It's All Your Fault



Date: 2011.01.07
Location: EW - Headwoman's Office
Synopsis: After her conversation with Jaya, Indira writes Keane another letter. This one in complete contrast to the one sent the day before.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Indira

After Jaya had left, Indira stood with her back against the door for a long time, gaze settled on that crumpled piece of folded hide as she went over the conversation just had with the younger woman. A shaky exhale escaped parted lips and she knew that matter how hard she might try, she’d never be able to outrun what this man had so inexplicably come to mean to her.

And so slowly she pushed away from the door and settling behind the big imposing desk once again, took up stylus and paper, the tone of letter to follow in almost complete contrast to the one sent just a day ago:


It is my sincerest wish that my last communication to you has somehow gotten lost along the way and not yet reached your hands.

I’ve thought about running but don’t know that I’m able to or even which way to go anymore. You’ve torn down barriers leaving me nowhere to hide and…I’m not sure that I mind anymore.

You have me holding my breath, waiting for the shoe to drop. Fearing the day you send a letter asking me to no longer write. Or worse still, the day that yours stop coming. I’m running out of air and it’s all your fault. You’ve thrown back the drapes and given me a taste of the light. I don’t want to live in the dark anymore.

Am I too late? Have you read my last letter and turned away not having read this one? I don’t know what else to say other than…I need you and am ready to take a chance with you for I realize it is too late to try and turn back.

In other news, it would appear that your Jaya is falling in love. I did what I could to try and talk sense into the girl but it’s no use, the man seems to have thoroughly captivated her already. She has made a good choice, though I fear for the safety of them both and can only hope they will be as ferocious in protecting each other as they have been in fighting me to be allowed to remain together.



Despite the blatant honesty of her words and the fear that still prowled and snarled in gut twisting manner, the tousled blonde felt oddly calmer than she had in a long time. B’rin gave her a curious look when yet again she bid him deliver it to the tavern owner of the Blood & Bucket, but he knew better than to question the Headwoman, a knowing smirk playing in his eyes as he nodded and left for Telgar.

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