Interesting Meets Inventive


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Date: Sept. 23, 2010
Location: Living Cavern, EW
Synopsis: Jaya ventures into the living caverns once more and meets a newly posted healer. He's about as prickly as she is, which means they'll either get along or he might get his nose broken later. Just not today.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Jaya

It's pretty early in the evening, giving the dinner crowd plenty of time to linger in the caverns before the night activities. Those that frequent the area are the usual crowds, so it would be noticed when the tall scarred-faced woman enters the living cavern among them with a plate in hand and chooses a table off to the side and closest to the kitchen. Clearly not one of her usual haunts, Jaya settles at the sparsely populated table and starts picking at the various things on her plate, giving those that deign to notice her only the barest of glances. At least she doesn't seem so intimidating this evening.

Stuck behind a young woman who apparently likes nothing on offer tonight, Jonavan waits for what seems an interminably long time before he finally fills up his plate and exits the queue. He scans the room for a moment before settling on a nearby table. Sparse suits him, and a minute later he's sliding in on a diagonal from Jaya and giving her a brief nod, more acknowledgment than greeting, as he picks up his fork.

It's highly likely that Jaya notices the man when he's scanning the crowd, her dark gaze sweeping over him briefly before, moments later, she finds him there and settling down. Despite the various greens on her plate, she's sticking her own fork only into the meat as she regards him. Brows even lift at the brief nod from him, her own sharp lift of her chin mechanical in deliverance as she hunches over her plate a bit more. Not quite a greeting either, but, probably a bit more welcoming since a scowl doesn't accompany it. Then her dark eyes flicks over his face before it's back to her plate with her hand seeming to involuntarily reach for something to the side of the plate that is clearly not there. A drink. Her hand curls around air and she's straightening with a grimace. Eyeing the man again, "Hey," is her greeting, which isn't all that pleasant-sounding. "Think they serve something other than klah here?" she asks him with a look around. Yep, she doesn't frequent here at all.

Jonavan finds his meat tougher than his liking, the first indication a hint of a frown as he goes at it with his knife. Still, no complaint voiced, though Jaya's question does find him mid-chew. Swallowing, he gives the woman his first good look, mildly surprised that she addresses him; apparently he thought the exchange of nods enough. "Don't know, but I doubt it," Jonavan answers, voice a bit gravelly when he speaks. "There's kids around. I hear some people don't like that combination. Separation of children and booze. Means there's got to be a spot for that around though. The booze, I mean."

Somehow, what's said, Jaya seems a bit annoyed at it. Since she's giving what she could see of the drinks table a hard look, the annoyance is more likely due to the fact that he's right than him in particular. "Right," she gives in the pause that comes after it, for the sake of saying it, her fork hitting the bottom of the plate audibly when she pierces one of the greens. "Yeah. Guess I should have grabbed one of the bottles on the way out of there." Lips drawn into a line, the scarred-faced woman's gaze turns back to regard him, perhaps a bit more closely than before. Letting the silence linger a bit more, as if she was done with him, "Sounds like you aren't from around here," she gleans from what's said from him, her intense gaze slipping over his shoulders for a knot before the pierced green gets popped into her mouth.

The knot's off for the night and the plain clothes are clueless, but the redwort stains on Jonavan's fingers give him away. "I would like you more if you had." He says it dryly, concentrating on chasing some grains of runaway rice across his plate. "No," he then confirms, glancing up again. "Got in this morning. My morning, not yours. What happened to your face?" He slides in the personal question without a change of tone or pace beyond the slight lift that makes it a question. "Professional interest."

"Drats." Jaya almost sounds positively disappointed at the dry comment, snapping fingers in mock emphasis before fingers return to the table. Eyes dip to those stained fingers when they move across his plate, her expression carefully unreadable in her open study of him. When he confirms her guess, her mouth parts as if to respond to that until his sudden question gets her to pause. By the wary look that her gaze turns to, silence reigns at their end of the table as she considers him. Eyes and attention drop back to her plate, the food getting her interest. She starts eating, chewing slowly, before she finally answers tightly with, "Knife cut." Then with barely a beat, "Just passing through, or looking to haunt the infirmary with the others?"

