Portrayed By Naya Rivera
Position Weyr Bar Owner
Former title(s) Holdless Barmaid (Telgar), Holdless Barmaid (Nabol), Smuggler/Renegade (Bitra), Dicori clan trader (Bitra)
Sex Female
Age 20
Place of Birth Bitran area
Family Mother deceased, Father Bhadri, twin sister Bhedri, brother Nacor
Faction Progressive

Character History

Jaya's history is a guarded one, with atmost someone could know that she's:

- A Bitran
- Was a barmaid at the Blood and Bucket tavern
- Connected in some way with the Dicori traders in Bitra
- Currently has a bodyguard that follows her about no matter where she goes
- There's rumors of a relationship of said bodyguard
- Has a shady past. Doing what, few would know.


You can find the current list of all the NPC Renegade bosses here.

Memorable Quotes:

"Now I'm kinda disappointed that I didn't think to steal -his- marks while I was dealing with him. At least I would have gotten paid." ~ Jaya to Leron on Max.

"You tell me something….interesting. I tell you something interesting. Whaddya say?" ~ Jaya to Zen.

"What exactly entails in this 'respectable' business, shuga? Does this mean I can only pickpocket those -outside- the Weyr, or cheat men that -aren't- dragonriders…?" ~ Jaya to Rio.

"Goading a poor, defenseless Bitran barkeep into a card game so that she could divest of her secrets." ~ Jaya to Jonavan

"Are you now going to suspect him too? Who’s next? The drudge that likes to come in here all hours of the night to stare at my tits? Or how about the one always looking for get a free drink off of me?” ~ Jaya to Max

"My story isn't like yours, I'm afraid. Just one criminal fucking over another, but that's the name of the game isn't it?" ~ Jaya to Rio

Trivia and Notes:

She's a spicy, prickly tart and is not above being involved in brawls and opportunistic business dealings that are on the 'shadier' side of life.

If there's any reason that your character should know Jaya's past in either Telgar, Nabol or Bitra - especially in regards to Vaput - let me know and we'll compare notes!


Her Current Defining Songs: Bon Jovi - Runaway
Pink - Sober (Thanks, Max!)

Veronicas - Revolution ~ Best song for Jaya's personality!

Jaya's Logs

You can also find the full archive of Jaya's logs here - Jaya's Logs

I don't post everything on here, so check there often!


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