It S What Vacations Are For

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Participants: Ch'rii, Maura
IC Date: Month 6, Day 21-22
Location: Ista
Synopsis: Fluff piece about vacation time.
Rating: If above PG-13, please note here.
Posted by: Maura

It's morning. Like, really early in the morning. Early enough that the sky is just barely changing light. But, Maura stirs from a slightly uncomfortable sleep. Of course, it's mostly uncomfortable because she is tangled with another person on a couch instead of a comfortable place like a bed. They almost made it there, really they did. It's just the next room over. But before she'll even really be able to move, she'll need a little cooperation. "Rii… wake up." she whispers at first, with lips up against his ear. And even that small movement elicits a groan from the back of her throat for the sore shoulder that she's helping leverage herself with. She moves her fingertips along the tide of her neck and across, where they pause upon finding… something. There's even surprise on her face, and perhaps incredulity, and whether Ch'rii wakes up right away or not, she peers at the same spot on his neck with a frown, seeing nothing yet. So, she leans closer, trying to pull up his shoulder even; a smug smile appearing. "Seems a fair trade. You bite me, I scratch you." The words muttered as she glances around the slightly illuminated room. Whatever she sees? Just makes her rest her forehead against the brownriders shoulder and stifle a laugh. "Hey, c'mon. I'm getting cold and I can't move! And I don't see any of our clothes." That, at least, is said with vague amusement. "And I think we might need to replace a vase."

"A — vase?" When Ch'rii talks at least his words are clear; clear as in 'they are words that make sense,' rather than clear as in 'they are not muffled.' Because he does sound tired. And confused. "You c'n move – uh — better than me 'cause I don't think I can move either?" is the next thing he tries. But alas, no, Ch'rii is wrong: it's his responsibility in the end for getting up and letting Maura up. Which he finds out the hard way, overbalancing and landing on the floor, generally naked, still with one of his little rope charms around his neck and that's really about it. "— Wrong eff'n place to sleep."

"A vase. It holds flowers. Or it did, but now it's broken. On the floor." Oh how she winces when he overbalances, biting on her lower lip to keep from looking amused at the situation. Something that it should be noted is a little difficult to manage. And with that rope charm, he's actually wearing more then she is. "I was thinking the same thing. Maybe next time we should make more of an effort to wind up on the bed instead of 'the nearest mostly comfortable surface." she jokes, a mostly smug smile appearing when she finds the door to that very room and all but dives onto a real, comfortable, bed with *covers*. "Oh shards, I could totally fall right back asleep. C'mon! Check this out." She clearly means he'd better be joining her in there.

Ch'rii makes a face as Maura looks amused at his plight, and then stands up to try to locate his clothes, spinning around and also taking in, for the first time, the fancy-schmancy spacious Istan guest suite. "This place is swanky," he observes, before returning to the argument he had meant to make. "Well, kissing, you know, kind of takes over. And when you fall on the couch – it's /there/," the brownrider insists, before following after her and sloooowly and languidly spreading out on his side of the bed. "This is swanky, too."

Well it's the whole 'making a face' that does her in, sending Maura into a peal of laughter. But she's laughing /with/ him. Really. She stifles the remnants of a giggle by coughing, and then glances around the suite. "I'm just saying… if you don't want to fall asleep on the couch, in a tangle… But yes, it *was* just… there. Fortunately. Or I suspect we'd have woken up on the floor." Which, obviously, amuses her again. "I think I'd call it decadent. I /love/ it. I've never been anywhere like this." the bluerider admits, not above watching appreciatively while Rii stretches out. Something she joins him in doing, but winds up on her side so that she can reach out to try and tip his face towards her for a long, drugging kiss.

That's okay. Ch'rii is /really/ not arguing; he returns efforts of kissing with equal ardor until he falls over — not actually letting go of Maura, potentially pulling her right down with him. He does have to stop to breathe, though — and then laugh. It's not a hysterical giggle, and it's not a long laugh, but it is one that has him shaking his head and grinning. "The floor doesn't sound so good."

Maura nearly squeaks when she finds herself being pulled down abruptly; instead, laughing too. But then she's laughing because HE is laughing and he just never laughs. At least, rarely. "Not as a place to sleep at least." she agrees, tongue in cheek. "My, you /are/ in a good mood this morning. I could get used to that." But there she pauses of course, because it's -her- and she's like that. "Or should I not bother, and this is just a vacation indulgence for you." There's a thread of curiosity in her voice, but… mostly challenge. Yes.

