In Search Of A Compass


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Date: 11/26/10
Location: EW: Baths
Synopsis: Ahnika and Vanielle strike up a conversation during their bath time one evening, one in which Vanielle shares her feeling of directionless with Ahnika.
Rating: PG
Logger: Ahnika

The hot pools of water, heated by the sleeping Volcano. Vanielle removed her closthing and bolted for the water- like an excited and energetic child slipping into the pool..

It is the splashing into the neighboring pool that draws Ahnika’s attention from washing her hair, scrubbing the fine sweetsand into it between both palms. Through the steam, it takes a moment for her grey eyes to focus on the other person and then she smiles briefly, nodding, “Hi Vanielle. How are you?”

Vanielle smiles. "good, you Ahni?" she asks coming up from trying to scrub some dirt from her body. "Good to see how's life?"

“Life is … life,” Ahnika answers enigmatically. Then she dunks under to rinse her hair, coming up a few moments later to push her water-soaked hair from her face, before reaching for some oil that she spoils her hair with, her one vanity. “Busy. You must be, too. I don’t get to see you much. In the laundry a lot?” Because that’s the area she sees the least.

Vanielle nods. "A lot yes, generally all over the Weyr, doing what every anyone requires and planning to somehow rise to the top. I want get back to being with runners, but I am too old to really learn a new Craft. I feel like I kind of run away twice over."

Ahnika smiles, liking to hear Vanielle making plans to ‘rise to the top’. “Good. It’s good to stay busy, I always say.” But the comment about runners earns a show of surprise as Ahnika finishes with her hair and gets to washing up her shoulders and arms and chest, “Runners? I could talk to Max for you if you like. Though … those stablehands would probably be all over you if you stuck around for longer than a shift. You sure you want to invite that kind of harassment?” Especially knowing the kind of appetite that Waine had. Oh yes, Ahnika has been around the stables enough to know his appetite.

Vanielle nods. "I can handle it, I have four brothers…" she whispers. "And believe me, I could use it.. I like weading out people, they probably need to be reminded that the affections of another are /very/ important, but they must be earned not coerced."

“Could use …” Ahnika begins to repeat in a curious, quizzical tone, “the chance to weed people?” She looks uncertain, but not disbelieving. Then she chuckles, picturing big, towering Waine trying to manhandle Vanielle and being shown whatfor, “Uh, yeah. I can talk to Max for you. I think he’s got a mare that’s about to foal soon. You know much about runner birthing?”

Vanielle nods. "A bit, my family's from KEroon, and I grew up around them… I couldn't stay though.. the craft it got to me, if it makes sense. I just burned out…Anhi.. its why I ended up down here." she closes her eyes. "I was stupid for running."

Ahnika frowns, but it’s a thoughtful frown not a frown of disapproval. “Running isn’t always stupid, Vani. Depends on what you’re running from or what you’re running to.” There’s a pause and she says, “But if it burned you out, the beastcraft, then I’m not sure why you’d want to go back to it. You sure about that?”

Vanielle thinks. "Well its what I choice and to really try to learn anything else, would be… hard. I've run once, and I don't want to leave the Weyr. No craft would really take me. I want to be come a healer- I want to help people."

Ahnika blinks a little through all that, starting to scrub down her feet and legs hooked over the edge of the pool. “You want to be a healer or you want to be a beastcrafter? Journeywoman Cheusia was looking for an assistant several months ago. I don’t know if she still will be when she gets back from … wherever she went on her sabbatical. But if you want to work with runners, I can talk to Max for you.” She rinses her legs then and adds, “Wanting to help people is admirable, though. I like helping people too. I don’t always … make it work, though.”

Vanielle nods. "Yeah." She begins to scrub as well. "I guess I just have so many places I want to be. My paths open, uncertain. I thought I'd have settled and picked a profession, something solid and stable, but I haven't. You're life force-settled when you were chosen by a dragon. It's odd. I am here freaking out about this, and you're all calm…"

That ‘yeah’ didn’t really answer her question so Ahnika just looks more confused, and then that look of confusion fades as Vanielle continues talking. Ahnika gives Vani a reassuring smile and says, “Slow down. Deep breath.” She pauses before continuing, “The Weyr needs you. So, there’s nothing to fret about. You will always have a home and a place here. What you want to do here is just up to you, and you’re still young. I thought I heard you say you wanted to go up for Candidacy again, right? So, your dragon might be coming, still.”