"Ah." Jonavan seems unfazed by Jaya's sudden tautness, if he even takes notice of it at all. "That was my bet." The Healer is making steady progress on his meal and takes his time answering the next question posed, first leaning back to take in his surroundings. The answer, when it comes, is conveyed with a note of fake joviality. "Haunting the infirmary? Oh no, I thought I'd enliven you all with my presence. That's what we do these days."

Jaya's brow lifts but a fraction at the man, but she's more into finishing her meal than following through with any questioning on that front. When it takes him a moment to respond to her own, that's when she looks up at him. Of course, the woman seems to detect such sarcasm when she hears it, so her head lifts more at his words as if affecting sudden interest at it. Her own mockery not veiled, "Is it? Well. Consider me enlivened!" Only, with her expression not changing one bit, 'enlivened' is far from it with the bar owner. Making a show of looking him up and down a few times, "Just what we need, though. Another 'winning' personality to liven up this place," dryly spoken as she throws a sharp nod to the side of her in indication of those around them. She could be talking about herself in that statement, however, since friendliness has yet to greet their table. "To what name do I owe this honor?" she continues on, finishing up the greens on her plate with her dark gaze pinned on him.

"And here I thought I would be a breath of fresh air. You've popped my bubble." Jonavan doesn't try to sound overly upset about it. He lets his fork drop, having had his fill, and gives Jaya his full attention now that there isn't any food to distract him. He speaks at his leisure, introduction rolling out calm and casual. "Jonavan, Journeyman Healer. At your service." There's a bit of a smile to accompany the last, some sort of amusement that isn't shared. "I've told you mine; you tell me yours."

"Breath of stale air, perhaps," Jaya tacks on behind initial words quickly, though there's finally some glimmer of a smile showing up. Barely there and gone. "It's fortunate that you ran into me, then. Keeping your head in the clouds like, you were bound to end up disappointed." She shakes her head in mock sympathy, willing to continue on in such banter of sardonic play until Jonavan gives her his full attention. Since she's still eating, she doesn't unfurl just yet - even through his introduction. Intense study meets him at the name, seeming to catch every inflection of his expression with the way that she openly studies him. Some would be unnerved by the regard by her, but either way she doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon. Once a lengthy pause has passed, fork dances over the remaining greens before she replies with, "Well, Jonavan. Name's Jaya. Own the place where all the booze is, here. At your service." There's an incline of her head, slight, at the end with just the barest mischievous glint in her eyes. Briefly letting off her study of him for her plate instead, "So. Should I be worried about your healing skills, and keep my brawls down to a minimum?" The question is given so idly and lightly - as if the knife scar she has had something to do with these brawls she mentions.

"Ouch. That hurt," Jonavan gets in edgeways, still playfully sarcastic. His mock-hurt expression falls away with a shrug and more genuine arrogance suggested when he continues, "That's alright. People usually disappoint me." He sits up under Jaya's regard, intentionally drawing to attention as if to highlight that he's aware that discomfort is meant to be produced under such close attention and gazing back forthrightly, without a squirm. "A name. I must pass merit," he remarks when the silence is finally broken. His own examination of the bar owner is more blase, moderated by the offhand tone he takes. "Depends. Do you want me to stitch people up poorly to teach a lesson?"

"Then we'll get along just fine," Jaya notes, finally flashing Jonavan a smile that has very little warmth to it as she picks at the remnants on her plate. These words could be meant for the initial words by him, or the ones on disappointment, but the woman's not going to elaborate. And seeing as how Jonavan is clearly not one of those that wither under her scrutiny, that seems to at least be in favor to the bar owner. His remark on his passing merit gets a mild half-shrug and a "Think you should at least know your competition by name if you keep on like this, shuga," she remarks to that with some wryness. "Haven't decked you in the nose, either. That's usually my greeting call." If she's noting his study, she doesn't seem to mind at all in that his question gets a blithe "If your attitude's any indication. Still," and now she straightens up, pushing her plate away, "Some folks wouldn't learn a lesson if it bit them on the ass."

