If You Build It She Will Come



Date: 2010.07.27
Location: Beast Caverns - surprise! XD
Synopsis: Max finally 'cowboy's up'
Rating: PG13
Logger: Max

He’d waited all day and yet still the whiny Gavin hadn’t miraculously metamorphosed into her. Max’s lips twisted together into a frown as night started to settle, signalling the end of candidate chores. With a sigh he folded the chore list and set it to a shirt pocket. Setting hands to knees he pushed up from the crate he’d been seated on, stretched and cast a last lingering glance toward the tunnel entrance. He’d thought to ask the young candidate sent in her place why she wasn’t here but then couldn’t bring himself to hear from another’s lips what he already knew. He was an idiot.

The ache had remained in his chest all day, refusing to leave. At some level he knew what it was. He’d been here before, except that…except that he’d been younger and naïve back then, awed by the beautiful older woman paying him attention and coaxing him into her bed. And now. Now he had baggage. More than was probably fair to lay on Ahnika.

Ahnika. A smile drove the frown away, his hand lifting unconsciously to the ear she’d grabbed a hold of. Sweet and apparently feisty, Ahni. For a second the ache lifted and his stone heart lurched as if threatening to beat again.

Ahnika. Another beat and a crack appeared in the stone walls. Ahnika, who had told him she was letting him go, when he’d asked for her patience. A third beat wobbled precariously. She who had pressed for what he wanted from her and then had no response for him when he’d finally managed to spit it out. The feeble beats that started to grow stronger stopped and the ache descended in full. It hurt and constricted his breathing.

Screw it! He’d put it out there and now it was time to ‘cowboy up’ and –do- something about it. What was it his mother had said? Treat people the same way he did his runners. Right. Then it was time to start coaxing the filly forward.

His jaw setting stubbornly, the edges of a grin started to form and it wasn’t long before Max was back in his office furiously scribbling and sketching away at something. Once he was satisfied, he tucked the small sheet of paper into a trouser pocket and made his way to the tack room. There he spent a good few minutes rummaging around in a bucket of discarded runner shoes and after finally having made his selection, headed out to the smithy’s forge just outside the tunnel entrance.

The sound of metal ringing against metal lasted well into the night. Forging wasn’t really his greatest strength in terms of the work he did, but at a pinch the beast manger could knock out a reasonable facsimile of what he needed.

Exhausted, grimy and sweat soaked, Max returned to his office/sleeping stall, a tired but triumphant grin on his face and spent what was left of the night buffing and polishing the altered runner shoe to a meticulous shine. The last thing he did before collapsing into a near comatose sleep was slip it into the canvas bag that still lay at the foot of his mattress.

Nickelback - I'd Come For You

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