Portrayed By Liv Tyler
Position Candidate
Former title(s) Lady Holder
Sex Female
Age 19
Place of Birth Benden Hold
Family None (Disowned)
Faction Traditional

Character History

Isilna was born at Benden Hold, the eldest of four daughters. Her parents, Ison and Melina, were Lord and Lady of Benden Hold. To Lord Ison's consternation, Melina never managed to have a son, and strangely, his dalliances never produced one either. As she was growing up, Isilna was taught proper Lady Holder behaviors and duties, things she would be expected to do when she reached her majority, but always geared toward the notion of her finding a suitable match among the other Bloods on the continent. She seemed a rather biddable girl, never really getting in trouble, or really stepping outside of the notion that she would be anything other than the supervisor of the drudges and kitchen staff and birthing babies for whatever husband her parents arranged for her. The notion of actually telling her father that she didn't want to marry someone she hardly knew didn't even cross her mind.

While she wasn't exactly sheltered from daily commoner lives amongst the regular holders who looked to her father for leadership, she really didn't get to see much of life outside of her own social circles. She learned delicate things such as needlework, which she proved to be adept with at an early age. She was also sent to Harper Hall as a paying student, where her musical abilities were more like skills than actual talents. Her sweet singing voice would be good for one or two songs in an invitation-only high-ranked recital, but never truly good to stand as a performer as the harpers do.

Isilna wasn't fully aware of all of the circumstances around her as her aging parents, father cursing his wife quietly because she never bore him a son, but it gradually sunk in to the family's mind that she would be the only one who had the vaguest idea how to manage a Hold. Her cousins proved themselves severely inept at running more than smaller sub-sections of what running an entire Hold entailed. Ison fought against this fact with every skill at his disposal, but there was no son for him, and he finally realized that he would have to train his eldest girl to actually Hold properly until such time as she married and put away such childish notions as being a sole Lady Holder. Isilna learned what was expected of her, even as more suitors vied to gain favor with her parents. The eldest of Keroon's lot was a good prospect, but Ison felt he could do better. Isilna made friends with several of the Vintners of the nearby craft and in fact once saved the dignity of a journeyman who went on to become a master of the craft, and for her efforts on his behalf, he promised to keep her supplied with the finest Benden white he could ever create… as long as she promised to never tell anyone what she saw.

As Isilna blossomed into a woman, a Bitran by the name of Voronis, brother of the current Lord, presented himself as suitor. Ison liked the man's opinion of women as being secondary to men and the notion that this sharp-eyed man would keep his eldest in check and teach her how to be a proper wife, whether by harsh words or with his hand. Voronis, on the other hand, saw a chance for power. With his brother firmly in control of the less-favored Hold, he wormed his way into the confidences of Lord Ison and was soon presented to the entire Hold as Isilna's future husband. Isilna wasn't very fond of Voronis because he was too quick with a cutting remark and promises of what their wedding night would be like… and what consequences there would be if she ever flouted his authority or stepped out of line. Meekly, she did her duty and prepared her wedding dress, as the Hold celebrated the coming nuptials and began preparations. Voronis was willing to be lavish to curry favor with Ison's beholden people, and some of the folk at Benden preferred a firmly male-led society, many being uncomfortable with the notion of Isilna and her polite but passive (some said vacuous) behavior. Ison signed the appropriate documents and presented Voronis to the Conclave as his heir-designate pending the ceremony, which most people already assumed was merely a formality, and was given the assent to allow Voronis to ascend to the title of Lord Holder upon his death. Unfortunately, Ison barely survived this event, as he had a stroke shortly after his return and passed only days after the Confirmation of Lord Voronis. The new Lord of Benden Hold was swift to further consolidate his power, not needing much pressure from the duty-minded Isilna to agree to the continuation of the plans with their wedding. He also installed his favorite mistress in Benden Hold, since he planned on keeping his wife docile and attending their children first and foremost.

Isilna didn't actually mind her new husband's mistress being present because she was very helpful in the kitchens, but she couldn't find it in her heart to actually like the woman. As Lady Holder by her own right until her marriage, Isilna ordered the Hold and ensured that their arriving guests were suitably taken care of, a few select favorites granted samples of the fine Benden white that her Vintner friend kept her supplied with, a supply that her husband coveted but couldn't yet claim. Word has been sent around Pern, and the date has been set. The wedding of Voronis, Lord-elect of Benden Hold, and Lady Isilna of Benden Hold was a personal disaster. While the Hold wound up in Voronis' hands, it was because he married her younger sister Isabella instead when Isilna refused to do so after he presented her with a gold marriage mark with another woman's name on it. During the chaos, he declared her Holdless, and other Lord Holders closed ranks against her. She was saved by being Searched by T'ryn and brown Ockath of Eastern Weyr.


She's friends with Master Vintner Aljenon.

Memorable Quotes:

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Trivia and Notes:

Lady Isilna is known to own a bronze firelizard named Mellon.
On her wedding date, she slapped her husband-to-be Voronis after he presented her with a gold marriage mark with his mistress' name on it. He went on to marry her younger sister when Isilna was Searched by Eastern Weyr during the chaos after she slapped him.

Isilna's Logs


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