"Lovely," Jonavan responds with a pretense of enthusiasm despite - or perhaps because of - Jaya's clear lack of it. "Since you've got the place with the booze." This raises Jaya in his estimation considerably. He leans forward and rests an elbow on the table, rubbing his own nose to establish that it's still there and in one piece before propping his chin up on his fist. "Next time," he offers as consolation. He smiles a little, too, prompted by agreement on other people's stupidity. "Well, I only like to deal with the stuff that's actually interesting, so if you're going to have fights in your place, make sure the ones you send me have more than a few bruises and broken noses, alright?"

There's short, low chuckle at the mention of her bar, and Jaya seems to nod a 'touche' to that. Eyes drop to that nose Jonavan rubs at her, the brazen motion actually getting a crooked grin from her. "So you admit to there being a next time in this?" she drops, showing an amount of interest to that before hands briefly lift and gives into a nod. "Consider me intrigued. Most men usually steer clear in that case. I'll get right on that, though. Sending you those worse off," she switches topics without a beat, brushing hair from her face. "You might get one with a bottle shoved where the sun doesn't shine, shuga. If 'interesting' is what you're after." Definitely don't leave it up to her, in any case, and the bland smirk seems to say it all.

"Intrigued? I'll take intrigued. Usually it's annoyed," Jonavan says breezily, "Since we're swapping stories and all." He starts to stir, pushing back from the table; Jaya's suggested injury gets a lift of his eyebrows. "Inventive. But there's interesting and then there's interesting. More of the former, less of the latter please." The man gets to his feet, picks up his plate, and even goes so far as to hold out his free hand as an offer to bus Jaya's. "It's been interesting." The word choice is deliberate, as is the pause to let it sink in. "But I'm afraid I must be off to save lives or something."

"We just met, haven't we?" Jaya quips dryly, brows lifting at the healer for his initial statement. "Plenty of time for me to perhaps change that statement." When Jonavan stirs, she does not, choosing to pin her intense study on him along with a bit of amusement this time at his answer to her query. And since he's offering to take her plate, the bar owner's only too willing to oblige a new face. Plate gets held out, arm extended, "Never been called inventive before," she notes too lightly, lips twitching. "I'll take inventive. Usually it's crass." Beat. "It's been a pleasure," she tacks on blithely then, noting his loaded pause and choice of words with a slow quirk of lips. "My bar. Don't be a stranger. Look up the headwoman, too, why you're at it. She'll get you up to speed on your stay here." Ominous, perhaps? Maybe. All the same, there's quick lift and fall of brows before she sends him a parting, "Welcome to Eastern, Journeyman Jonavan." She even almost sounds sincere.

Jonavan takes the plate and stacks it on top of his own, but does so saying with perfect honesty, "I'm only doing this because I'm new and trying to make friends." He grins outright, his smile a little cocky but not unpleasant. "Headwoman. I'll put her on my list of things to do, right after check medical supplies and right before your bar. Then if she's awful to me at least I can drown my sorrows." He leans in as if to confide, one last parting shot before he's off and away. "Really I'm just settling in today. Tomorrow I can start the saving lives thing. See you around, Jaya." He hums as he walks off.

Jaya at least bats her eyes at his show of making friends, matching that cocky grin in the dramatic at his words. "See? Knew we'd get along," she drawls at that, though it's hard to tell to which statement she's referring this too. It could very well be to both, especially since he talks about drowning his sorrows in her booze. That means profit for her. Getting slowly to her feet once he confides the last to her, "I'll be sure to let those looking to have their lives saved this day know. Won't they be disappointed." Brows lift, eyes briefly touch the ceiling at that, and then the bar owner's sending Jonavan a crooked smirk before she heads off in the opposite direction that's probably her bar.

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