It's The Other Way


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Date: July 14, 2010
Location: Lower Galleries
Synopsis: Andi stumbles out of the rain, and into E'ro's "personal" space.
Rating: G
Logger: Andi

Eastern Weyr: Lower Hatching Galleries
Open sky gives way to stone as one enters the galleries. The small room built into the rock is architecturally designed to draw the attention down below: to the sands. Holding six tiers of five seats each, the room is fairly etched out of the stone of the caldera, giving its occupants places to rest while their focus is on the life-changing space before them. A long rail sits between them and the ground, keeping people from angry dragons or painful falls.

Rain is falling from heavily pregnant clouds, accompanied by peals of thunder and cracks of lightning, though the air is thick with humidity. There is nothing pleasant about this kind of weather nor is it mildly enjoyable, even within the confines of the Weyr caverns. Loud booms echo through the damp tunnels and reverberate off balmy rock-faces, perhaps a bit more muted in the insulated hatching cavern. Which is where the resident troublemaker, playboy wannabe, and just downright prankster, E'ro, has set up his camp. He's snuggled just right into a gap between the gallery benches, his legs propped up on the seat in front, and his head pillowed by his long arms. There's a wineskin next to him, a sampling of cheese, and the final touch is a cold cloth over his eyes. This is definitely not the image to conjure up of one of Pern's infamous, brave bronzeriders, now is it?

With the rumbling rolls of thunder echoing through Eastern Weyr, reverberating in the small, enclosed space of the Records room, Andi has fled from her duties after much consideration, and having darted from one section of the Weyr to the other, has found herself in the entrance way to the Hatching Grounds. Faced with the growing storm behind her, and the large open expanse in front of her, it is forward that she decides to go, hesitantly picking her way up the stairs, eyes on her feet.

The relative silence - if you don't count the thunder in the background - is interrupted by footfalls, however loud or light they may be, and that is a travesty that E'ro cannot let go lightly. He sighs heavily, a sound with carries in the cavern, and turns his head in the direction of the intruder. "I'm afraid there's no eggs yet to find your fancy, so you'd best be on your way." Then, for good measure, he lifts one corner of his eye covering to peruse whomever it is that has just entered 'his' space. One never knows, it could be the likes of J'cobi or Alara. Shudder. "There's nothing to see, run along now," he drawls out after laying his eyes on the tall, blonde lass.

Andi freezes at the sound of a voice carries in the empty space, eyes widening as they track suddenly upwards, coming to rest on E'ro as the bronzerider actually moves, betraying his location, even as his words betrayed his presence. "I.. I was just… The rain.." She says in stammered spurts, quite rooted to the ground as she tries to explain, one hand waving back to the opening, where no stone shelters the ground from the downpour from above.

The rain - a given? E'ro gives her another glance from head to toe, this one with much more scrutiny as he tries placing her amongst those having descended on Eastern Weyr. "You were just.. don't tell me, afraid of a little wet and noise? And you've come to a new place, where hard work is expected? Why? For the thrills?" Despite the obvious harshness of his words, there's a current of humor in his tone, something that belies his stern expression and unfaltering stare.

"Lost.." She stammers finally in answer to his prodding questions, shaking her head a little. "I.. guess I… I guess I took a wrong turn." She manages a full sentence then, turning to look back the way she came, blushing as she finds her feet, shuffling a few steps backwards, across the aisle, to plop backwards on the seat, unsure of what else to say.

Now this is interesting. E'ro peels off the rest of the cloth and tosses it to the side, though the evidence of its former position is there in the form of red creases on his forehead. "Lost," he repeats absently as he rests his elbows on the seat behind him. "It's easy enough for someone to do. You see something you like, perhaps a fresh start, and you go for it. That's an easy mistake to make, lots of people do it. And then the next thing you know, you wake up next to one of your best friends and they tell you you're going to be a father." Shocker! His gaze drifts from the opposing wall back to the blonde girl, and his forehead relaxes as he eases into a grin. "I'm E'ro by the way. You are?"

"I.. was looking for the.. Caverns." Or so she decides that's where she was going, having quite likely realized she had no idea where she was going other than 'out'. As he props himself up on his elbows, and begins to ramble a little bit, she squeaks and ducks. "I.. I'm not too… Too concerned with ever being told that." She tries to joke lightly, still nervous. "A-Andi.."

"Caverns are the other way. Can't miss them. Pretty sure people are always coming in and out of that old flap." There's not much more he can say if she's got as simple a request as that. Not that he never got lost looking for the caverns either, but who's to say. "Sure you won't. There will come a day.." And with that, E'ro picks the cloth back up and covers his eyes again. "Nice meeting you, Andi, and clear skies in the morning hopefully."

"I.." And Andi sits there, dumbfounded for a moment, eying the weather outside before she's sighing softly and slipping out of the seat and back down the stairs she so recently climbed. Steeling herself, she takes a deep breath before ducking back out in the storm, this time headed still the opposite direction of what E'ro had said.

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