"I — am not like that," Ch'rii clarifies, a bit awkwardly. But firmly, though not in a nasty-firm kind of way. Just a certain-firm kind of way. "I don't just use girls like that, and I don't go on vacation with people I wouldn't have slept with anyway." So now that that's out in the open.

"I wasn't trying to imply anything about you, by saying that." Maura clarifies, sounding even /more/ awkward then Ch'rii does now. "I've just learned that maybe it's better to … to make sure there's no misconceptions as soon as possible." Learned from experience, clearly. Of which she also, clearly, has precious little. One can assume -that- went a bit poorly. "I'm not interested in just some fling. I want more then that." THERE. She said it. But then of course she worries on her lower lip, second-guessing the fact that she said it out loud.

Ch'rii stops talking — well, no. Ch'rii already wasn't talking, he was listening to Maura talk. Now he's even more not talking: he's looking at her with, at first, a shocked expression. It then softens into more surprised-and-nervous, and he blurts, "In general, or with — me — specifically?"

"I… well, with you. Specifically…" It is, of course, Rii's expression that then sets Maura into a panic. And she backs away - both literally and figuratively. In a manner that suggests she's about to hyperventilate or something; that's clearly the expression she's now sporting. In addition to apparently deciding now is the perfect time to find something (anything) to wear. "Forget I said it. Just forget I said anything."

"Nope." Ch'rii is declaratory when he replies, surprised look melting into a smile. "I'd rather not, because I'd rather — try. The more than that thing. You know?" He is only suave when seducing; when actually trying to delegate a relationship, he's back to demonstrating how much education he's had.

"What do you mean, /nope/." Maura, see, is already slamming a dresser drawer closed and pulling on a shirt dress she'd unpacked waaaay earlier in the day yesterday. "I'm pretty sure it's not that difficult for you to pretend you didn't hear so…" In the midst of trying to braid her hair back she manages to register the rest of his comment. "What? You do?" Okay, it's hard to be mad at that, for obvious reasons. "But you looked like I'd just suggested you go drown yourself."

"I meant nope I'm not going to /forget/ it." Solemn Ch'rii attempts to make a very solemn, serious face. It almost works! He's still smiling. "I was just really surprised. You didn't seem the type of person who would actually, legitimately be interested in me."

Maura turns, so she can lean back against the dresser as a prop, brow furrowing in obvious confusion. He may lack some book smarts, but oh wow does she clearly lack in… areas just like this. "I don't understand. What type of person am I, that wouldn't be interested in you? You've never treated me poorly in any way."

"Well." Ch'rii sits all the way up, leaning back against the bedframe. Clothes are completely unconsidered, though he does cover sensitive parts with a sheet so as to look at least mildly respectable. "You're smart. Young. Clever. Witty. I mean, not that I'm /old/ but I'm older than you. And you're a pretty — decent person. You did dubious things for the good of Pern. I did bad things because I'm good at it."

"It's alright, you can say it. I'm naive. I've heard it often enough." The euphemism decent person does force Maura to quirk a bit of a smile at least. "You're clever. Witty. Cunning. And I don't mean that in a bad way. You're smart about people. You're not -that- much older then me. And I expect you had good reason to learn how to do bad things." she retorts, sitting back down beside him, now. "That you happen to be good at doing those bad things. Well, that's a bonus." is joked.

"Actually I wasn't going to say that!" Ch'rii isn't even lying, or even stretching the truth; he'd forgotten the word for 'naive' and wasn't concerned enough about it to think closely. "But yeah. Being able to do things is a plus, especially when they're your livelihood." His hand gropes around the bed until it finds hers to hold; a tender gesture done with no awkwardness whatsoever. "So. We're a thing?"

Maura wouldn't have figured he was lying anyway; which just goes right back to that whole naivety thing. So her smile when he points out that he /wasn't/ going to say it is quite genuine. Nor does she play keep-away with her hand, twining it with his easily and readily once he grabs hold. "Yes." Pause. "We are." A brush of her lips against his cheek accompanying the few short words.

Too bad she probably figured for a different reason than that Ch'rii doesn't really know very many words, but he isn't going to argue. Representing himself as dumber than he actually is tends to work out well for him, too! He grins as she gives him that tender kiss, and brushes his nose against /her/ cheek. "Okay," he whispers into her ear, and then moves his head down to dust light kisses along her neck.

Well yes, as she just naturally assumes the least bad thing about people. To her own detriment sometimes. But certainly not in this case. Whispered words and light kisses will, however, ensure that they don't make it out of the room in time for breakfast. It will be more like lunch at this rate. But with a racing pulse and wickedly pleased smile, Maura links her arms around /her/ brownrider's neck and pulls him closer so they can make illicit use of the rest of the morning

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