Portrayed By Gerard Butler
Position Weyrleader
Former title(s) Wingleader (High Reaches), Wingrider (High Reaches), Candidate (High Reaches), Mineworker (Crom), Holder's Son (Bitra)
Sex Male
Age 31
Place of Birth Bitra Hold
Family Rana (Sister)
Faction N/A

Character History

J'cobi grew up, worked in a mine, impressed a dragon, flew said dragon, did unmentionable things to a goldrider and became the Weyrleader.


Character Relationship
Alara The Weyrwoman and rider of the Senior Queen, Rauzath. Things could be worse and she seems to have the Weyr's best interests at heart.
Randi Enjoys violence in all it's forms. Thrower of heavy things.

Memorable Quotes:


Trivia and Notes:

  • J'cobi is not a people person.

J'cobi's Logs


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