almost without looking, he plucks the lump from the air when it's tossed his way. Thank the turns spent juggling for that one. For the first time since the lesson began, a crooked smile wearing sheepish edges teases out onto his expression, "No sir, but if I tell him it's as good as a turnip…" a frown going to Balkrith who has shoved his muzzle into his bonded's hand to give the lump of rock a deep sniff, "he'll get the idea quicker than if I try explaining it any other way." The comment made by the Weyrlingmaster on the potential of there being missing boots in one of the bags earns first a titter and then a snicker to peel out from both A'kon and V'tol, both of whom send a smirk over to L'ron for clothing items of his that had gone missing the night before from the bathing caverns, leaving the blue weyrling to splodge bare feet through the mud back to the barracks wearing little but his trousers.

Chewing. Correct versus incorrect stomachs. Acid. Gas. Air. Fire. Right. Ahnika just sort of stares at W'red for a few moments, appearing to listen, but her fingers fidget a little nervously at the hem of her tunic. Both her own head and Jhath's head move a little to follow the arc of the firestone tossed to L'ron. The comment about missing boots and the snickering from A'kon and V'tol earn a disapproving frown and a look of solidarity is sent to L'ron. Oh yes, payback is a bitch and L'ron has Ahni and Jhath at his back, to be sure. Then she returns her attention to leather-clad W'red and Tavaith and the bags once more.

W'red nods, "that may be true L'ron, but he had better get it or -you- will, most certainly, if he carries on believing that turnips will save you from Thread, if he refuses to chew firestone and does not flame, it will be the death of you two literally." A frown creases his forehead as he waits for the Weyrlings to all have a good look at the three rocks passed around, "V'tol! Don't," the brown weyrling seemed as if he were about to give his dragonet the firestone to chew on, "your dragonet may know which stomach to put it in, but without the correct training it could kill the dragon and if not he could kill or badly burn anyone in front of you. I will see -you- in my office after training." W'red lets go a large sigh, these Weyrlings will be the death of him yet, "alright pass the rocks back to the front, A'kon bring them to me." The young green weyrling moves slowly up the front and reaches up to pass the rocks to W'red, a furtive glance given to V'tol who seems to be pushing a little too far too quickly for his liking. "Now divide into two groups, you can dismiss your dragons for now as this is all about you, the dragons will chew what you give them to chew, so you need to know what you are giving them." Tavaith rumbles, the drum beats much softer and more soothing now, « young ones mine will make sure yours know which is good rock. » Something else is passed privately between rider and dragon, W'red's eyebrows lift slightly, "No Tavaith not right now, perhaps when the Weyrlings are finished repacking the bags." He grins, big lump just wants to show off again.

L'ron's brows twitch and then pull together into a little seen frown as he nods, "He'll get it, sir." If it's the last thing he does and he has to use a lump of firestone to literally drum it into the turnip fiend's head. The veeery faintest trace of a smirk curls around his mouth as V'tol is caught being a dumbass in trying to feed the rock to his brown. That only deepens when the brown weyrling is told to report to the Weyrlingmaster's office affording perfect payback plottage time for the blue weyrling whilst his nemesis dances to the big brownrider's music of authority. Life. Gotta love it! As the weyrlings start sorting themselves into different groups, he makes sure to go with whichever one doesn't include A'kon and V'tol. He's no coward, he's just trying real hard to keep to that no fighting rule thing. Balkrith, dismissed along with the other dragonets, ambles off to one side and then flops down in a cloud of dust, head resting on forepaws and eyes glued to his bonded to see how this sorting of rock thing, goes. Sent with a clang of pots in the background to Tavaith « What does it taste like? » L'ron catches the comment made by W'red and turns a curious look to the leading pair but says nothing and soon turns his attention back to the weyrlings still sorting themselves out.

Ahnika frowns a little for talk of L'ron and Balkrith dying, even if meant to caution them into attentiveness. She can understand it, but doesn't appear to like it. It's W'red's sharp reprimand to V'tol that actually takes her interest more seriously though, more for interest over what sort of training would be involved than for V'tol getting into trouble. When ordered into two groups, Ahnika does as instructed, only she seems to seek out the group with V'tol and A'kon, fully intending to either try and keep the boys in line with surreptitious ear twisting or maybe find opportunity to do something vengeful. Who knows? Jhath may be dismissed from formation, but she's not going anywhere far. She gives Ahnika an encouraging look, well that is, she gives Ahnika a look, and one that Ahnika could sense is meant to be encouraging. Then the tall and stocky green dragonet marshals over to the sidelines with Tavaith, but a dragonlength away from the large brown, and offers « I would be honored if my lady would come and observe the trial with me » aloud, but directed to Suosith, and then a look is sent Balkrith, « And if you would, as well, Battle Brother. »