Vanielle laughs. "I know. And I will continue to stand as long as they'll have me." she says softly. "I just I thought about something interesting though. I get so flustered, and I am sorry Ahnika. I usually don't have anyone to really talk to… most of the time I work."

“Which will be until you Impress or until your mid-twenties. So, plenty of time, yeah,” Ahnika smiles encouragingly. The smile softens some then as she adds, “Oh, well, you can always talk to me, Vani,” ever-present and helpful Ahni? Maybe. “I mean, whenever we see one another. I know I’m still in weyrlinghood, though. What about some of the other candidates?”

Vanielle shakes her head. "Seen, hide nor hair, maybe they went home? Or maybe their around. I keep my nose in the kitchen trying out things when I can.. I want to learn to cook too.. more than just simple dishes. I want people to eat well."

“Well, that’s not good,” Ahnika frowns thoughtfully, “Not when the golds are likely to go up in another few months, I think. I thought the Candidates that stayed on all were supposed to be staying together in the new Candidate Barracks? I hope they don’t have any trouble find them again for the next Search, or finding new Candidates if they just left …” That sets Ahnika’s mind turning for awhile, perceiving a problem she hadn’t thought much about yet. After a pause she blinks out of it, chuckling at Vani wanting to learn to cook now, too, “You know, I think your best bet is to talk to Headwoman Indira, honestly. She might be able to set you on some kind of drudge rotation so you get a little taste of everything, like Candidacy, really, until you make up your mind or until you Impress, whichever comes first.”

Vanielle nods. "Well I've been following it, just doing it out of habit. But I want to break the cycle. I don't want to do this for the rest of my life." she allows her her hand to hit the water. "I want to… be… somewhere and be happy, and make other people happy. My brothers were right, Healer or Harper, as much as I love the pastures and grasses and runners, it was never my place to /be there/."

Harper now? “I …” Ahnika begins, looking confused again a moment and so she is stalled, taking the time to get out of the bathing pool and start to dry herself off. Finally, she says, “I think you should schedule an appointment with Headwoman Indira to talk about your place here and what you can do, where you’d fit in better. Where you be happy and feel more fulfilled.” She wraps her towel around her and settles on the nearest bench to braid her hair.

Vanielle moves to the edge of the tub. "Yeah. I guess Igrew up with a direction in life, and then ren away from it. I don't have a compass. I must sound crazy." she leans against the tub a moment before standing up. "Good luck with your training."

Ahnika gives Vanielle a rueful smile, “You don’t sound crazy. A little confusing, and confused, but not crazy. I left my cothold, too. I think a lot of people here at Eastern are refugees of their former lives, sort of.” She finishes braiding her hair, “But Indira is really good at helping to figure out new … lives for people. Roles, and such. I am sure she’ll be helpful.” She stands up and starts to get dressed. “Thanks. Good luck with your … quest for something more fulfilling.”

Vanielle nods. "Thank you, Ahnika, hey, when you get to fly freely… can I a chance to ride.. you know if you're not put on duty or something immediately?"

Ahnika grins at that, finishing putting on her nightshift and then the matching wrapper for it. “Are you kidding?” she sweeps up her satchel holding all her bathing supplies and dumps her towel in it. “When Jhath and I are flying? We’re going to find every reason we can to be up there. I’d be extremely happy to show off Jhath’s flying skills and take you up. Anytime.”

Vanielle laughs. "THat'd be great! JHath, sounds like an interesting dragon." she says leaning foreward. "So what do you plan to become a Wingleader?"

Slinging her satchel over her shoulder, Ahnika grins at Vanielle, "She is. Interesting. Special. Wonderful." The last is said somewhat wistfully, full of love and admiration. Then she nods to her question, "Maybe, some day, if and when we're ready. We'll see." Maybe even something more than that, but Ahnika is no fool and realizes she still has a lot to learn about leading other dragonriders. "It was good talking to you again, Vani. Maybe I'll see you in the kitchens sometime." She gives a little wave and starts toward the door.

Vanielle nods. "You will, I am planning on making something special this evening for dinner, depending on what we've got in our stores." she says climbinb from the baths and begining to towel off.

“Thank you,” Ahnika says from the doorway, stepping into the hall with another wave, “And great! I look forward to trying it out!” And then she moves past and down the corridor in the direction of the exit to the bowl and the weyrling barracks.

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