Informal Reconnection


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Date: July 25, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: The Baths
Synopsis: Alara finally gets a break to go bathe. She runs into the Headwoman, and they discuss things.
Rating: PG
Logger: Alara

Rauzath is nearly finished clutching. She has finally arrived at the point in the process when Alara can leave her alone for a short period of time. This usually means that she gets to sneak off and get some food and perhaps some sleep. However, it also means she can get the grime away from her body. So, she does this, coming into the baths and stripping quickly before immersing herself in the hot water. As she settles in, her hands work to deftly unbraid her hair, and she leans her head back in the water, getting most of the back of her hair wet. A long, happy sigh escapes.

Most have probably not seen the headwoman at the baths and simply draw the conclusion that she must have some kind of magical power with regards to looking fresh all the time. The lateness of the hour that footfalls herald her approach to the cavern would indicate otherwise - she's simply too busy at any other time of day. Towel and a fresh change of clothes draped over an arm, Indira starts to head toward one of the benches and then pauses when that happy sigh touches her ears. "Long day, love?" No disrespect intended, simply a warm and motherly instinct toward the younger goldrider.

"Ohh, you have no idea." Alara agrees, finding no fault with the woman's words. "She wanted me touching her for most of the day, but not curled up against her, not on her neckridges, and definitely not where the eggs were coming out. So, that left in the middle of the forepaws. There are only so many ways to sit on the sands and be comforting her without bothering the parts of her that are sensitive." She snorts. "I'm tired, I'm dirty, and I think I have sand in my sand." She raises her head and rolls her neck, hoping to get some of the cricks out of it. "Ohh, the water is lovely. How are you tonight, then?" She turns around and faces the woman, having completely gotten used to the Weyr's way of doing things.

Continuing on her path toward the bench, she lays down her small burden and meanders back Alara's way, her nose wrinkling in sympathetic gesture of the goldrider's predicament. "My heart really goes out to you girls at this stage of it all, can't be fun at all," speaking from turns of having watched other goldriders going through similar things, "Have you been receiving the snack packs I've had sent down for you?" As to the question posed back at her, there comes the rueful edge of a smile that soon gets tucked away, "Looking forward to a good long soak and then some quality time in my bed. These feet of mine are tired from kicking ass all day long." Though she doesn't look to be moving toward the soaking part any time soon.

"Oh, yes, thank you." Alara's face immediately brightens. "They've been an amazing help. And the juice too. I don't know if that was your decision, or if the young man you sent decided to add something to drink with it. I'd emptied all my waterskins by midday, and I sent them for refill, but the juice really … hit the spot." She grabs a handful of soapsand and begins scrubbing herself rather harshly.

Hunkering down nearer to Alara's head in order to make conversation simpler as the goldrider bathes, a short chuckle arrives, "Well, I told the kitchen staff to ensure you and Randi had everything you needed out there. But I can't claim credit entirely for the juice that could well have been him thinking outside of the box for a change." Small silence develops and then is broken when Indira's speaks her next, "There is something you should probably know before it gets blown out of all proportion. I was hoping not to bother you with it until your gold had finished doing her thing," shoulders roll in a semblance of a shrug, "but you know how rumors can get around a place like this."

"Does it have to do with a greenrider and a Healer? Because I've heard at least five variations on that story already. I would like to hear it from the runner's mouth, so to speak." Alara smiles. "I know they got their usual hyperbole added, because one of the stories involved Escaeth dangling him over the ledge and then dropping him, and I would have heard of something like that — probably through official channels." She considers what the other woman said about the kitchen staff. "Oh well. Thank you so much for the consideration. It is very welcome. I've had times where they remembered, and times where they forgot, and I was on my own for those days. Or when Weyrwoman Ianti was reminded. But it's not really her place to remember…" She frowns. "So." She pats the seat beside her. "Come join me, and tell me about this, or whatever else you need to tell me. I shan't be too surprised, or too upset, I hope."

Rueful the expression that crosses Indira's face when the weyrwoman correctly identifies the topic of conversation she wishes to bring up. A warm smile sent down Alara's way for both her latter words and the invitation to join her. As such it's not long before the headwoman is divested of all clothing and sinking gratefully into the soothing warmth of the waters beside her. Head back and eyes sliding closed with appreciation for this small pleasure, she cracks an eye open and glances over to the dark haired young woman, "As far as possible, I don't believe in laying any further pressure on my weyrleaders until absolutely necessary," this to having taken matters into her own hands, ""Did you know that he was padding his expenses in order to shift the profits to that little mistress of his that he keeps here?" this of the toady little healer she'd had dumped up on the ridge of the bowl wall, "And then, when I called him out on it, he still had the -gall- to demand better quarters when most here are cramped together in makeshift accommodation. I have no doubt that he'd rather keep his job than go wailing to the masterhealer about his time spent up on the bowl wall considering the error of his ways." That having been said she adds in lower tone, "Don't be too angry with L'han, he was simply doing as I asked."