While the two groups are working at sorting out the bags, taking the firestone and packing it into empty bags provided, the brownrider speaks out, “while you are busy with the rock sorting, I am going to tell you some other things briefly, these will be covered in more depth soon enough but you can start giving some thought to it now already.” W’red points to Tavaith who has settled back on his haunches, seemingly having lost interest as W’red wouldn’t let him do whatever it was he wanted to do, “see the straps on Tavaith, those are full fighting straps, notice that there are far more clips than the straps you may have seen on him previously, firstly there are these,” pointing to his full flight gear around his waist area, “there are more clips on my leathers as well for when you are fighting Thread you need to be firmly held in place so as to be able to load full bags of firestone thrown to you by supply wings, and you do not want to slip in either direction, secondly as you can see fighting straps have more than enough place to tie on the firestone sacks, depending on dragon size and strength, which you will gauge once you start flying supply for the wings, that will give you a good idea of how many sacks your dragon can fly with, before you yourselves are flying to face Thread.” W’red casts an eye over the Weyrlings while they are bent over sorting out rocks, “You can start looking around for your own leathers for yourselves, buy them from older riders, get the crafters to make them up for you, those of course you will have to pay for. As for straps for your dragonets, you will make up your first set, for general riding, these have to be remade all the time as your dragonets continue to grow, fighting straps will only be needed once we start flying supply for the fighting wings.” A smirk appears, as some of the young riders look up briefly in total confusion at what he has just said, but they’ll get it all Weyrlings do eventually or die trying. Tavaith sends a sound of tinkling triangles the way of Balkrith, « It probably tastes like turnips young one, » meaning it tasted awful but it seems the young blue would chew it if he thought it tasted like turnips.

Paraphenalia. That'll grab L'ron's interest in a heartbeat! As such he slows and then stops altogether with the task of sorting and packing the empty bags, totally enthralled by all the clips and buckles and their uses and for a brief moment, goes into daydreamer mode, picturing himself and Balkrith up there in the air, catching sacks of firestone and flaming the ash out of Thread. It's only when a fellow weyrling tosses a rock behind them (just where L'ron happened to be standing) without a care and it hits him square on the shin, that he snaps out of it with a howl of sharp pain. Hopping about on one leg and sending a scowl to the twit responsible, he soon knuckles down and is back to work. Carefully sorting rock from low grade firestone from…the good stuff, all the while listening to what W'red is saying, much of the disgruntlement of earlier cast into shadows in the face of their destinies being that bit more tangible. Balkrith, having hefted himself from that sprawl at the sidelines, ambles over to where Jhath has taken up position and then…flops down again, sending a dust cloud out about him. « Like turnips? » that immediately gets his undivided attention. Turnip-stone that makes flame? Yeah, he can totally get with that!!

Ahnika is slower than some, and faster than others as she sorts through the bag that had been handed out to her. She takes her time with it, carefully and very anal retentively making four piles beside her bag: one for firestone, one for low-grade firestone, one for rocks, and one for "none of the above", where boots and socks and other such things are set. As another obnoxious snicker comes from V'tol and A'kon, Ahnika shushes them and fits them with an imperious look, but says nothing as she goes back to listening to W'red as she sorts. Due to her going slow at it, she gets them all sorted properly by the end, but she won't be winning any sorting races, that's for certain. The talk of leathers and straps has her looking up on occasion, examining both the Weyrlingmaster and his large brown lifemate, but her expression is one of preoccupied with her thoughts or internal dialogue or both. It is L'ron's sharp howl that gets Ahnika alert once more, narrowing her eyes a bit at who she thinks did it, judging on L'ron's look, though she didn't see it directly. And once she is completely done, she puts all the normal firestone back in the bag, leaving the neat piles of low-grade firestone, rocks, and other items out next to it and raises her hand. Once given leave to speak, Ahnika asks, "You mentioned the dragons need to be trained to chew firestone and flame, sir. How long before that lesson? And with us getting leathers and straps, does that mean we'll be flying soon, too?" Her tone is neutral, but there's no denying the excitement in her grey eyes.

