Portrayed By Henry Cavill
Position Journeyman Healer
Former title(s) Journeyman (Healer Hall), Journeyman (Crom Hold), Apprentice (Healer Hall)
Sex Male
Age 31
Place of Birth Telgar Hold
Family Parents: Jonah & Vera; Sister: Evie
Faction Progressive

Character History

From an early age, Jonavan showed active interest in Healing. He was a child who pulled off vtol wings to see how they worked and tried to set a spit canine's broken leg. When a younger sister came along, he would often involve her in his schemes, and the two would go crusading into old storage caverns to find tunnelsnakes to dissect. Perhaps some of it could be attributed to the fact that his father was a Healer who had settled at Telgar Hold, and Jonavan was exposed to the infirmary quite young. Rather than get in the way, he was encouraged to help out and make himself useful. When it became clear that his interest wasn't passing, his father decided it was time for a proper apprenticeship and sent him to the Hall, prompting a tearful farewell from his sister and promises to visit on Jonavan's part.

The boy was a bright pupil and did well. However, Jonavan seemed to accept it as his due and soon gained a bit of a reputation for conceit, which would only worsen over time. He got on well with other apprentices who had a competitive streak, though, and he and his small group of friends developed a bet on who would first receive promotion; three of them walked the tables at the same time, Jonavan included. He was promptly sent off thereafter for further specialization under a Master based in Crom, which also suited his request for a spot relatively close to his family. When he wasn't busy treating mine-related injuries, Jonavan could often be found in the midst of heated arguments, not bothering to tone down his opinions or disdain for more traditional mindsets. He was only too relieved to return to the Hall some Turns later.

He was nearing the end of his post at Crom when the wedding and subsequent murder of Lord Crom's middle son happened. He didn't attend the wedding and had no interest in doing so, but was one of the Healers who later examined the body. In private, Jonavan flippantly expressed some admiration for the fact that a diminutive girl had the strength to murder Will, but he did have the sense not to express that opinion more publicly.

He spent roughly a turn back at the Healer Hall as a Journeyman. There, he avoided teaching responsibilities whenever possible and the more mundane aspects of the profession like treating the common cold, preferring to use the time to focus on his particular interests: trauma-related injuries, working in emergencies, and perhaps more controversially, surgery. While there, a conversation with an old friend from apprentice days led to a bit of a job on the side: involvement in blackmarket fellis trafficking, trading on the trust invested in their positions for a bit of personal enrichment. And a little private use on the side never hurt anybody, right?

Jonavan then expressed interest in going to Landing to work on data recovery specific to Healing. A post was granted at Eastern Weyr, where he could simultaneously pursue his professional interests while assisting with treating injuries bound to arise with Threadfall. The bet's still on with his Healer buddies, this time on who will make Master first.


Memorable Quotes:

Trivia and Notes:

Jonavan's often rather rude and inappropriate; he enjoys trying to get a rise out of people. Let me know if you'd like him to back off a bit, and I'd be happy to oblige!

Jonavan's Playlist:
Leonard Cohen's Bird on a Wire
Dave Matthew Band's I Did It
Johnny Cash covering Nine Inch Nails' Hurt

Jonavan's Logs


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