Theme of Clutch: Noble and Ignoble
Dragon Name: Jhath
Dragon Colour: Green
Hatchling Name: Trial By Fire Green Hatchling



Some of us can live our whole lives on the easy path, find happiness and die without a single regret. Jhath - pronounced zh-AH-th with the soft French 'Jh' and rhyming with 'bath' - is not that dragon. Always striving for the high road, she has a strict code of personal honor, but does not let that stay her hand when it comes to slaying her enemies. Inspired by the triumph of Jehanne d'Arc, the woman who rode like a man, this green will never back down from what she believes in, and will never, ever abandon you. With minimal input from Bast, your girl was designed by Kali.

Hatchling Description

Large for her color, this young green hatchling appears ready for a fight. Stocky and tall, her build speaks more to power than to finesse. Her hide itself is dyed a heavy olive green, broken up only by the streaks of muddy brown across her legs, belly and tail. Dancing along her face and ridges are swathes of smoke, the deadly grey color traipsing down her back. This same hue plumes at her wings, staining all but the very edges of her sails that same smoky grey. Only her talons escape the dirt, the green and the smoke; cast from purest silver and steel, they stand out from the drab.

Dragon Description

Large for her color, this soldier green dragon appears ready for a fight. Stocky and tall, her build speaks more to power than to finesse. Her hide itself is dyed a heavy olive green, broken up only by the streaks of muddy brown across her legs, belly and tail. Dancing along her face and ridges are swathes of smoke, the deadly grey color traipsing down her back. This same hue plumes at her wings, staining all but the very edges of her sails that same smoky grey. Only her talons escape the dirt, the green and the smoke; cast from purest silver and steel, they stand out from the drab.


Born into humble beginnings - for who on Pern would take a single green seriously - your Jhath has a calling and she will follow it. She is meant to be doing a job and she knows it. Only you can compete with her sense of duty. You are an inseparable part of her and she has the utmost faith in you. That doesn't mean she'll always agree with you, however; she'll call you on any decision she does not think is worthy of you. Rest assured, however, that no matter whether she agrees with you or not, she will always love you.

"Act, and God will act."

Jhath is a born leader. She does not shy away from work or tests or hardship and she expects those around her to do the same. Her personality is remarkably dominant for a green. She will question the orders of blues, browns and most bronzes as well, though she maintains the firm belief that the queens are born to their power and the Weyrleader must be born to his - for he caught the queen - and has unwavering loyalty to them.

“…in God's name I command you to let me know as soon as you are aware of the arrival of Fastolf; because if he should pass without my knowledge, I promise you that I will have [your] head removed.

A brilliant tactician, Jhath won't be happy taking a backseat to those who - though older and more experienced - she feels are incompetent or unable to fulfill their posts. She does best in the heat of battle, shouting last minute orders and changing her tactics to suit the manner in which Thread is now falling.

Unlike the vast majority of her color, Jhath is not predisposed to bursts of speed and daredevil flying. She is big and she is steady; the focus point for her wing, not the outer dancer. Barring the rare need to save someone's butt, she flies like the browns and the bigger blues. It gives her the stamina she needs to last a full Fall, which is important for a leader. If it is in your nature to pursue a position of leadership - such as Wingsecond, Wingleader, Weyrlingmaster or even Weyrsecond - then Jhath will help you towards it, even if you don't know yet that it's something you want. If you are happiest in a back seat, working as part of the team, she will learn to accept that as well, serving as an inspiration for her wingmates when they flag. « Come, Uallath! If only we push on a little longer, we will triumph this day! » She will fly your banner and be your champion until the end - no matter which path you choose.

"Children say that people are hung sometimes for telling the truth."

Another thing to mention about your Jhath is that her pattern of speech is … odd. Even at her most relaxed, her most joyful, she is incredibly formal in her speech. Almost like a lady knight of old; Pern style. Nothing awkward or over the top, but your girl definitely sounds like she's addressing the Masterharper, no matter the identity of the person with whom she is actually speaking. She doesn't hold her punches, either. She makes a genuine attempt to be kind, but honesty is a virtue paramount to her existence. She will very much tell it like it is.

“You, men of England, who have no right to this Kingdom of France, the King of Heaven orders and notifies you through me, Joan the Maiden, to leave your fortresses and go back to your own country; or I will produce a clash of arms to be eternally remembered. And this is the third and last time I have written to you; I shall not write anything further.”

Usually very open-minded and kind about listening to the thoughts and opinions of others, Jhath has a very bad habit of hearing one side of the story and deciding there's a grievous wrong being done that must be immediately righted. « Forget about sweeps. Balkrith has had his dinner stolen by the Weyrlingmaster! » It will be up to you to find out the whole story and to talk her down from her various and sundry crusades of justice - or to join in if you believe the situation warrants interference.