As the Weyrlings start completing their task and the Weyrlingmaster gets to check each bag, “well done A’kon, see if you listen you can actually get it right,” next a blue rider, “Belira, did you actually listen? Or were you on some flight of fancy? Go try again,” with a shake of his head he goes through a few more, some making the grade others not so much. “From now on Weyrlings you will all have a bag of firestone with you at –all- times, you will carry it with you everywhere, at first your dragonet may help you carry it but you need to learn to carry it yourself, as when you fly supply, you have to be able to throw a bag from your dragon to the dragonrider you are resupplying, so you need to be able to not only pick it up and carry it around, you have to be able to throw it nearly a dragonlength with little effort, throwing a hundred or so bags during a Fall takes some strength and a lot of stamina. So this is part of your training now, try throwing the bags as far as you can, it will get further and further the more experienced you get.” W’red listens to the question from Ahnika, after a brief pause he replies, “In due course Ahnika, I’m saying –start- looking around, see what’s available, some of the dragonets may be flying soon but only unmanned, you will have lessons on all the items you are questioning and after completion of the lessons those that show potential will move on those that don’t will have to keep practicing to become proficient before I’ll allow them to attempt anything that would endanger their dragons or themselves. As for the straps you will be taught to make them up and how to extend them as your dragon grows."

The question Ahnika puts to W'red, draws the blue weyrling's attention in her direction where for a moment it settles. That is until the pile containing boots and socks set next to her sorted bags is noticed. His boots, and his socks!! Brown eyes narrow and then a swing of head back to hear the Weyrlingmaster's reply to her query, drags his attention passed where A'kon and V'tol are almost going bug eyed for containing their snickering in response to both Ahnika's look and the big brownrider heading over to check their sorted bags whilst at the same time sneaking furtive looks at something just passed where the weyrlings are gathered. The blue weyrling falls for it and follows the track of their sneaky glances only to find…a very familiar looking pair of boxer shorts fluttering in the breeze off of the end of a pile of lumber stacked nearby. Bright red he simply sends them a glare and puts all outward focus to W'red whilst seething quietly on the inside when A'kon actually gets it right. Oh yeah, he'd like to throw a bag of firestone alright. Right at V'tol's head! His were amongst the last bags to be sorted and set out for inspection given his lapse in attention with the rock-to-shin encounter. However, everything appears to be in order save for one or two lumps of low grade firestone that made it into the firestone bag.

Curiously watching W'red check the bags, Ahnika stands by her little grouping of materials an awaits inspection, unaware whose items those not of a rock quality they belong to. When the talk of lugging around a bag of firestone arises, Ahnika straightens a little, but doesn't seem to object or look about to shirk such a duty. Jhath sits straight and proud, watching her Ahnika from the sidelines while Ahni nods once, and responds, "Yes, sir," to W'red answer. She picks up the bag of firestone, and the only outward appearance of any strain or difficulty is the slight trembling of her right arm, but picks it up she does and she tosses it in a direction where no one is standing, and with a growl of effort and expended energy. It … really doesn't go too far, even for the fact that she doesn't have the same upper body strength as some of the young men in the weyrlingclass. She sighs audibly, but doesn't allow herself to look disappointed for long before she is moving over to retrieve the bag, only to be alerted by a trumpeted warning from Jhath to duck and the redhead drops to the ground on top of her bag of firestone while a bag thrown by someone else sails over her head, right where her head and shoulders had been when she was standing. Meanwhile, L'don sounds out from somewhere within L'ron's group, "Sir? I want to know when Narsalath can start hunting on his own."

The toss of the bag and the slight favouring of her right arm does not go unnoticed by the Weyrlingmaster, the bag almost thrown into Ahnika does however get his full attention, and his voice booms out across the bowl, "that is the first and the last, anyone caught throwing a sack of firestone anywhere near another person be it a Weyrling or another inhabitant of the Weyr, will be dealt with severely, you will be confined to barracks for an unlimited time and you will do permanent latrine duty, -don't- push me weyrlings, I can and will be as mean as a cornered tunnel snake." Once all the Weyrlings have managed to complete the task to his satisfaction a few minor misses between good firestone and the poorer quality, but no rocks. "All the dragonets will start hunting once they can fly, running around on the ground trying to capture a scared wherry makes the dragonet look silly, once they can fly they will start to hunt for themselves, not before then." W'red turns to Tavaith, "do you still want to?" Tavaith snakes his head down towards W'red stopping inches from his face, great multi faceted eyes whirling their essence of red, « Of course W'red, of course I still want to, I want to show the young ones, they understand so much better seeing it rather than listening. » The brownrider nods smiling at the dragon as Tavaith snakes his head back just a short way, reaching for one of the recently packed firestone sacks W'red takes out a number of nice pieces of the rock, "make sure it goes up in the air and warn all the other dragons first, don't want someone flying over you and getting hurt." With that he gives Tavaith at least ten large pieces of firestone which the brown chews on the sound of teeth crunching on rock reverberating in the bowl, a minute or so later, Tavaith's mind voice can be heard sounding like a full orchestra, « attention all Weyr dragons, -firebreath!!- » To the dragonets, « young ones, look, this is what you are training for, » with that the brown breathes out and a long orangey coloured flame shoots from his maw, twenty to thirty feet into the air, a second and a third, "okay Tav, that's enough," the brownrider says gently, if the dragon could smile he would. The smell of rotting fish and garlic seem to engulf the whole bowl, turning back to the Weyrlings, "that is why the Weyrwoman and Weyrleader do not like dragons flaming in the Weyr it smells awful and is dangerous if not controlled." Nodding to Tav, "yes go on," the big brown trundles off a short distance before launching himself into the air, "he has gone to throw up the residue, something all dragons have to do after flaming," he grins as he watches the brown circling just outside the Weyr, turning back to the Weyrlings, “Okay are there any more questions before we finish?"