"Oh, well, I shall have him recalled, and another sent in his place. We cannot have a Healer with an attitude like that. I shall apply directly to Masterhealer Cabet and have him sanctioned for that behavior. I understand that you were attempting not to cause problems for me, but when it comes to crafters like this, I need to know." She sets the used soapsand back where it belongs, and grabs some new to clean her head. "I am angry with L'han, not for doing something that you asked, but for not consulting his superiors on the matter. If — pardon me for the example — if it was you who had a paramour and were wanting to pad your own accounts, he would not know the difference, whereas I, J'cobi, Randi, or possibly even another wingleader or wingsecond might know that we'd been watching you for something. Not that we are. But there is a .. chain of command among riders, and I want to keep that intact." She lowers her body to wash off the sand, and rinses out her hair at the same time. When she rises, she continues "I know we're still establishing order, so I'll just explain myself. I don't mind if you make decisions about things that pertain to us and to riders, but if a crafter were to complain, it could set off some of the more fractious elements of the Conclave, and cost us points there. Which we do not need right now." She hates the politics, but she does understand them.

Indira accepts all that is said with the ease one of probably having been in more than a few similar situations over the turns, "You're quite right, weyrwoman in all that you say. However, were the repercussions likely to have been those of negative impact between Hall and Weyr, you can be sure I would have consulted yourselves first." Indicating that she is well aware of that delicate balance in place. Not yet moving to bathe herself, simply soaking up the restorative powers of the heated water, the tousled blonde head turns toward Alara, a light frown in clear evidence, "What has been his penalty in this?" discomfort for having all but literally dropped the greenrider in the dwang sitting openly in her lowheld tone.

"I sent a rider to discuss the situation with him, and they ended up in a barroom brawl in my feeding pens." Alara's lips purse now and she sighs. "So, the other rider got extra sweeps, and I asked L'han to serve watchrider duty for the time being at Landing. We have had other issues with him, so I felt he might fit better where he and his green could have a little autonomy. I hope it was the right choice." She nods at the awareness of the situation. "Thank you. I just need to be kept informed, even if you feel it is a small thing. It might be one of many in a row, and if we keep an open line of communication, we can stop some of these young riders from getting too big for their straps." She chuckles, and leans back, just enjoying the water for a few moments while they talk. "I will try to keep you informed of things as well. For instance, the other rider was T'ryn. And shortly after that — in an unrelated decision — we agreed to weyrmate." So, if she sees the brownrider in her weyr at any time, there is good reason. "He and I met at Telgar, Turns ago." She smiles, somewhat dreamily at the thought of her lover. "Was there anything else you wanted to talk to me about?"

Dark blonde brows hike up high, "They what?" Clear surprise for riders having brawled about a situation of her making, "Jays." The inhale and exhale of breath is slow in the wake of words surround the penalties meted out for both riders, with Indira's lips twisting about a regretful line, "Reckon I should go down there," to Landing, "and try to make it up to him." Which could be interesting consider the headwoman's tendencies at times. With the topic now departing as if floated away on the warm waters they both occupy, there's the briefest hint of a shadow to cross the older blonde's face and then she's setting a warm smile over to Alara for the dreamy look coming off of her, "Enjoy him while it lasts." A seemingly cynical way in which to offer congratulations over to the goldrider. As to there being any further in need of discussion, "Met up with one of those spice merchants I'd been trying to track down. He seemed open to our idea of putting candidates to work on his harvests in exchange for better rates on his products."

Alara nods. "That's good, then. And we do have a few candidates and more are arriving any day. I believe the Weyrleader just asked a young lady to stand today. Or it may have been yesterday." The fatigue from the past few days crosses her face. "My days have run together. I couldn't tell you whether it was first day, third day, or seventh day." She snorts. "Oh, I shall, and hopefully, it will last a long time." She understands the cynicism, but doesn't share it. "If you feel it's necessary. He had the … stones … shall we say, to say that I and Iardani — that is weyrwoman Randi and I only were in our positions because of luck. Insinuating that his position was much the same. T'ryn felt he was advocating anarchy. So, he decided to act anarchistic himself, and walloped the man." Yes, she's been spending time around the brownrider. You can tell. "He's doing sweeps for the next few sevens."

The approval her words are met with is taken in and filed away, likely for further discussion with Dubose when next she sees him. For some reason or another, Alara's explanation draws a low and somewhat cunning laugh from Indira, "Keeping the dog on its leash already, hmm?" this in relation to the punishment meted out on the goldrider's new weyrmate, "I like the way you handle things." The concern for the younger woman that had hovered throughout the conversation is now given voice, with the headwoman reaching a hand toward the goldrider to tuck a stray lock of wet hair behind her ear, warmth in her tone now, "Go on, get yourself dressed and get back to that brownrider of yours, the distraction will do you good." No need to outline what is meant there.
With a blush that probably reaches all the way down to her toes, Alara turns and grabs a towel, stepping out of the bath and drying off. "That's probably a very good idea, I think." She asks Rauzath quietly if Ockath will tell her where T'ryn is, and gets her answer. Dressing quickly, she gives a smile to the older woman. "Thank you. I'm glad I got a chance to catch up with you, even if it was just for a few moments at the end of the day. I may want to sit down with you and go over a few things, after Rauzath lets me step away from the sands for longer than a few hours." She snorts, and finishes sliding her boots on. Since she's just headed back to her weyr, she doesn't bother to lace them up, preferring rather to tuck the strings in to the top and walk that way. "Clear skies, Indira."

Amusement flickers in and out for the blush coming off of Alara with Indira going silent when the goldrider does the mental-dragon-communication thing. At the end of it, "Whenever you've got a gap, just send someone to find me if I'm not in my office," lifting a hand in farewell, "Clear skies, love." As to the headwoman? She'll stay exactly where she is for a while longer and then probably end up zonked out in her private quarters until morning. That is unless she can waylay a certain favorite bronzerider.

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