J Is For Joker


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Date: July 18, 2010
Location: The Blood and Bucket Tavern in Telgar
Synopsis: Jarvys goes to Telgar and ends up playing cards with Jaya.
Rating: PG
Logger: Jarvys

The Blood and Bucket tavern was in fair swing this afternoon, which, wasn't unusual for those that frequent the dingy place. With a few empty table scattered, those that occupy the angular shack were non-descript men that huddled over their drinks and talked low amongst themselves. This crowd didn't seem to need the barmaid all that much, for Jaya was astride a chair near the back counter, taking up an empty table with her strewn-about deck of cards. The Blood and Bucket's tavern owner - a tall, hefty, red-faced man that was balding at the sides - seemed fine to let her amuse herself while he was setting up a small round of mugs to go out.

Jarvys steps into the establishment, dressed quite differently than normal. He wears simple cotholders clothing, the only possible display of his wealth the one ring on his finger. He purses his lips, sitting down at one of the seats, "What've you got on tap, then?" He attempts to curb his imperious tone.

Jaya notices him the moment he enters - which isn't hard with him sticking out like a sore thumb among the drab colors within - and she regards him idly while flicking over a card. She looks back at the boss, who is planting a pointed look in her direction. Working, right? Unfurling languidly from the seat and walking close to hear the newcomer's question, the barmaid seems to detect the imperious tone with just a withering smirk in response. "We have the best ale in Telgar," she says, an answer that is laced with haughty sarcasm. Such hospitality, right? Leaning a hand on the table he occupies as her dark eyes linger on that one ring on his finger, "Care for a glass, stranger?"

Jarvys cannot help but tap his fingers on the table in an unconscious gesture. "I think so, yes." The man gazes around the room. "I am searching for someone as well. He goes by the name Forral." Whether that is the man's real name or not, Jarvys does not say. "Would you please tell him that someone is looking for him, hmmm?" He takes a moment to gaze up at Jaya and his eyes narrow, appraising her quickly.

"Forral?" Jaya's rich alto lingers on the name given, seeming to taste it, before she straightens and turns away. She makes her way to the counter and swipes one of the mugs filled by the barkeep, the glare she gets in return seeming to amuse her. Turning on a heel, she's back at his table. Dark eyes sliding about and landing on a few of the patrons around them, "What's this Forral about?" she answers his question with one of her own, setting the filled mug down before him. Eyes flick back to the man then, not bothering to hide her suspicions.

With a snort, Jarvys takes the ale, and takes a long drag, wiping his arm across his face to catch any of the excess. "I have business with him. It's a matter of some urgency of course, or I would have sent a Runner to him. He sometimes frequents this establishment…" There is no mistaking the disdain in his voice there. "And I thought it would be the prudent thing to discuss my business with him in a fairly quiet, neutral location. If I was in error, please, do let me know." Jarvys lifts an imperious eyebrow to his waitress, while the corner of his lip turns up slightly.

Ah. Jaya seems far too interested in watching him drink from the mug. She shifts to lean against the table then, leaning down just slightly so that she could not be overheard from the others in the bar. Not that she's lowering her voice much, either. "Oh. That Forral," she replies then, scratching at the long scar down the side of her face in her sudden - and perhaps predictable - recognition. At his disdain, "You won't be bothered here," she makes known rather dryly, straightening her posture. "It's what we specialize in. However," and the 'however' is far too quick, along with the sudden reach of her fingers to pluck at her low cut top. "A contribution to said establishment can go a long, long way in making sure that such business doesn't lack in….proper security." Lips purse, eyes shift up to meet his own pointedly with little amusement now.

"Well, of course, my dear." Jarvys seems rather willing to give up his Marks for such a thing, and in fact, it is a single mark, weaver in origin, that he holds in his head, ready to hand off to the woman. "So, is he nearby, or should I come back another time?" He considers for a long moment. "This should cover the drinks and the … security." The old Smith smiles, and awaits her words before passing the currency on. "I knew I could trust you, my dear."

The barmaid's smile and slow and dangerous, eyes flicking to the offered mark with open interest. "Funny," Jaya drawls idly, not reaching out yet to claim the offered currency. "He never mentioned anything about anyone looking to see him." It's said lightly, like it could be the truth. It could also not be. Meeting the older man's gaze again, "That," and she reaches out in an attempt to claim the mark, "only covers the security." A brow lifts to him at that, challenging him. "And 'trust', dear," and the endearing term is stolen with haughtiness, "is only as good as the marks you spend on it." Beat. "Forral is around," she adds rather belated, and rather non-chalantly. "He'll be here any moment for a taste of our finest." A corner of her mouth curls at that in a twitch.

Well. Jarvys is both slightly offended, and very intrigued at this barmaid. He nods once. "Very well, then." It appears his business is important enough to merit spending a little more than he normally would. "And I'm sure he's a bit surprised. As I said, I sent no warning." Not exactly what the lady intimated, but he doesn't exactly care. "I shall await him here, unless you have a better suggestion for security?" And he flicks his eyebrows only slightly, hinting at something, maybe. Maybe not. "I shall cover his drinks up to a certain point, yet to be determined."

