Portrayed By Drea De Matteo
Position Headwoman - Eastern Weyr
Former title(s) Assistant Headwoman (High Reaches Weyr), candidate (High Reaches Weyr), junior assistant headwoman (High Reaches Weyr), stores (High Reaches Weyr), lower caverns (High Reaches Weyr)
Sex Female
Age 39
Place of Birth High Reaches Sweep Area
Family Max
Faction Progressive

Character History
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With the aged Headwoman’s health starting to fail, Indira had been on the brink of stepping into her shoes. However, following the disastrous result of the attempt to eradicate Thread once and for all from the planet, Indira was often heard lending her voice in favour of the progressive way of thinking, arguing that knowledge was power and without it, Pern had no chance of surviving the terrible fall-out. With such outspoken and extremist leanings, the knot was never hers to wear and passed onto a colleague instead.

Late one night, she was summoned before the Weyrleader and a clash of opinions degenerated into a heated argument that had the bronzerider finally seizing his long awaited opportunity and turning Indira out of the Weyr, deeming her insubordinate to the highest degree and her political leanings a danger to the rest of his Weyr and those beholden to him.

With nowhere else to turn, and little more than a runnerbeast and saddlebags, she left in the dead of night, leaving Lomaxin, then aged nineteen, to fend for himself. Slowly but surely making her way south toward Nerat where she’d heard others of a like mind could be found, she collected up other holdless along the way and took them under her wing. The little band under her leadership doing whatever was necessary to survive. It was late one afternoon when the shadow of a dragon darkened the landscape causing the band to scatter and hide, that Indira found herself unexpectedly reunited once again with her son.

Indira is tight-lipped about much of her history and although older and wiser, much of the girl of her youth, still remains.


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Pottle moment - The pot calling the kettle black.

Indira's Logs

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