Once every so often - just like others of her color - Jhath gets proddy. You may see signs of a glowing hide, mood swings, general crankiness, anti-social tendencies, rapid swings through temperature extremes, some ache-y-ness and possibly some swelling around her lower abdomen. Unlike others of her color, however, Jhath never rises. She never flies. She gets proddy for up to five days and then settles back down into her normal routine. At first this likely won't be very obvious. It's fairly easy to write off the glowing hide as a good oiling and a sunny day; the mood swings as a bad day and the aches as her having eaten too much. Once it does become apparent, no one really will have the answer. Perhaps it was just a genetic fluke. Perhaps someone sabotaged more eggs than was known. Maybe it was a bump on the head during hatching. Whatever the cause, your Jhath is a medical miracle and you'll likely spend at least a few days evading the ever-curious scientific community.

Mind Voice

The heat and crackling of a warm fire meshes with the scents of roasting lamb and pork; complemented by the bittersweet aftertaste of good red wine. These are all things she shares with others, but the spicy smoke of burning incense… That is hers alone. Her voice is a throaty alto, more commanding than it is alluring, but not unpleasant to listen to.

It's when she gets angry or upset that her mind become less pleasant. The heat becomes unbearable and the crackling is mixed with bone-chilling screams. The scent becomes that of charred flesh and broiling muscle, the occasional 'pop' of a sinew snapping from the heat. Wine is replaced with vinegar and the smell of incense, well… It becomes a choking smog that mixes with the burning wood and flesh until it's physically nauseating. Her voice becomes hoarse and cracks with pain or anger or whatever emotion so upsets her.

Mind Scent

See above. :)

Physical Voice

A smooth, yet powerful alto, her physical sounds tend to carry. This can be a benefit - especially to get someone's attention in Fall or other chaotic situations - or to rally others to her call. Sometimes, however, it is less than helpful. Usually when silence or stealth is needed.


Jhath, for her color, is big. She was born big and she will continue to grow. It's very orderly, this growth, and seems to proceed in an almost regimental fashion. Nevertheless, it will come early and it will come fast. Be prepared to be oiling her hide a lot. In that same vein, be prepared to come up with things to keep her occupied while you're oiling her hide.

Eating Habits

Food is energy for life and battle. Jhath knows this and takes her meals with that same soldier's efficiency with which she does most things. Only you will know that she secretly enjoys eating much more than her crisp manner would let on. She is, after all, a creature of violent passions.


Egg Name: Molten Ball of Starlight Egg
Egg Desc: The outer edges of this ovoid are black, or at least appear to be on first look. With closer inspection, however, it is clear that it is merely unrefined, standing in counterpoint to the pure silvery color of the rest of its surface. The middle portions shine with a light all their own, especially when exposed to sunlight. The image of a depression in the silvery portion seems to remain centrally located, no matter the parallax of the viewer.
Egg Inspiration: I thought of “molten platinum” and found a lovely picture of Iridium. So, I went with it.
Link: http://image.absoluteastronomy.com/images/encyclopediaimages/i/ir/iridium2.jpg
Submitter: Alara

Hatching Foo

EGGPOSE1: The Molten Ball of Starlight Egg seems to lose its luster. Slowly, the brightness drains away as though someone were draining it out of the little thing. Actually, though it is merely preparing to fight. What? Fight? Oh. Right. Crack.

HATCHING_POSE: As it continues to darken, like its namesake dying, all of a sudden, it seems to implode. Small pieces of egg shard rain down everywhere. After shaking herself off once, out steps a large, powerful and composed Trial by Fire Green Hatchling who strides out among the group with fierce purpose.

PUBLIC_IMPRESSION: After weighing her options with the careful consideration such weighty matters deserve, the Trial by Fire Green Hatchling finally stops in front of a girl with hair like flames wreathing her face. Settling into the sand, she lays her head over the girl's shoulder in an almost ceremonial manner.

PRIVATE_IMPRESSION: Voices in a chorus of atonal song that just by its very nature seems ancient rise to surround your mind until you are filled with music. It's a beautiful sound that lifts your spirits and gives you the courage to take on the world, if you must. The rising sounds of steel on steel - the heat of battle - and the heraldic trumpets ring in your ears until the din and music clash like so much noise in your head and - … - then there is silence. « Greetings, my Ahnika. » A strong, confident alto breaks that stillness. « The battle will be coming to us, soon. We must be ready to fight. » There's a sense that the voice in your mind draws herself up to her full height. « I am Jhath and we will be victorious! » But then hunger interrupts, as it always does. « The first step in any successful campaign, however, is a full stomach. You know the way, yes? »

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