"Coming with no warnings can get you killed." The words are dropped smoothly, the barmaid taking up the one mark now that more payment was established and slipping it into the valley of her breasts for 'safekeeping'. "I hope your Forral's an easygoing type." As to suggestions? Jaya's brow lifts perceptively at that. "If you're so easy on staying occupied, I just might have the thing for you." It's given with just the hint of suggestion, pushing away from his table as she matches his eyebrows for her own. "That is," she adds then, pausing as she plants an easy smile on the man that she perhaps believe is winsome. "If you think you can handle it." Her dark eyes flick suddenly over to the empty table she once occupied, strewn over with her deck of cards.

"Well, there's only one way to discover my — capabilities. But that may be for later in the evening, providing you remain — amenable." Jarvys' eyes follow the path of that mark and then gaze around the room again, nodding once when a tall, burly man comes lumbering into the bar, and starts at seeing him. "That is Forral, I do believe." His small smile tightens and increases on seeing his reaction. "If you wish to join us, our business shan't take that long." He pauses, following her gaze over to the card-covered table. "If your — duties — can spare you." Sardonic smile returns.

Jaya snorts, arms coming to fold across her chest. "Amenable, huh?" she echoes, letting a challenging glint into her eyes. "Then clearly, you haven't heard of me." There's such a proud tilt of chin at that boast, seeming to expect that she was known beyond the Blood and Bucket tavern. Known for what was anyone's guess. When Jarvys's gaze turns beyond her, the barmaid turns to look back as well to find the burly man entering the bar. Making a faux show of looking the newcomer up and down, "Don' look like much," is her snorted critique. "But sure, I can be nosy. I was going to be either way." With frankness she shrugs, turning now towards the counter to bring another mug of ale. Before walking off, she looks over her shoulder at the older man's comment with a sniff.

Jarvys continues to watch her, though Forral sits down at the table at him, and the two conduct a quiet, heated discussion. By the time she returns, he is completing the important part, stating only, "I shall need the package within three sevens, there will be a severe penalty." The large man's face pales, and he nods. When Jaya returns, he looks up to her, and gestures to a seat. "Even if your reputation precedes you, I shouldn't want to assume." He gives a quiet chuckle. "Forral was just explaining to me about his difficulties. There seems to be an interdiction on certain things…" He taps the table again. "Perhaps you might be of assistance."

While Forral and Jarvys started discussions, Jaya and the bar owner were conducting their brief own. Both barmaid and barkeep were sending glances their way, the low words unheard before Jaya takes up a filled mug and returns to theis table. She sets it down before Forral with an audible clink, nodding sharply in Jarvys's direction as she tells him, "It's on him." It definitely wasn't on her. Then she drops into the offered seat, leaning back with arms folding as she delivers the both of them appraising looks. On reputations, "Depends on the assumption, in that case," the barmaid levels rather boldly, seeming to pretend that she didn't hear the talk of severe penalties. Eyes on Forral now, "And what difficulties would that be?" she questions, seeming to act very much like this business deal had included her from the start.

"Forral is one of the few people who has access to some of the sweetest redfruit candies I have ever tasted." All this for some candy? Perhaps. "I have acquired a taste for it. It is made by a young Bakercrafter in this area. No one else makes it quite like he." Jarvys takes another long swig of his ale. "Events have conspired to make it difficult for him to continue his work." He frowns. "I am attempting to allow him to continue his work." There is probably more going on than just candy.

There's a blink from the barmaid when things are explained, dark brown eyes looking from Forral, to Jarvys, and back again with a growing frown. Shaking her head suddenly and waving a hand as if to forestall any further words, "Wait, wait. Candies? Shardin' redfruit candies??" Jaya's looking very much like one of them is pulling her leg at this point, because a smile that's far too close to laughter is currently trying to be kept in check. She continues to look from one to other as if waiting for some sort of punchline. "Well, if he can't make his candy here, then pack up and hightail it somewhere where he can!" Problem solved! But the barmaid is perceptive enough to notice that there was just more to all of this, for she looks significantly at Jarvys to continue.

"I have my reasons." Other than his tastebuds. Jarvys drains his mug, and sets it down, not really giving any indication of wanting another. He shrugs, not elaborating on his reasons. "Forral, you hve the messages, yes?" The big man nods slowly, cradling his own ale to himself like a precious heirloom. "Well, when you have exhausted this — " Here he lays another mark and a half on the table. "Then, I would like for you to deliver them." Forral nods again. Jarvys stands up, and gives Jaya a meaningful look. "Perhaps I can settle the bill and we can continue our previous discussion?" He lifts his eyebrow inquiringly again.