There's a slight wince for her as Ahnika makes it to the ground just in time and the firestone sack goes sailing over her head and then L'ron's checking the thongs are securely tied around the neck of his own sack. By simple means of growth and all the physical training they've undergone, the blue weyrling's grown broad across the shoulders with muscle nicely filled in. Hefting the bag up without too much effort, he takes a step back, checks the direction of his intended trajectory, which just so happens to be just off to the right of where V'tol stands and then W'red's voice booms out. Aw shucks! The blue weyrling almost looks disappointed. He wouldn't have, would he? We'll never know now. Leaning back a little and then with a lunge forward he sends the bag arcing through the air. Nowhere near even a half dragon length away when it lands with a Thwump. Durn! Moving to retrieve his badly behaved bag, L'don's query on hunting draws both Balkrith and his bonded's attention the way of the Weyrlingmaster, an anticipatory air drawn about both. The edge of a crooked grin appears for the mental picture painted of a dragonet lumbering around in circles after a wherry and then his head tips a little to one side in curious gesture as he watches the interaction between Weylingmaster and dragon. Balkrith suddenly sits up straight. Going from Mr-Bean-Teddy-Bear lookalike to something more fitting of a dragon. Almost statuesque in a gremlinny sort of way. « Look, look, look, Tavaith eats turnip-stone! » sounding quite giddy and drooling only a little for what he imagines must taste soooo good! The great length of flame the big brown puts out draws many appreciative 'Ooos' and 'Aaaahs' from the weyrlings, with several cheering and one or two even putting fingers to mouth and whistling their approval thereof. L'ron being one such whistler. However, its not seconds later and he claps his hand to his mouth, trying very hard not to barf for the awful stench left in the wake of such a grand display. Said to no one in particular, "Sack tossing I can handle, but if that's what it's going to smell like every time, I'm going to need a barf bag," or else he's likely to lose his lunch down Balkrith's sides. Aheh.

The weyrling who apparently threw the bag late by mistake, not realizing that Ahnika was already out there trying to retrieve hers, looks sheepish and apologetic, and like they'd prefer to find some place to crawl under. Ahnika finishes getting her bag and hefts it over one shoulder and brings it back to the group while others round up their own, too. There will probably come a time when Ahnika will ask if they can start throwing the bags to one another (not at) and play catch, basically, but she's saving that for another day, not wanting to tempt fate right now any more than she has to. It is Tavaith's demonstration that she and Jhath both observe with more than a little hunger in their gazes, though Jhath moreso than Ahnika. The weyrling smiles a little, seeming wistful about it after a moment before joining in with the applause. « That was a good one, Tavaith. » Jhath states mentally aloud in an approving incense-laden tone, as if she knows all about flaming there is to know. « Yours must have proven his worth quite well in his Test of Stamina. Mine will too. » Ahnika turns a couple shades pink, clears her throat, and puts her head down, pretending to be picking through the pile of "none of the above" items as Tavaith takes off to purge the residue, leaving them with the terrible smell, and more than a few coughing a bit over it, Ahnika included. Jhath doesn't seem as interested in hunting for herself as other dragons and so more or less appears unmoved by the announcement except of the talk of flying, to which she carefully flexes her wings a bit outward. She's been stretching and practicing, see? But it's L'ron's comment in the end that gets a commiserating look from Ahnika, flush still a little present on her cheeks before she returns to at-ease and in formation, waiting to see if anyone else has any questions before they are dismissed.

Seeing as there were no further questions, W’red dismisses the class and starts to walk slowly back towards the barracks and his office, where he will mete out the deserved punishment and lecture to V’tol. The lower caverns staff seem to appear from nowhere and begin cleaning up the remainder of the sacks and rock and other odds and ends that were claimed by no one.

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