"Reasons," Jaya echoes that one, lips twisting as she regards the both of them dryly. "Riiiight." When Jarvys is up, she is slow to leave the chair herself as the drop of marks take on her interest. Regarding that meaningful look as she gets to her feet, "You can settle the bill and regale me with tales of places far more civillized than this-" and she flicks a hand out to indicate the whole tavern "-while I engage you in a game of chance, sir." Now it's her turn to lift one eyebrow, settling a hand upon a hip as she awaits his answer.

"Games of chance, eh?" Now it's Jarvys' turn to repeat Jaya's words. He strokes his chin, considering how to handle this. "I suppose I might be amenable to a game or two." He smiles, moving toward the table with the cards. "Shall we?" He gathers the scattered cards from the table and starts to expertly shuffle them. "What wagers did you have in mind? Marks only ?"

"And I didn't even have to convince you," Jaya seems at a marvel at this, watching as the older man moves toward the table and takes up the cards. She herself simply reclaims her chair, her dark gaze on the other speculatively as he shuffles. At wagers, "I only deal with marks," she makes this statement with steely eyes, though there's amusement playing around the corners of her mouth. "I must warn you, stranger. I'm Bitran. You know what they say about us Bitrans." She lets a bare smirk appear, before her gaze darts down to the shuffle of cards. "You can't call 'cheater' if you end of up walkin' outta here with barely enough to pay for your meal."

"Bittran." Jarvys nods. "I understand. I won't hold that against you." He seems unfazed by this fact. "I am not worried about your origins. In fact it makes it even more of a challenge." He begins to deal. "I do want to perhaps put a limit. Either on number of hands, or marks transferred." It's a safety precaution, and it's unclear whether he would have made this stipulation were she not a Bittran.

Jaya's eyes narrow at the talk of origins, before rolling them to the ceiling. "We'll just see about that," she delivers coolly, taking up her cards as he deals them. As to limits, she's looking at him over the cards she has so far. "Afraid you're about to get taken for a ride you didn't ask for?" she levels some small amount of suggestion, her expression hard to read. "Well. I did warn you. Choose whatever limits you want," and this is said as if the game's outcome wouldn't matter in the least with her cockiness.

"Merely on a tight schedule and specific budget." Jarvys' reply gives nothing away. "Shall we say five hands?" He finishes dealing, and picks up his cards. "It is your bet first." This should be very interesting.

The barmaid's eyes are on her cards, and with her long coat on against the Telgar chill it would be difficult to detect if anything was amiss. Maybe. She's moving cards around before they start to play, her bet being a rather modeest one despite all the blustering of before. After three hands, and two of them won by her, Jaya's pile of bounty seems to have put her in a smiling mood. "Your turn," she states on the fourth hand, watching him closely as her cards seem to stay close to her long sleeved hands.

Jarvys watches his opponent as closely as an uncut gem going through the polishing by an unlucky apprentice. He's been telling her of things here and there, drawing her attention back to himself, attempting to catch the woman at cheating. He's fairly certain she's cheated on at least one hand, possibly two. Aha. Unfortunately for her, that's the moment a card decides to appear visiblly in her sleeve. He watches the card drop and smiles ferally. "Aha." He gestures toward the card on the floor. "You have gambled and lost." He stands. "I shall not collect my bet tonight. And I'll let you keep the marks you've acquired from me. However, I will come soon for my payment. And it probably will not be cheap." He narrows his eyes, all hint of friendliness and easy banter gone. "Sleep well, Jaya."

Jaya was clearly losing her guard, for the foul card up her sleeve had betrayed her by hitting the floor. Jarvys's cutting words seem to stop the barmaid cold, dark eyes cutting wide to his own. All she could say, as the man gets to his feet and makes it known that her jig is up was, "Well, damn." Her hand of cards drop to the table, and she leans back into her chair to ease a cool look up at him. "Seems as if I had," she adds on losing, but she doesn't at all look guilty in the least. "A pity. And here I thought we were becoming fast friends." Slowly, languidly, she rises to her feet and seems to face the older man down. "Come for your payment," she almost hisses, eyes narrowing at the way he talks to her. "You just might not find me home." Such a threat sounds menacing, but there she is, the sole barmaid of the Blood and Bucket tavern. His use of her name gets no words from her, her hands already going to collect up the marks on the table greedily. The only thing that gets tossed back over her shoulder at his farewell is a mocking "Better luck next time, darlin'."

As Forral's already drunk his mark-and-a-half's worth of booze and lays passed out on the floor, the lightweight, Jarvys has no reason to stay. He gazes at the woman for a long moment and nods. "And I may not need to go far to find you. I do have my ways." He won't elaborate more than that. "Fair even." The farewell is given, though the tone of voice doesn't quite match it. He gives the owner a swift nod, and disappears back out to now-darkening skies.

"You think you can shardin' threaten me-!!" The explosive words spill from Jaya's mouth, stopping conversations in the bar. Eyes turn in their direction, but they only find the angry barmaid alone standing at the table as the reason for her outburst is already departing.

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